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I'm Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, and this is the podcast where we bring mental health clinicians like you the most current and innovative methods for transforming clients' lives, as well as your own. If you want to learn about clinical modalities and techniques that help people reach their highest potential then this is the show for you! Have a question, please email us at

I'm Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, and this is the podcast where we bring mental health clinicians like you the most current and innovative methods for transforming clients' lives, as well as your own. If you want to learn about clinical modalities and techniques that help people reach their highest potential then this is the show for you! Have a question, please email us at
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I'm Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, and this is the podcast where we bring mental health clinicians like you the most current and innovative methods for transforming clients' lives, as well as your own. If you want to learn about clinical modalities and techniques that help people reach their highest potential then this is the show for you! Have a question, please email us at




The Inner Thoughts of a Trauma Guru - Dr. Peter Levine - HPP 51

Years ago, trauma was defined more by external events rather than the responses human beings have to those events. Psychological trauma can happen to anyone when they perceive a situation as a threat and are unable to complete a satisfactory fight, flight or freeze response. The nervous system is designed to keep us psychological intact when we perceive we cannot keep ourselves safe in a situation. However, if we do not address the way in which our nervous and memory system categorized the...


The Anatomy of a Therapist’s Website - HPP 50

When searching for a clinician, most people will rely on the internet. Keeping that in mind, it is important that your website is easy to navigate and up to date with the best practices. Keith dives into some useful tricks to having a successful website that not only gets your authentic self across but also keeps clients coming in the door. Every detail going into your website will have an effect on your viewers’ opinions, so understanding the anatomy of a therapist’s website is a key to...


Won’t You Be My Neighbor - Documentary Review - HPP 49

Mr. Rogers teaches us many beautiful lessons: that you are special the way you are, that we must respect the inner experience of a child, and that children ask very big questions if we are willing to listen. He had a capacity to delve into the inner life of a child and how much their world can enrich the lives of everyone. But that wasn’t the only side of Mr. Rogers. In his documentary, you get to glimpse into the complex nature of this individual and what inspired him to inspire an...


Why We Need Integrative Psychiatrists Everywhere - HPP 48

When looking at clients’ symptoms, integrative psychiatrists often take a distinct approach by looking at the entire body and its individual systems as a possible culprit of root causes to psychiatric symptoms. Acknowledging what is happening in the body can open numerous doors to what is going on for your client's mental health. In this episode, Keith notes how the conventional western medical paradigm of psychiatric diagnosis falls short in certain areas and the power of having just a...


How do you know if your client is “better?” - HPP 47

Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs; so as a clinician, it can be difficult to decipher whether your client is legitimately “better” following treatment, or if they are just temporarily happy. In this podcast, Keith dives into what it really means to be “better,” and what that looks like through a clinician’s eyes. It is important to set treatment objectives with your client based on symptom reduction, but it is also equally important to imagine with your client what they are truly...


Busting Through Treatment Resistance with Ketamine - HPP 46

In this podcast, Dr. Will Van Derveer, founder and Medical Director of the Integrative Psychiatric Healing Center, shares his knowledge about Ketamine and its clinical uses in a psychiatric context. Ketamine has a long history in medicine, however, it is only recently that its healing benefits for treatment-resistant psychiatric patients are being discovered. When correctly used, it has been found to literally create breakthroughs for people with treatment-resistant depression, PTSD,...


What you’re feeling, you were always feeling - HPP 45

Children generally rest in a state of relaxation, joy and play, with bouts of discomfort and pain. With this said, childhood is a mixture of magic and suffering. If a child’s process is not properly honored, mentored and helped through the magic and suffering can become extremely polarized for years to come. We often assume that suffering is directly correlated to a person or event in the present, when in reality the root likely stems from our most early years of life. Keith explores the...


Inspiring Treatment-Resistant Clients with Coaching Techniques - HPP 44

It is common to come across clients who resist treatment even though they keep seeking out therapy services. Resistance to change is both an important strategy for maintaining familiarity, as well as a roadblock to making necessary shifts. Keith explores certain coaching techniques, particularly the study of values and cognitive and behavioral applications as a way to help clients move beyond treatment resistance and into a state of transformation. Typically, clients who fight change feel...


7 Ways to Combat the Summer Caseload Drop Off - HPP 43

Directories post: It’s known that with school out of session and vacation days being used, it is hard to obtain steady clients, and a dependable income. A number of years ago, Keith grew tired of this feast and famine mentality driven by the summer caseload drop off. Believing it “just has to be this way” is driven by a mindset that keeps the bank account like a rollercoaster instead of on a steady incline. In this episode, Keith discusses 7 practical tips that he used to keep a consistent...


A Working Definition of Mental Health - HPP 42

How do we know if we are in a state of mental health or illness? In modern clinical psychology, the definition of “mental health” and “mental illness” is not a stable, set definition; but it is an important one. In fact, a true working definition of mental health has never really been defined. In order to truly understand how to help people reach their potential in all areas of life, it’s important to understand the spectrum of a healthy mind and how it becomes disorganized. Keith explains...


The Myth of Forgiveness - HPP 41

Keith recognizes that forgiveness is most often used as a way for people to move on from tough situations in life. In some case that actually seems to be true. However, after speaking with many clients over the years and a lot of exploration around the topic with other professionals, he has identified some myths about forgiveness, how it can hurt more than help, and other ways to move on from troubles in the past. Forgiveness seems altruistic by nature. At first glance it appears to be an...


The True Causes of Addiction - Dr. Gabor Maté - HPP 40

Our guest, Dr. Gabor Maté, a renowned speaker and bestselling author, sheds light on the true nature of addiction, and why so many of us fall victim to this harsh reality. Society has created an ideal around feeling “normal” and finding “mental sanity,” when we do not even have a clear definition of what“mental sanity” is. So many people struggle with emotional pain on a day-to-day basis. When that pain becomes overwhelming, especially from early childhood trauma and attachment injuries,...


My Inner Circle: An Intimate Conversation About Relationships, Love, Mental Health and Spirituality - HPP 39

Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, in a fierce and loving dialogue, joins his inner circle in a conversation about community, relationships, love, mental health, and spirituality. Guests include The Smart Couple Podcast Founder, Jayson Gaddis, a Boulder, Colorado Men’s Group leader, Reuvain Bacal, and a thought leader in Integrative Psychiatry, Dr. Will Van Derveer. In this episode, Keith and his inner circle explore the values of supporting and challenging each other, how to navigate...


Is There a Secret to Happiness? - HPP 38

So many people claim they want to be happy, but so few people ever attain it. Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, explains why it’s impossible to achieve the stereotypical version of happiness and redefines it into something that’s not only achievable, but something worth fighting for. Many people feel as though they have tried everything they can in order to maintain a happy existence, but most people report dissatisfaction on a regular basis. It is easy to feel hopeless, and as if...


DIYing Your Private Practice from the Ground Up - HPP 37

Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, understands the difficulties of building a private practice from the ground up. After plenty of trial and error, he’s discovered a number of great resources to make the process as stress free as possible. Building a private practice can be demanding. Most mental health clinicians would agree that it can consume way too much time and money. When building a practice, there are a number of great online technologies out there to manage everything...


How Martial Arts Can Destroy or Heal Your Clients - HPP 36

Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, explains how martial arts transformed his life and ways in which it can help certain clients attain integration. He also acknowledges why particular systems and instructors of martial arts can cause more damage than growth and what to look for when suggesting this type of intervention. Although martial arts might seem contrary to many forms of the therapeutic process, the overall teachings within both disciplines have to do with integrating the body,...


5 Essential Personal Development Gurus for You and Your Clients - HPP 35

Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, discusses his 5 go to personal development gurus for times of stress and windows into healing and transformation. He breaks down the similarities and differences between each one, when and how they can be excellent resources for you and your clients, and top books and videos to watch if you’ve never encountered them before. Even though the personal development and self-help field are vast, it does contain a number of teachers and thought leaders that...


How to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers as a Therapist - HPP 34

Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, gives 5 steps to building an email list of over 1,000 subscribers. He covers the basics of list building techniques for practitioners who’ve never tried before, as well as more advanced techniques for seasoned bloggers and vloggers. List building is a great way to reach a wider audience of people, get your voice heard around important topics in the mental health space, and also nurture potential clients who may want to work with you. Some clinicians...


From Navy Bomb Specialist to War Trauma Philanthropist - HPP 33

Ken Falke, Founder of the EOD Warrior Foundation, discusses life as a Navy bomb specialist and how it led him on a path to helping veterans with psychological trauma from explosive devices. He shares his intimate understanding of what it’s like to hold one of the most dangerous jobs in the military and the therapeutic resources needed for these people. With up to thirty-percent of veterans suffering from PTSD symptoms it’s clearly a crisis that needs to be addressed. As discussed in the...


Helping Extremely Complicated Clients With Mood Disorders - HPP 32

Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, explores the intricacies of working with clients who present with highly complex mood disorders. Often it’s assumed that it will take years to help someone out of a serious treatment-resistant form of anxiety, depression or bipolar state, however, there are a number of interventions that can have a great impact, especially if they haven’t been tried before. Keith will discuss specific sleep hygiene techniques such as supplement cocktails, blue-light...