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Episode 6: Relevance of vocals to music listener preferences, with Brian McFee and guest Andrew Demetriou

Music tech and data science professor Brian McFee recommends Vocals in Music Matter: The Relevance of Vocals in the Minds of Listeners by Andrew Demetriou, Andreas Jansson, Aparna Kumar, and Rachel M. Bittner, published in the 2018 ISMIR proceedings. Brian and Finn interview Andrew Demetriou about this research combining descriptions of music on Spotify and survey responses on what users pay attention to, like, and dislike in music generally and vocals specifically. Time Stamps [0:00:00]...


Episode 5: Cross-culture variation in preferences for consonance, with Dan Shanahan and guest Josh McDermott

Music Theorist Daniel Shanahan recommends “Indifference to dissonance in native Amazonians reveals cultural variation in music perception” by Josh H. McDermott, Alan F. Schultz, Eduardo A. Undurraga, and Ricardo A. Godoy, published in Nature Letters in 2016. Dan and Finn interview Josh about the musical culture of the Tsimane people, adapting music cognition experiments for cross-cultural studies, and what the absence of preference for consonant intervals (over dissonant intervals) in the...


Episode 4: Development and Teleomusicality with Mariusz Kozak and guest Andrea Schiavio

Music Theorist Mariusz Kozak recommends “When the Sound Becomes the Goal. 4E Cognition and Teleomusicality in Early Infancy” by Andrea Schiavio, Dylan van der Schyff, Silke Kruse-Weber and Renee Timmers, published in Frontiers in Psychology. Marius and Finn interview Andrea about this framing of early musical development and implications of an embodied, embedded, extended and enactive approach to cognitive science. Time Stamps [0:00:10] Intro with Mariusz [0:11:16] Interview: Origins and the...


Episode 3: Interactions of Metrical and Tonal Hierarchies with Bryn Hughes and guest Chris White

Music Theorist Bryn Hughes recommends Chris White’s “Relationships Between Tonal Stability and Metrical Accent in Monophonic Contexts“, published in the Empirical Musicology Review (2017). Bryn and Finn interview Prof. White about his sequence of perceptual studies on how tonal stability may inform metrical hierarchy and vis versa, and together they discuss implications for music theory and some common issues in music cognition studies. Show notes Recommended article: White, C. (2017)....


Episode 2: Aligned Hierarchies and Segmentation with Vincent Lostanlen and guest Katherine Kinnaird

Data Scientist Vincent Lostanlen recommends Katherine Kinnaird’s “Aligned Hierarchies: A Multi-Scale Structure-Based Representation for Music-Based Data Streams”, published in the proceedings of ISMIR (2016). Vincent and Finn interview Dr. Kinnaird about this method for abstracting structure in music through repetition, how it has been implemented for fingerprinting on Chopin’s Mazurkas, and how Aligned Hierarchies could be used for other tasks and on other musics. Show notes Recommended...


Episode 1: Music Anhedonia and White Matter with Amy Belfi and guest Psyche Loui

Neuroscientist Amy Belfi recommends “White Matter Correlates of Musical Anhedonia: Implications for Evolution of Music” by Loui, Patterson, Sachs, Leung, Zeng, and Przysinda, published in Frontiers in Psychology (2017). Amy and Finn interview Prof. Psyche Loui about this study, its relevance to theories of the evolution of music, and music anhedonia more broadly. Show notes Recommended article: Loui P, Patterson S, Sachs ME, Leung Y, Zeng T and Przysinda E (2017) White Matter Correlates of...


Episode 0: Introducing The So Strangely Podcast

A short introduction to The So Strangely Podcast on recent research in Music Science. **** Follow the podcast on Twitter @sostrangelypod Get in touch with the producer, finn @ **** The So Strangely Podcast is produced by Finn Upham, 2018. Closing music includes a sample of Diana Deutsch’s speech-song illusion sound demo 1.