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My show consists of 338 episodes published 3 times per week since June 2015. All shows deal with Marine Science and Ocean Conservation Awareness.

My show consists of 338 episodes published 3 times per week since June 2015. All shows deal with Marine Science and Ocean Conservation Awareness.
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My show consists of 338 episodes published 3 times per week since June 2015. All shows deal with Marine Science and Ocean Conservation Awareness.






SUFB 656: Rejigging My Patreon And I Need Your Help

I've had my Patreon campaign active for a few years now to help support the show. So far, I've been able to raise enough money to help support the show through upgrading my podcast equipment (microphones, receivers, recorder, cables and computer). It's been wonderful so far; however, I feel that Patreon can be used for a greater purpose and it can contribute to Speak Up For Blue's Social and Environmental mission. I propose what change I would like to make, but I need your help. I need your...


SUFB 655: Avoiding Plastic Use Throughout The Holiday Season with John Davis

It's the holiday season and you are likely in the thick of things with everything that has to do with the holidays. There are celebrations, food, gifts and for some of you, Christmas Trees. It's a great time of year to spend with your family and friends. However, there is a problem with each of the ways we celebrate our holidays. the problem lies with the amount of plastic that we use over the holidays. In this podcast, John Davis and I discuss the amount of waste that can be avoided over...


SUFB 654: The Mind Calming Effect Of The Ocean

Dr. Edd Hind-Ozan is back on the podcast today for his weekly segment called "What's Happening In Marine Social Science This Week?" On this week's segment, Edd discusses a story of a woman in Ireland who enjoys swimming in the cold-water coast off of Ireland. You might think she is crazy, but she says that the cold water calms her mind and she is happy for a healthy Ocean. The conversation made me think of what I like to do the most when I am around the Ocean. For me, it's exploring the...


SUFB 653: Ocean Acidification Can Affect Seaweed And Humans

Ocean Acidification is usually discussed with the subjects of calcium based animals such as Corals, mussels and snails as they need Calcium to build their shells. Calcium will not be available as there is more CO2 in the Ocean. However, not all living Ocean beings will be negatively affected. Plants such as Seaweeds are predicted to thrive. Many sushi lovers will breathe a sigh of relief at this news, but there is cautioned thrown their way. A new study was recently conducted on how the...


SUFB 652: Could Groups Foce Governments To Take Action Against Climate Change

Two groups of people have stood up at the Convention of Parties (COP24) to say they have had enough of government inaction and want change now. A young girl by the name of Greta Thunberg attended the conference to speak to the United Nations on her frustration with inaction. She wants the governments of the world to take action against Climate Change now as the world is already late to the party. A group of 415 investors controlling $32 trillion have written a joint letter to the COP24...


SUFB 651: Eating Less Meat For Climate Change And My Job Update

I provide you with a job update, where I dive into my efforts for a side job (side hustle) and why I think it's important to have one. Brooke Tully alos joins me on the podcast of one of her segments of "What's Happening In Conservation Marketing This Week?" Brooke and I discuss the ever so popular topic if eating less meat to reduce our Climate Change Impacts. Enjoy the Podcast!!! I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode in our Facebook Group:...


SUFB 650: Endangered Monk Seals With Eels Up Their Nose

This story is crazy!!! NOAA researchers are surprised that they have observed 4-5 Endangered Monk Seals with eels stuck up their noses. Why? They aren't sure yet as no one has ever seen this happen; however, they do have a hypothesis as to why. Listen to the episode to find out. I also address some SUFB podcast things on today's podcast first. Skip to 15 min or so if you prefer to just listen to the Monk Seal story. Enjoy the Podcast!!! I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode...


SUFB 649: Oceanic Manta Ray Nursery Area Discovered In Marine Sanctuary

A graduate student and the Executive Director of Manta Trust, Joshua Stewart has discovered a nursery habitat in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico. This is a HUGE discovery as manta rays are known to migrate around the world making it difficult to find their important life history habitats. Joshua is looking forward to conducting further research in the near future to find out the size of the nursery habitat and whether the boundaries...


SUFB 648: Canada Zero Plastic Waste Strategy

The Canadian Government recently launched a Zero Plastic Waste Strategy, which means they are retooling the way Canada will use plastic. Their goal will be to reduce plastic use by 30% by 2030 and 50% by 2040. Take a listen to find out how they are going to accomplish this goal. Enjoy the Podcast!!! I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode in our Facebook Group: Want to be heard on the podcast? Leave a...


SUFB 647: Indigenous-Led Marine Conservation And The Suppression of NOAA Science

Dr. Edd Hind-Ozan joins me on the podcast today to discuss how some researchers are interacting with Indigenous groups when it comes to science and conservation projects. Dr. Natalie Ban was quoted as saying that she would not work with Indigenous groups unless she was requested by said group. An interesting approach to move away from parachute science. I finish off the episode by discussing the suppression of science of NOAA by the Trump Administration. I discuss my experience when a...


SUFB 646: MarXiv 1 Year Later With Nick Wehner

Nick Wehner, Director of Open Initiatives at OCTO, joins me again on the podcast. This time around we discuss the 1 year anniversary of their pre-print database called MarXiv. Nick breaks down all of the stats for the inaugural year of this open access database that is here to serve the Marine Conservation Community. Listen in on our conversation to hear how you can get your work published in this database for decision makers to use it for their purpose of marine conservation. Enjoy the...


SUFB 645: What Canada Needs To Do For Oil Management With Sigrid Kuehnemund

Sigrid Kuehnemund, VP of Oceans at WWF Canada, joins me on the podcast today to provide more information on how an oil spill off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador happened. During the interview, Sigrid points out that the spill could have been caused by the way the regulations are laid out. Sigrid, through WWF, are advocating to the government-industry partnership to include them in the conversation as well as make the regulations better. Enjoy the Podcast!!! I would love to hear...


SUFB 644: Can Mobile Help The Conservation Field And An Update On My Job Search

Brook Tully is back with another segment of "What's Happening In Conservation Marketing This Week?" Brook and I discuss the thought of mobile devices and how there is an opportunity to help conserve the natural areas in our world. We discuss the use of text message marketing as well as location based app marketing. We also bring up the fact that apps could be used to help consumers determine whether products are using eco-friendly ingredients such as sustainable palm oil. I also give you...


SUFB 643: How Fisheries Companies Can Make More Money Through Sustainable Fisheries With Tim Cashion

I am pleased to be joined by Tim Cashion on the episode today to discuss a study that analyzed how fisheries companies could make more money by fishing sustainably over the long term. Tim is a PhD student at University of British Columbia in Fisheries and is the husband of Madeleine Cashio, who was on the podcast a few weeks ago discussing shark fisheries management and big data. I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode in our Facebook Group:...


SUFB 641: Salish Shes Talk Ocean Poop Problems with Beth Pike and Ray Evrard

Beth Pike and Ray Evrard, from the Salish Shes Podcast, join me today to discuss their most recent episode on Poop...yes, you read that correctly...Poop! Their episode focused on how Victoria released raw sewage into the Ocean until recently when they decided to build a sewage treatment plant. They started to build the plant because people just north of the city were complaining of the smell and the "white fish." The city of Seattle was also complaining about similar issues. Seattle is...


SUFB 640: Well Rescues Can Go Very Wrong And Indonesian Fishers Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

We continue with our Friday segment of "What's Happening In Marine Social Science This Week" with Dr. Edd Hind-Ozan, but first, I provide a warning to all people who want to rescue a whale from entangled gear and are not trained for it. Whale Rescue Can Be Dangerous Beth Pike (Co-host of the Salish Shes Podcast), made me aware of a story where a man hopped on the back of a whale to untangle it from the fishing gear that was caught around the animal. The effort was made popular after...


SUFB 639: The Real World Sea Turtles With Dr. Nathan Robinson

I have the pleasure to have a good friend of mine on the podcast, Dr. Nathan Robinson. You might remember Nathan as the researcher that pulled out the plastic straw from the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in Costa Rica in the famous You Tube video. He's also the same guy to pull out the plastic fork from a different Olive Ridley Sea Turtle four months later about 70 km south of the first incident. Today, Nathan joins me to discuss a new study on Green Sea Turtles off the coast of Cape Eleuthra...


SUFB 638: All White Man Panels and An Update On My Job Search

On today's episode, I talk about the persistence of All Old White Male Panels and conference and workshops and how that might limit Marine Science and Conservation. I also provide an update on my job search after having an information meeting with a Canadian Marine Conservation Organization. Spoiler alert: I don't have a job, but there is potential. Share your thoughts on this episode in our Facebook Group: Do you have a question that you would like to...


SUFB 637: More On The US Climate Report and What's Next After The Plastic Straw Movement

I start this episode by discussing 3 important conclusions of the US Climate Report as I didn't feel that I covered enough on it yesterday. I continue the episode with our "What's Happening In Conservation Marketing" segment with Brook Tully. Climate Report: 3 Takeaways The Atlantic wrote a great piece on 3 important points of the Climate Report released by the Trump Administration last week. I talk about them briefly as they are important to know. It talks about long term trends and...


SUFB 636: Trump Administration Tries To Sneak Climate Report Out Over Holiday Weekend, It Backfired!

A Climate Report predicting massive increases in the costs due to the consequences of climate change was released on Black Friday while holiday shoppers were out getting gifts for their families and friends. The Trump administration tried to sneak out the report due to their position as a Climate Denying-Administration; however, the plan backfired after several news agencies picked up the report and covered it in some detail. The coverage from some of the media outlets could be called...