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My show consists of 338 episodes published 3 times per week since June 2015. All shows deal with Marine Science and Ocean Conservation Awareness.

My show consists of 338 episodes published 3 times per week since June 2015. All shows deal with Marine Science and Ocean Conservation Awareness.
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My show consists of 338 episodes published 3 times per week since June 2015. All shows deal with Marine Science and Ocean Conservation Awareness.






SUFB 473: Apparel Company Wants To Create Shirts From Recycled Plastic; Increase Ethnic Diversity To Increase Conservation.

It's Ocean Talk Friday where I record live in the Facebook Fan Page and Group so that people can take part in Speaking Up For Oceans. On today's episode, I talk about the following articles: 1) Sand Cloud, an apparel company, wants to create shirts out of recycled plastic, is that a good thing?; and, 2) We need to increase diversity within the Marine Science and Conservation field to increase the effectiveness of conservation actions. I was very happy that Abby Roberts was able to...


SUFB 472: Kilauea's Lava Touches Ocean; New Daily Ocean Talk Preview; and, Small Org Gets A Huge Payout

No guest today (apologies), but we do have some news and a special preview of a new Patreon Incentive as part of my way of raising money for the Speak Up For Blue Network of Podcasts. I first talk about the dangers associated with Kilauea's lava reaching and touching the Ocean for the first time. I provide you with a preview of a new Patreon Feature called Daily Ocean Talk, where I discuss other news and topics to Patrons every week day. Finally, I cap off the show with discussing how a...


SUFB 471: Crab Fishery In Maryland Affected By Immigration Policy; MPAs and Dr. Sylvia Earle; and, 800 Swim Bladders Seized in Mexico City

Happy Monday!!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Today's episode is packed with stories from politics and immigration to Dr. Sylvia Earle's thoughts on Marine Protected Areas to a boat load of fish swim bladders being seized before being sold in Asian markets. Enjoy the Podcast!!! Become par to the Speak Up For Blue Nation by joining our Patreon Campaign. I would love to hear your opinion on this episode. Join the Facebook Group to chime in. Do you know we launched more Ocean...


SUFB 470: US Republican Senators Think Rocks Causing Sea Level Rise and New Genetically Different Blue Whale Species Discovered In New Zealand

This Episode of Ocean Talk Friday was recorded live on the Facebook Fan Page where I discussed how the US Senate Science Committee might be delaying the country's Climate Change adaptation by bringing up ridiculous reasons to deny the human effects on climate change. I also discuss a new genetically unique population of Blue Whales that were discovered in New Zealand and how this discovery will drive policy in relation to oil and gas exploration that has opened up in the country. Enjoy...


SUFB 469: Sea Lion Banned From Harbour In BC; Can Marine Biologists Make A Decent Living?; and, New Guidelines For Right Whales Protections In Canada

Marine Mammals and Marine Biology Careers/Entrepreneurs is what I cover on today's podcast. Two Marine Mammal stories and 1 editorial on marine biology careers. The first marine mammal story is about a sea lion that is trying to enjoy some fish guts at cleaning stations in North Harbour, BC.; however, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans have ordered fishers to cease all cleaning to ensure the sea lion does not come back. They are worried that the sea lion will get too close to a fisher...


SUFB 468: Crucial Recycling Tips; Is Banning Toxic Sunscreen the ONLY Answer; and, New Shark Detection System May Save Sharks and People

Recycling, Toxic Sunscreen and Sharks are the topics that I cover today. They are all different, yet they are all related as they have to do with Marine Conservation. Check out what they are all about! Here are the links for today's episode: 1) 10 kinds of plastic that are a pain in the blue box; and, 2) Shark Clever Buoy Systems Enjoy the Podcast!!! Become par to the Speak Up For Blue Nation by joining our Patreon Campaign. I would love to hear your opinion on this episode. Join...


SUFB 467: Flukeless Gray Whales and Ironless Phytoplankton (Ocean Talk Friday)

Publishing the Ocean Talk Friday episode that I recorded Live on the Speak Up For Blue Facebook Page and the Speak Up For Blue Facebook Group. On today's episode, I chat about two articles that have to do with the largest organisms and smallest organisms in the Ocean: 1) Gray Whales found without flukes (tails) after being severed from fishing gear entanglements; and, 2) Researchers find evidence that phytoplankton are not able to uptake iron while exposed to Ocean Acidification. Enjoy...


SUFB 466: Sustainable Marine Conservation Training with Dr. Andrew Thaler

Dr. Andrew Thaler is an expert in Deep-Sea Ecology and Marine Science/Conservation Communication. He has a PhD in Deep-Sea Ecology and owns and operates Southern Fried Science, one of the most popular Marine Science and Conservation Blogs on the web. He is also my friend and is on the podcast today!!! I asked Andrew on the podcast because he just came back from the CNMI (Northern Mariana Islands) where is conducted an underwater ROV robotics workshop with some local leaders. The point of...


SUFB 465: Coral Reef Ecology; Science and People; and, Coral Reef Resilience

I spend time talking about one of my favourite habits in the Ocean. Actually, it's probably the favourite habitats of many people...Coral Reefs!!! Of course, we are not talking only about Climate Change, but I cannot do an episode on Coral Reefs where I don't talk about Climate Change. So I mention it. Here are the stories that I cover today: 1) Coral Reef Fish create a wonderful chorus of sound where they love to settle; 2) The Movement to open Marine Science and Conservation to...


SUFB 464: Sea World Fails Tour Guide's Animal Welfare Audit and Florida Mangroves in EverGlades Are Disappearing

I recorded Ocean Talk Friday in the Speak Up For Blue Facebook Group on Wednesday, which I plan on doing from now on. If you want to take part then join the group and attend every Wednesday at 7pm EST to have a chance to get on the episode. Today, I chat with fellow SUFB members about: 1) Sea World failing an Animal Welfare Audit of a Tour Guide; and, 2) Florida Mangroves in the Everglades are Disappearing because of Sea Level Rise and Mismanagement for profit. Enjoy the Podcast!!! I...


SUFB 463: Tuna Management Recommendations and Do You Use Eco-Friendly Products

Today I discuss a couple of crucial topics that I found important to discuss with you. First off, I update you on how Atlantic and Pacific Tuna Commissions are not managing tropical tuna populations properly and I go over recommendations provided by the Pew Charitable Trust. Secondly, I talk about eco-friendly products that are out on the market that can be used as alternatives to current, toxic choices. I use sunscreen as an example as Hawai'i plans to ban non-reef safe sunscreen to...


SUFB 462: Climate Change In The News

Climate Change is in the news again spanning all parts of the world. Today, I am talking about Climate Change affecting the US, Australia and Islands in the South Pacific. I will be focusing on Sea Level Rise and Sea Surface Temperature as it pertains to Adaptation to Climate Change. Here are the 3 topics for today: 1) US Military Funds Study To Reveal Effects Of Sea Level Rise On Military Operations in the South Pacific Ocean; 2) Australian Government Funds Great Barrier Reef $500...


SUFB 461: Recorded Live for Ocean Talk Friday

Today is a very special episode because I finally opened up Ocean Talk Friday to people in the Facebook Group. It was the first time I did this and I am very happy to say that it worked out very well for the first time. Today we discuss some topics that I covered earlier in the week and that was how the US Marine Mammal Protection Act are requiring Countries who export fisheries to the US to conduct cetacean studies to prove that their fisheries are not harming cetaceans. The second...


SUFB 460: Beautiful Images For Marine Conservation With Christine Ren

Christine Ren, from Christine Ren Films, is our guest on the podcast today. She is here for two reasons: 1) To tell us how underwater performances can make the personal connection of the ocean to the human race: and, 2) Christine and I got to catch up as we haven't been touch touch for a number of years. Christine and I used to collaborate as I had Speak Up For Blue and she had Project Blue. We shared information, resources and strategies. Since then, Christine started a media company and...


SUFB 459: UK Goes Strawless, Can Boyat Slat Clean Up The Ocean, People Need To Leave Animals Alone

The UK is preparing to ban plastic straws. Will this be the first of many countries to do so? Plus, Boyat Slat's project is getting more publicity...is his highly criticized project to clean up the Ocean taking time and money away from other projects that focus on preventing plastics from getting into the Ocean? Finally, I talk about how people need to leave animals alone when they encounter them in the wild. Enjoy The Podcast!!! I would love to hear your opinion on this episode. Join...


SUFB 458: Volunteering With Green Sea Turtles During My Hawaiian Vacation

Today's episode is all about my vacation to Hawai'i. I'm here for a wedding, but used the opportunity to get some Marine Conservation done in the best way I know how, I volunteered to monitor Green Sea Turtles that would bask in the sun on the beach. I tell you all about it in this episode. Enjoy The Podcast!!! I would love to hear your opinion on this episode. Join the Facebook Group to chime in. Do you know we launched more Ocean Related Podcasts? Subscribe to Marine Conservation...


SUFB 457: Podcasting To Make You Wiser About The Oceans With Alexis Brown

Alexis Brown is on the podcast today to discuss her podcast called "My Ocean" under the Ocean Wise Conservation Association. We get in to talking about all of the programs that Ocean Wise runs including the Vancouver Aquarium, Shoreline Clean Up, Seafood Program and Plastic Wise among others. Alexis and I have a great talk on Ocean Conservation and podcasting during this episode and I am so happy that Ocean Wise has started to podcast and get their voice heard to connect with a fantastic...


SUFB 456: US Making Countries Survey Cetaceans For Fishery Exports and Are We Really Recycling Properly

Two stories to discuss today: 1) The US is using the Marine Mammal Protection Act to make countries to thorough Cetacean surveys before they can ship fish to the US; and, 2) A recent CBC report revealed that Canadians may not be recycling properly due to a major miscommunication as to what does and does not get recycled. You will be surprised at a few of the items that don't get recycled. Enjoy the Podcast!!! I would love to hear your opinion on this episode. Join the Facebook Group to...


SUFB 455: Debunking Fukushima Map (Again!) and My Online Run In With Online Politics

Two things happened to me this week regarding the Oceans: 1) Today, I saw a Facebook friend post a fake map of "radiation" spread across the Pacific Ocean after the Japanese Tsunami. Find out why it's fake by listening to the episode; and, 2) I had a run in with a Politician and some of his followers about the way people voted in the last Canadian election. I was set up to be attacked, so I decided to talk about the experience to warn you about politicians (it doesn't matter which party...


SUFB 454: Plogging Our Way To A Cleaner Ocean with Melanie Knight

Melanie Knight is my guest today on the podcast to discuss how she got inspired by plogging, the act of picking up litter while jogging. Melanie talks with me about how she got started and why she did a 30 day challenge of plogging. Her efforts got her on TV as well as in the newspaper of a nationally distributed company (Globe and Mail). Melanie is not just a plogger. She tells me about how she works with towns all over Canada to create catch and release aquariums. It's pretty...


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