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Episode 2 - A Sabbath in Science?

If God created the Earth in 6 days and then took a day off, why can't I take one day off??? Caroline and I discuss an article we have recently read about bringing back the Sabbath: Here’s a link to the article. While neither of us are religious, it brings up an interesting point. We discuss taking breaks as graduate students, as well as the stigma and guilt associated with such. Together we come to a pretty satisfying conclusion. Madeleine


Episode 1

Hello, and welcome to Caroline Strang & Madeleine Brodbeck’s new podcast all about the mysterious, tumultuous, ever-threatening “third degree”, the phD! Caroline recently finished her phD in psychology at the University of Western Ontario, but Madeleine is just starting her first year in psychology at the same institution. We could talk about our science, and science that we think is cool (and we might now and then), but the focus of our podcast is really to discuss the culture of graduate...