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0015 – 99 Animal Group Names

What do you call a group of Giraffes, Squid, or Toads? Join Shane as he answers those questions as well as 96 other animal group names. Also find out why the team has been on a short hiatus.


0014 – Don’t Feed the Trolls

Everyone has come across an internet troll. They come out of their caves to pervert even the most wholesome content. Have you ever wondered who they are and why they do it? Shane, Dannie and Corderro explore the dark side of the internet to find out.


0011 – The New Sheriff In Town

In response to a recent rise in heroin use, a Sheriff releases a video to let drug dealers know that there’s no room for them in his county. The video has since gone viral due to it’s similarities to ISIS propaganda. Instead of leaving drug dealers shaking in fear, the video showed a scary side of a friendly neighborhood Sheriff in a relatively safe and quiet county. Shane, Dannie and Corderro discuss how the history of drugs in America led to this video and answer the question: Why did...


0009 – Batteries Included

As humans evolve so does our technology. We've already started dipping our toes in the water when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, some see it as needed while some view it as our inevitable doom. Join Dannie, Corderro, and Shane as they tackle the past, present, and future of A.I.


0008 – The Comeback Kid

Everyone loves a comeback, but why? Last week, the live show had several setbacks. This week Shane, Dannie and Corderro discuss many of the comebacks in the past year as they make a comeback of their own with the latest episode.


0007 – The Organ Donor’s Dilemma

It can be a difficult decision but millions of Americans each year decide to be an organ donor. How has the human species capability to empathize with each other driven so many people to be willing to donate their organs and how is that emotion connected to Irish immigration?


0006 – A Flat Out Lie

It’s been 400 years since the Greek philosopher Aristotle theorized the earth was round. Since then scientist have provided the world with a mountain of evidence, including videos, photographs, and first hand experiences. Yet there is still a certain subset of people than don’t buy it. Join Dannie, Corderro, and Shane as that tackle the question “Is the earth flat”


0005 – The Walking Dead Files

Show Notes No this episode isn’t about The Walking Dead itself, but more about how deleted files can come back to haunt you. Where do deleted files go after they’ve been deleted? What does this have to do with Zombies and unfaithful couples? MP3 Transcript Available Here Subscribe Subscribe Here or on your favorite podcast application. Follow […]


0004 – Do You Believe In Magic?

In 1991 he announced he was HIV positive, it’s been 26 years, how is Magic Johnson still alive? Join Corderro as he jumps into this tackles this question as well as some of the conspiracies that have arose because of it.


0003 – Mighty Anthropomorphic Power Rangers

MP3 Show Notes Dannie explores the question “Why Is It When Watching Cartoons With Talking Animals, We discuss The Crazy Situations They Are In But Not The Fact That They Can Talk?” Using personal experience as a new parent and observations of children’s cartoons, Dannie dives into the world of animated animals and their effects […]


0002 – Frustrated Howbow Dah

Show Notes Some frustrating news leads Shane to explore the question “Why do we get frustrated?” Transcript Available Here Subscribe Subscribe Here or on your favorite podcast application. Follow Us Facebook SoundCloud @mydumbquestion on Twitter Thanks Thank you to all of our supporters who voted, submitted questions, shared on social media or donated. If […]


0001 – Dope Song

Show Notes Join Shane as he explores the question “Why does hearing your favorite song at random feel so much more satisfying than when you play it on demand?” Transcript Available Here Subscribe Subscribe Here or on your favorite podcast application. Follow Us Facebook SoundCloud @mydumbquestion on Twitter Thanks Thank you to all of […]