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Ep 002 An Interstellar Visitor

Episode 002: An Interstellar Visitor Hello and welcome, I’m Dr. Andrew J. Wagers - but you can call me Andy. Join me as we discover that the cosmos doesn't just have a purpose, it has a storyline. I have saved you a seat, so sit down as the house lights dim in the Theatre of the Cosmos. *************************************************************************** An Interstellar Visitor By Original: ESO/M. KornmesserDerivative: nagualdesign [CC BY-SA 4.0...


EP001 The Theatre of the Cosmos

In this episode, we talk about the importance of story and how behind every view or theory of how the universe works is a story that informs the view. Even scientific theories are not divorced from a larger story that guides the questions we ask and therefore how we do science.


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