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Veterinary Education/Entertainment Talk. Current topics in veterinary medicine and surgery. News, Questions and Answers, case reports and more. For veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary technicians/nurses.

Veterinary Education/Entertainment Talk. Current topics in veterinary medicine and surgery. News, Questions and Answers, case reports and more. For veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary technicians/nurses.
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Veterinary Education/Entertainment Talk. Current topics in veterinary medicine and surgery. News, Questions and Answers, case reports and more. For veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary technicians/nurses.




79: Blocked Pipes

News Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019How mosquitoes sniff out human sweatThe odd reason flamingos are flocking to MumbaiDogs can detect an odour humans emit during epileptic seizures Main Topic Constipation - a right pain in the #$#. This week we discuss constipation in reptiles; why do they get it, how to treat it, and how to prevent it. Together with some usual crap by Brendan and Mark. Support our sponsors Don't forget to visit/support our sponsors. Without their help we could not...


78: Fishy

News That time scientists put a ferret in a giant particle accelerator…Dolphins found suffering from Alzheimer'sLake District hotel launches lemur yoga classesIf you want to feel happier, just spend 20 minutes in nature Main Topic: Basic Fish Care This week we cover the main things to consider to provide a proper setup for pet fish. The discussion includes thoughts on water quality, filtration systems, water testing and environmental enrichment. Sponsors Don't forget to visit/support our...


77: Vegetarian

Welcome to the VetGurus podcast! Hello to all our new subscribers - thanks for the vote of confidence - enjoy the podcast. Don't forget to drop us a line to say hi: OR post a comment here on our website. Also, visit the sites of our generous sponsors that help pay for our production costs - see their details below. News Eating Insects: Cultural Differences, And The Sushi ComparisonFrance bans the trimming of horse whiskersDeadly skin-eating fungal disease wipes out 90...


76: Bumble

News: Platypuses in polluted water could ingest 'half a human dose' of antidepressantsDenmark builds anti-pig border fence amid swine fever fearsArmando, the 'Lewis Hamilton' of racing pigeons, breaks auction recordeNew spiders named after the Stormtroopers in Star Wars Main Topic: Pododermatitis aka bumblefoot is our main discussion this week. Brendan and Mark stumble (sorry, we couldn't help it) through the common species seen with this condition, and discuss treatment options. Say Hi!...


75: Feeling Seedy .. again

News: We get serious and discuss saving of Australia's native animals and debate culling methods for feral species. Brendan gets centred performing Yoga with friends, and we note an outbreak of a calicivirus variant in the UK. Main Topic: Grass seeds - Yes, those annoying little bits of plants. What species do we see grass seeds issues in, and why? Mark and Brendan discuss their preferred techniques and surgical approaches to treating grass seed abscesses. Spoiler alert: it does include the...


74: Piggy Pee

What is it with crossbreed dogs? Why do we have to call them a 'new' breed. Brendan get a tad fired up about breed naming conventions. Mark gets all zen with a story on rainfall and prediction of bird colours and wonders why some cats are neurotic. In our final news story Brendan finds a use for old mascara wands.... just in cases you needed to know! Urinary issues in guinea pigs is our main topic this week. Yes, we have this covered this topic before - in our second ever episode: Ham and...


73: Stuck: Reproductive problems in Lizards -Part 2

Duct tape and reptiles don't mix - especially when used to smuggle animals as Brendan discovers. Mark reveals a Frigatebird that has broken a record - what record? - listen to find out! In other news a long term bond between two turtles is broken, and we list Australia's 10 worst invasive species. The main topic is part 2 of our discussion of reproductive problems in lizards. Become a VetGuru patron! Contact us: Twitter: @VetGurus Links: Frigatebird...


72: Stuck Part 1: Reproductive problems in lizards

Geckos are on the run - how exactly do they do it? Are fish self-aware? How do you monitor the wellbeing of captive elephants? We attempt to answer these questions in our news of the week. Don't blink - you may miss the final news article. Reproductive issues in lizards is our main topic this week. Mark and Brendan discuss the various problems encountered in lizards when things go wrong with reproduction, and how to fix these issues. This has turned out to be a bigger topic than anticipated...


71: Memorial

Dog food made from insects, snakes used as torture, and legally recognising animals' feelings are news items this week. Mark finishes off the news with a story about smart birds - so what happened to the phrase 'bird brained'? Our main topic is remembrance - dealing with the body after the death of a loved pet. Mark and Brendan talk about options for clients including burial, cremation, and memorial jewellery. Links: Dog food made from insects to go on sale in UK for first time In an...


70: Book

News this week: Scheme to improve health of brachycephalic dogs The use of Jiggers in horse racing Are you drawn to male or female dogs? 7 spectacular facts about yaks Our main topic this week is an interview with author Laura Greaves, who has just had her 6th book published: The Rescuers - Incredible stories of life-saving dogs. You can find more information on Laura's book here. Contact us: Twitter: @VetGurus Become a VetGuru patron! Support our podcast - the equivalent...


69: Feather

News for this week: Freezing bird feet, technicolour squirrels, rabbit calicivirus in the UK area and a stowaway parrot... The main topic this week is feathers - Mark walks us though the do's and don't's of wing clipping in our feathered friends. Links: First UK hares test positive for RHDV2 Why don't birds' feet freeze in the cold? Meet India's beautiful technicolor squirrels Stowaway Australian parrot travels 2,300km on New Zealand cruise liner Contact us: Twitter:...



We love our big statues here in Australia, so the fight over the Biggest Moose between Canada and Norway has us intrigued in our first news story of the week. The search for new species goes on - and 3 new salamander species have been found in Texas. The sad facts behind so called mini pigs are evened, and in the final news story Mark in angry about a cartoon racoon. Social media, its use and abuse, is our main topic this week. We dive deep into the machinations of setting up and maintaining...


67: Snake Top Ten

A good news story - Icelandic goats saved from extinction- and Brendan gets extremely emotional about this story. Mark then gets serious and talks about river systems and culverts for protection of fish. This week we have another Top Ten: Tips for dealing with snakes for clinicians who are unfamiliar with reptiles. Links Meet the woman who saved the Icelandic goat from extinction Barriers to fish migration Microchips Australia: Microchips Australia is the Australian distributor for: Trovan...


66: How to Train Your Vet

Veterinary student numbers increase in the UK, as they do in many other countries: Brendan and Mark discuss the implications. The secret fighting lives of hummingbirds are revealed, and we find out why killer whale pregnancies fail. Do you have a floppy-eared dog? Is it cute? We find out why floppy ears are thought less threatening than erect ear. How to Train Your Vet. The main topic is a discussion for veterinary nurses/technicians. We debate the ins and outs of how to deal with cranky...


65: Heat

How does chicken soup make you feel better? Brendan explains. Mark dives deep into the question of how to monitor waterway health via monitoring fish sounds and investigates Turtle Rain. in the final news story Brendan summarises a recent publication on anaesthetic deaths in pets. Heating is our main topic this week. We discuss the details of how to provide adequate heating for unusual pet enclosures - reptiles, birds and mammals. There is also a short discussion of heating for critically...


64: Curmudgeon

In this New Year's special we interview James Harris. We interviewed James at the Adelaide UPAV conference and it was a pleasure to chat to him. James is universally known and loved as a living legend in exotic pet medicine, with a phenomenal reputation as an exotics and wildlife veterinarian. He outlines his journey from the UK to the USA, and eventually Tasmania, where he now resides. James was awarded an Order of Australia medal for services to wildlife care. Contact us:...


63: Ho, Ho, Ho!

It's our Christmas special with Mark and Brendan getting into the holiday spirit (literally) as they reminisce over the happenings in 2018 and look forward to 2019. News: The winners of the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Awards are out.. and, not surprisingly, they are quite humorous. In other news, a dog digs up a bone. We wish all our wonderful listeners a safe, happy and restful holiday period and a wonderful 2019. Links: Exuberant digging dog unearths 13,000-year-old woolly mammoth tooth Squirrel...


62: The show must go on

We're back!!! Brendan is back for his pilgrimage to the far reaches of India, and he shares a few stories about his adventures. We catch up with some news: Will our generation be remembered by the chicken bones we leave behind? What is the background of China's legalisation of the rhino horn trade? Brendan muses over animal societies thriving without males, and Mark investigates the hairy business of the illegal market in tarantulas. The UPAV (Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinarians) conference,...


61: Stumped

Its goats and more goats this week: Brendan talks about weedbusting goats and a list of things you didn't know about this fascinating species. A good news story with heroic huskies rescuing a hiker in Alaska, and are cities making animals smarter. Main topic: Limb and tail amputation in reptiles. Why is this such a common procedure? Mark and Brendan give their thoughts, and tips for performing partial limb and tail amputation in reptiles. Links: Weedbusting goats Heroic husky rescues injured...


60: Alcatraz – Adrenal gland disease in Ferrets

Brendan is intrigued with camel beauty pageants and the shenanigans undertaken to enhance the chance of winning. Mark is looking even more radiant than usual after discussing advances in drugs to increase longevity, and he discusses some difficult ethical decisions veterinarians make when pressured by clients. In the final news story this week Brendan ask's the age-old question: Can dog's tell time? Adrenal disease in ferrets is the main topic of this episode. What is it? How do ferrets get...