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Veterinary Education/Entertainment Talk. Current topics in veterinary medicine and surgery. News, Questions and Answers, case reports and more. For veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary technicians/nurses.

Veterinary Education/Entertainment Talk. Current topics in veterinary medicine and surgery. News, Questions and Answers, case reports and more. For veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary technicians/nurses.
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Veterinary Education/Entertainment Talk. Current topics in veterinary medicine and surgery. News, Questions and Answers, case reports and more. For veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary technicians/nurses.




91: What are you referring to?

News It’s Not Just Grain-Free: An Update on Diet-Associated Dilated CardiomyopathyWho dunnart? Kevin didDeath of father- of-three 10 days after being dared to eat a Gecko Twitchers have a treasure trove of data to aid seabirds as numbers drop Main Topic: Referral cases - what are they; how to refer cases; what to do if you get a case referred to you? Our main topic this week dives into the world of referral medicine and surgery. Support our sponsors Specialised Animal Nutrition. Specialised...


90: Can you hear me?

News How tiny fish ear bones can reveal criminal activityTicks and how to safely remove them from you and your pets A Vicious, Untreatable Killer Leaves China GuessingLight Pollution And Moth Behavior Main Topic: Ear problems in exotic pets can be a challenge to deal with. This week Mark and Brendan provide an overview of the range of ear diseases in exotics, and share with listeners some of their tips and tips. This is Part 1 of 2. Support our sponsors Chemical Essentials. Cleaning and...


89: Bird Brain – Bird Pain: Analgesia in Birds

News How can coffee plantations be more bird-friendly?Remembering Quincy, a beloved Koala with Type 1 DiabetesNarlugas Are RealWhat is the fastest dog in the world? Main Topic: Pain. How to prevent it, and ameliorate it our avian friends is the main topic for this week. Brendan brings out his notebook to quiz Mark on the current understanding of analgesia and analgesics for use in birds. Support our sponsors Specialised Animal Nutrition. Specialised Animal Nutrition is the Australian...


88: News…and more news

News Canada bans all captive whales and dolphinsThe bird that came back from the deadYour stress may be stressing out your dogHow to pet a dog the right wayAre Dogs Really Smiling at Us?The Biggest Issues for Wildlife and Endangered Species in 2019A beautiful thing happens when farm animals are 'Allowed to Grow Old'Webster spends $8m on bees to reduce the sting of almond productionChipper the dog sets a high bar for recyclingSecuros surgical systems Main Topic: News Brendan and Mark catch up...


87: China

In news this week Mark gets fired up about duck shooters calling for a review of endangered birds in Australia, and frets about sharks eating songbirds. Brendan discusses a new panda park in China and commiserates with Grunt the pig, who can no longer go for walks in the local park. China is our main topic this week. More specifically, Brendan details what he was doing in Shanghai and the state of veterinary practice in China. Links: Look Out, Songbirds — Baby Sharks Want to Eat You; New...


86: Top Ten Teeth Tips

So how has a researcher turned can toads into cannibals? Listen to find out. The veterinary suicide rats remains high, orang-utans talk about the past and does conservation kill too many animals .. an eclectic range of news topics this week. Top 10 Teeth Tips is our main topic. In their typical quick-fire (almost) way, Brendan and Mark provide some top tips when thinking about dental disease in pets. Brendan reviews the VetLite splinting material. He gives it a 9 out of 10. Links: The...


85: Tristan Rich

In this special edition we interview Australian exotics veterinarian Tristan Rich. Tristan 'went viral' after he performed a tumour removal from a goldfish, recording hundreds of thousands of hits on local media and articles relating to the surgery were published in around 150 newspapers worldwide. Tristan was interviewed at the UPAV exotics conference in late 2018, and we discuss how he became 'famous' on the internet, together with some great stories about his work with Orangutans in...


84: Keep Smiling

News The luxury market for shahtoosh is imperiling the Tibetan antelopeReport claims koalas 'functionally extinct'Would you wear a sweater made out of your dog's hair?Why do purple martins have such big houses? Main Topic: Dental Disease in Rabbits - complex cases We continue (following on from previous podcasts) a discussion on dental disease in rabbit. We delve deep into treatment methods for complex dental cases in rabbits, including marsupialisation and palliative care options. Support...


83: AVA National Conference

News Why do bumblebees have stripes?Only in the Territory: Three-eyed snake found near DarwinYour dog can hear you, even when it's noisyEvery year, this hummingbird comes back to the man who saved him Main Topic: Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference 2019 Brendan spent a few hectic days recently at the Australian Veterinary Association national conference, held in Perth, Western Australia. He talks about some of the presentations he attended and reveals some equipment he spied...


82: Ferret Friends

News New Gecko Sheds Skin on DemandScottish woman's shock at finding snake in suitcase from AustraliaBadger buries and consumes cowFemale Anaconda Strangles Male After Sex Main Topic: ? Ferret care: The basics. We dive into aspects of ferret care - for clients and vets and veterinary nurses/technicians. Get the lowdown on how to look after these inquisitive pets. Support our sponsors Chemical Essentials. Cleaning and disinfection products and solutions for a wide variety of industries...


81: Mite, Might not!

News Notre Dame rooftop bees appear to have survived the fireAfrican Swine fever spreads through ChinaHow to identify a bird in 5 stepsHere’s what you need to know about exotic pets in Australia Main Topic: The Reptile Mite Reptile mites - the bane of herpetologists - and many vets so it seems. Don't despair as Mark and Brendan provide answers to common questions regarding the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of reptile mites. A much requested topic, we just scratch the surface of this...


80: Honourable Discharge

News Woman treated for having 4 bees living inside her eyeRussia will release 10 orcas, 87 belugas from overcrowded 'whale jail'Evidence of rabbits in UK in Roman times, say academicsThreatened birds still alive on King Island Main Topic: Discharging Patients We cover the basic steps in ensuring an uneventful - or happy - discharge of patients from the hospital. This includes dealing with the payment, ensuring the patient is presentable and explaining home care to clients. Support our...


79: Blocked Pipes

News Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019How mosquitoes sniff out human sweatThe odd reason flamingos are flocking to MumbaiDogs can detect an odour humans emit during epileptic seizures Main Topic Constipation - a right pain in the #$#. This week we discuss constipation in reptiles; why do they get it, how to treat it, and how to prevent it. Together with some usual crap by Brendan and Mark. Support our sponsors Don't forget to visit/support our sponsors. Without their help we could not...


78: Fishy

News That time scientists put a ferret in a giant particle accelerator…Dolphins found suffering from Alzheimer'sLake District hotel launches lemur yoga classesIf you want to feel happier, just spend 20 minutes in nature Main Topic: Basic Fish Care This week we cover the main things to consider to provide a proper setup for pet fish. The discussion includes thoughts on water quality, filtration systems, water testing and environmental enrichment. Sponsors Don't forget to visit/support our...


77: Vegetarian

Welcome to the VetGurus podcast! Hello to all our new subscribers - thanks for the vote of confidence - enjoy the podcast. Don't forget to drop us a line to say hi: OR post a comment here on our website. Also, visit the sites of our generous sponsors that help pay for our production costs - see their details below. News Eating Insects: Cultural Differences, And The Sushi ComparisonFrance bans the trimming of horse whiskersDeadly skin-eating fungal disease wipes out 90...


76: Bumble

News: Platypuses in polluted water could ingest 'half a human dose' of antidepressantsDenmark builds anti-pig border fence amid swine fever fearsArmando, the 'Lewis Hamilton' of racing pigeons, breaks auction recordeNew spiders named after the Stormtroopers in Star Wars Main Topic: Pododermatitis aka bumblefoot is our main discussion this week. Brendan and Mark stumble (sorry, we couldn't help it) through the common species seen with this condition, and discuss treatment options. Say Hi!...


75: Feeling Seedy .. again

News: We get serious and discuss saving of Australia's native animals and debate culling methods for feral species. Brendan gets centred performing Yoga with friends, and we note an outbreak of a calicivirus variant in the UK. Main Topic: Grass seeds - Yes, those annoying little bits of plants. What species do we see grass seeds issues in, and why? Mark and Brendan discuss their preferred techniques and surgical approaches to treating grass seed abscesses. Spoiler alert: it does include the...


74: Piggy Pee

What is it with crossbreed dogs? Why do we have to call them a 'new' breed. Brendan get a tad fired up about breed naming conventions. Mark gets all zen with a story on rainfall and prediction of bird colours and wonders why some cats are neurotic. In our final news story Brendan finds a use for old mascara wands.... just in cases you needed to know! Urinary issues in guinea pigs is our main topic this week. Yes, we have this covered this topic before - in our second ever episode: Ham and...


73: Stuck: Reproductive problems in Lizards -Part 2

Duct tape and reptiles don't mix - especially when used to smuggle animals as Brendan discovers. Mark reveals a Frigatebird that has broken a record - what record? - listen to find out! In other news a long term bond between two turtles is broken, and we list Australia's 10 worst invasive species. The main topic is part 2 of our discussion of reproductive problems in lizards. Become a VetGuru patron! Contact us: Twitter: @VetGurus Links: Frigatebird...


72: Stuck Part 1: Reproductive problems in lizards

Geckos are on the run - how exactly do they do it? Are fish self-aware? How do you monitor the wellbeing of captive elephants? We attempt to answer these questions in our news of the week. Don't blink - you may miss the final news article. Reproductive issues in lizards is our main topic this week. Mark and Brendan discuss the various problems encountered in lizards when things go wrong with reproduction, and how to fix these issues. This has turned out to be a bigger topic than anticipated...