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Follow Humanity's Journey to Mars The WeMartians Podcast delves into all aspects of the exploration of Mars, including robotic/human spacecraft and rocket engineering, planetary science, astronomy and other upcoming technology. Our episodes are research-supported and feature topical audio clips and special guests.

Follow Humanity's Journey to Mars The WeMartians Podcast delves into all aspects of the exploration of Mars, including robotic/human spacecraft and rocket engineering, planetary science, astronomy and other upcoming technology. Our episodes are research-supported and feature topical audio clips and special guests.
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Follow Humanity's Journey to Mars The WeMartians Podcast delves into all aspects of the exploration of Mars, including robotic/human spacecraft and rocket engineering, planetary science, astronomy and other upcoming technology. Our episodes are research-supported and feature topical audio clips and special guests.






63 – The 9th International Mars Conference (feat. Nina Lanza)

We talk the 9th International Mars Conference Tweet thread on Methane from Justin Cowart Content from the MEPAG meetingContent from 9th Mars Presentations Follow Nina Lanza Nina Lanza's Twitter (@marsninja)Nina back on Episode 11 Follow Jake & WeMartians Website (www.wemartians.com)Patreon (www.patreon.com/wemartians)WeMartians Shop (shop.wemartians.com)Twitter (@we_martians) Jake’s Twitter (@JakeOnOrbit)Off-Nominal PodcastMost Recent Episode: The Dark Lord The WeMartians Season 3 Mission...


62 – Through Stargate to Mars (feat. Jordan Noone)

We talk Relativity Space 3D-printed rockets Telesat signs with Relativity SpaceRelativity signs contract to build launch padRelativity to build rocket factory at Stennis Follow Jordan Noone and Relativity Relativity Space WebsiteWork for Relativity!Relativity Space TwitterJordan Noone TwitterRelativity Space Instagram Follow Jake & WeMartians Website (www.wemartians.com)Patreon (www.patreon.com/wemartians)WeMartians Shop (shop.wemartians.com)Twitter (@we_martians) Jake’s Twitter...


61 – Five Years in the Martian Atmosphere (feat. Gina DiBraccio)

We talk the MAVEN mission MAVEN Reveals Speed of Solar Wind Stripping Martian AtmosphereMAVEN atmospheric escape simulation video Follow Gina DiBraccio and MAVEN The MAVEN Mission PageDr Gina DiBraccio on Instagram Follow Jake & WeMartians Website (www.wemartians.com)Patreon (www.patreon.com/wemartians)WeMartians Shop (shop.wemartians.com)Twitter (@we_martians) Jake’s Twitter (@JakeOnOrbit)Off-Nominal PodcastMost Recent Episode: Carpet-Bombing Venus The WeMartians Season 3 Mission Patch This...


60 – Why Go To Mars? (feat. Michael Robinson)

It's been 50 years since Apollo 11, and while there's still a lot to celebrate about the whole Apollo era, it also begs the question, "why haven't we gone back?" Michael Robinson, historian and host of the podcast Time to Eat the Dogs joins Jake to dig in to what motivates people to go to deep space and Mars in an attempt to understand how to make it happen again. We Talk Motivations for People to Explore Mars and Deep Space Planetary Radio Space Policy Edition feat. Roger Launius Time to...


59 – Artemis (feat. Casey Dreier)

NASA is sending people back to the Moon, or so they say. A human deep space program is easier said than done. The Planetary Society's Casey Dreier returns to the show to talk about politics, policy, and balancing skepticism with excitement. We Talk NASA's Moon Plan, Artemis Mars Wars by Thor Hogan (free pdf)What can we learn from a Failed Return to the Moon?A Crash Program or a Modest Proposal?NASA awards PPE Contract for GatewayA Look at NASA's Budgets Follow Casey Casey's TwitterCasey's...


58 – Calling Home from Mars (feat. Michael Staab)

Getting data back from our Mars spacecraft requires some pretty robust communications technology. But the infrastructure that rovers like Curiosity relay their images through is aging, and scientists are starting to worry about what would happen if they fail. NASA JPL's Michael Staab joins Jake to talk about a new idea to reinforce that infrastructure and keep those data flowing back each and every sol. We Talk Mars Communications MAVEN lowers orbit to facilitate communications Follow...


57 – How to do EVAs on Mars (feat. Stan Love)

NASA's BASALT program (Biologic Analog Science Associated with Lava Terrains) has been working on understand how to do real science on an EVA since 2016. Jake is joined by NASA Astronaut, planetary scientist and program participant Stan Love to learn the challenges imposed by a Red Planet Spacewalk and what kinds of things the agency is trying to overcome them. We Talk Mars, EVAs, and Science Astrobiology Special Issue on BASALTIntro by Stan LovePaper overview by PI Darlene LimOff-Nominal...


56 – LPSC 2019 (The Legacy of Apollo)

Jake is on-site at the 50th annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference to report on Mars science results and the shift to the Moon. Fifty years from Apollo's first landing, lunar samples are still having an incredible impact on all planetary science, and as we look to the future, we have so much more to be excited about. Three special guests join Jake to talk about this exciting topic. We Talk Mars and Apollo Lunar Science InSight pauses Mole deploymentHP3 Heat Flow Probe results...


55 – Glen Torridon (feat. Kristen Bennett)

Curiosity recently drove down from the Vera Rubin Ridge, its home for the last year and a half, into a new clay-rich area called Glen Torridon. Planetary Scientist Kristen Bennett joins Jake to talk about what this new area is like and what questions we hope to answer in the next chapter of this rover's mission. We Talk Curiosity and Glen Torridon Curiosity says Farewell to Vera Rubin Ridge360 view of Vera Rubin Ridge as Curiosity DepartsCuriosity Computer troubles Follow Kristen Kristen's...


54 – Women In Space 2019 (feat. Mallika Sarma and Jennifer Grier)

WeMartians visits Arizona to attend the 2019 Women in Space Conference, an interdisciplinary event covering science, engineering, and policy with a reimagined, humanized perspective. Jake and guests discuss some of the science as well as the social challenges women and other marginalized groups face as they try to explore space. We talk the Human side of Exploration WISC 2019 Conference ScheduleSex Differences in Body Composition, Physical Activity, and Total Energy Expenditure When in a...


53 – The State of Mars 2019 (feat. Brendan Byrne and Emilee Speck)

The fourth season of WeMartians has begun, and we bring in our friends and regular guests Brendan Byrne and Emilee Speck to talk about rockets, rovers, and Mars in pop culture. We talk Mars in 2018 and in to the future Sounds of Mars from NASA's InSight Previous Conversations with Brendan and Emilee Episode 18 - State of Mars 2017Episode 35 - State of Mars 2018Off-Nominal Episode 6 (feat. Brendan Byrne) Follow Emilee and Brendan Emilee on Twitter (@EMSpeck)Emilee’s Space Coverage...


Red Planet Review – Anniversary Episode

Happy New Year Martians! It's been 1 year since we launched the Red Planet Review weekly news roundup for our $3+ Patreon supporters. To celebrate, we thought we'd kick off 2019 with a fresh new show that's available to ALL listeners. If you like what you hear today, consider joining the hundreds of other listeners over at Patreon. With a pledge of $3 or more, you can get a show like this every Friday, a great way to keep up on the news! Plus, you'll help support things like the WeMartians...


WeMartians 2019 Update

In a quick holiday update, Jake shares an update on the podcast announcing the WeMartians Travel Grant, looking ahead to our next Patreon Goal and content for 2019, as well as two upcoming conferences and Podcast Meetups! We talk 2019 Podcast News Introducing the WeMartians Travel GrantOur Next Patreon GoalMeetup Schedule (stay tuned!) Follow Jake & WeMartians Website (www.wemartians.com)Patreon (www.patreon.com/wemartians)WeMartians Shop (shop.wemartians.com) Check out the new PLANETARY...


52 – Comin’ up Jezero (feat. Tim Goudge)

NASA has selected the next landing site for its future Mars rover, Mars 2020. Jezero Crater is an incredible ancient river delta spilling in to the side of a crater. But what really makes it special, plus how and why did NASA pick it? Jake is joined by planetary scientist Tim Goudge, who led the advocacy of Jezero through the process, to explain its charm. We talk NASA's Mars 2020 rover and Jezero Crater NASA Announces Jezero Crater as Landing Site Mars 2020 Rover Previous Coverage of the...


51 – Entry, Descent, and Landing

On November 26th, 2018, NASA successfully landed the InSight spacecraft on the surface of Mars. It was their 8th successful landing, went picture-perfect, and seemed to defy the common thought that Mars landings rarely work. Jake recounts the landing, provides historical context to the events, and asks the question of whether NASA's entries, descents, and landings are as failure-prone as some make it out to be. We Talk InSight and Entry, Descent, and Landing Viking Press Kit Mars Pathfinder...


50 – The Journey to Mars is Hyperbolic (feat. Mark Wallace)

NASA's InSight lander arrives on Mars on November 26th. It is an exciting event that ends the 7 month cruise phase since its launch on May 5th. But how did it get there? NASA JPL's Mark Wallace, the Lead Trajectory Analyst for InSight's, joins Jake and explains how to plan a journey across the solar system. We Talk InSight's Trajectory Porkchop Plots InSight Press Kit Previous Coverage of InSight Episode 36: Systems Engineering InSight (feat. Farah Alibay) Episode 41: Thirty Years to the...


49 – Moon to Mars (feat. Laura Forczyk)

NASA continues to advance it's Moon-first strategy, and commercial companies are starting to hop on board. Along with international interest, it all forms the backbone of NASA's Moon to Mars strategy. Space consultant and founder of Astralytical Laura Forczyk returns to the show to talk with Jake about what this all means for Mars. We talk Moon and Mars Blue Origin signs agreement with OHB and MT dearMoon Airbus/Blue Origin backed Moon Race NASA's Moon to Mars strategy Previous Coverage of...


48 – Zooming in on Mars (feat. Melissa Rice and Elsa Jensen)

NASA's upcoming flagship mission Mars2020 will send a state of the art rover to the surface of Mars. Along for the ride will be an impressive camera called Mastcam-Z which will unveil Mars in a way never seen before. Planetary scientist Melissa Rice from Western Washington University and instrument operations manager Elsa Jensen from Malin Space Science Systems join Jake to talk all about the new camera, how it's put together and what questions it might help us answer. We talk Mastcam-Z and...


47 – Recovering Opportunity (feat. Mike Seibert)

The Opportunity Rover hasn't been heard from since June 10th, and things are starting to look dire. NASA recently released a new plan to recover the intrepid Mars explorer but the plan hasn't convinced everyone of its merit just yet. Engineer and former rover driver Mike Seibert returns to the show to talk about the plan, how it compares with Spirit's recovery, and why some may not be as excited about it as others. We talk NASA's Opportunity Recovery Plan NASA's Press Release on the new...


46 – Keeping Mars Alive (feat. Rick Davis)

NASA may have pivoted to the Moon, but Mars remains a horizon goal. Keeping the different departments at the Agency focused and working together towards this goal is no small task. Jake is joined Rick Davis, Assistant Director for Science and Exploration, to talk about how NASA is working to send Humans to Mars. We Talk Humans to Mars NASA's Mars Human Landing Sites Study Previous Coverage of NASA & Humans to Mars Episode 1: The Waxing Interest in Mars (January 2016) Episode 24: Risks &...