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Do you love weather? Join Meteorologists and special guests from 47 ABC to talk all things weather. Fresh episodes drop every Wednesday!

Do you love weather? Join Meteorologists and special guests from 47 ABC to talk all things weather. Fresh episodes drop every Wednesday!


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Do you love weather? Join Meteorologists and special guests from 47 ABC to talk all things weather. Fresh episodes drop every Wednesday!




E49: Delmarva Drought?

Today's podcast looks back at a dry and cool November and how drought conditions have now developed across parts of Delmarva. Will December be a wetter month to help alleviate the dry conditions?


E48: 2021 Hurricane Season Ends

The busy 2021 Atlantic hurricane season has officially ended, so let’s discuss what happened this year. Meteorologist Sloane Haines & Meteorologist Ulises Garcia recap each storm, and look back at how the NOAA hurricane outlook compared to the actual season.


E47: Thanksgiving Extremes

In today's podcast episode, we take a look back at some of the most extreme Thanksgiving weather to ever occur across the U.S.


E46: The Growing Season has Ended; Winter Forecast Released

Low temperatures across Delmarva dropped into the 20s for the first time since last April, meaning the growing season is over. Today's podcast is on the importance of paying attention to frost and freeze warnings so that you can properly protect your home and outdoor gardens. We also release more details about our exclusive 2021-2022 winter outlook!


E45: October 2021 Record Warmth

October 2021 ended up being the third warmest October on record globally, the sixth warmest for the U.S., and warmest ever recorded for both Maryland and Delaware! Today's podcast is taking a look back at the record warmth and the type of weather not only Delmarva had, but the U.S. as a whole.


E44: Record Coastal Flooding

Parts of Delmarva just experienced the worst coastal flooding event in years! This was also one of the top tidal flooding events to not be associated w/ a tropical system. Major floods are occurring more often & it's something we should be ready for in the future.


E43: Atmospheric Rivers

Have you heard of atmospheric rivers? Meteorologist Sloane Haines & Meteorologist Ulises Garcia break it all down, along with its pros and cons for the Western United States.


E42: Is Hurricane Season Over?

It's the end of October and the Atlantic Basin is quiet in terms of tropical activity, so is hurricane season over? Today's episode discusses past October hurricanes and how hurricane season can still turn active well into autumn.


E41: Coastal Flooding

Did you know that major flooding can occur even without a drop of rain? That's right! A common type of flood we deal with on Delmarva is coastal flooding. Today's podcast talks about what causes it and how severe it get.


E40: September Wrap-up & Weather Folklore

Now that October is here, it's time to review the type of weather we had in September. Also, what is weather folklore and can it really help predict the weather? Let's find out in this episode of Weather Wise.


E39: Autumn on Delmarva

Meteorologist Sloane Haines and Meteorologist Ulises Garcia discuss how quickly the average high temperatures drops throughout autumn, along with when to expect the 1st freeze and when the fall foliage tends to peak on Delmarva.


E38: Autumnal Equinox

Today is the first day of fall! This episode of Weather Wise discusses the difference between meteorological fall and astronomical fall, the exact meaning of the autumnal equinox, plus the amount of daylight we're losing per day as we get closer to winter.


E37: Remembering September 11, 2001

With this past weekend being the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on our country, we're honoring the lives lost. Today's podcast also looks back at what the weather was like on September 11, 2001 and how history may have changed if the weather was different.


E36: Rapid Intensification of Tropical Cyclones

Rapid intensification has become a theme with tropical cyclones over the last few years. Meteorologist Ulises Garcia & Meteorologist Sloane Haines explain what it is, when & where it tends to happen, along with why it’s happening more commonly.


E35: Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana this past Sunday, the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall. Today's podcast discusses Ida's impacts, plus other storms out in the Atlantic we're keeping a close eye on.


E34: New England Hurricanes

Tropical Storm Henri was the first landfalling tropical cyclone in New England in 30 years, so how often does New England experience tropical systems? Today’s podcast looks back at some of the worst storms to hit New England.


E33: The Atlantic Awakens

After a month of no activity, the Atlantic hurricane season is ramping up just as we approach the climatological peak of the season. Today's podcast discusses the current storms we're tracking out there and what we're expecting for the rest of the season.


E32: West Coast vs. East Coast Weather

Have you ever wondered why the weather from coast to coast is so different? Why is the west more prone to earthquakes, mudslides, droughts, and also flooding? We discuss in today's episode of Weather Wise.


E31: A Look Back at July

Today's podcast looks back at the month of July and how it compares to normal. Plus, today's the one year anniversary of Tropical Storm Isaias and its impacts on Delmarva, so we're looking back at that too.


E30: La Nina Watch

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has issued a La Nina Watch in effect for the Northern Hemisphere. What does this mean for the rest of the hurricane season and even the upcoming winter? Today's podcast looks into it.