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Episode 9: Fire Must Burn

What you don’t understand is, fire won’t burn if it’s rainy and miserable and cold and you really want it to burn… As you may be able to tell from the title, this episode is all about fire (and maybe a little about cats). The Poop Detective starts us out with a funny story about a friend of ours who wouldn’t put out the fire and go to bed when it was late, everyone else was turning in, and he’d maybe had a few too many. Don’t worry, nothing burned that shouldn’t have (at least that night),...

Episode 8: (Up) Chucking Chum for Birthday Fun!

For this episode we meet up with Jenn, the Port of Tacoma Biologist and grilled her about some of the Port’s land stewardship and restoration work. We also learned about her idea of a great birthday present. Amy attempted to spell hhhuuuvvhhh (retching vomiting sound). And Jen shares more about the magic of the the hot spot tool…that’s a GIS tool! Finally, we share some information about how you too can participate in local restoration projects.


Episode 7: Poop Happens

In this episode we learn more about poop! We talk about poop troubles in Thailand and poop in shellfish. We also discuss how to navigate back to a site using your mapping grade GPS data. Finally, we offer information on the student GREEN congress and how you can help connect students to their watersheds!


Episode 6: God Save the Queen...Bee!

Learn more about the economic and environmental benefits of native plantings and how they benefit pollinators! King Conservation is hosting a native plant workshop Wed, February 20, 2019 from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM at the Shoreline Public Library - 345 NE 175th St, Shoreline, WA 98155. In this episode, the Magical Mapper tells us some fun bee facts, and explains how honey is made. The Poop Detective shares some arguably less fun, but very important facts about bees: where did they come from,...

Episode 5: What Makes the Songbird Sing?

In this episode we talk about songbirds and umbrellas, the story of sage grouse conservation, how the Audubon Society’s Sagebrush Songbird Survey program uses GIS, and another opportunity for you to count birds. A special thank you to Christi Norman, program director of Audubon Washington, for information provided. We also depended on the Sage Grouse Initiative website for a lot of study facts and figures and a High Country News article, The Endangered Species Act’s Biggest Experiment. The...


Episode 4: Why Did the Cat Cross the Road?

DEFINITELY not a two legged animal It’s episode 4, Why did the cat cross the road? We’re officially on at least one podcast outlet as of today, and we’re waiting be accepted to a few others. These cats are so excited for you to join us! could be a two legged animal… In this episode we open by talking about the Magical Mapper’s fear of 2-legged animals in the dark of night. I’ll have you know there are animals that get around on two legs, like kangaroos and other animals on this list!...


Episode 3: How Washington Got Crabs and How to Treat Them

Get your gulls! Here’s how the P. Detective proposes we get rid of our crabs. Let’s talk about crabs, baby…Let’s talk about you and me… This episode is all about crabs! We start out by explaining how some cat (M. Mapper) put miniature GPS trackers on snails and some other cat added them to crabs. We share our newly acquired knowledge about invasive European green crabs found in the Salish Sea, how the lil buggers may have gotten here, and why these little green (but sometimes not) crabs...


Episode 2: Victoria's Pooping Habits

In this episode, Jen tells a story about how much her sister loves dipping her hands in poopy water. We talk about just how far it is from Victoria Harbor to Craigdarroch Castle (I mapped it, and it was a 1.7 mile walk one way from our hotel…sorry C&P!). We highlight Victoria’s upcoming wastewater treatment plant, and some of the people whose efforts made it happen (including one Mr. Floatie!). Check out this video of someone diving on the Clover Point sewer outfalls! Mr. Floatie has a few...


Episode 1: How to Track a Murder...

In this episode we discuss Vancouver’s aggressive crows and the CrowTrax app used to track them. Amy talks about a crow study making use of Dick Cheney masks. We also mentioned that a special crow named Canuck is now a movie star! Watch Canuck and I on YouTube. Watch the news about Canuck having babies (I’m sad to report that all of the babies have died). For those GIS-inclined, we talk about sources of GIS data to get your project started, as well as some fun datasets you might have not...


Episode 0: About Us

Two cats competitively trying to make it out alive of an alternate reality, the Pacific NorthEast. It’s Episode 0, the About Us Episode! And no, just because it’s numbered 0 does not mean we are zeros… we’re heroes!!! Restoration and GIS heroes, that is! In this episode you’ll learn what two silly cats, Amy The Poop Detective and Jen The Magical Mapper, really think of each other, and what to expect from this amusingly educational podcast (TBD). WHACK FACT: If you listen to our podcast,...