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Uncorking the complexities of the human mind

Uncorking the complexities of the human mind
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Uncorking the complexities of the human mind






Accidental Hiatus

Friends and fans… thank you for checking in on us, thank you for missing us, it really means so much to know you care! We want to tell you we are still here, and we are coming back with new full length episodes very very soon! Stay tuned!!


WM13: Why Am I Such a Harry Potter Nerd?

If you’ve listened to an episode of WineMind before, you’ve probably noticed that Harry Potter somehow manages to sneak its way into conversation every time. So we finally decided to give in to our HP nerd brains and dedicate an entire episode to the psychology of Harry Potter fandom! In this episode, Ronda brews up a Pensieve Potion wine cocktail, while Heather answers all the questions you might have had about people’s obsession with all … Continue reading "WM13: Why Am I Such a Harry...


Demisode 2: What’s In A Dream?

Did you know that a half-sized bottle of wine is called a demi? Each month, we record a special half-sized episode of WineMind, called a “demisode.” AND… because we love and value our Patrons so much, we release each demisode to them two weeks prior to the general public! Our second demisode happens to be the first time Heather & Ronda recorded together in the same location (typically we are multiple states away from each … Continue reading "Demisode 2: What’s In A Dream?"


WM12: Why Can’t I Sleep?

Here at WineMind, we looove sleep. Besides drinking wine, it may be one of our favorite pastimes. But we know that sleep can be hard to come by. On this episode, we’re exploring just why it can be so hard to sleep sometimes, even when you need it so badly. While Ronda explains the differences between various sleep disorders, along with their causes and potential treatments, Heather offers up a wine to drink in the … Continue reading "WM12: Why Can’t I Sleep?"


WM11: Why Do We Sleep?

Only a small handful of things exist in the world that we at WineMind love as much as wine, and sleep is definitely tops! In this episode, Ronda brings Menage a Trois Midnight red blend wine to the table, while Heather breaks down what science is able to tell us about sleep. (It turns out that science still knows surprisingly little on the topic.) Why do we need sleep? What’s our brain doing during sleep? … Continue reading "WM11: Why Do We Sleep?"


WM10: Why Are Dogs So Friggin Awesome?

It’s our official 10th episode, and we can’t think of any better way to celebrate than with a bottle of wine… and pets! Heather brings bulldog inspired wine Paxis to the table, while Ronda educates us on the psychology of pet love. Why do we love dogs so much, and do our pets love us back? Plus, Ronda and Heather share their own pet stories, Ronda rants about the differences between emotional support, therapy, and … Continue reading "WM10: Why Are Dogs So Friggin Awesome?"


WM09: What the Actual F*©k?

Have you ever poured back a glass of wine and found yourself wondering, “what the actual f*©k?” In this episode, Heather and Ronda unleash their inner sailors, as they explore the psychology behind swearing, cussing, cursing… whatever you call all those naughty words that are so much fun to use. Ronda shares a recipe for a boozy wine cocktail to entice your dirty mouth, while Heather breaks down what makes certain words taboo, the potential … Continue reading "WM09: What the Actual F*©k?"


Demisode 1: Misophonia

Did you know that a half-sized bottle of wine is called a demi? Each month, we record a special half-sized episode of WineMind, which we call a “demisode.” These episodes will be released to our Patrons two weeks earlier than the public, because we love and value their support so much! In this first demisode, Ronda let’s us in on the scoop of why she sometimes wants to punch her husband in the throat at … Continue reading "Demisode 1: Misophonia"


WM08: Is My Fear A Phobia?

In this episode, Heather shares a wine that may trigger a common phobia and asks Ronda what’s the difference between a normal fear and a true phobia. Plus, they play a guessing game with some rather interesting phobia names, and each share some of their own fears and phobias. What are you so afraid of?! (Apparently we’re afraid of a lot, this was a long one!) Featured promo in this episode: ShambleFest


WM07: Why Is Music From Our Past So Much Better?

If you’ve ever listened to a song from your youth and waxed nostalgic about just how much better, more emotional, and more important music used to be, you are not alone! In this episode, Heather and Ronda explore the phenomenon known as musical nostalgia… all the reasons why so many of us seem convinced that music from our younger years really is better and means more than the music of today. And of course, they … Continue reading "WM07: Why Is Music From Our Past So Much Better?"


WM06: Do You Really Have OCD?

Happy New Year, Happy New Episode! It’s 2019 y’all, and we think it’s past time for people to stop throwing around the fake OCD card. In this episode, Heather shares a cursed wine with us, while Ronda details the actual legit diagnosis of OCD, in comparison with OCPD (and spoiler, it’s more likely you have OCPD traits than true OCD traits!) Heather and Ronda also share their looooong list of obsessive “quirks” that make them … Continue reading "WM06: Do You Really Have OCD?"


WM05: Could We Be Psychopaths?

In this episode, Heather & Ronda explore the question we all secretly wonder from time to time… “Could we be psychopaths?” A truly criminal wine is imbibed, while Heather discusses with Ronda the differences between a psychopath and sociopath, the diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder, famous potential psychopaths, causes of psychopathy, and if there is any chance a psychopath can change. Finally the girls reveal the results of their own psychopath quizzes. Are they psychopaths? …...


WM04: Can You Feel So Lonely, You Could Die?

What if Elvis was right? When he sang, “I get so lonely, I could die,” was he just exaggerating, or is it actually possible to die from loneliness? In this episode, Ronda delves into this question, and Heather drinks delicate little pinot noir babies. Topics discussed include Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the shady history of psychology experiments on babies, monkey mother machines, Romanian orphanages, consensual touch, and even Louis CK. Hit subscribe, pour a glass … Continue reading "WM04:...


WM03: How Does My Memory Work? (Part 2)

It’s Part 2 of Episode no. 3, and let us tell you… by this point in our long episode we were almost through an entire of bottle of wine each, so needless to say, we were having fun! Heather continues to give the scoop on memory, and Ronda asks lots of questions. Not to mention an important PSA on quicksand and amnesia preparedness. Listen and stay safe, psych-nerds!


WM03: How Does My Memory Work? (Part 1)

It’s Episode no. 3, and we seriously had so much fun in this episode, that we talked way too much and had to split it into two parts. That’s right… twice the wine, twice the psych-nerdery! In this episode, Ronda gets buzzed on a cabernet sauvignon while Heather enlightens us on exactly how our memories do their thang. How important is memory? How is it structured? Do memories change? Why do I forget so much … Continue reading "WM03: How Does My Memory Work? (Part 1)"


WM02: Why Is It So Hard to Make Friends In Adulthood?

“Help me not be a loser, Ronda!” In this second episode of WineMind, Heather drinks a bottle of confidential wine, and Ronda gives us the scoop on the importance of having friends, why it is so hard to make them after 30, and how to find more. In this episode, we discover long maceration, Ronda and Heather are quickly approaching their friendship expiration date (according to science), and that Harry Potter finds its way into … Continue reading "WM02: Why Is It So Hard to Make Friends In...


WM01: Why Do I Love Wine So Much?

We’re uncorked! That’s right, our first episode is finally available! This week, Heather and Ronda dive into their first podcast with a red blend, “Tievoli” (I love it, backwards), and discuss just what is it that makes wine so amazing, wonderful, and downright lovable. What is so great about drinking wine? Why does wine make me feel good? What does wine do to my brain? Is wine really good for me? In other words… why do I love … Continue reading "WM01: Why Do I Love Wine So Much?"