The BBC's flagship technology programme. How digital technology affects our lives around the world. Gareth Mitchell explores the latest digital news and trends.

The BBC's flagship technology programme. How digital technology affects our lives around the world. Gareth Mitchell explores the latest digital news and trends.
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The BBC's flagship technology programme. How digital technology affects our lives around the world. Gareth Mitchell explores the latest digital news and trends.






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Can AI Ever Really Compete With Human Beings?

Robotics, virtual and augmented reality, implants and wearables are some of the machine/body interfaces that are moving us into a new era of healthcare. Over the last few years, machine-led caring has led to a wider acceptance of fully programmed machines looking after our well-being. This raises a number of ethical concerns; emotional attachment to social machines designed to create empathy and trust, addiction to personal fitness indicators, the harvesting of our personal information for...


EU Copyright Law Changes Rejected

Tech giants might save themselves billions in pay-outs to publishers, record labels and artists after EU lawmakers recently voted to reject proposed changes to copyright rules aimed to force tech companies to share more of their revenues. Click talks to Rufus Pollock from the Open Knowledge about achieving a fairer system. LUCIE is an app for combatting illiteracy in the Ivory Coast, developed by Raissa Banhoro. The application works through a literacy technique that adapts to the profile of...


The AI bot that is claimed to be as accurate as a human doctor?

Babylon Health has unveiled its new bot meant to allow patients to contact the bot via an app without an appointment, with the bot offering health advice based on what patients tell it. Click hears from Ali Parsa from Babylon and is joined by the GP, Ann Robinson to discuss the controversy around how well it will work. A team at MIT has been training a robot to read body gestures, tone of voice and for the first time, bio-signs like heart rate and body temperature to help in therapy for...


New Voice for Radio Journalist

US radio journalist Jamie Dupree is now back on air after losing his voice due to illness. Unable to broadcast, Edinburgh based company CereProc stepped in to help. Using radio archives of his reports they recreated his voice. Click hears from the company's Chief scientist Dr. Matthew Aylett about the latest technology that's used to clone a voice. Where are we AI in real time? What is actually achievable now? Katy Takatsuki reports from the AI Summit at London’s tech week where she’s been...


New EU Copyright Regulations a Possibility

A large group of Internet pioneers have sent an open letter to the European Union urging it to scrap a proposal to introduce automated upload filters, arguing that it could damage the internet as we know it. If passed the new regulation would require mandatory filters on all sites that accept and share user generated content. Not only will they be scanning the content but rejecting anything that doesn’t pass their copyright rules. Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia tells Click why he’s...


China Exporting E-Waste to Nigeria

China is exporting 20,000 tonnes of electronic waste to Nigeria every year, according to a new study. This is the first time that e-waste has been traced from Asia to Africa. Researchers monitored two ports in Lagos and found that almost 70% of the e-waste reaching Lagos arrived inside vehicles destined for Nigeria's second hand auto market. Rufus Pollock talks to Click about his new book "Open Revolution". He asks if the digital revolution will give us digital dictatorships or digital...


Afrobytes – the Latest Tech from Africa

More than 300 tech developers, investors and innovators are meeting in Paris at the Afrobytes conference. This is a chance for African developers to pitch ideas for new startups, apps and technology to a global audience of investors. Click are joined by BBC Africa Business Editor Larry Madowo and co-founder of Afrobytes Haweya Mohamed to discuss the future for African tech. Getting access to loans in Kenya for small retailers can be tricky, but now cryptocurrency could solve this problem....


GDPR offers greater protection of individuals

Legislation to greater protect individuals’ data in the EU comes into effect this week. What does it mean, and will there be unexpected consequences for the use of metadata in research etc. Click talks to Claire Bury from the EU commission and Luukas Ilves, Deputy Director at The Lisbon Council. A young Togolese inventor, Sam Kodo, has developed a virtual robot teacher to help with teacher shortages in the country. Togo accepts and processes large amounts of waste exports, and Kodo has...