The BBC's flagship technology programme. How digital technology affects our lives around the world. Gareth Mitchell explores the latest digital news and trends.

The BBC's flagship technology programme. How digital technology affects our lives around the world. Gareth Mitchell explores the latest digital news and trends.
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The BBC's flagship technology programme. How digital technology affects our lives around the world. Gareth Mitchell explores the latest digital news and trends.






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Atomic Radio

Using a laser to detect the effect of radio waves on certain atoms is the basis for a new kind of antenna that resists interference and can receive a wider range of signals. Click talks to David Anderson who has reinvented the antenna from scratch. 4D printing allows 3D objects to can change shape reacting to external inputs such as pressure, temperature, light or other environmental stimuli, making 4D printed creations interactive. Researchers in Wellington, New Zealand are using biology as...


Music Tech Fest in Stockholm

Music Tech Fest is a three-day arts festival and creative space where participants share and "develop new formats of musical performance and expression”. Click hears from Michela Magas about the highlights including a musical collaboration that helps a disabled DJ (Tim Palm) whose work with technology includes adjusting the controls on his iPad with his nose. A new display at London’s V&A Museum explores what design for music can mean in the digital age – from a musical jacket woven with...


'Neuropolitics' Consultants and Hacking

Click talks to Maria Pocovi, the founder of Emotion Research Lab in Valencia, Spain, and the science writer Elizabeth Svoboda about the rise of 'neuropolitics': the use of technology to gauge the concerns of voters and to influence the direction in which they will vote. Facebook has been accused of not doing enough to halt the rise of hate speech directed at the Rohingya people on its platform. Click talks to reporter Aela Callan about her research in Myanmar on this subject and how she...


The Dark Web

Recent news reports of the German couple jailed for selling their child to paedophiles via the dark web have highlighted the growing pernicious use of the dark web and its growing impact on aspects of modern life. Jamie Bartlett joins Click to discuss just how dark the dark web has now become. No Shame is the name of a website that aims to take the stigma out of sex education in Kazakhstan. Click talks to Karlygash Kabatova, the website’s founder. Raspberry Pi is a little computer that looks...


Kerala Floods

Following the disastrous floods in Kerala, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Kerala government’s IT department has partnered with volunteer developers to design and run, a website working to connect all stakeholders. Click reports. New Zealand researchers wants to make the world a safer place, from bad weather and floods, to an unmarked mine shaft, a chemical spill or even an aggressive stray dog - by using the crowd as well as the Internet...


Nasa's Parker Solar Probe Mission

Kate Arkless Gray joins Click to discuss the origins of the world-first solar probe which is en route to "touch the Sun". The mass-surveillance activities of security agencies exposed in recent years ago have given all of us a jolt into our lack of privacy. How do we ensure that governments are held accountable for such infringements in the future? AUDIT uses several key cryptographic methods to ensure transparency. Click talks to the researcher Jonathan Frankle. A new study by the Oxford...


China and Google Self-Censorship

The online news site The Intercept claims Google is developing a version of its search engine that will conform to China's censorship laws. Click hears from Patrick Poon, a researcher with Amnesty International about what this might mean for freedom of expression, if true. Six people have been arrested in Venezuela in an apparent assassination attempt on President Nicolás Maduro, carried out with two drones loaded with explosives. Might drones be used in this way again in the future and what...


Pakistan Elections and Censorship

Social networking platforms will figure prominently in Pakistan’s elections. On the eve of the elections, Click talks to Umber Khairi and Samira Shackle who recently produced an Index on Censorship report on abuses through social network platforms. But there have also been some positive developments with Facebook used to help with voter registration. US authorities are now convinced that Russia successfully interfered in the 2016 election – hacking both Democrats and Republicans. That belief...