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Science for Everyone!! Discussion and dissection of science ideas made digestible for public consumption.

Science for Everyone!! Discussion and dissection of science ideas made digestible for public consumption.
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Science for Everyone!! Discussion and dissection of science ideas made digestible for public consumption.




Einstein A Go-Go - 7th October 2018

In the studio this week are Drs Linden, Ray and Shane. News: getting the elderly to vaccinate against influenza via mail, boosting corn productivity; evolution, teeth and kangaroos and turbidity currents. Today's first guest Matt Carter, PhD Student, Department of Archaeology and History, La Trobe University (in the studio) talks about marine archaeology, equipment, modelling and a M-24 Japanese submarine. Today's second guest Phoebe Lewis, PhD Student, RMIT University (in the...


Einstein A Go-Go - 30th September 2018

Dr Shane, Dr Ray and Holly bring you this week’s science, including the nerve that links the brain and the gut, manta rays’ feeding via ricochet filtration, virtual reality nausea, genetic control of mosquitoes, and PCBs accumulating in Killer Whales. The team talk with Professor Lister Staveley-Smith from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research about his work using the Murchison Widefield Array telescope, being used to probe the Magellanic Cloud galaxies for cosmic rays,...


Einstein A Go-Go - 23rd September 2018

In the studio this week Dr Shane is joined by EAGG regular Dr Jen. This week is a little different in that we have 3 very special guests: Holly, Cam and Sophie 3 of Dr Jen's current science communication students from the University of Melbourne. News: The team kick things off providing updates on; the phenomenon of ice volcanos in outer space, stem cell research and specifically the use of fat cells to produce human bone and the possibility of building structures above and below the...


Einstein A Go Go - 16 September 2018

Dr Shane and Dr Linden discuss bubble creation from soundwaves, a wearable ultrasound device and an experiment showing how climate change intensified Hurricane Florence. First guest, Dr Simon Gross, Photonics Research Centre, Macquarie University tells us about his work in developing special techniques to make precision glass chips that can channel and process light in three dimensions. Second guest, Jack Nun, Director of 'Science for All', tells us about his not-for-profit organisation...


Einstein A Go Go - 9 September 2018

Dr Jen and Chris KP join Dr Shane in the studio. First guest is Dr. Naomi Mathers, Deputy Chair at the Space Industry Association of Australia. Dr Mathers has been involved in the Australian space industry for 20 years, having worked at Australia’s national space environmental test facility (AICT) testing Australian satellites, and the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) helping promote space science to Australian students. Second guest Dr Rachael Livermore, ARC DECRA...


Einstein A Go Go – 2nd September 2018

Einstein A Go Go – 2nd September 2018 Dr Linden, Dr Ray & Dr Shane News items: El Niño, Southern Oscillation and the ENSO, Human induced earthquakes, CRISPR, First guest: Levin Kuhlmann, PhD Centre for Human Psychopharmacology Swinburne University of Technology & Departments of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering The University of Melbourne. Epileptic seizure prediction techniques, more HERE Second guest: Dr Nicki Cranna Project Officer - Neuroscience PhD Program | Project Manager...


Einstein A Go Go - 26 August 2018

Dr Shane, Dr Ailie, Dr Laura, Dr Ray and Liv bring you the final Radiothon show for 2018! Subscribe here. Program page: Einstein-A-Go-Go Facebook page: Einstein-A-Go-Go Twitter: Einstein-A-Go-Go and every Sunday at 11:00a.m AEST on RRR 102.7mHz FM.


Einstein A Go-Go - 19th August 2018

In the studio this week for the First Stay Curious Radiothon show are Chris-KP, Dr.s Euan, Krystal, Linden, Jenny and Catherine and Shane. News: birds on prozac, axolotl regeneration, weather facts, lost contacts, orders in blood, fire ants and robots, dinosaurs can sing photos show a kevin bacon shape on the surface of mars, aged cheese and biomass facts. Remember, “Science is everywhere”, including: Program page: Einstein-A-Go-Go Facebook page: Einstein-A-Go-Go Twitter:...


Einstein A Go-Go - 12th August 2018

In the studio this week Dr Shane is joined by EAGG colleagues Dr Euan, Dr Laura and Chris KP. The team kick things off with some science news. First up, research from Cork, Ireland involving plankton, coral and underground carbon storage. Secondly the team introduce the listeners to a fish that is the fastest known in the world at going from birth to reproduction in just 14 days. Then finishing on a 60 year long experiment into the genetics behind breeding and domesticating Russian foxes...


Einstein A Go Go - 5 August 2018

Dr Shane, Dr Laura, Dr Linden and Dr Ray present a special episode on the citizen science community with an array of guests. First guest: Caitlin Griffith, Community Education and Engagement Manager, Victorian National Parks Association discusses nature and reef watch projects. Second guest: Fam Charko, Marine biologist, Port Phillip EcoCentre discusses plastic pollution in the bay. Third guest: Tess Hayes, Citizen Science Officer, Environment Protection Authority Victoria discusses the...


Einstein A Go Go - 29 July 2018

This week is Dr Shane, Dr Linden, Dr Ray and a returning appearance of Dr Chromo (Jeff). First guest is Dr Jacqui Donohue, research fellow at the Royal Women’s Hospital and University of Melbourne. Health Minister Greg Hunt launched the National Action Plan for Endometriosis, a $4.5 million program designed to reduce delays in diagnosis, boost public awareness, and educate people about the often misunderstood disease. The plan aims to find new treatments for the condition that affects 10%...


Einstein A Go GO - 22nd July 2018

Einstein A Go Go – 22nd July 2018 Dr Krystal, Dr Ailie & Dr Shane News items: The oldest baby snake found in amber, Cancer and complimentary medicine, The Parker Solar Probe. First guest: Marie Fan, Monash University. Male purple-crowned fairy-wrens use their purple crowns to show off about their social status and strength, according to a new study by Monash biologists published today in the Journal of Animal Ecology. Video and more HERE Second guest: Andrew Hill, Latrobe University....


Einstein A Go Go - 15 July 2018

It’s another episode of Einstein A Go Go! With Dr Shane are Dr Linden and Dr Catherine; they discuss the effect of the Dingo Proof Fence on sand dune structure, the use of social media by scientists, and the search for extraterrestrial life in the solar system, and Dr Catherine’s experience in the ABC’s media residency program. The team talk to Flinders University PhD student, Mira Beknazarova, about a life threatening parasitic worm that could be infecting up to 60% of vulnerable...


Einstein A Go Go - 8th July 2018

In the studio this week are Dr. Euan, Dr. Jen, ChrisKP and Dr Shane. News: Dingos in the Strezlecki Desert and how they change dune geomorphology, socially desirable strangulation, why spiders balloon and lion conservation. Today's first guest(in the studio) Betty Zhang talks about Neuroscience and her Neuro day Conference for Secondary Students. Today's second guest (in the studio) Dr. Christophe Pinte from Monash University talks about the discovery of planets in the...


Einstein A Go Go - 1st July 2018

In the studio this week are Dr. Ailie and Dr Shane. News: (From the Cassini mission) Saturn's moon Enceladus its geography and finding complex organic molecules there and research is showing how neuroplasticity works. Today's first guests (in the studio) film-maker and visual artist Amiel Courtin-Wilson and producer Chris Luscri talk about their new collaboration Traces, which uses thermal imaging to record the final moments of dying in Amiel's TRACES project. Today's second guests...


Einstein A Go Go - 24 June 2018

Dr Shane, Dr Ailie and Dr Ray discuss coral reefs adapting to sea level rise, snowshoe hares and using fiber-optic cables already on the ocean floor as seismic detectors. First guest: Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne tells us about her work in the use of antibiotics in children. Second guest: David Balding, Melbourne Integrative Genomics, University of Melbourne discusses his work in genomics. Third guest: Aaron Warren, Department of Medicine,...


Einstein A Go Go - 17 June 2018

Dr Krystal joins Dr Shane in the studio. In news, cure for River Blindness approved by FDA and a discussion on whale sharks First guest is Dr Sarah Dunstan from the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity. A study into the population and spread of tuberculosis-causing (TB) bacteria in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has found that more than half of cases can be attributed to one particular strain of the bacteria. A Melbourne-led international collaboration, sequenced the DNA from...


Einstein A Go Go - 10th June 2018

Einstein A Go Go - 10th June 2018 Dr Ewuan, Dr ChrisKP & Dr Shane News items: New Australian research revels the humble bee has an understanding of the concept of ZERO! The relative position of things: a mouse model, New horizons mission jump starts! First guest: Angelina Arora, Year 11 student at Sydney Girls High School has developed a new plastic! MORE Second and third guest: A/Professor Megan Munsie Deputy Director University of Melbourne’s Centre for Stem Cell Systems and heads the...


Einstein A Go Go - 2nd June 2018

Dr Shane, Dr Linden, Dr Laura, Dr Ray bring you this week’s hottest science, including ice dunes on Pluto, cockroach milk, and the recent weather’s tracking with the current climate models. The team chat with Dr Aya Mousa (Monash University, Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation) about Vitamin D, how it works and what it does in various organs of the body. They interview Dr Tan Nguyen (WEHI) about his work with a relatively unknown protein called SIDT2, which he found...


Einstein A Go-Go - 27th May 2018

In the studio this week are Dr. Krystal, Dr. Ray, Dr. Linden and Dr Shane. News: In preserving works of art it's sometimes necessary to remove adhesive tape using hydrogels. Today's first guest (via Skype) Rachael Dudaniec from Macquarie University talks about damselflies who seem to be in distress. Today's second guest (in the studio) Prof. Louis Moresi talks about plate tectonics, hotspots, Kilauea and computer modelling. More News: the Keeling curve (why it's measured in Hawaii)...