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The Mostly Weather Hall of Fame – Fridtjof Nansen [Episode 24]

Once more we open up the Mostly Weather Hall of Fame, as Doug McNeall puts forward the case for Fridtjof Nansen to fellow podcasters Claire Witham, Jeff Norwood-Brown and Catherine Ross. --- --- From champion ice skater in his youth to Nobel Peace Prize winner later on in life - there are certainly some good arguments for his induction, but just how important was his work as scientist and explorer to the future of weather and climate forecasting?


The Mostly Weather Hall of Fame – Luke Howard [Episode 23]

In episode 23 we prise open the doors of the Mostly Weather Hall of Fame once more, as Met Office archivist Catherine Ross presents the case for inducting Luke Howard - a man known as both 'the namer of clouds' and 'the father of meteorology'. Catherine is joined by regulars Doug McNeall, Claire Witham and Jeff Norwood-Brown as she puts forward her case.


Christmas Special [Episode 22]

Jeff, Claire and Catherine meet up for a festively themed weather chat, with some wintry historical facts nestled up against genuine safety advice to help you make it through the season of goodwill.


The Mostly Weather Hall of Fame – Joanne Simpson [Episode 21]

In this episode we return to the Mostly Weather Hall of Fame to welcome in our first female inductee, Joanne Simpson ---- --- Although well recognised within certain meteorological circles, surprisingly few people (including as it turns out, our podcasters!) are aware of her contributions to the science and influence on the position of women within it. ---


The Great Storm - Thirty years on [Episode 20]

The Great Storm of the 15th and 16th October 1987 is still one of the most talked about British weather events in living memory...but despite that fact, we look to talk about it just a little bit more in our landmark 20th episode. --- --- The regular podcast team are joined for this by Met Office meteorologist and seasoned weather presenter Alex Deakin, to take a look back at the Great Storm as we approach its 30th anniversary. --- --- We take a trip down memory lane as the team recall...


Fronts, jets and pressure [Episode 19]

Niall and Doug are joined by Chief Operational Meteorologist Eddy Carroll to discuss fronts, jets and pressure – and a whole host of other dynamic atmospheric elements that influence our weather --- --- They kick off with a look at general circulation, average flow, cells and weather systems. And that is just for starters, so pay attention, it is learning time. ---


Weather lore - from lying cows to fishy birds [Episode 17]

In this month’s episode podcast regulars Claire, Doug, Jeff and Catherine delve into the surprisingly broad subject that is weather lore --- --- From observing animal behaviour to watching the colour of the sky, our ancestors have employed many different techniques to forecast weather --- --- The team investigate a variety of examples of ancient weather lore and discover that whilst some appear to be based almost solely in fantasy, many sayings and proverbs from history have a startling...


Fog beer, fog lights and a fog named Karl [Episode 16]

Podcast regulars Doug McNeall and Claire Witham are joined by Ian Boutle to wade through the dense subject that is fog. --- --- As is tradition we start with the burning questions – what is fog? Is it really just a cloud? When does a cloud become fog? When is fog really just a cloud? What is the difference between fog and mist? We take a stab at all of them --- --- We then delve deeper into the subject, touching on smog and other types of fog. Then on to famous fogs from around the world,...


The Mostly Weather Hall of Fame - James Stagg [Episode 12]

Our second inductee into the Mostly Weather Hall of Fame is British Royal Air Force meteorologist James Stagg - a man responsible for one of the most important wartime weather forecasts --- --- Regular podcasters Jeff Norwood-Brown and Claire Witham are joined by Met Office's archivist Catherine Ross to take a look his achievements and some of the detail of the D-Day offensive and how Stagg's forecast played a role in its success. --- --- To check out some images of items mentioned in this...


Weather & the Arts – From Shakespeare to Sharknado [Episode 9]

Ever wondered how accurate the climate science behind blockbuster film The Day After Tomorrow is? Or which type of weather is mentioned most frequently in popular music? If so, this is the episode for you. --- --- For episode 9 of the Mostly Weather podcast regulars Niall, Claire, Jeff and Doug take a look at how weather crops up across the arts. From books to films, from music to art, the team break down some of their favourite examples. --- --- You can find all the trailers, clips and...


How a Weather Forecast Works - Communicating the forecast [Episode 8]

Over the last three months we have been taking an in-depth look into the process behind creating a weather forecast - starting at how we take observations of the weather, then on to the creation of the forecast itself and ending, in this episode, with an investigation into how we actually communicate the weather forecast after it is made --- --- Podcast regulars Doug McNeall, Niall Robinson and Jeff Norwood-Brown are joined in this episode by ex-BBC weather presenter, press officer and...


How a Weather Forecast Works - Generating the forecast [Episode 7]

Episode 7 of the Mostly Weather podcast marks the second of a three part series, taking you through the weather forecasting process from start to finish --- --- For show notes which feature some great images of some of the topics discussed in this episode, go to - --- --- In this episode, regular podcasters Doug McNeall, Niall Robinson and Claire Witham are joined by Deputy Chief Operational Meteorologist, Laura Gilchrist - to investigate...


A pig with six legs and other clouds [Episode 2]

What's the official name for a pile of clouds? When does a cloud droplet becomes a rain droplet? In this month’s Mostly Weather, Met Office podcasters Niall Robinson, Claire Witham and Doug McNeal answer these questions and more as they take on the considerable subject that is clouds – looking at everything from awe inspiring convective clouds in Korea, to the infamous six legged pig. For more information on this episode and most importantly, to see a picture of the pig with six legs, go...

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