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21 - Carpet Bombing Venus

On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, Jake and Anthony talk about the aftermath of Apollo and alternate histories we could have seen—the Apollo Applications Program, a crewed Venus flyby, and more Skylab. Drinks Nimble Giant - Tröegs Independent Brewing - UntappdCapella Porter - Ecliptic Brewing - UntappdEast Coast IPA - Russell Brewing Company - Untappd Topics Apollo Applications Program - WikipediaManned Venus flyby - WikipediaSkylabSkylab B Picks Homesteading Space: The Skylab Story,...


20 - People Doin’ It, Right?

Chris Gebhardt of NASASpaceflight joins Jake and Anthony to talk about space media in modern pop culture, the way its made and received, and what stands the test of time. Upcoming meetup! Hang out with Jake and other fellow Anomalies in Kent, WA on June 29! Details at Drinks Orion 1-1 - Smugglers’ Trail Caskworks - UntappdThe legendary triple distilled Irish whiskey - Tullamore DEWSunshine Pils - Tröegs Independent Brewing - Untappd Topics & Picks For All Mankind...


19 - Space Traffic Cones

Jake and Anthony try and figure out what’s going on with all this Artemis talk and where we’re headed. Drinks Stark Indonesian Pale Ale - PT Lovina Beach Brewery - UntappdStark Lychee Ale - PT Lovina Beach Brewery - UntappdStark Mango Ale - PT Lovina Beach Brewery - UntappdGalactic Fog W Comet - Captain Lawrence Brewing Company - UntappdOrbital Tilt IPA (Citra) - Captain Lawrence Brewing Company - Untappd Topics NASA’s initiative to put a woman on the Moon is named Artemis, after Apollo’s...


18 - Autogenously Pressurized Double Double

Kate Howells of the Planetary Society joins Jake and Anthony to talk all things Canadian space policy. Drinks White - Allagash Brewing Company - UntappdCollective Arts: Dry Hop Passion Fruit & Peach - Collective Arts Brewing - UntappdDiet Mountain Dew Topics Boosters, Breakthroughs and Budgets: Canada and the US Look Toward Space | The Planetary Society EXPLORATION IMAGINATION INNOVATION A New Space Strategy for CanadaWelcome to The Ring Lord. - Chainmail Jump Rings...


17 - Larry from Boeing

Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut, joins Jake and Anthony to talk about DM-1, the future of the ISS, Shuttle and Starship aborts, and imagine what Boeing livestreams will look like. Meetup! March 17 in Houston! Off-Nominal Events Drinks Home | The Macallan Single MaltEvan Williams Bourbon | HomeSpace Goat - Phillips Brewing Company - UntappdHome Grown - Victory Brewing Company - Untappd Topics Watch SpaceX launch their first Crew Dragon Capsule from just 5km away! (LIVE at KSC) -...


16 - Imaginated Soap Buckets

Jake and Anthony talk about New Horizons’ recent flyby, Chang’e 4, and take on a handful of questions from listeners. Beers Stoked Winter Ale - Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. - UntappdOf Hops and Clouds - Vault Brewing Company - Untappd Topics MU69 appears as a bi-lobed baby comet in latest New Horizons images | The Planetary SocietyChang'e-4 update: Both vehicles healthy, new imagery from the Moon’s far side | The Planetary SocietyOff-Nominal EventsWeHaveMECO Twitter News ListMy RSS Feeds,...


15 - +1 Space Dagger

Jake and Anthony discuss what 2018 will mean to future space historians, and announce the winner of The 2018 Off-Nominal Award. Beers Orbiter IPA - Ecliptic Brewing - UntappdMad Elf - Tröegs Independent Brewing - Untappd Picks The Difficult Road to Mars: A Brief History of Mars Exploration in the Soviet Union By V.G. PerminovThe edge of space: Revisiting the Karman Line - ScienceDirect Off-Nominal Merchandise Off-Nominal Logo TeeTeam CAESAR TeeTeam Dragonfly TeeWeMartians ShopMECO Shop...


14 - Gary from Lockheed (really this time)

Gary Napier joins Jake and Anthony to discuss doing communications for Lockheed Martin, dodging flat-earthers, and Dean Martin. Beers Colorado Native Amber Lager - Coors - UntappdDale's Pale Ale - Oskar Blues Brewery - UntappdPerfect Storm - Townsite Brewing - Untappd Topics Ikonos SatelliteEuropean Service Module Arrives in Florida | NASA.govAtlas V carried on an Antonov | 45th Space WingOrion EM-1 being prepared in the Neil Armstrong Operations & Checkout Building | NASA.govCrew...


13 - Bad Looking Unmixed Nuts

Elizabeth Howell joins Jake and Anthony to talk about her trip to Baikonur, the recent Soyuz situations, the politics of the ISS, and Canadian space. Beers (and not beers) DAVIDsTEAPhillips Soda Works – Captain Electro's Intergalactic Root BeerBrawler - Yards Brewing Co. - Untappd Topics Astronaut Saint-Jacques takes final steps towards journey to spaceflight - SpaceQEyewitness Observer of Dramatic Soyuz Launch Abort Describes What He SawThe Universe Needs More Canada — Don't Let Go...


12 - Gary from Lockheed

Loren Grush joins Jake and Anthony to talk about whatever the hell SpaceX is going to announce, Opportunity’s troubles, the masterpiece that is Space Craft, and why you never start in Mexico. Beers Shiner Bock - Spoetzl Brewery - UntappdEarl Grey IPA - Gulf Islands Brewery (Salt Spring Island Ales) - UntappdMighty Things - Victory Brewing Company - Untappd Topics Loren Grush on TwitterSpaceX says it will send someone around the Moon on its future monster rocket - The VergeSpace Craft is...


11 - That’s a Peach

Eric Berger joins Jake and Anthony to talk about his recent trip to Kourou, the European launch sector, Commercial Crew announcements, and the social eating segment of JAXA launch streams. Beers Belgian White - Blue Moon Brewing Company - UntappdHigh Grade IPA - Fairweather Brewing Company - UntappdPhiladelphia Pale Ale - Yards Brewing Co. - Untappd Topics As the SpaceX steamroller surges, European rocket industry vows to resist | Ars TechnicaAmerica's path to space begins in Russia |...


10 - A Cafe in Milan

Shannon Stirone joins Jake and Anthony for a deep dive into the history, present, and future of the Deep Space Network. Beers La Fin du Monde - Unibroue - UntappdLemon Gin Saison - Bridge Brewing Company - UntappdHopBack Amber Ale - Tröegs Independent Brewing - Untappd Topics Welcome to the Center of the Universe Uplink-Downlink: A History of the Deep Space Network, 1957-1997 (The NASA History Series)NASA’s Management of the Deep Space Network Picks When a Mars Simulation Goes Wrong -...


09 - Randomly Throwing Money Out Into the Cosmos

Jason Davis joins Jake and Anthony to discuss when and why—but not how—humanity will go to the Moon and Mars. Okay, maybe a little how. And also some space policy talk. Beers Dragoon IPA - Dragoon Brewing Company - UntappdArtistry Series 2 (Noelle Miller) - Wicked Weed Brewing - UntappdAstronomical - Wicked Weed Brewing - Untappd Topics Funpost! Space beer face-off | The Planetary SocietyThe Humans to Mars SummitIs NASA painting itself into a corner with its ISS transition plans? | The...


08 - God Save The Queen

While Anthony is away in Europe, Jake is joined by fellow space podcasters Matt and Jamie from the Interplanetary Podcast to discuss Jake's trip to California to see InSight and what's going on in the UK Space Industry. Beers Cold Spark - Big Smoke Brewing Company | UntappdCurious Brew Lager - Chapel Down | UntappdBelgian Red - Postmark Brewing | Untappd Topics NASA's List of Human Health RisksMars Nation Event | Interplanetary PodcastThirty Years to the Centre of Mars | WeMartians...


07 - FLying Around Mars Imaging aNd Geography Observatory

Tanya Harrison joins Jake and Anthony to discuss the James Webb Space Telescope delays, planetary missions and their ability to stay under budget and on time, and the benefits and drawbacks of decadal surveys. Beers Dortmunder Gold - Great Lakes Brewing Company - UntappdCommodore Perry IPA - Great Lakes Brewing Company - UntappdOumuamua - Driftwood Brewery - Untappd Topics SSB: Space Studies BoardNASA delays JWST launch to 2020 - SpaceNews.comTanya Harrison on TwitterSatellites Taking...


06 - I’ve Got Like 35 Loons

Brendan Bryne joins Jake and Anthony to discuss the National Space Council, the 2019 NASA Budget Request, and the wonders of Jai Alai. Beers Jai Alai - Cigar City Brewing - UntappdRed Fish - Flying Fish Brewing Company - UntappdHopFish India Pale Ale (IPA) - Flying Fish Brewing Company - UntappdSasquatch Stout - Old Yale Brewing Co. - Untappd Topics Palm Beach Jai-alai Commercial - YouTubeNASA Provides Coverage of the National Space Council Meeting - YouTubeAs Elon Musk antagonized rival,...


05 - The Volume of Anti-Starmanism

Jake and Anthony discuss the few days they spent together in Florida last week to see Falcon Heavy launch, tell a few stories, and work through their feelings on Starman. Beers Golden Monkey - Victory Brewing Company - UntappdEnjoy Your Time Away - DuClaw Brewing Company - UntappdSuper Jupiter Mango ISA - Howe Sound Brewing - UntappdSweet Heat Blonde - Playalinda Brewing Company - Untappd Topics Falcon Heavy Test Flight - YouTubeFalcon Heavy Demo from the Press Site - YouTubeStarman...


04 - In The Year of Our Lord Steve Squyres

Jake and Anthony drink a beer that has been to space, discuss the recently-announced New Frontiers finalists, and propose their own flagship-class missions. Huge thanks to Ninkasi Brewing Company for powering this episode! Beers Ninkasi Brewing - Ground Control 2017Ground Control (2017) - Ninkasi Brewing Company - UntappdNinkasi Space Program - Home Topics Future Planetary Exploration: Proposed New Frontiers MissionsNASA Invests in Concept Development for Missions to Comet, Saturn Moon |...


03b - From Tahiti to Hawai'i (post-Episode 3 Bonus Content)

Note: Please listen to Episode 3 before listening to this podcast! A companion podcast to follow Episode 3. Jake tells the story of Polynesian Celestial Navigation. Originally produced for a class in sound design but published here for your enjoyment. Covert art courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope (NASA/ESA/Hubble)


03 - Don’t Fail Me Now, Twitter Translate!

Jake tells us the story of Chinese spaceflight, and Anthony gets us ready for their future in space. Beers Mad Elf (2017) - Tröegs Independent Brewing - UntappdWalt Wit - Philadelphia Brewing Company - UntappdPennsylvania Pale Ale - Philadelphia Brewing Company - UntappdTsingtao - Tsingtao Brewery - Untappd Topics Andrew Jones (@AJ_FI) | TwitterChinaSpaceflight (@cnspaceflight) | TwitterQian Xuesen documentary - YouTubeLong March (rocket family) - WikipediaChina sets out long-term space...