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A team of irreverent doctors lampoon sacred medical cows, and shed light on a range of medical and psychiatric conditions with special guests from around Australia and the Globe.

A team of irreverent doctors lampoon sacred medical cows, and shed light on a range of medical and psychiatric conditions with special guests from around Australia and the Globe.
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A team of irreverent doctors lampoon sacred medical cows, and shed light on a range of medical and psychiatric conditions with special guests from around Australia and the Globe.




Radiotherapy - 9 December 2018

Nurse Epipen, Doctor Mal-Practice and Doctor G-Spot were joined by an excellent array of guests on this week of Radiotherapy. Doctor Mick Creedy and Harry Brown from the Royal Children's Hospital, discussed ChIPS (Chronic Illness Peer Support) with the doctors and how it works. The achiever of a long list of credentials, Professor Felicity Baker discussed the importance of musical therapy on patience and how it can dictate moods and better recovery.


Radiotherapy - 2 December 2018

On this episode, the Radiotherapists welcome a new panelist under their wings! CyberSue, is our latest inclusion to the team, joining her were the Panel Beater and Doctor Do-Little. Joining the team was Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Director of Support and Community Outreach, Doctor Amanda Pomery, who discussed the importance of prostate health and intensive prostate care. Panel Beater also discusses the power of mental health on democracy. In the news, was a baby really...


Radiotherapy - 25 November 2018

This week's radiotherapists: Miss Medic, Miss Diagnosis, and Dr. Nick were joined by an incredible guest. Author of the book, 'The Maddest Place on Earth,' and clinical psychologist Jill Giese discussed asylums and the way they used to work. The idea of loneliness was also discussed and how, in our social media filled world, could we possibly connect better. In light of the new elections, the doctors also discussed safe injecting rooms and their utmost importance.


Radiotherapy - 18 November 2018

Peri Partum, Panel Beater, Doctor Sharma, and Hawkeye were your radiotherapists today giving you your radio prescription with your RRR subscription. They were joined by author extraordinaire Kaz Cooke to discuss her own parenting tips, what goes into her books and her newly fresh in stores book: 'Babies and Toddlers.' Hawkeye also brought in the topic of the #StayInYourLane on Twitter that brought many social media scrollers the reality surgeons face when dealing with gunshot wounds and...


Radiotherapy - 11 November 2018

This week's episode's focus is the Brain. Using their brains to talk about brains are the Radiotherapists Nurse Epipen and Doctor Mel Practice. Joining them were three very special, brain-centric guests. Inspirational speaker and stroke survivor Emma Gee discusses her story and her new book 'Reinventing Emma.' Stroke-expert and expert in prevention of disease, Professor Amanda Thrift explored the ways to prevent stroke and neurologist Doctor John Waterston deeply explores his experience...


Radiotherapy - 04 November 2018

In this week's episode Panel Beater, Dr. Do-Little, Dr. Capri and Training Wheels delved into the topics of psychological fonts and saying no to patients. Joined by RMIT Behavioural Business Lab expert Dr. Janneke Blijlevens, the team discussed a new font called 'Sans Forgetica.' Dr. Capri also discussed her experiences of being a GP and the importance of being able to say no to some patient requests. In news, the team of doctors also discussed Nauru, and Rubella's eradication in Australia.


Radiotherapy - 28 October 2018

Rainbow Doc, Panel Beater, Miss Medic and Doctor Malice joined you this week on Radiotherapy, with a long list of topics and issues, ranging from the topics of sexology, to art therapy, to inherent bullying within the medical field.


RADIOTHERAPY LIVE - Radiotherapy - 14 October 2018

In front of a live studio audience, the Radiotherapy team of Mal Practice, Dr. Do-Little and Autonomy celebrate Radiotherapy's 25 years in style. Joined by two special guests Jill Stark and Nelly Thomas, the team traversed the massive topic of mental health to celebrate World Mental Health Day.


Radiotherapy - 21 October 2018

Panel Beater, Peri Partum, Lady Gaga and Dr. Sharma guides you through a plethora of issues on today's show. Dr. Catherine Crook AM brought her knowledge on the use of music in the medical field. Dr. Sharma brought in the eloquent and profound Ruth Mitchell to discuss Nauru, and its detention centres. Lady Gaga discussed Scott Morrisson's views on LGBT+ representation in schools and how policy may interrupt many childhoods.


Radiotherapy - 7 October 2018

Capri, Panel Beater and Training Wheels explored a range of medical discussions on today's episode. Capri brought in Epidemiologist expert Professor Jane Hocking to discuss sexual health. Motor Neuron Disease Victoria/Neurological Alliance Chief Executive Officer, Rod Harris also joined the team to discuss the NDIS and its funding gap. In the medical news Training Wheels had a baby! Wahoo! The Nobel Prizes and Fecal Occult Blood Testing also came up, why? Listen and find out!


Radiotherapy - 30 September 2018

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains discussions of sexual assault and the legal process of sexual assault allegations. If you find any of that confronting or triggering, listener discretion is advised. Call 1800 RESPECT if you find today's episode confronting. On this week's show you are joined by Doctor Nick, Doctor Malice and Miss Diagnosis as they reflect on the AFL Grand Final and the Bret Kavanaugh sexual assault case in the US. Miss Diagnosis went to the statistical heart of sexual...


Radiotherapy - 23 September 2018

Panel Beater, Hawkeye, and Doctor Sharma had a slew of guests discussing many wide subjects. ENT surgeon, Doctor Eric Levi, talked about physical and emotional burnout and how it affects physicians and surgeons, and hopefully how it can be fixed. Lucy Moir and Debra Lawrence with their darkly comedic Fringe Festival show 'Write Loud and Clear About What Hurts' about a wild therapy session. As told by Lucy and Debra, the show dives deep into modern day's narcissism and trivial ploys for...


Radiotherapy - 16 September 2018

On this week's episode, Panel Beater and Miss Diagnosis discussed genital cosmetic surgery, and mythbusted the facts behind Asylum Seekers with help from Doctor Gemma Sharp from Monash University. In the news, the team reflected on R U Ok day, and went deep into its positives and issues.


Radiotherapy - 09 September 2018

The Panel Beater and Capri were joined by two experts in body positivity and body image to discuss two differing sides of how we see our bodies. Author of the new book 'Learning To Love Your Body,' Jess Sanders discussed the body image complications of young girls and how important self love is. Jack Haynes, alternatively, discussed his research into the body images of young elite sportsman, and the complications that arise from aiming for physical perfection. In news, the doctors discussed...


Radiotherapy - 02 September 2018

In this episode, Miss Medic, Panel Beater, Doctor Malice, and Lolly Doc got together for this Dad's day. For Father's Day 2018, the doctors discussed many different dad jokes, and men-related health. From erectile dysfunction to mental health to parenting methods, the doctors got at the heart of many different men's health issues.


Radiotherapy - 12 August 2018

On today's show, Dr. Do-Little, Capri and the Panel Beater discuss the devil's lettuce. Talking through their munchies, the doctors brought in two guests, Medical student Dinesh and vice expert and lawyer Jared Bartell to talk all things green and calming. In news, Capri discussed disease stigmatisation, concentrating on how Hep-C sufferers are often stigmatised.


Radiotherapy - 05 August 2018

Dr. Nick, Miss Medic. Dr. Malice and Miss Diagnosis discuss a hefty load of medical topics. First up, Dr. discusses pediatric psychology and how it can be altered in toys. Miss Medic brought up food, specifically orthorexia and "#cleaneating." Dr. Malice spoke about vicarious trauma, and how we experience empathetic trauma day to day. Last up, fresh (or maybe not so fresh) from a Medical Ball, Miss Diagnosis discussed the power of alcohol to stop illness and colds.


Radiotherapy - 29 July 2018

Panel Beater, Doctor Scharma and Hawkeye join you on this week of Radiotherapy. Joining them, is Associate Professor Petra Staiger from Deakin University, a psychological specialist in alcoholic and smoking habits who is developing a new app to support those suffering from substance dependency. Ayey Madut and her sister, Wilma Madut, also joined the group to discuss being a medical scientist and a migrant from South Sudan and her experience being a part of these communities. In medical news,...


Radiotherapy - 22 July 2018

For this week Doctor Mel Practice and Nurse Epipen were joined by a familiar face. Professor Steven Ellen (who you might know as Doctor Do-Little), was joined by his co-author Catherine Deveny to discuss his recently launched book 'Mental: Everything You Never Knew You Needed to Know About Mental Health. The team was also joined by Professor Peter Brukner to discuss another book. Prof. Brukner's book 'Fat Load Of Good' dives into nutrition and the importance of healthy fats and triglycerides...


Radiotherapy - 15 July 2018

In this episode you are joined by Panel Beater, Doctor Training Wheels (the resident doctor in training) and Doctor Do-Little to discuss breastfeeding under the Trump administration. Professor Noel Woodford joined the Radiotherapists to discuss what goes into being a forensic pathologist (a doctor that deals in murders or crimes to assist the judicial system). Panel Beater also brought the interesting topic in how we psychologically view international stories - specifically the differences...