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A team of irreverent doctors lampoon sacred medical cows, and shed light on a range of medical and psychiatric conditions with special guests from around Australia and the Globe.

A team of irreverent doctors lampoon sacred medical cows, and shed light on a range of medical and psychiatric conditions with special guests from around Australia and the Globe.
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Melbourne, VIC


A team of irreverent doctors lampoon sacred medical cows, and shed light on a range of medical and psychiatric conditions with special guests from around Australia and the Globe.




Radiotherapy - 7 October 2018

Capri, Panel Beater and Training Wheels explored a range of medical discussions on today's episode. Capri brought in Epidemiologist expert Professor Jane Hocking to discuss sexual health. Motor Neuron Disease Victoria/Neurological Alliance Chief Executive Officer, Rod Harris also joined the team to discuss the NDIS and its funding gap. In the medical news Training Wheels had a baby! Wahoo! The Nobel Prizes and Fecal Occult Blood Testing also came up, why? Listen and find out!


Radiotherapy - 30 September 2018

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains discussions of sexual assault and the legal process of sexual assault allegations. If you find any of that confronting or triggering, listener discretion is advised. Call 1800 RESPECT if you find today's episode confronting. On this week's show you are joined by Doctor Nick, Doctor Malice and Miss Diagnosis as they reflect on the AFL Grand Final and the Bret Kavanaugh sexual assault case in the US. Miss Diagnosis went to the statistical heart of sexual...


Radiotherapy - 23 September 2018

Panel Beater, Hawkeye, and Doctor Sharma had a slew of guests discussing many wide subjects. ENT surgeon, Doctor Eric Levi, talked about physical and emotional burnout and how it affects physicians and surgeons, and hopefully how it can be fixed. Lucy Moir and Debra Lawrence with their darkly comedic Fringe Festival show 'Write Loud and Clear About What Hurts' about a wild therapy session. As told by Lucy and Debra, the show dives deep into modern day's narcissism and trivial ploys for...


Radiotherapy - 16 September 2018

On this week's episode, Panel Beater and Miss Diagnosis discussed genital cosmetic surgery, and mythbusted the facts behind Asylum Seekers with help from Doctor Gemma Sharp from Monash University. In the news, the team reflected on R U Ok day, and went deep into its positives and issues.


Radiotherapy - 09 September 2018

The Panel Beater and Capri were joined by two experts in body positivity and body image to discuss two differing sides of how we see our bodies. Author of the new book 'Learning To Love Your Body,' Jess Sanders discussed the body image complications of young girls and how important self love is. Jack Haynes, alternatively, discussed his research into the body images of young elite sportsman, and the complications that arise from aiming for physical perfection. In news, the doctors discussed...


Radiotherapy - 02 September 2018

In this episode, Miss Medic, Panel Beater, Doctor Malice, and Lolly Doc got together for this Dad's day. For Father's Day 2018, the doctors discussed many different dad jokes, and men-related health. From erectile dysfunction to mental health to parenting methods, the doctors got at the heart of many different men's health issues.


Radiotherapy - 12 August 2018

On today's show, Dr. Do-Little, Capri and the Panel Beater discuss the devil's lettuce. Talking through their munchies, the doctors brought in two guests, Medical student Dinesh and vice expert and lawyer Jared Bartell to talk all things green and calming. In news, Capri discussed disease stigmatisation, concentrating on how Hep-C sufferers are often stigmatised.


Radiotherapy - 05 August 2018

Dr. Nick, Miss Medic. Dr. Malice and Miss Diagnosis discuss a hefty load of medical topics. First up, Dr. discusses pediatric psychology and how it can be altered in toys. Miss Medic brought up food, specifically orthorexia and "#cleaneating." Dr. Malice spoke about vicarious trauma, and how we experience empathetic trauma day to day. Last up, fresh (or maybe not so fresh) from a Medical Ball, Miss Diagnosis discussed the power of alcohol to stop illness and colds.


Radiotherapy - 29 July 2018

Panel Beater, Doctor Scharma and Hawkeye join you on this week of Radiotherapy. Joining them, is Associate Professor Petra Staiger from Deakin University, a psychological specialist in alcoholic and smoking habits who is developing a new app to support those suffering from substance dependency. Ayey Madut and her sister, Wilma Madut, also joined the group to discuss being a medical scientist and a migrant from South Sudan and her experience being a part of these communities. In medical...


Radiotherapy - 22 July 2018

For this week Doctor Mel Practice and Nurse Epipen were joined by a familiar face. Professor Steven Ellen (who you might know as Doctor Do-Little), was joined by his co-author Catherine Deveny to discuss his recently launched book 'Mental: Everything You Never Knew You Needed to Know About Mental Health. The team was also joined by Professor Peter Brukner to discuss another book. Prof. Brukner's book 'Fat Load Of Good' dives into nutrition and the importance of healthy fats and...


Radiotherapy - 15 July 2018

In this episode you are joined by Panel Beater, Doctor Training Wheels (the resident doctor in training) and Doctor Do-Little to discuss breastfeeding under the Trump administration. Professor Noel Woodford joined the Radiotherapists to discuss what goes into being a forensic pathologist (a doctor that deals in murders or crimes to assist the judicial system). Panel Beater also brought the interesting topic in how we psychologically view international stories - specifically the differences...


Radiotherapy - 8 July 2018

Dr. Nick, Miss Diagnosis, Rainbow Doc and Doctor Malice this week discuss a range of topics from hand washing, the birds and the bees talk with patients and vinyl...yes, like vinyl records. Rainbow Doc brought her topic of how important it is to discuss sex with patients, getting to the nitty gritty of what language to use and understanding consent. Dr. Nick visited the NGV and, in a starry eyed daze, discussed the link between art and wellness. Matthew Hoyne joined the team to discuss...


Radiotherapy - 1 July 2018

On this week's show, Dr SK, Doctor Peri Partum, Lady Gaga and Panel Beater explored the topics of older listeners, how they interact with music and how it affects their well being with Dr Amanda Krause, a fellow researcher at the Conservatorium of Music, Melbourne University. The CEO of SANE Australia, Jack Heath, discussed their merge with the Dax Centre, a merge that reduces stigmatisation of mental health. In news, the team discuss the potential of easing whiplash symptoms through...


Radiotherapy - 24 June 2018

On this episode of Radiotherapy, the doctorial team was joined by Associate Professor Tom Kotsimbos, a specialist in lung transplantation and cystic fibrosis and the Head of infection and immunity research at The Alfred Hospital to discuss what doctors can learn from fine art. Hi everybody! Doctor Nick, respected GP, with far too many hobbies to list, also joined the crew to discuss Herpes, and its evolution in medical history. They also discussed medical news about the NHS crisis.


Radio Therapy - 17 June 2018

This week Dr David Bradford is in the studio to discuss his life as a gay doctor intimately involved in the HIV epidemic and his new book Tell Me I'm Ok: A Doctor's Story. Plus the team takes a look at how some people can eat anything and stay slim, and whether bicarb soda is the gaffer tape of healthcare.


Radio Therapy - 10 June 2018

This week Panel Beater, Dr. Malice and Rainbow Doc had a visit from Melanie Scott and her Service Dog, Paddington, who talked about the use of therapy and service dogs with people with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This lead into a discussion about the irreversible effects of trauma on the body and the mind and the way that the medical profession is changing to better understand complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD.)


Radio Therapy - 27 May 2018

This week the team discuss the latest in health news, including the world mosquito program which aims to eradicate mosquito born diseases and the recent repeal of anti-abortion laws in Ireland. Dr. Nadia Chaves of Behaviour Works visits the studio to discuss her PhD focussed on person-centred care and how people are treated as patients.


Radiotherapy - 13 May 2018

A big show this week with an all female, all mum panel for Mother's Day. Talking about the core beliefs had about motherhood that often lead to distress and how mother's day is an incredibly hard day for many. And also the 'first 1000 days of life'? The doctors are looking at whether there's evidence for all the hype.


Radio Therapy - 20 May 2018

Join Dr. Dolittle and Panel Beater as they discuss the recent ebola outbreak, why you won't get arthritis from cracking your knuckles and other health news. Plus, music therapist and musician Stephen Skov talks about how he helps people with cancer and Katherine Lorenz, chief lawyer at Monash Health, talks Law Week.


Radiotherapy - 6 May 2018

This week the doctors discuss Johann Hari's thoughts about disconnectedness in modern society, more on the effect of sugar and how ways the sugar corporations have influence on dietitians and a look into films Frozen and Inside Out on the context of giving children more of an understanding about their emotions and the parts they play in modern society.