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Conversations with mathematical people.
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Conversations with mathematical people.




SCC 50: Flatland: The Movies

On today's episode Samuel Hansen speaks with the Director/Writer/Animator, Dano Johnson, and Producer, Seth Caplan, of the animated mathematics movies Flatland: The Movie and Flatland2: Sphereland. If you want to watch the movies head on over to their website, where you can buy a dvd or a download. You can also followtheirtwitters, or like them on the Facebook. Download this Episode You cansubscribevia theRSS Feed or iTunes(where you can also leave us a review) Follow @acmescience on...


SCC 45: Neil deGrasse Tyson

On this episode of Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen is joined by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Dr. Tyson is the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium, host of the TV show NOVA scienceNOW, and author of the new book Space Chronicles. Together they discuss the language of the cosmos, just how much people really do care about scientific phenomena, and the importance of looking up. You can find out more about Neil deGrasse Tyson at his website, and do be sure to...


SCC Episode 44: The Museum of Math

For this episode Samuel Hansen spoke with the people behind the Museum of Mathematics right before the February 2012 Math Encounter talk by Jeff Weeks about the Shape of Space. He spoke with theChiefof Operations Cindy Lawrence, Executive Director Glen Whitney, Chief of Design Tim Nissen, and Chief of Content George Hart about the what, the how, and the when of the soon to be opening museum. Be sure to check out the Museum of Mathematics at their website, register to attend a Math...


SCC Episode 43: Alex Bellos

On today's episode of Strongly Connected Components I am joined by the journalist and author Alex Bellos. Alex's most recent book is Here's Looking at Euclid, Alex's Adventures in Numberland for UK listeners, and it is a journey through the world of mathematics told through stories that literally take the reader around the world. We talk about his writing techniques and mathematical storytelling in general. To find out more about Alex Bellos visit his website and follow him on twitter....


SCC 42: Colin T Graham

(via Samuel Hansen is back at the helm of Strongly Connected Components talking to Colin T Graham, the man behind the twitter hastag #mathchat. They talk about #mathcha, the intersection of mathematics and origami, and mathematics and music. Be sure to check out #mathchat, its twitter, its archive, and Colin's twitter and blog. Download this Episode Please remember to update your RSS Feed or iTunes Subscription to make sure that you get the new episodes....


Strongly Connected Components Episode 41: Robert Ghrist

On this week's episode of Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen is joined by Prof. Robert Ghrist of the University of Pennsylvania. They talk about how one goes from engineering into mathematics, just how you can apply topology, and a Funny Little Calculus Text. To find more out about Prof. Ghrist please head on over to his website orfollow him on Twitter. Also, please support the Relatively Prime Kickstarter Project! Download this Episode Please remember to update...


Strongly Connected Components Episode 38: Chaim Goodman-Strauss

Samuel Hansen is joined this week by Chaim Goodman Strauss, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Arkansas and host of the Math Factor Podcast. There is a lot of mutual podcast love, some talk about the importance of teaching teachers, and a long, winding road to puzzles. To find out more about Professor Strauss visit his website, look at his art, or head on over to The Math Factor and while you are there be sure to catch up on old episodes of the podcast. Also, please support the...


Strongly Connected Components Episode 36: Doron Zeilberger

On thisepisodeSamuel Hansen speaks with Professor Doron Zeilberger from Rutgers University. During a wide ranging conversation they talk about why everything is discrete, the importance of experimental mathematics, a divide and conquer approach to automatic theorem proving, the meaning of the word know, and the disjoint union issue that is plaguing mathematics. To find out more about Professor Zeilberger, or to watch some of his amazing talks, make sure to head on over to his website and...


Strongly Connected Components Episode 34:Math/Maths History Teaser

Sorry everyone, but this past week Samuel Hansen was on vacation and was not able to record a new interview. This would normally mean no audio for you, but he has been putting together a series of videos about the Mathematical History of Nottingham that he recorded while there last November. What you will hear on today's podcast is a teaser from those videos. Hope you like it. Also go watch the videos(Or Watch them below the download link) Download this Episode Subscribe in iTunes(and...


Strongly Connected Components Episode 31: John Allen Paulos

On today's Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen phones John Allen Paulos, New York Times Best Selling Author, Professor at Temple University, and author of the "Who's Counting" column at, for a conversation on mathematical storytelling, the use of humor in communicating mathematics, and where his story ideas come from. To find out more about John Allen Paulos check out his website, and do be sure to follow him on twitter. Download this Episode


Strongly Connected Components Episode 30: James Grime

On the newest Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen calls up James Grime the the Enigma Project Officer for the Millenium Mathematics Project at Crambridge. They discuss the Enigma Project, the importance TV can play in mathematical inspiration, and a certain mathematical youtube channel. To find out more about these topics check out the Enigma Project, James's website, his twitter, and his youtube channel. Download this Episode


Strongly Connected Components Episode 29: Edmund Harriss

For today's Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen is joined by Edmund Harriss, visiting Professor of Mathematics at the University of Arkansas. They discuss Edmund Harriss's rather public job search, a conspiracy designed to corrupt people into mathematics, and the similarities between mathematics and art. Be sure to check out Harriss's public job application and to read his very entertaining and informative twitter and blog. Download this Episode


Strongly Connected Components Episode 28: Rebecca Goldin

For today's Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen was joined by Professor Rebecca Golding of George Mason Universty and the Director of Research for STATS. They discussed just what got her into mathematics, her work with STATS, and Samuel asked some veryclichédquestions to which she responded with wonderfully unclichédanswers. To find out more about Professor Goldin please check out her website or visit STATS. Download this Episode


Strongly Connected Components Episode 27: David Spiegelhalter

On today's episode of Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen called up the Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk, as well as Senior Scientist in the MRC Biostatistics Unit, David Spiegelhalter. They discussed the true meaning of risk, the importance of the Bayesian Method, how to get a lot of citations, and even a bit about the bookies. To find out more about Professor Spiegelhalter check out his website, look at hisstained glass work, or watch him in the below video...


Strongly Connected Components Episode 26: Fan Chung

On episode 26 of Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen called up Fan Chung of theUniversityof California San Diego for a conversation on research in Graph Theory, her time at Bell Labs, and mathematical collaboration. To find out more about Fan Chung be sure to check out her website and read her article on research for graduate students. Download this Episode


Strongly Connected Components Episode 25: David Henderson

Samuel Hansen phoned David Henderson from Cornell University and the Algebra Project for today's Strongly Connected Components. They discussed mathematics education, what Prof. Henderson means by revitalizing the meaning of proof, and just what a cohort is. To find out more about David Henderson go to his website and do not forget to find out more about the wonderful Algebra Project. Download this Episode Also, do not forget that Samuel is about to go to England for a series of talks and...


Strongly Connected Components Episode 24: Woolly Thoughts

Samuel Hansen was joined by the minds behind Woolly Thoughts, Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer, for this episode of Strongly Connected Components. They discuss mathematical knitting and all of its power to help teach mathematics, and even get some children off drugs, as well as why Pat and Steve just like to play at maths. You can find out more about these wonderful guests by visiting their wonderful website Woolly Thoughts and by buying their book. Download this Episode Also, do not forget...


Strongly Connected Components Episode 23: Daina Taimina

This week on Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen has a conversation with the author of "Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes" and Professor at Cornell Univerity, Daina Taimina. Together they talk about how crochet can model hyperbolic geometry and theimportanceof just doing mathematics, as well as its history. To find out more about Daina Taimina and her work visit her website. Download this Episode To find out more about Samuel's trip to England that was advertised on the...


Strongly Connected Components Episode 21: Robert Devaney

Robert Devaney, Professor of Mathematics, is one of the most engaging and talented speakers in all of mathematics and Samuel Hansen was lucky enough to corner him during this past August's MathFest to talk about his series of talks "Complex Dynamics and Crazy Mathematics", why he decided to study Dynamical Systems, and how one mathematician can give over 1,400 invited lectures. You can find out more about Robert Devaney by visiting his website, and you can explore the wonderful images of...


Strongly Connected Components Episode 20: Paul Zorn

Paul Zorn is President-Elect of the Mathematical Association of America and professor at St. Olaf College. Dr. Zorn was kind enough to talk with Samuel Hansen during the annual Mathematical Association of America meeting, MathFest, in Pittsburgh this past August. They spoke about the intersection of Mathematics and the Humanities, mathematicalexposition, and the importance of using many different points of view whenteaching the Calculus. You can find out more about Paul Zorn by visiting...