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Each week we take a look at what's hot in the world of Science.

Each week we take a look at what's hot in the world of Science.
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Each week we take a look at what's hot in the world of Science.




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Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 02.04.12 - A Thinking Cap for Problem Solving

This week, we find out how our brains can be stimulated to think outside the box when solving problems, how ancient raindrops can provide insight into our early atmosphere and how spacecraft could be soon be launched by a pint-sized rocket. Plus, how pesticides are reducing bumblebee populations and tackling antibiotic resistance with chemical compounds...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 26.03.12 - Blood Tests to Predict Heart Attacks

In this week's NewsFlash, we find out how blood tests could predict an imminent heart attack, investigate what the Mercury Messenger probe has revealed about the planets environment one year on from its launch, discuss how sewers can provide insight into drug use within a population and discover how scientists are seeing around corners in 3D. Plus, a new drug target in the fight against male pattern baldness and how bears can heal wounds as they hibernate...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 12.03.12 - The 5-a-Day Yellow Glow!

Can a healthy diet change your skin colour? In this week's NewsFlash, we hear how getting your 5 portions of fruit and veg each day can make you noticeably more yellow! Plus, how gut bugs make you grow new blood vessels, analysing antimatter with microwaves and how to type your way to happiness...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 05.03.12 - Can we Trust the Upper Classes?

Astronomers have discovered evidence for life in the universe - but only down here on Earth. In this NewsFlash, we'll find out how light from Earth bounced off the Moon could pave the way to look for life on other planets. Plus, can we trust the upper classes? New research shows that increasing wealth and social status may also increase selfishness and dishonesty!

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 27.02.12 - Resurrected Plants & Nutrition in the

In this newsflash, we discover the micro MRI machine that can probe individual atoms, find out why brain training computer games may help sufferers of schizophrenia, and how Russian researchers have resurrected a 30,000 year old plant. Plus, how nutrients in a mother's diet can alter gene expression in her baby and a roundup of other science headlines...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 20.02.12 - Massive and Minute Computers

In this NewsFlash, we boot up computers at the smallest and the largest scales. We'll find out how the newly upgraded HECToR (High End Computing Terascale Resource) helps science & research, and why the new, pocket size & wallet friendly Raspberry Pi should inspire a new generation of computer programmers...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 13.02.12 - Disguising Cancer as Salmonella

In this NewsFlash, we'll hear how disguising cancer cells as salmonella could hold the key to producing anti-cancer vaccines, explore a link between the Y-chromosome and heart disease, and discover a new drug that can knock the cause of Alzheimer's on the head. Plus, a new Olympic effort to get school children to understand exercise and the body...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 06.02.12 - Untangling the Spread of Alzheimer's

In this NewsFlash - we find out how regions of the brain may "catch" Alzheimer's from each other, discover a new microscopy technique that can open a window on the brain in action and talk to the Australian ecologist who thinks more introduced species, including elephants, could stabilise the Aussie ecosystem.

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 30.01.12 - Stem Cells & Self Distilling Vodka

In this NewsFlash, how induced stem cells help us to understand Alzheimer's disease, while embryonic stem cells can help restore patients' sight. Plus, why a graphene oxide filter can make self distilling vodka, how magic mushrooms affect the brain, and the magnetic soap that cleans the parts other detergents can't reach!

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 23.01.12 - Biofuels from Beneath the Waves

In this NewsFlash we hear how modified e.coli could make seaweed a source for biofuels, find out why losing sleep can help to reduce bad memories, and how an important step in the evolution of life on Earth could have happened quicker than expected!

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 16.01.12 - The Problem with Potentially Pandemic

In this NewsFlash, we discuss the scientific research that can't be published - a "recipe" for an H5N1 flu virus with pandemic potential that has scientists and governments concerned about biosecurity and terrorism. Plus, the deepest deep sea vents ever found, and a round up of other scientific headlines.

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 09.01.12 - Sounds like a Stradivarius?

In this Naked Scientists NewsFlash, we hear about the new spacecraft in orbit around the moon, an implant that can generate electricity inside the body of a cockroach and the scientific way to sound out a Stradivarius. Plus, a promising new vaccine against Hepatitis C, and a roundup of the other science hitting the headlines...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 19.12.11 - The Trillion Frame Per Second Camera

In this NewsFlash, we hear how the reality of Finding Nemo might be Not Finding Nemo, as a new survey looks at just how endangered the species in Disney's film are, and we discover the trillion frame per second camera - fast enough to catch a pulse of light as it moves across a scene...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 12.12.11 - Cots for Cavemen and Cabbie's Crania

In this NewsFlash, how cancer cells spread to new areas, the discovery that ancient man built anti-insect beds, and ways to reduce your cancer risk. Plus, how a taxi driver's brain change as they acquire the knowledge of London's streets and the fishy way to deter unwanted attention...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 05.12.11 - Hydrogen, HIV and Photographic Tricke

In this Naked Scientists NewsFlash, we hear how the Voyager missions can now detect radiation given out by the birth of stars, discover a new vaccine for HIV that can completely block infection in experimental animals, and explore the computer programme that can spot when a photo's been "photoshopped". Plus, we meet some clever birds and ask if heading a football can cause brain damage.

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 28.11.11 - Nerve Transplants and the Safety of S

This week, we learn how nerve cells can be transplanted to correct metabolic disorder, investigate the long terms safety of statins in the fight against heart disease and find the coldest point water can reach whilst remaining a liquid. We also discover unearth the World's oldest fish hooks revealing the existence fisherman 40,000 years ago as well as bionic lenses, night vision materials and the effects of stress on the brain...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 21.11.11 - Neutrinos and Nutrition

Neutrinos, Neuroscientists and Nutrition fill up this week's Naked Scientists NewsFlash! We'll hear how repeated experiments bear out the idea that neutrinos may travel faster than light, find out why thousands of neuroscientists have decended on Washington DC, and how to protect cells from radiation. Plus, how the brain responds to different diets!

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 14.11.11 - Chemical Liposuction and Tracking the

In this Naked Scientists NewsFlash, a new fat-busting injectible that selectively destroys adipose, evidence that only single strains of HIV are transmitted between partners and the discovery of two pristine primordial gas clouds produced by the Big Bang. Plus, the Flu Survey: a new citizen science initiative to gather data on the incidence of influenza like illnesses in the European population...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 07.11.11 - Repairing Nerves and Roaring Lions

In this NewsFlash, we get the latest from the National Cancer Research Institute's conference in Liverpool, find out why removing genes can help repair neurons, and why clearing out old cells can help reduce diseases of old age. Plus, how nicotine primes the brain for cocaine addiction, and how the lion got it's roar.

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 31.10.11 - News from the BSGT/ESGCT Conference

This NewsFlash comes from the British Society for Gene Therapy and European Society for Gene and Cell Therapy Conference in Brighton. We hear how cancers, retinal degeneration, spinal cord injury and liver disease can all be targeted using gene and stem cell therapy techniques. We also explore a variety of methods to deliver genes to a desired location within our bodies...