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Allison Carmen, Self-help author and Life coach, presents different techniques in this 10 minute podcast to reduce your stress, worry and anxiety. It's amazing how much you can get done in 10 minutes!

Allison Carmen, Self-help author and Life coach, presents different techniques in this 10 minute podcast to reduce your stress, worry and anxiety. It's amazing how much you can get done in 10 minutes!
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Allison Carmen, Self-help author and Life coach, presents different techniques in this 10 minute podcast to reduce your stress, worry and anxiety. It's amazing how much you can get done in 10 minutes!








Why Are You So Distracted?

A lot of people pride themselves on getting many things done at once, but what many people don’t realize is that when we are distracted and try to focus on multiple things, we often neglect the situation or the person in front of us, we don’t present them with our best selves, and we don’t get the best results. We also miss out on the most precious and productive part of our lives, which, in reality, is pure presence. When we are fully present we are able to launch new businesses, achieve...


Do You Hate Your Body When You Look In The Mirror?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and started to feel horrible about how your body looked? We don’t always realize it, but many of us have been programmed to reject our bodies, spending our lives searching for an ideal of beauty. Yet, the definition of beauty in the dictionary is “that which gives pleasure to the mind or senses.” This means we get to determine our notion of beauty based on what gives us pleasure. If we focus more on what pleases us, we might just find that our bodies are...


Are You A People Pleaser?

Those of us who have a tendency to be people-pleasers usually want the best for other people. However, the other, more well-known part of being a people-pleaser is the need for everyone to like us, which often leads to anxiety, worry, and ultimately self-compromise. When we can give up people-pleasing, we can start thinking about the pleasure of speaking our minds, the pleasure of achieving our goals, and the pleasure of taking control of our own lives by letting go of the pain involved in...


How Can We Treat The People We Love Better?

For some reason, many of us tend to take our anger, discomfort, and frustrations out on the people we love most. We may insist that it’s because we are most comfortable with our loved ones, but we forget that without tender care, even the best relationships become broken. This podcast will give us tools to treat each moment with our loved ones as sacred and always be reminded that love is the bridge to everything wonderful.


Why Don't You Think You Are Beautiful?

If you were to look up the definition of ‘beauty’ in the dictionary, you would find that beauty is defined as “that which gives the highest degree of pleasure to the senses or the mind.” But are we truly cognizant of what actually gives us pleasure? Or have we been conditioned to be pleased by what the outside world considers beautiful? If our search for beauty is more about external standards of beauty and less about what truly pleases us, we often find ourselves living in a tremendous...


Does Being Mean Move Your Life Forward?

Sometimes we want to be mean to someone because they hurt us. We blame them for something bad that happened, or we want to teach them a lesson. Even though we might feel justified, acting this way tends to bring us further from where we want to be in our lives. This podcast will explore six questions that we can ask ourselves to guide our decision-making, pushing us towards greater joy and success.


The Decisions That Don't Lead To Happiness

The society we live in routinely provides us with often fictitious images of what it means to be happy. These constructs—fed to us from birth—often attempt to answer the following three questions: What kind of relationships do I need in my life to be happy? What do I need to do to be successful? And who do I need to be in order to be happy and successful? Only we can answer these questions for ourselves truthfully, but these constructs are served to us as objective truths. Often, as we get...


What Are You Hiding?

Many of us try to hide aspects of ourselves that we think will not be accepted by our friends, family or society. We believe that if we can hide these things, people will accept us, love us, and validate us. Yet, hiding certain aspects of ourselves is quite painful because, in hiding, we cover up who we truly are, limiting ourselves from living our best lives. I hope this podcast can help free any part of you that is hiding from the world so that you may find more joy and sustainable success!


Learning To Love Yourself

Many of us look for evidence to love ourselves in how other people see us or in experiences that should validate our worth. But the minute there's a bump in the road—whether someone leaves us, we lose our job, or we are rejected or disappointed— if there is not another source for that love, we are going to find it hard to move forward. We must recognize that we are the love that we seek if we want to stand steady. We are already everything we need to be to have joyful and meaningful lives.


The Pain Of Rejection

Rejection can be very painful. Sometimes rejection makes us close our hearts and we start to believe that we can’t achieve our goals. This episode will discuss how we can have a different relationship with rejection. If we can find a way to nurture the pain, rejection can be a learning experience that leads us to an expansive place. We create a willingness to try new things and approach everything with less fear and more resilience. With a new openness to all that is possible, MAYBE the best...


Does Social Media Make You Feel Bad About Your Life?

Sometimes looking at our friends’ social media accounts can make us feel like we are watching an advertisement on television, making us believe if we had what that person had we would be happy and fulfilled. But often it is not what our friends are actually doing that is making us feel bad. Instead, our friends’ posts are just sparking a lack of direction or meaning in our own lives. If we take the time to figure out what is meaningful to us, we can find direction and a reason to get out of...


Is More Always Better?

Always wanting more can prevent us from fully enjoying our lives today because we always think we have tomorrow. This "more" mentality can prevent us from bringing our best selves to this moment to create the lives that we actually want. This 10 minute podcast will show you how you can keep your goals and at the same time help you discover that today is "enough" in order to attain true joy, satisfaction and abundance.


Positive Thinking Doesn't Always Work

It is often hard to be a positive thinker when we are going through a tough time or something unexpected happens. This podcast will explore a mindset that will give you hope and strength during difficult times and support you to still achieve your goals.


Worrying Less About Our Children

Every parent wants their children to flourish, but the fear that they won't or that things won't work out in their future can consume much of our day-to-day inner dialogue. The mindset of Maybe enables us to parent with less worry and more ease as we recognize that our children’s lives often are not determined by one moment and Maybe everything is or is going to be okay.


Maybe There Is Nothing Wrong With You

When we don't feel okay about ourselves everything that happens in the outside world defines how we feel about ourselves in our inside world. How can we alleviate this pain of feeling not valuable and stay on our path to achieve the things we want in life? You might want to consider that Maybe there is nothing wrong with you!


Finding Hope In The New Year

Some people think hope is the root of our suffering and others believe that hope keeps people inspired and moving forward. I believe most of us would find it difficult to get through the day without hope. Every business, every investment, every first date, and every other situation we embark on has hope packed into it. As a result, holding hope for the new year is the perfect mindset, as long as we remain flexible and fluid in the face of change and uncertainty. Life can take many different...



Acceptance is a difficult issue for many people because it is about tolerating or making peace with something in our lives that we don't like or that causes us pain. But the key to less suffering and possibly finding a solution is to stop holding on to the way things were before our problem occurred or to stop holding on to the thought that things should have worked out differently. Resisting the flow of life will only makes us stressed and unhappy. It takes courage to accept life the way it...


When This Moment Is Enough

One of the key reasons we suffer is because we often believe that this moment is not enough. We might have a problem we want to solve or a goal we want to achieve and we believe if we can just get through this period or reach this achievement then we can rest, smile and enjoy the fruits of our labor. But what if, by focusing on the one thing that will bring us future happiness, we are creating tremendous suffering in our lives? Listen to this podcast to learn how to embrace this moment as...


Embracing Uncertainty As Your Friend

Since my first podcast launched a few weeks ago, I have received many emails from people discussing their anxieties and worries about current events. Their concerns included fear of more mass shootings, losing their healthcare, or possible war with North Korea. Many of us can understand how these people feel and many of us have similar concerns. These types of events can make us feel vulnerable and it can be difficult to calm our fears and worries when we are bombarded constantly with...



The regrets that we hold can be very painful and prevent us from accessing new opportunities or pursuing life long dreams. In just 10 minutes learn how to let go of your regrets and open up to all that is possible in your life!