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#9 I just space out a little bit

We've learned another lesson as far as researching projects before jumping in. BUT... our first affiliate project is doing quite well. We had a great weekend of sales and will share on this week's episode. Enjoy!


#8 excuse me... I still haven't received my paycheck...

Or have we? Dun... dun... dun...


#7 What is it... you say you do here?

The Bob's are doing their meetings and one of the engineers explains how he's a god damn people person. It's a great scene but you can see how that employee let his emotions get the better of him. In today's episode we discuss techniques to not let your emotions get the best of you. Resources mentioned: https://www.headspace.com/


#6 Turning Off Notifications

Remember that scene in Office Space where the receptionist can be heard a few cubicles over answering the phone? "Corporate accounts Nina speaking... just a moment." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s5yHUpumkY She's distracting, annoying and consistent. Kind of like the notifications on your phone. In this episode we discuss unplugging a little bit to get some sanity back.


#5 Taking A Punch

Steve has over a decade experience of owning and running his own businesses. In this episode he talks about taking a punch which is part of being a business owner. Eric's first experiment on creating affiliate revenues via 6 Pack Abs seems to be going belly up. We discuss the frustrating development and where to go from here.


#4 Judgment Detox and Tapping Exercise??

Eric has been reading through the book Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein. To start off the book is pretty simple. It's about understanding and being aware of how you're judging people, situations and yourself. Then the book takes a turn with tapping exercises. Basically, you take two fingers and tap all over your face, neck and shoulders while saying things like "I am stronger than my mind" and "I can control my judgment." It's pretty hippy exercise but trying not to judge it....


#3 Shit Spaghetti

We're trying out our first experiment. We've created a review video for the Science Based Six Pack Abs program and applied for their affiliate marketing program. You can watch the review video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZjzufctn_w The plan is to get in better shape while that review video gains views. Once the video is ranking on YouTube we hope to create income on the sales of people going to 6packdiscount.com This is a three month test on health and wealth.


#2 Side Hustle and Backstory

In this episode we give a little backstory on how Steve started off as a Marine at 17 and eventually owned a chimney sweep company, collections agency and background check company. We discuss the difference in risk tolerance between Steve and Eric and how that makes a difference in wanting to do your own thing. The back half of the episode we talk about ways to make income passively through YouTube and other channels. How we're planning on expanding on this while doing our day jobs.


#1 Intro to 15 Pieces of Flair

In this introduction episode we set the stage for 15 Pieces of Flair. This is going to be a 52 week experiment that we document on this podcast. We will be working to build side incomes, lose weight, and see if we can Michael Bolton to agree to be on our show.