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Join KAren Swain, teacher of Deliberate Creations, as she shares stories of LOVE, Success, Transformation, Enlightenment and Making a Difference on Accentuate The Positive Radio. Accentuate the Positive is not just a name, it's a way to live your life. Want to create an impact and attract the life you want? ATP!

Join KAren Swain, teacher of Deliberate Creations, as she shares stories of LOVE, Success, Transformation, Enlightenment and Making a Difference on Accentuate The Positive Radio. Accentuate the Positive is not just a name, it's a way to live your life. Want to create an impact and attract the life you want? ATP!
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Sydney, Australia


Join KAren Swain, teacher of Deliberate Creations, as she shares stories of LOVE, Success, Transformation, Enlightenment and Making a Difference on Accentuate The Positive Radio. Accentuate the Positive is not just a name, it's a way to live your life. Want to create an impact and attract the life you want? ATP!




Inner Sanctum Natalie Sudman

Listen to some of the highlights from Naterlie's time with us in The Inner Sanctum Webinar Series in Nov 2017. To receive the FULL audio recordings and join us online go to Blown up in a car bomb in Iraq in 2007, Natalie had an incredible NDE, which she speaks about on the show. Her experiences in other realms are among the most incredible I have heard, and explained many concepts which seem inconceivable to the human understandings of life, death and...


The Inner Sanctum with Swami

This is some highlights of our time with Swami in the Inner Sanctum Webinar Series. To listen to the full recordings, Please sign up here. You will receives all the full recording form last year 2017 and will be invited to join us Live online with some of the most wonderful New World teachers, showing you who YOU are as a world teacher and Lightworker. I look forward to meeting you in The Inner Sanctum


Lori Williams CRV

More Lori Williams has been teaching people about how to navigate their intuitive and psychic abilities for many years, wither her husband Jim Williams they now live in a remote part of Texas in a fully sustainable EarthShip House. After a lifetime of unbidden, vivid precognitive and unexplained paranormal experiences, Lori began seeking a way to control these spontaneous bursts of intuition. In her search, Lori was fortunate to meet a man who had been...


Kerri Hummingbird

More Listen to my wonderful conversation with Kerri Hummingbird as we speak about being a parent to emerging adults looking for independence and freedom, while still maintaining a special relationship with our children. We also speak about her Skills not Pills movement. Finding skills to reconnect to joy without needing pills or other mind altering substances to do so. Finding ways to feel good is a constant pursuit of the mind that wants a life of fun,...


Giselle Koy Conscious Media

More Listen to my wonderful conversation with Austin native Giselle Koy, who is a conscious producer, 6-time author, visionary, designer, spiritual channel and media personality. We talk about Ascension, a new paradigm in the money system, how to bring in a New Earth and her Conscious Media Festival in March 2018 . Her company Giselle Koy Productions, assists people with personal growth and produces fresh content for all things New Earth such...


Garnet Schulhauser Dance of Eternal Rapture

More December 2017 Garnet discusses his 4th book; Dance of Eternal Rapture Ex-conservative catholic corporate lawyer, Garnet Schulhauser shares his extraordinary experiences with a homeless man in 2008, who turned out to be his spiritual guide Albert. Albert asked Garnet to awaken to his spiritual truth and then write about this to help humanity evolve and awaken to a new era of civilisation. See all of our conversation, the...


Howard Storm Angels

We have a bit of banta before the show officially stared, but i recorded it... Howard came back on the show this year to talk about the Angels he saw while he had his NDE. Have a listen to our 2 hour conversation as he shares more of his wonderful stories.. See his full story here


Robert Clancey- Touched By An Angel

More At nineteen, Robert Clancy had an extraordinary divine spiritually transformative experience that greatly altered his body, his health, his mind and the rest of his life. In 2012 he started the Robert Clancy – Guide to the Soul Facebook fan page where he shares his divinely inspired thoughts, now followed by over 630,000 people worldwide. Listen to our wonderful conversation as Robert shares his spiritual journey and how the Angels came to him in his...


Stacey Huist

More Social Entrepreneur and 1 Million Women Ambassador Stacey Huish, is on a mission to change the world one story at a time. A Powerful Game Changer, Speaker, Educator, Author and Lover of Life, free spirited Stacey feels she is here as an earth healer and heart healer, raising the vibration of love to help as many people as possible live passionate, purpose filled lives. She awakens people to be a part of enabling the divine purpose of the universe to...


Swami The Orange Cowboy

More We live in amazing times, one could call it an Insta world. Energy is moving faster than ever before and many more miracles are possible today. Listen to my fascinating chat with Swami The Orange cowboy as we discuss his spiritual journey and how to manifest instantly in this new world of Instagram and insta-grow. Compassion, Love & Joy – Swami feels these are the cornerstones to health, wealth, enlightenment & world peace. He shares new...


Money Influence and Lightworkers

Find out more here


Jana Beeman Money and Lightworkers

More How can you make money and thrive doing what you love as a healer/intuitive, lightworker.. This week on the show we focussed on Lightworkers and making money. How to make a living and live abundantly in service to humanity and mother earth. Business Soul-utions for Lightworkers, Empath, Changemakers, Coaches, Healers & Visionaries.. Are You READY to Have Your Dream, Soul-Fulfilling Business? After years of pain and trauma, animal lover/whisperer, Jana...


Highlights October 2017 Inner Sanctum

Nancy Rynes joined us this October as a guest teacher in the Inner Sanctum Webinar Series to share her journey and reveal how her NDE has changed her life. She went from a ardent Atheist to a Spiritual teacher overnight after her horrific accident when she was hit by a truck while riding her bicycle. Listen to her amazing sotry


Channeling PRINCE with Lisa Wechtenhiser & KAren Swain

Fine more here The High Priestess of Woo, Lisa Wechtenhiser came on ATP Media show to share her journey with Ascended Master Prince. Lisa has a spiritual contract with Prince to deliver his teachings to humanity after he left his physical body. Prince asked me to deliver a message to people who feel they can not live their dream and live an abundant life, especially to conscious music artists, and so together we deliver a powerful message. Find out...


Robert Tremblay NDE

See more and get his BOOK here Author Robert Tremblay tells his humbling tale with truth and courage that will change the way you think about death, healing, and love. Twenty-Seconds isn’t just another NDE story. It’s a story of remarkable survival and a love story that redefines hope. This story has been shared around the world, but the most remarkable parts were missing until now. Twenty-Seconds details the real reason the author survived and...


Avis Mulhall

More The Sydney Morning Herald called her a ‘super connector,’ an activist, changemaker, social entrepreneur, thought leader and a woman of Spirit. But she says she’s also just a regular human, intent on finding a better way of living and being in this world. One where we and our planet are free to flourish. Avis created one of the biggest change-makers communities in Sydney called Think Act Change, but had to take a two year break because of illness. Taken...


Robyn Collins Awakening to the Void

Death, Grief, Confusion, Awakening and Bliss. How do you overcome the death of your baby child? Listen to Robyn’s powerful story of awakening through the death of her baby daughter. We chat about what it means to awaken and then to reach out to others, to teach what you have come to know. ‘Don’t Avoid the Void, Allow Space for Grace.’ Robyn Collins is a self realised spiritual teacher who assists humanity in the simple discovery of Presence and Awakening.


Howard Storm

Howard Storm by KAren Swain


Tracey Ash

More Have a listen to our fascinating conversation with Tracey Ash, a researcher, lecturer and gifted, wisdom keeper on ATP Media while she was in Karnak Egypt in September 2017. We do a Sacred Site 5D Activation Meditation at the End, so stay all the way through. Tracey is the Creator and Innovator of Awareness School, Life Vision School, Mystery School & 5D Training, since 1999. This is a revolutionary approach for cutting-edge in HEALING & AWAKENING. Tracy...


Suntara Sound Session

More Daniel Coates; Suntara Sound Session Posted on 01/09/2017 by KAren • 0 Comments Suntara SoundSuntara Sound Medicine and Music to soothe your soul. Daniel Coates ‘Suntara’, is a musician, sound practitioner and sound healer bringing through the new octaves of the higher realms to facilitate a shift for the people of this world. He travels the world with his family, inspiring and illuminating his audiences to let go of the old paradigms, and...


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