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Sexual Needs 3 "The Self"

What is the need under the hunger and thirst is really about acceptance? How do developed mental messages of value and worth shape and mold our vision of self? Is self care "selfish"? If we don’t except ourselves how can we understand what it means to except and be excepted in a functional human relationships?!


Unfinished Business Sexual Needs 2

Do we end up haunting our own lives with relational unfinished business? The cognitive dissonance around relational attachments and being known. Russ continues to unpack intimacy disorder while addressing things said in earlier shows about his own journey and story.


S06E16 Sexual Needs 1

Is it sexual self control or sexual repression? His counselor said "Russ, If you don’t have an orgasm you’re not going to die!" true but is there suffering involved in surviving the not dying? Russ continues to unpack intimacy disorder while addressing things said in earlier shows about his own journey and story.


S06E15 Motivation and the Vicious Cycle

Motivate me! Get back up one more time! How does that feel? How does it feel when ‘one more time’ loses its hope? We all want to be moved and hopefully moved forward but in seeking forward moving motivations can we sign up for motivations that are counterproductive? Motivations that sell us on moving us forward but actually put us in reverse? Russ explores what it looks like to do a deep dive on what is really motivating us to stay stuck, move in reverse or what, we all want to feel better....


S06E14 RICK THIESSEN a willow creek network pastor

When large religious organizations hide from allegations of sexual misconduct is it encouraging a level of intimacy disorder? Rick Theissen and I talk about failures of leadership, moral code and breaking trust. And I ask Rick why he still wants to continue with hosting the GLS Despite Willow’s reputation and failures of leadership in keeping vulnerable women safe.


S06E13 Integrity and Willows Secrets

When large religious organizations hide from allegations of sexual misconduct is it encouraging a level of intimacy disorder? We wonder why American Christians have such a hard time with compulsive pornography consumption while organizations like Willow Creek keep hiding things in the dark? And now Willow, Who’s blatant lack of integrity is exposed to the world by a newspaper (The Chicago Tribune) still want to promote their global leadership?!


S06E12 Summer of CC 3 Priorities?

A show on priorities? Seriously? Why is that important? Russ talks about self-confidence, self-control, self-discipline and what all of that has to do with priorities. Coming from a guy who’s not the most self disciplined person, what does this have to do with compulsive sexual behavior? And Russ Intersects with another beautifully delicious post from a fapstronaut. By the way, check out NoFap on Reddit. Or go to If you do not know what an fapstronaut is.


S06E11 Seth Taylor and Better Questions

Seth Taylor and I Discuss polyamory, courage being oneself and a little of theology. We eat dairy or to ask the dangerous question, When it comes to debilitating compulsive behavior... can we come up with a better questions?


S06E10 Compulsion 2 Creativity 2018

Can an encouragement of creative energy replace compulsive energy? Or is the compulsive energy proof that there’s already energy? Can we Channel compulsive energy into something good? Something creative? Something different? Can addressing intimacy disorder change the way we see our current path in life? Russ reads a question from a Fapstronaut... And asks listeners what is your why?


S06E09 Wisdom on a Path

A healing path is as unique as the human on that path. What can trip us up is the belief in a one size fits all corse of action. And then over time when that doesn’t work we start to think Is freedom even possible? In this episode I invite listeners in to some of the rocky places on my unique path encouraging you to embark on your own unique path.


S06E08 Conversation with Joshua Shea, A BOMB WENT OFF

As sexual integrity breaks down. And the tick, tick of the time bomb runs out... What happens when the bomb goes off? The blast, shrapnel flies everywhere breaking, (most of all) trust. Not to mention the wounds left on close relationships and family members can be extremely severe. My guess today had a bomb go off in his life in a big way. It begs the question, can we disarm the time bomb or is the bomb building revealing something deeper that needs to be diffused? It is my honor to...


S06E07 Want to have to or get to?

If sex or insert other pleasurable activity is offered up, do you want to, have to or get to partake?


S06E06 Goin Back In Time

Some work I did on Episode 1 Season One. Censoring myself? Russ Shaw Censores Russ Shaw? Gonna have to give it a listen!


S06E05 The Red Dragon and the Bowl

The red lizard story 3.0? Red lizard story is one that I’ve used in the show number of times this time I’ve added to it based on some experience from the last few years.


S06E2 OK then, What is Intmacy Disorder?

If the psychological community does not recognize sexual addiction as a thing, this podcaster asks, okay then what is the real problem? Many psychologists say sexually compulsive behaviors are birthed out of intimacy disorder. So Russ Shaw your professional unprofessional does some research and comes up with a definition. His findings have him reflecting on his own story, experience and definition of intimacy disorder.


S06 Episode 1 Shedding Intimacy Disorder (Part 1)

Last season Compulsion to Creativity!? And Attitude equles Energy yes! And Doesn’t pulling off any creative indevor take goal setting? So what are the major things that block goals from being accomplished? Mistaking scars for wounds...?


S05E42 harassment or good rebellion?

Russ talks about the space between thought and action. What’s the perspective from someone who admittedly has suffered from sexually compulsive behavior? With sexual harassment cases making the headlines like no other time in history is the culture finally waking up to how women have been treated for generations?


S05 Episode 41 Chuck G's Story

Albert Einstein Said "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." A listeners survey and Russ has an early morning coffee shop conversation with his friend Chuck. Put on your seatbelt for this controversial, inspiring and encouraging conversation. Hear as a first hand audio witness to his fear facing, demon reviling, heart freeing journey of growth and healing.


S05 Episode 40 Scott's Story

Season five episode 40 Scott's story Russ records a conversation with his friend Scott. Scott's not a guy from the "purity movement" but a guy who's dealt with devastating blow's via love choking fear and shame. It's marked explicit and it's intense... Listeners you've been warned.


Episode 39 Hack The Ministry

Russ tells a story about going to the ER last Tuesday. And, Russ and Jim have coffee and discuss the question; what does it mean to hack the ministry? Well, for obvious reasons the word "Christian" for example has been drug through the mud. So many "leaders" have blindly broken trust with the people they say they're so desperate to "save". Today would it mean for ministries to actually pushback what's evil and life choking in the world and make a difference in this post modern day and age,...