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S06E05 The Red Dragon and the Bowl

The red lizard story 3.0? Red lizard story is one that I’ve used in the show number of times this time I’ve added to it based on some experience from the last few years.


S06E04 Post Easter Redemption

As someone who studied pretty extensively the correlation between trust and well-being I wonder how spiritual sojourners here may unpack penal substitutionary atonement. To me I believe the reason it is so popular is because each denomination (or non-denomination) of religion gets to sell us their jesus as a brand and how (our Jesus) keeps you from the father crumpling you up and throwing you into hell like a piece of trash. You better come back here because we’ve got the Jesus you need!...


S06E03 Emo Runaways and Relapse.

The dirt on Russ Shaw! If the psychological community does not recognize sexual addiction as a thing, this podcaster asks, okay then what is the real problem? Did Russ "relapse"? Is that addiction recovery language helpful when it comes to approaching unwanted sexual behavior as intimacy or attachment disorder? Russ reveals part three of the "recording".


S06E2 OK then, What is Intmacy Disorder?

If the psychological community does not recognize sexual addiction as a thing, this podcaster asks, okay then what is the real problem? Many psychologists say sexually compulsive behaviors are birthed out of intimacy disorder. So Russ Shaw your professional unprofessional does some research and comes up with a definition. His findings have him reflecting on his own story, experience and definition of intimacy disorder.


S06 Episode 1 Shedding Intimacy Disorder (Part 1)

Last season Compulsion to Creativity!? And Attitude equles Energy yes! And Doesn’t pulling off any creative indevor take goal setting? So what are the major things that block goals from being accomplished? Mistaking scars for wounds...?


S05E42 harassment or good rebellion?

Russ talks about the space between thought and action. What’s the perspective from someone who admittedly has suffered from sexually compulsive behavior? With sexual harassment cases making the headlines like no other time in history is the culture finally waking up to how women have been treated for generations?


S05 Episode 41 Chuck G's Story

Albert Einstein Said "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." A listeners survey and Russ has an early morning coffee shop conversation with his friend Chuck. Put on your seatbelt for this controversial, inspiring and encouraging conversation. Hear as a first hand audio witness to his fear facing, demon reviling, heart freeing journey of growth and healing.


S05 Episode 40 Scott's Story

Season five episode 40 Scott's story Russ records a conversation with his friend Scott. Scott's not a guy from the "purity movement" but a guy who's dealt with devastating blow's via love choking fear and shame. It's marked explicit and it's intense... Listeners you've been warned.


Episode 39 Hack The Ministry

Russ tells a story about going to the ER last Tuesday. And, Russ and Jim have coffee and discuss the question; what does it mean to hack the ministry? Well, for obvious reasons the word "Christian" for example has been drug through the mud. So many "leaders" have blindly broken trust with the people they say they're so desperate to "save". Today would it mean for ministries to actually pushback what's evil and life choking in the world and make a difference in this post modern day and age,...


Surrender and Maturity with Seth Taylor.

I just want my unwanted behavior to go away! Are there really approaches that will just merely take it away? Or is there a process of awakening, surrendering and maturity that happens in the process? Seth Taylor and I talk about pilgrimage and the expansion of sacred ground and spiritual understanding that comes with taking on such a sticky, stubborn unwanted behavior.


S05 Episode 37 Figit Spinner of Anger and Relapse

Is there a fueled spinning energy behind anger and relapse? If so is there anything we can put into practice to defuse this energy?


S05E35 Letting go of the mask and treasuring intimacy, Dericks story.

"The sparkle in your eyes Keeps me alive. And the sparkle in your eyes, Keeps me alive, keeps me alive" ~ She Sells Sanctuary is a song by the British rock band The Cult. It is from their 1985 album Love and was released as a single in May of that year, peaking at number 15 on the UK Singles Chart. (WiKi) Or Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and the Hollywood Vampires. The challenge? In the summer of cc? Dropping the mask and treasuring Real intimacy. What kind of feelings does that stir up?...


S05E34 Gaslighting Co-D AKA Intimacy Disorders With Marc Azoulay

RAW Audio Episode In this episode Marc Azoulay and I talk about codependency and gas lighting AKA Intimacy Disorders. Check out more from Marc at


S05E33 Summer of CC Grace and Cynicism Challenge

I recently heard sexually compulsive behavior called an intimacy disorder. I thought this was interesting and had me thinking about cynicism and grace. And how both religion in the world seem to like to create enemies and othorize people. Is this a symptom of our rampant intimacy dysfunction? A show meant to provoke, encourage and challenge this week.


S05E32 From a Summer of SA to a Summer of CC?

Three things to think about while moving forward this summer. They all spring from the heart. The heart is the center pumping blood or motivation or life energy through the rest of your life! Russ unpacks a little Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is wicked who can understand it"? Will we be a slave to the whims of our ego? Or will you let that deep chamber in the heart of hearts release the spiritual energy to run through our bloodstream and impact our future?


Season 5 E31 Marc Azoulay and I talk Codependency and Gaslighting.

Why does ASI have a different approach to SA? Is there a relational component that's missing from most approaches? In this episode Marc Azoulay and I talk about codependency and gaslighting. What if you were the only thing that is in your way?


Season 5 E30 Derailing Urges And A new Start

"I will propose an alternative way of looking at behavior that is currently called addiction, seeing it as normal human potential, that of strong bonding. Bonding is an emotional process that creates ties that cannot be shed at will" - Peter Cohen (2009) The Naked Empress: Modern neuro science and the concept of addictions


Season 5 E29 Sex, Secrets and Security

Sexuality and our inner lives. Like, getting naked with your clothes on! What can advances in technology do to be more transparent in our secret lives?


Season 5 E28 Easter Bunnies and Johnny Cash

In recovery we love stories of redemption and resurrection. And bunnies?! What can we learn from the man in black Johnny Cash about passion week, Easter, reconciliation, connection, redemption and resurrection? Yeah and what's a sex themed podcast with out bunnies?


S05E27 Aching hunger RELOADED

Russ reads listeners surveys! And what is the nature of this strange pull, thirst or hunger that hijacks our will? Is it that we don't know what to do? Or is it the difficulty level of making a hard decision? Some wisdom from a philosophy professor at Ruckers University. And live for the spirit and died to the flesh? What does that really mean anyway?


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