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[MIXED BAG] Paralysis By Analysis

Are you waiting on a circumstance to make a decision? Are you try to figure out the best solution for a problem you’re facing? Do you ever feel like you have analyzed a situation so much that you have no clue what action to take? Do you have a big goal you want to reach, but don’t know where to start? You may be experiencing paralysis by analysis.


[BUSINESS] Success Without Freedom

What is success without freedom? A question that Doug asks every client of his. In every area of life, there is a balance of success and freedom. As a business owner, it can be so easy to go after success so strongly that you actually lose your freedom. Learn more about how to attack this problem in today’s epis


[RELATIONSHIPS] Begin With The End In Mind

If you passed away in 3 years....what would people say at your funeral? What would your eulogy sound like? In this episode, Doug talks about a powerful exercise that quickly gets you to identify what you truly value in your life. Then, he helps you reverse engineer it to discover if you are actually liv


[SOUL] INTERVIEW | Looking for the Wonder in Everything with Paul Webb

To say Paul has an interesting story is an understatement. Paul was one of the pioneers of strength training and conditioning for soccer (football) players and has been reinventing himself consistently by finding the wonder and curiosity in all things. If you are looking to get inspired to follow your path and create a unique path on your own terms, you won't want to miss this episode.


[BODY] The Million Dollar Thoroughbred

If you had a million-dollar Thoroughbred, would you take good care of it? Would you feed it only the best food, ensure it gets good rest, and ensure it is as healthy as possible? All of those things you would do for this million-dollar you do that for yourself? Do you treat yourself like a million-dollar Thoroughbred?


[MIND] Demands On Your Time

One of the things that commonly happens is you get more and more successful, as you become more and more the author of your own story and are actually out there producing results and people are watching this happen, you're living your life. What happens is people want more of your time. They want more of you. They want more of what you have. These are the demands upon your time are gonna become greater than ever. If you're a business owner, this is very, very true, because people not only...


[MIXED BAG] Be Coachable

What does it mean to be coachable, and why does it matter? In this episode, Doug talks about the importance of having a coach but also takes it a step further to talk about the mindset around being ‘coachable’. Whether it’s with a coach, friends, a spouse or a co-worker, this mindset allows you to be coached all throughout your life and up level to a life that you LOVE. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


[MIXED BAG] Do It For The Photo

In the day and age of social media, 'do it for the photo' is a phrase we hear often. Many people are taking HUGE action steps and living the author of their own story...for the photo. Social media is sparking this fire in people to go out and create more epic adventures. So, the question in today's episode becomes....what is photo worthy for you and how can you take action to make that a reality?


[BUSINESS] No Man's Land

No Man’s Land. If you are a business owner - today’s episode is for you. In this episode, Doug talks about something he has seen in many businesses that put up a roadblock that blocks them from actually succeeding at the rate that they want and/or acquiring that investment they’re looking for. If you own a business - do you fall into this category?


[Relationships] I Need Space

“I need space”. When you hear someone say this do you instantly create a story around what this means? How about if someone tells you “I need to talk”. Do you start thinking about what you did wrong? Do you start questioning the state of your relationship, business, etc.? Or do you take it at face value? The truth is, the majority of us quickly jump to conclusions and create stories around certain phrases, actions, or requests. In today’s episode we get to gain some awareness into where we...


[SOUL] INTERVIEW Choosing To Do What You Love with Adrienne Smith

Have you ever been in a corporate or "9 to 5" job where you felt like there has got to be something else? Where you felt your soul was calling you to take a leap and do your own thing? If so, then THIS is the episode for you. Adrienne talks about what it took for her to realize that her 9 to 5 wasn't for her and taking a massive leap to open her own yoga studio.


[BODY] Take Care Of Yourself

If you don't take care of yourself, who does? You've got to fill your tank, and, as you can hear, my son definitely agrees. Here we are on a Wednesday out for a beautiful hike and, of course, there's nobody around. Everybody's following the nine-to-five, get a job, clock in and clock out at 5:00 and then go to happy hour, maybe the gym, who knows, but you're different. You're here listening to these daily growth hacks, and I want to make sure you're taking care of yourself first, because by...


[MIND] The Power of Intention

What is my intention for the day? What is YOUR intention? These are powerful questions that allow us to clearly create the results we wish to see. Learn how simply setting your intention can not only set you up for your day but can also help grow your relationship with your loved ones.


[MIXED BAG] Remind Yourself

We've just got done walking in the woods, and this is absolutely breathtaking. An amazing experience here, especially in the fall when it should be snowing and here we are in a sunny day. And one of the things it reminded me of because I got an email this morning, and the email said to me what my purpose was. Why was I here? ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


[MIXED BAG] The Five Second Rule

Today’s daily growth hack is based off of the work of Mel Robbins who is known for her research in breaking up patterns to create a life you actually love….all in 5 seconds. If you are looking to make ACTUAL shifts in your life, this is a great tool to help you choose something empowering over disempowering in 5 seconds.


[Business] Built To Sell

This is a topic around business, and a topic Doug had conversations on several times in the last week when talking to business owners about their business model and how they actually want to get out of their business so they can become the authors of their own story.


[RELATIONSHIPS] Patterns In Your Relationships

Relationships - we're all in them. Whether they're with a romantic partner, friends, family, co-workers, a roommate, etc. What are the PATTERNS that you can see in your relationships? Learn from how you show up in your relationships and transform immensely them by focusing on one thing.


[SOUL] INTERVIEW | Breaking Barriers with Justin True

Today's interview is with Justin True. Justin is a global traveler, a nuclear engineer, and a self-proclaimed “regular dude”. In the first few minutes of this conversation, we learn that Justin is a man who has gone through adventures and trips that few are willing to do. His entire mission is fueled by 2 prominent motivators: to break down barriers and raise awareness for world hunger. This is a guy who is making MOVES on HIS TERMS and has so much wisdom to share. You don't want to miss it.


[BODY] My Back Hurts

Have you noticed that when you spend extra time working on your abs, you notice your lower back is hurting? In this episode, you will not only learn how to approach your exercises but you will also be challenged to look at the areas of your life that are raising their hand saying "I am fatigued and I need help" Discover what areas of your life need some extra love, a paradigm shift, or simply some awareness


[MIND] Knowledge is NOT Power

Is knowledge the power for you? When I was a kid watching cartoons there used to be a commercial that came on and it used to say "Knowledge is power". For me, knowledge isn't a power. It's action and knowledge combined together that gives you power. Knowledge itself is a POTENTIAL power. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***