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[MIND] Talent Always Wins

Have you ever stopped yourself from pursuing something because you felt there were other people 'more talented'? Maybe you have felt you were better suited to do what's practical since there are many more talented people going after that 'thing' you truly wish you could do. The question then becomes...does talent always win?


[MIXED BAG] Stop Being So Stiff

It is easy for us to get so immersed in one area of life, especially business owners, that we become "stiff" in other areas of our lives. If you feel this is you and can relate, then today's episode is for you. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


[MIXED BAG] What Else Is Possible?

Have you ever looked at your options and thought "I can either do A or I can do B", while forgetting that you actually could create an option C in which you get to find a way to do both A and B? In this episode, we switch from the mindset of OR to and space of AND by asking ourselves the question "What else is possible?".


[BUSINESS] Control and Passion

Control and Passion. Two things that are challenging to live in the same space. Many of us are quick to say we want more passion in our lives, our relationship, our businesses and yet when it comes to releasing control and allowing ourselves to fully release the hold we have…..we can’t. Learn in today’s episode how we can dive into what's really behind our need for control and how we can loosen it up to allow more passion into our lives.


[RELATIONSHIPS] What are your rules?

Whether you are aware of it or not, we all have rules for pretty much everything in our life. From the way we experience love and worthiness to how we show up as a spouse. If you are feeling dissatisfied in any area of your life, it may be because of the rules you have subconsciously created. In this episode, Doug gives us insight on how our rules have such a large effect on our happiness, how we can become aware of our current rules, and how we get to shift them to create a more powerful...


[SOUL] Permission to Fail

As you are becoming the author of your own story you really need to give yourself permission to fail and permission not to succeed. You need to give yourself permission to fail because if you don’t, you won’t jump. You won’t jump forward. You won’t take that great leap or even that first step that’s necessary to become the author of your own story. In this episode, Doug gives you the insight on how to switch your beliefs around failure and allow yourself to fail and fail often.


[BODY] Blue Light

How often are you looking at a screen throughout your day? If you're like many people - you might be staring at a screen for 6-10 hours A DAY. That is a lot of blue light that can interrupt your sleep patterns. In this episode, Doug gives a few tips and hacks to reducing the amount of blue light, without taking you away from a screen. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


[MIND] Prep The Coffee

This morning, I got up after a rough night. Our son just wasn't sleeping well so my wife and I were up and down throughout the evening. And when I finally got up to start my day, I went downstairs and noticed that the coffee hasn't been prepped. Now, I thought about it the night before, I thought about it before going to bed, "You know what, Doug? You should just prep the coffee. Grind the beans, get the water ready. Get it all ready, so all you have to do is hit a button when you come...


[MIXED BAG] Stop Lying to Yourself

Have you ever heard that little voice inside of you that is telling you you’re not good enough? Maybe it's telling you that need to lose weight before you find love, or maybe it’s telling you that you can’t start that business because you just don’t have the money, or maybe it’s saying you aren’t smart enough to become a doctor. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


[MIXED BAG] Remember to Breathe

Would you like to remove your stress throughout your day? Would you like to transform those moments and situations that often feel stressful to feel stress-less? If so, today's episode is for you. Learn this simple tip that will change how you feel and allow you to show up powerfully and calm all throughout your day. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


[BUSINESS] INTERVIEW | Retention with Alex Armstrong

Today's episode is with Alex Armstrong and if you own a business this is a MUST listen. Alex breaks down some serious golden nuggets in regards to retention and the mindset around selling that can help transform your business. Alex is a retention consultant for fitness businesses and talks about the problem that he personally faced of working/training 8-10 hours per day only to feel completely empty at the end of the day with no energy for personal life or working "on" the business. The...


[RELATIONSHIPS] Being Right Vs. Being Happy

Today's question is "Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?" Most of us would naturally think, "well, I want to be happy, of course". Yet, so often we subconsciously choose to be right in a way that can sabotage our relationships and sabotage our happiness. In what ways can you shift to being happy vs being right to make your life and relationships better?


[SOUL] INTERVIEW with Dr. Rob and Debi Maldonado

In today's episode, we get to hear from Dr. Rob + Debi Maldonado. Rob has a background in psychology and especially the teachings from Carl Jung and Debi has a background in personal development + caching. When the two met, they discovered that each of their backgrounds and specialties helped compliment the other to create a powerful system and method that empowers the masses. The system psychological they have created is developed to help people free their minds. ***Subscribe ---...


[BODY] The Big Lie

Where do you lie to yourself? Where do you tell yourself that it isn’t a big deal, or you’ll work on it tomorrow, or you are in a space where maybe you really aren’t? The big lie I kept telling myself or told myself was I was still in shape and I was still doing well, when all of a sudden I remember one time putting on a pair of dress pants, getting ready to go down and to do a talk to a bunch of business owners who knew me. Most of them knew me. I'd say, a lot of them knew me, and my pants...


[MIND] It's Good Enough

Do you ever hear the phrase "it's good enough"? Do you ever wonder if you should be okay with good enough, or if good enough is truly good enough? Sometimes we allow ourselves to get blocked from taking action because we are so focused on reaching perfection - does this sound familiar? When is it a time to say "it is good enough and I am happy with that"? ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


[MIXED BAG] Know Your Numbers

You really need to know your numbers. You need to know your numbers so you could hit your goals. Where are you? I had a talk with a business owner this morning. Now, this business owner’s very savvy and has done very well. And they invited me to come on as a member of their team, an equity partner really, and when I asked them for their numbers they just didn’t know. You see they were an extremely successful business owner, but yet they didn’t understand what the lifeblood of their business...



Today's topic, Just Show Up, applies to all of your Five to Thrive. I was listening to an interview by Bo Eason; now, he's a former NFL football player, renowned actor, and playwright. Bo was talking about how he was never the most athletic person, he was never the best of the best. And we're talking about NFL athletes, you're talking about the greatest, right? And he played with people like Jerry Rice for example, and Joe Montana. But Bo is saying is, one thing that he always is, he showed...


[BUSINESS] Imagine You Are The Idea

Today’s episode is for all of you who have a great idea (or many), and are looking to grow your idea from infancy to fruition. Many of us have ‘great ideas’ but how can you make your idea and even better reality? How can you make your idea the best idea that is out there? How can you beat your competitors? Today’s tip helps you get into the mindset of creating the best idea/product/service possible.


[RELATIONSHIPS] Focus On What Matters

In today’s daily growth hack, we get challenged to really look at where we’re spending our time and where we may be missing out on what truly matters in our world. Are we ignoring any beauty that is right in front of us, just so we can gain that same beauty or freedom in the future? Challenge yourself today!


[SOUL] Interview | Len Wright

Today's interview is with Len Wright who says he has adapted to be a modern-day wizard by being a mystic advisor to many. Len was a powerful and inspiring mission to uplift humanity and affect deep and profound change in those he works with. He has spent the last 30 years in intensive trainings to understand and master how to optimize this 'machine' we all are. With this intensive training and powerful mission, Len works with people to achieve their highest levels. Do yourself a favor and...