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Your Life Is Already A Fairytale

As children we grow up with dreams and a love for the heroes and supportive figures we wish to be. Then we've grown and are told to let go of such notions and follow the "realistic" path, to forget our fairy tale dreams. Why would we be blessed with such energetic creativity, love, and aspiration, if not to fully live it throughout out entire life? In this episode, Sarah will show you exactly how your life is already a fairy tale, and how you can change it more into the one you've always...


When Your Actions Aren't Producing Results

It's so frustrating when we act on inspiration and everything seems to fall flat. It sure can bring increased doubt and disbelief when we're working to create lives we love. Why does this happen? What's the reason for it? How can we keep moving on and keep our spirits high ? Join Sarah as she shares a personal story where her inspired actions did not yield any positive results and what she did about it. There is a purpose for every idea, every action, and every result. We may not see it yet...


Don't Hang Onto Hope

If you've ever hoped that something will turn out right, did it ever? Most of the time when you hope for something, you're actually sending negative energy toward the outcome that you desire. There's a more powerful way to speak and "hope" for things. This episode will show you how to change your language and feelings around hope, and a more powerful way to create what you've never considered before.


Love The Ugly Parts of You

There is something about us that we always cut down, dislike, hide, or try to change. Maybe it's a physical feature or personality flaw, mistakes in our past or labels we can't get rid of. This creates terrible conflict within ourselves. The only way to remedy that is to learn how to love those ugly parts of ourselves. Listen to today's episode where you'll learn exactly why your "ugly parts" make you perfect how you are. Also move forward with the exact steps in loving yourself and others...


The Right Way To Measure Success

Most people measure their lack of success against odds of perfection, further degrading their belief in themselves. What you've been taught about success is all wrong. You can be fully successful in all that you right now, without changing your circumstances or achieving big dreams instantly. Listen in to learn exactly how you can reach success right now!


It's Not About Them, It's All About You

So often we want to blame someone else for how we feel. But the truth is that only you can control how you respond to an experience, no matter how negative. In this episode you'll learn the best ways to full own your energy so that another's negativity cannot affect you as it once did. Sarah walks through a simply process you can do each day in order to more fully connect with yourself, with others, and create blissful understand that you didn't have before. Be open minded and your level...


The 4 Sources of Your Thoughts

So often we're told that we need to change our thoughts to change our lives. But did you realize that there is more than one place your thoughts come from? Without knowing the sources of your thoughts, you cannot expect to change or improve them in a positive way. Discover the four different sources of your thoughts that you may not be aware of and how to best treat those thoughts. Some are positive, some are negative. So how do you tip the scales so most are positive and supportive? Listen...


Discover Your Inner Being

Whatever you believe, there is some life force and power that gives you life. That part of you is separate from your physical experiences and perceptions. That deep and truthful energy within you is your Inner Being, free from all labels and pains that you gather as you grow. Finding that inner being within is crucial to really understanding who you are and taking back the glorious powers within you. Listen as Sarah talks about how you can easily recognize the part of you that is forever...


How To Find and Use Your Intuition

How do you know if your thoughts are truly your intuition, random nonsense, or intention thoughts? Discovering exactly how to tell what your intuition is can be tricky! This episode will dig into the exact way to know if what's coming to your mind is your intuition or just random thoughts. If you feel uneasy about trusting what's coming to mind, take tiny baby steps and you'll find that little bits of intuition won't steer you wrong even from the very beginning! Let's get you using your...


Self Care Is More Than Just Washing Your Face

There's a reason that you still feel burnt out and exhausted mentally and emotionally, and it's not because you need more sleep. There are levels of nourishment that we need that go far beyond eat right, showering, and getting enough sleep. You wouldn't water, clear the weeds, and nourish only 1/4 of your garden. Only paying attention to self care for our physical bodies isn't enough. This podcast explores the other parts of us—emotional, spiritual, mental, and restful—that also needs care...


The Law of Polarity

There are actual physics and energy at play with the balance of good and bad in your life. When you're up or down, there is actually good and bad going on at the same time. One of the laws of the universe states that in order to have balance, there must be polar opposites. But this means MORE about your life than you realize. Listen to this episode and discover a whole new understanding of how true balance is always at play in our lives every day. But our perception of what's happening to...


The Power of Journaling

This episode debunks some common misconceptions around the childhood falsehoods about journaling and uncovers the actual power behind using such a magnificent tool. Want to take your creative aspirations up a notch? Join Sarah as she talks about the wrong ways and the right ways to use journaling for a powerful effect upon your life. She guides you along simple exercises and routines you can implement in order to reinforce positivity in your life as you journal. Resources mentioned in this...


Now Is All There Is

We're told so much that we have to constantly focus on the future or things will never change. I beg to differ. This episode will challenge your belief about your focus on time and what truly matters when it comes to creating the life you want. Is it more important to prepare for the future? Come what may and love it? Or intentionally prepare with all your might? Join Sarah as she talks about the Power of Now, wisdom from Eckhart Tolle, and how it may shift the rising tides in your life....


You Already Have All The Answers That You Need

This episode has a special guest! Michele Lewis of Soul Shine Live, digs deep into the possibilities of what resides within our intuition. Michele and Sarah talk about this idea that we can simply ask and listen for the answers that we need in the very moment. Michele talks about everyday situations where you can use this technique and how simple it is. Have you ever wondered how people seem to receive all the answers to their questions? Or have you tried to figure out how to tap into your...


Breaking Through Bogus Beliefs

This episode is really meaty, getting through a lot of common beliefs that are actually false, complete bogus, and worthless to your livelihood. Sarah walks you through a number of beliefs that too many of us have, helps you see the error in holding onto those beliefs, and what you can do about it. It's not a quick fix nor super easy process. But the first step is realizing what is actually going on in your head and discovering how you can better your belief systems to serve you, rather...


When You're Denying Yourself Things That Make You Happy

In this episode, Sarah digs deep into a bad habit that too many of us have—that of denying ourselves the things that make us happy. Are you doing this? You may be surprised that you ARE, but you didn't know it. Sarah will break down what's happening and why so you can recognize it in your life so you can chant it. Sarah shares a simple story about fresh cut flowers and how it ties into this idea, what to do instead, and steps to change it. Because we're all about creating my joy and...


Learning How To Dream Again

This episode will get your imagination going full throttle! Sarah will guide you through some simple questions and prompts to help you remember and dream up those desires that you've had in the past, or even new ones to explore. You'll learn how envisioning your dreams and why it's so easy can contribute to breaking through to the life you love.


Discover The Power of Your Mind In Creating Your Life

In this episode, Sarah shares a personal story about how she saw her very thoughts and aspirations come to life in the passed few years by using simple awareness techniques and mental focus. Learn simple step by step things to help utilize the power of your mind in creating the life that you want. If you like this episode, share it with a friend!


Introduction and Welcome with Sarah Prince

Welcome to the Breakthrough To Your Beautiful Life Podcast! This introductory episode digs into a bit about your host, Sarah Prince, and discover what you can expect and look forward to with this podcast! We'll be talking all about awareness, motivation and inspiration when it comes to making changes in your life. Sarah shares her experiences that helped her pivot and will also help you breakthrough to the dream life that you've always desired.