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17: Ep. 17 - She Made The Move

CHOISTERS!!!! I apologize for a late post this week. It's been a crazy couple of months and I fell a bit behind but I will be better moving forward!!! This week, I speak with my friend, writer Amelia Lovelace. She is the creator and the writer of [She Made The Move](, a lifestyle blog, which is categorized into dating, food, and everything else. Amelia Lovelace is her writing name. She is remaining faceless for this interview as she does for her blog and published...


16: Ep. 16 - PRIDEFUL

Happy Pride Month!!! I volunteered for the NYC Pride March this weekend and just wanted to share a few thoughts on it. I loved being surrounded by love and feeling the oneness of HUMANS of all walks in their lives marching for one cause! It was beautiful and I'm so glad my friend Marco asked me to volunteer! LOVE IS LOVE


15: Ep 15 - But It Ain't Gonna Rain Forever

This week, I talk to my non-blood brother, Mike Wang. We talk about his journey through life, growing up in a broken family, but making it work through the support of amazing family members and friends. Also assimilating to a new culture in moving to the States as a young boy without his parents and being a trouble maker through his adolescence and young adulthood. We talk about how he got out of a pattern of negative situations and got himself above all difficulties he faced as a young...


14: Ep. 14 - One World, One Love #Bourdain

"**Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you… You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind**." -**Anthony Bourdain** You sure left some good behind. Thanks for allowing so many people to travel the world with you. Bon voyage. This week, instead of an interview episode, I record another solo episode in memory of the late Anthony Bourdain and...


13: Ep. 13 - You Are Not Alone

Today, I get a little personal, yet again. I talk about my struggle with mental health and finally getting some help with it. ADHD is a tricky condition that a lot of people think is made up and not taken seriously. I am finally starting to realize it can get better and taking action. Mental health is IMPORTANT. Mental health is REAL. Mental health makes you STRONG, not crazy. Talk to someone. Be heard. Be understood. You'd be surprised how big of an impact being heard can do. Thanks for...


12: Ep 12 - Listen To Yourself And Accept Help

This week, I talk to my amazing friend Melissa Meyer. Cover art photo - circa 2006? We laugh, we cry (ok, let's be honest… I CRY…), we just had the best conversation. Melissa opens up to me about an abusive relationship that she was in that caused her to cut people out of her life, myself included. We talk about at what moment she realized there was a problem and how she got through it. Below are some links and phone numbers to hotlines and support groups for anyone who may need a place to...


11: Ep. 11 - Alone But Not Lonely

This week, I talk about being an introvert. I found a great blog post by Lori Elliot on her blog [Redefining Quiet]( called 10 Confusing Contradictions About Introverts. It was such a great read for me, so I break it all down in relation to my personal journey as an introvert. As some of you may be aware, I have a lot of extroverted tendencies, and I address that in this episode as well. Hope you find this to be helpful if you're an introvert and also helpful to those...


10: Ep. 10 - Accept & Own Your Hardship

Today, I talk to actor Elijah Guo about hardships he had to deal with to become more comfortable in his own skin and follow his dreams. Dealing with anxiety and working on becoming more centered within himself. I hope this helps you deal with your anxiety today as it did me. Happy Listening! KTHANKSBYE


9: Ep. 9 - The Art of Being Yourself

Heyo! This week, I talk about the art of being yourself. I think so many of us worry more about impressing others or being viewed in a certain light rather than expecting to be loved for who we really are. Join me in being the true version of YOU. Of course, always thrive to be the best version of yourself FOR YOURSELF, and nobody else. Happy listening! KTHANKSBYE


8: Ep. 8 - Taking The Time To Feel

This week, my guest Ashley and I talk about struggling in many different aspects of life. We talk a lot about mental health and the importance of knowing that you're not fighting the fight alone. There's always someone else walking that walk with you. Hope you enjoy this week's episode! KTHANKSBYE