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Deep relaxation is strong medicine. Join Health & Wellness Specialist Leah Brenda Smith for down to earth conversations about navigating through the stresses of daily life. Learn easy-to-follow approaches to relaxation that anyone can practice within a few moments while at home, work or play.

Deep relaxation is strong medicine. Join Health & Wellness Specialist Leah Brenda Smith for down to earth conversations about navigating through the stresses of daily life. Learn easy-to-follow approaches to relaxation that anyone can practice within a few moments while at home, work or play.
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Deep relaxation is strong medicine. Join Health & Wellness Specialist Leah Brenda Smith for down to earth conversations about navigating through the stresses of daily life. Learn easy-to-follow approaches to relaxation that anyone can practice within a few moments while at home, work or play.




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Come Back To Your Senses

Many previous episodes covered topics about how to experience greater enjoyment and well-being. To end the season


The Process & Benefits Of Professional Coaching

Coaching is an effective method of accompanying a person from where they are today to where they want to be; separate from therapy which tends to focus on the past. A coach taps into your creativity and resourcefulness through confidential, non-judgmental dialogue. Beliefs drive thoughts, and thoughts drive emotions. Most people know that they are physically capable of achieving their goals yet tend to ignore their emotions. Emotional limitations can cloud your judgment and prevent you...


The Brain Rules

Generally speaking the average person knows very little about how the brain works. A “brain rule” is something that scientists know for sure about how the brain functions. When you don’t know the rules, your chosen lifestyle may or may not support optimal brain health and function. In his book “Brain Rules”, molecular biologist Dr. John Medina shares valuable information that could influence the way you teach your children, approach work, and relate to life. Each chapter presents one of 12...


User Friendly Yoga

Yoga originated in ancient India; the literal meaning of this Sanskrit word is “yoke” or “union". It is one of the oldest known health practices; modern studies show that Yoga can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and regulate heart rate. This discipline involves a series of stretching postures, breathing exercises and meditative practices. The overall purpose is to calm the mind, and tone the body, which creates balance, and promotes health, vitality and peace of mind. As a student of...


Snapshot Storytelling

The human psyche needs stories. Reading or writing short literary pieces can temporarily take you away and provide a few moments of respite. Little vignettes can, cleanse you to the core, entice you with excitement, infuse you with humor, intrigue you with alarm or fill you with peace. These tidy little episodes are perfect when you don’t have time for a hefty novel or standard short story. Snapshot storytelling drops you into a scene, cranks up your interest, then like a great joke packs...


Meaningful Habits Of Happy People

Likely we all know someone whose level of happiness seems to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you have actually wondered what makes people happy, or why some people seem to experience more happiness than others. Too often people focus on the quick fix that can be attained through engaging in activities that produce momentary pleasure. Yet, engaging in meaningful activities seems to be the key to lasting fulfillment and increasing ones happiness quotient. It has been scientifically proven...


Addiction & Addictive Personality

Addiction can be described as any behavior you continue to engage in that brings negative consequences into your life. Addictions have been grouped into these areas: drugs, alcohol, food, sex, and money. Clearly no one is immune; addiction affects people of all ages, races, classes and professions. Until recently people thought that an addict was a person hooked on some kind of drug. There has been an increase in awareness of the problem, which makes it easier to accept the idea of having...


Inner Peace

Inner peace is generally referred to as a state of mental and spiritual harmony. Although this state is not static, it is easier to return to once it has been experienced. Often people who develop sufficient self-awareness are able to maintain a good degree of inner balance even during times of stress. Peace of mind is generally associated with happiness and contentment and is often synonymous with being healthy. In some cultures, inner peace is referred to as a high state of...


Estrangement And Reconciliation.

Human beings are social creatures, which naturally draw them to each other; yet many people are estranged from their loved ones. Feeling misunderstood, rejected, or cast out of your family circle or group of close friends can weaken your sense of self. Estrangement often hurts everyone involved, sometimes in unseen ways and on multiple levels Therapists say that because family relationships happened in close proximity, and family members are often very different from one another,...


In lieu of the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah, I welcome you to relax and en

Since the new Millennium ideas presented in The Secret, and The Law of Attraction continue to become more and more popular. These laws of manifestation were given to Moses on Mount Sinai; use of this knowledge created some of the greatest miracles in history. These principles of manifestation known as the Moses Code are tools to access the privilege of co-creation that the creator has placed within us. Through practice we can connect with divine energies to co-create compassion and peace...


Embracing Darkness With Light

The struggle between light and darkness has been a consistent theme throughout the history of humanity. Generally speaking people believe that light is good and darkness is bad. However, there is no Yin without Yang, no feminine without masculine, no light without the dark; life is a constant blend of both energies. Darkness when accepted can be a catalyst for growth; prompting you move away from that which does not promote well-being and showing you what needs to be developed. Darkness...


The Truth About Lying & Telling The Truth

When children are young it is natural for them to tell the truth; lying simply does not occur to them. Lying is a learned behavior that happens consciously or unconsciously when children discover they are not believed; or they are blamed or punished when they tell the truth. Under these circumstances, lying occurs in an attempt to be believed or to avoid being blamed or punished; the child fearfully lies by telling the parent what the child knows the parent wants to hear. As we grow into...


Less Is More

We live in a more is better society of abundance and excess. Flashy advertising is intended to entice people into thinking that bigger, newer, faster, more expensive is better. We are inundated with things, undervalue what we have, and don’t use half of it. Sadly gratitude has been replaced with expectations and entitlement. The numbers of people suffering with anxiety obesity, addictions, depression and other health issues is on the rise; and the old adage from A.A., “one is too many and...


How to Receive Divine Guidance

Making a direct connection with the divine and receiving guidance, information and comfort is available to everyone at all times. Divine guidance takes many forms and can communicate to you through the ordinary events of daily life like: the lyrics from a song on the radio, something you read, a chance encounter with a stranger, feelings from a dream, a flash of inspiration, or your journal writing. Your willingness to receive is what opens you up to hearing guidance in a way that makes...


Relax & Enjoy Life

It has often been said that attitude is everything and that energy flows where the attention goes. Factors like being stuck in production mode, unconscious concerns from childhood, being stingy with yourself, work pressures, relationship difficulties, health issues, or money concerns seem to be what affects your ability to relax and enjoy life. However, so often the missing link is you, because the focus in your mind always determines your level of relaxation and enjoyment. This is true...


Religious Or Spiritual: Finding Common Ground

Historically, the words religious and spiritual had been used synonymously to describe various aspects of the concept and experience of participating in organized religion. Gradually, the word spiritual has become more associated with the private realm of thought and inner experience whereas; the word religious has become associated with being an active member of a religious institution. The declining membership in organized religion, especially in the western world has given rise to...


Special Encore Presentation: The Grace Of Humility

In many religious and philosophical traditions humility is seen as a virtue, often associated with being modest and respectful. Research suggests that humility is connected to qualities such as self-awareness, openness, honesty and an ability to see the big picture. When one is humble they don’t need to win, to have the last word, or have recognition for their deeds. A person with spiritual humility is grateful for their abilities and focuses on developing and learning to be responsible for...


Gathering Wisdom From Your Dreams

Dreaming is a subject that has fascinated humanity throughout recorded history. As early as the second century information was being complied on how to interpret dreams. In modern times it is generally understood that the dream world is a viable reality that everyone visits every night. Through the dream state we are able to receive intuitive wisdom about our feelings, which directly relate to the challenges and triumphs of our daily lives. There are many versions of dream dictionaries and...


Spiritual Partnerships

Most people long for relationships of substance and depth; relationships that are fulfilling and not merely based on getting your personal needs met. Spiritual partnerships are partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. These dynamic relationships are not exclusive to couples; you can create spiritual partnership within your family, amongst your friends, literally with anyone who shares a joint commitment to living a spiritually authentic life. Although it is not...


The Basics of Practicing Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is about bringing your complete attention to the present moment and being open to experiences as they arise. Mindfulness is an ancient practice with roots in many religious and spiritual practices throughout the world. Some mental health professionals recommend mindfulness to their patients who suffer from anxiety and depression because, using techniques of mindfulness is an effective way of coping with stress and worry. There are many ways to practice...