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Create an Unstoppable Life by Dena George, MD

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Proud Member of Doctor Podcast Network The podcast for Smart Professionals who want a life of freedom and fulfillment. Each episode is created and delivered by a physician coach to help you experience more in life. . .through shifting mindset from one that keeps you stuck, to one that makes you unstoppable.

Proud Member of Doctor Podcast Network The podcast for Smart Professionals who want a life of freedom and fulfillment. Each episode is created and delivered by a physician coach to help you experience more in life. . .through shifting mindset from one that keeps you stuck, to one that makes you unstoppable.


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Proud Member of Doctor Podcast Network The podcast for Smart Professionals who want a life of freedom and fulfillment. Each episode is created and delivered by a physician coach to help you experience more in life. . .through shifting mindset from one that keeps you stuck, to one that makes you unstoppable.




Ep #103 -Thinking Bigger - Your How To Guide

How many excuses have you made for not doing something you really want to do? We often tell ourselves things like, 'it's too soon', 'I'm not ready', or 'I'm too busy'. The reality is that thinking bigger is a learned skill and it never fits into the slivers of our day. This episode of the podcast explores thinking bigger - why we don’t, how to start, and how it changes our life. A proud member of Doctor Podcast Network!


Ep #102 - The Entrepreneurial Journey with Dr. Cobin Soelberg

Being a doctor is a long journey for many, and Dr. Cobin Soelberg never let his career get in the way of his curiosity. In addition to being a board-certified anesthesiologist with a degree in law, he finds joy in helping other physicians as a financial planner at Greeley Wealth. After learning the hard way how to manage his finances, he works to make sure other doctors are set up for financial success no matter how much student loan debt they carry. In this episode, Dr. Soelberg shares his...


Ep #101 - Giving Up the Comfort of Worry

For many, worry is a way of responding to uncertainty and change. It's easy to go to and remain stuck in. However, it never takes life to an extraordinary place. In this episode, we’ll explore worry, how it holds you back, and what you can do to free yourself. On the other side of worry is the life you are seeking - one filled with confidence and freedom. I'd love to connect with you beyond the podcast. Find me on my website here. A proud member of Doctor Podcast Network!


Ep #100 - Celebrating with Dr. Errin Weisman

It's a joy to celebrate 100 episodes with a favorite friend - Dr. Errin Weisman. You know her from Doctor Me First podcast, founder of Physician Coaching Alliance, and all things Burntout to Badass including the coaching program. In this episode you will hear about her journey here and all the wisdom she's gained. . . and how she leads/guides others to create freedom. So thankful for all your support to 100 episodes. . .and I look forward to all the episodes ahead.


Ep #99 - Celebrating & Married to a Podcaster

The last double digits episode for Create an Unstoppable Life podcast. . . celebrating with Craig, the podcast's biggest cheerleader and my husband. In this episode you will hear his thoughts on this journey over the past 3 years. . .along with wisdom on growing life and being a true leader. It's an honor to share life with Craig, and him with you in this episode.


Ep #98 - Adding Delight to Your Life

There are many beliefs around delight for the high achiever. . .it has to wait. . . it has to be earned. . .it's complicated or takes too much time. (Smile). Today's podcast is all about the ease and simplicity of delight - what blocks it, where to find it, and how to cultivate more of it. You will calculate your "delight score", which you can track over time. So much value in so little time. . .it's a delight to share this with you. Congratulations to @PedsMomLife on Instagram for winning...


Ep #97 - 3 Ways to Have More Confidence

More confidence. . . It's one of the top things that my clients want. More confidence to take the next (harder) step in their life, career, or business. Today's episode will walk you through 3 ways to build more confidence in your life. We'll cover both mindset and strategy for you to: - see where you lose confidence on a daily basis - get clear about who you are - build practices that feel good in the moment AND help you stay focused A more confident you = more opportunity for...


Ep #96 - Words that Block Fulfillment

There are words in the English language that take us directly to guilt and shame. They are powerful and punitive. Today we are covering two of them that are common in high achievers. We'll explore the conflict that these two words create and show you how it keeps you stuck. We'll also review what life can look like and feel like without them. . .which is unstoppable.


Ep #95 - 5 Things that are Holding You Back

Building a life. . .a business. . .a career. . .a legacy. . .there is so much that holds us back. Today's episode covers 5 things/habits that hold high achievers back. We'll explore what they are, how they may be present in your life, and what you can do about it. All so that you continue down the road towards an Unstoppable Life.


Ep #94 - 4 Ways to Regret-Proof Your Life

What if regret was unnecessary. . . How would that change your life? How would that change your plans for the future? Today's episode is all about reducing the opportunity for regret to be part of your experience - both now and in the future. We'll cover 4 ways to create clarity, alignment, protections for the people you love, and focus. All so that you can live and give at an extraordinary level. Create an Unstoppable Life Episode 94 4 Ways to Regret-Proof Your Life


Ep #93 - Creating Conviction

Now more than ever we need belief in what we cannot see. . . belief in ourselves and our ability to create a future we are proud of. Today's podcast episode is all about creating deep belief called conviction. The kind of belief that is so strongly held it becomes your identity. This episode will help you visualize what your conviction creates, plant the seed of belief, and outline all the components to nurture and grow that belief. This is your pattern to create conviction for any area of...


Ep #92 - In the Corner

In the corner. . .feeling alone and stuck. For high achievers we work hard, sometimes too hard, trying to make something work that simply isn't (and won't). Today's concept is all about identifying where you might be stuck in guilt and shame, and the process to free yourself and recover your self-worth.


Ep #91 - Wanting More

So often we tell ourselves that it is wrong to want more. "I should be happy. . . I have more than others. . ." and lots of other stuff comes to mind that leads to guilt & shame. It keeps us playing small and safe. But. . .what if wanting more is how we find our freedom? And create freedom for others? This podcast episode explores wanting to more - what keeps us from doing it, how to allow ourselves to want again, and what that opens up in life. It turns out, when we reach for more in our...


Ep #90 - Natural Tendency Thinking

Code blue in room 100. My heart races, the nausea comes. We all have natural tendencies. . .things we do because it is easy or automatic. Things we do without thinking about it because it's just. . . natural. Our mind does the same thing. We have natural tendency thinking. It's automatic. . .meaning our mind automatically delivers it. . .especially during times of stress or uncertainty. Our mind in an instant fills up with doubt, fear, uncertainty. . .and the worst case scenario. Natural...


Ep #89 - Making the Right Decision

All of us want to make the 'right' decision every time. (Smile) Except. . .we are human. And often when growing our life, we don't have a framework that supports this growth. Today's episode will show you why your current framework for making decisions may fail. We'll also cover how to construct a new framework. . .one that leads to an extraordinary life.


Ep #88 - Belief 2021

Chances are you are working on a better version of you. . .this podcast will walk you through the steps of shedding outdated beliefs that are ingrained in your identity, so that you can cultivate new beliefs to create the life you want. It all starts with belief and is fueled by belief. . .you can create this and it's an honor to show you how.


Ep #87 - The Only Thing That Matters

Welcome back - this episode is designed to simplify it all and show you the only thing that matters. . .the only thing that is necessary to Create an Unstoppable. It's so simple and complex. . . and it is a learned behavior. (Smile)


Ep #86 - What Awareness Brings

There are some common patterns that occur within high achievers after starting coaching. . .one of them is what awareness of thinking brings. This episode will explore what follows awareness. . .and how we can choose to think differently about it, and about ourselves. Creating an Unstoppable Life begins with all the opportunities that awareness brings.


Ep #85 - What You Need is NOT Rest

How many times have you been told (or told yourself) that you just need to slow down or rest? Rest may help you to continue to tolerate your life. . .but nothing changes. You don't get closer to answering the calling for your life. This short episode explores why rest is not the answer for creating an unstoppable life. We'll cover what the answers ARE, and how you can apply them. Your calling is waiting. . .the life of fulfillment and freedom is waiting for you to create it. . .and this...


Ep #84 - Another Look at Value

It's easy to forget the value of our lives and our work - especially five months into pandemic living. This short episode is a reminder of why your life matters & how to step into your value and allow it to lead your life and work. Cheering for you & your journey to Unstoppable.