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BFF Series: Friendship Bankruptcy

In the third and final episode in the BFF series, Matt and Bri share their personal experiences of when relationships go bad. Matt shares his personal experience with trouble in friendship and shares a fun way to understand friendship. Bri shares her experiences and continues to laugh through her own struggles with friendship. Don’t forget to rate and review us, email at Info@danddpod.com, Click here for Matt and Bri bios. Follow us on Twitter: @danddpod1, Instagram: danddpod


Ep. 5 BFF Series; I Don't Wanna Grow UP

During this episode Bri and Matt talk about what it was like to have friends while they were growing up, and Bri admits to a secret that she has been holding since she was young. Think, "Who was your best friend." Listen to see what they say, and be sure to engage. Click here for Matt and Bri bios. Follow us on Twitter: @danddpod1, Instagram: danddpod and Email us at: Info@danddpod.com,Matt@danddpod.com, Bri@danddpod.com.


Ep. 4 BFF Series: Friends at Work

In this episode Matt and Bri begin their “BFF” series exploring friendships in the work place. They discuss potential dysfunction and pit falls in work relationships. Using there own experiences and borrowing a little from their own counseling work, they two examine and suggest ways of connecting with co-workers. Be prepared to evaluate your own work experiences as well as challenging your self to healthy boundaries at work, plus a little fun!. Click here for Matt and Bri bios. Follow us on...


Ep. 3 Distracted Lives

Listen to Matt and Bri discuss the struggle of setting boundaries and looking for purpose in life. They have to deal with their dysfunction first before they can be active in setting their goals, purpose, and boundaries. They talk about scarcity and fighting the everyday battle of not having enough, and working towards a fuller more productive life. Matt asks for you to be proactive so that you can start the tireless journey of working towards your personal goals, purposes, and boundaries....


Ep. 2 Dysfunctional Singleness or Not...

Matt and Bri are back at it again in this podcast about dating, relationship, and how what their experience has been. Bri will express her desires as it relates to a new relationship in her life, and Matt will talk about the importance of understanding what you need, and what you want in a relationship. Both talk about singleness and let you know if they believe they are designed for it, or not. Also, listen for an update from the last podcast, where Matt needed to tackle a problem with his...


Ep. 1Dysfunctional Bosses

Matt and Bri chat about their dysfunctional bosses, and one of our hosts has a revelation; addressing his own dysfunctional reactions to a work relationship. You get to know the two host in this pilot episode, with laughs, personal stories and of course a little distraction. Matt and Bri bring their unique experiences quirky personalities and passion for changing the dysfunctional to this not so light-hearted topic: Bosses. Don't forget to rate and review us on all the things. Let us know...