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Ep. 129 - Aaron Doyle Found Avionic skills in the Air force and Creative Skills Chasing his Dream

Aaron Doyle found avionic skills in the airforce and creative skills chasing his dreams. Aaron is an Air Force veteran from Houston, Texas. A multi-talented entrepreneur, graphic novelist, graphic artist, and recording artist. Chasing an Avionics career to support his family while honing his skills. His road like most has not been an easy one. In His Words Along my journey, I wish I would have made better financial decisions. Been fiscally humble in the beginning is oftentimes...


Ep.127 - Mamoun (Memo) Al Maini - Fled Iraq With His Family and Has Found Success in Email Marketing

Mamoun Al Maini also nicknamed Memo is a 21-year-old living in Edinburgh, Scotland studying chemical engineering. Mamoun has a rollercoaster life story to share despite his young age as it had extreme emotional, financial and mental changes. Mamoun was born in Baghdad, Iraq in august 1997. He spent his childhood in Iraq as he was being brought up there. His childhood was very happy as he was surrounded by his family members and other loved ones. However, it took a huge turn when the Iraq...


Ep. 126 - Stephen Colon Grew Up in Construction Then Became a Knucklehead

Stephen Colon spent almost 10 years active-duty and in the reserves for the United States Marine Corps. He grew up working construction and seeing how somebody willing to work could run their own business. In his words... I bought my first business from the guy in the Air Force whenever I was in Iraq. It was a lawn care company and I still get crap to this day for my wife about our slogan “one blade at a time“. We sold the equipment and the list of clients to someone who is running the...


Ep. 125 - Fridays With Donnie Your Not Lazy Your Just Doing the Wrong Thing

There have been times on my journey when I felt lazy in business. The truth was I wasn't lazy I was avoiding a particular portion of work. I was doing other things getting some form of gratification rather than pushing through and doing the thing that would move my career forward. When you look back on your day and feel like you didn't get anything done I would tell you to look at what you did. Did you do things that felt like work but was really busy work to make yourself feel...


Ep. 124 - Marquez Mosher Grew Up In a Split Lifestyle Home and Now Its His Superpower

Marquez Mosher sees the world a bit differently... He has the ability to perceive and understand things from multiple points of view and vantage points. It's a trait he has spent his career, as well as his personal life, constantly cultivating. The results are a personality of leading, heeding, meeting, greeting, talking, walking, befriending, and engaging with people. It has placed him in a very unique position to help others improve their situations, whatever that might be. He is a...


EP. 123 - Daniel Wright From Electrician to Bag Maker To Successful Business Owner

Before starting W Durable Goods in 2012, Daniel Wright spent 12 years working as an electrician. An artist at heart, he always made sure his electrical work looked appealing. “It has to work, but it has to look good, too. If it looks right, people believe it’s right.” Apart from his day job, Daniel has always enjoyed making things with his hands. He initially taught himself to use a sewing machine so he could repair his own clothes but, once he started making bags, it sort of took over - at...


EP. 122 - Tracy Herbert Was Told 40 Years Ago She Would Die With Horrible Complications

40 years ago Tracy Herbert was told by all the medical experts that she would be dead within 20 years. She was told she would never be able to have children, and she would die with horrible complications. In Her Words... At 17 years old, not one person gave me hope! Learning to give myself shots was one of the first things I learned after my Juvenile Diabetes diagnosis. As a senior in high school, I was researching and developing strategies on how to live healthy while all my friends...


EP. 121 - Marc Palumbo - Troubled Teen Finds Life in the Military and After.

Marc Palumbo grew up wit h tough childhood. Through perseverance, he found himself and is now paying it forward. Marc is the owner of Warrior Fortitude, their mission is to teach the methodologies of a psychology of Leadership, change the perceptions of people who are having trouble finding their purpose, the talents of their team, communication, process improvement, using failures as trophies towards greatness! In his words.. When I almost lost everything, my life was at the tipping...


EP. 120 - Fridays With Donnie It's All About Sales and Why You Get In Your Way

Sales is like a dreaded four-letter word only its five. People struggle so much with sales because they can't decide what is going on in their head and reality. Sales is merely a conversation. A conversation with an outcome. You either get a yes, or you get a no, and either option is OK! Don't get hung up on who you need to be. How you need to act. Go have a conversation, get to know them and see where it leads. Yes, you will eventually have to ask for the sale, that's part of the...


EP. 119 - Chris Richards From Military Intelligence to Hypnotherapist and Coach for Entrepreneurs

Meet Chris Richards... Advanced Psychology Coach and Hypnotherapist, for Entrepreneurs If you are: · Practising being Self-Aware but still feeling like you’re missing something important · Feeling stuck, indecisive or confused over what to do to achieve the next level or · Unhappy with a lack of results and have a strong desire to accelerate your growth and scale your business. Chris will work closely with you to better understand the patterns of behaviour or gaps in...


Ep. 118 - Denny Ying is riding a bicycle to raise awareness on mental health struggles and suicide

Denny Ying is riding a bicycle to raise awareness on mental health struggles and suicide while promoting hope and inspiration in life. He started off raising veteran suicide awareness and quickly realized how wide this impact our community. He is looking to involve our first responders, armed forces, and community to raise awareness together. He is going to work on running the New York Marathon on Sunday, November 4th, 2018. His Story... How to go from not having a bicycle to ride...


EP. 117 - Tracy Martino Talks HeartMath and That Our Hearts Do More Than We Think

Tracy Martino is CEO and Founder of Executive Return LLC. She is an Executive Consultant focusing on the science of the brain, heart, and intuition to create trust, engagement, and communication. Her organization, Executive Return, LLC, teaches a more holistic, collaborative way that combines Neuroscience, HeartMath, and wellness so that leaders and teams can master the skills of human behavior to drive engagement and performance. Tracy is a Best-Selling Author of the book, “Cracking...


Ep. 116 - Wally Carmichael Found Himself Then Found Abundance

Wally Carmichael is a leader in Living a Life of Abundance and Prosperity. His No nonsense, fun and exciting approach to life and business stem from his rough background and 25 years as a US Army Airborne Medic. He’s the founder and host of the Men of Abundance Podcast - The Pay it Forward Community, which is downloaded in 63 countries and growing. He is also the founder of Abundance and Prosperity Mastery, where he coaches and consults with business owners to help them unlock $10,000...


Ep. 115 - Fridays With Donnie The Art of Social Selling

This is the speech at the Dallas, TX Builders Association on social selling. Everyone has a secret, a surefire way to make it work or some other nonsense. Let's break it down real simple. Social Selling is two things. It's social and it's the same as regular selling That is the truth. Everything you would do on a sales call is how you should carry yourself on social. Listen in as I give tactical advice on best practices on social selling. If you enjoyed this episode, please Comment...


Ep. 114 - Brian King Learned To Live For His Sons Who Were Diagnosed With Asperger's and ADHD

Brian R. King, MSW grew up with undiagnosed ADHD and Dyslexia. Being mercilessly bullied by peers and some teachers, he grew up believing he was worthless. It wasn’t until high school that Brian discovered his sense of humor and a small group of friends to see him through those years. The ride was about to become far more complicated. Brian’s graduation present from high school was Stage 3 testicular cancer. He spent the summer in chemotherapy fighting for his life and his sanity as...


Ep, 113 - Dale Comstock Delta Force Operator Shares His Story From Combat to Hollywood

Dale Comstock has given 35 years of service to the United States combating U.S. enemies abroad. He served in every campaign from Grenada to the present conflicts that the United States is involved in as a frontline combatant directly engaging the enemy, either as a Paratrooper, Green Beret, Delta Force Operator, or Paramilitary contractor. He has been decorated twice for Valor in combat and is also the famed breacher that explosively breached the Modelo Prison in Panama during the 1989...


Ep. 112 - Kenn Scott Played Found Stardom as a Turtle Found Further Success in Marketing

Kenn Scott was born on a small planet third from the sun during a time known as "the summer of love." Taking his first breath in New York, he quickly moved to North Carolina where he spent the next 18 years learning about music, movies, and martial arts. After graduating from the University of North Carolina with a degree in television and film, Kenn pursued his dreams of Hollywood action hero-dom, eventually winning the role of "Raphael" the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in the hit films of...


Ep. 111 - Ephraim Mattos, a former US Navy SEAL, Shot By Isis Shares His Story

Upon leaving the US Navy in 2017, Ephraim became heavily involved in humanitarian and rescue operations inside Northern Iraq against ISIS while volunteering with the humanitarian organization Free Burma Rangers. On June 2, 2017 he was shot by ISIS while conducting a rescue operation in ISIS-held territory inside West Mosul as a part of the Free Burma Rangers team. The team gained international attention when a video of the rescue went viral on the internet. Ephraim is the author of City of...


Ep. 110 - Fridays with Donnie Boivin How Self-Sabotage Is Hurting You

Self Sabotage is like moving through life strapped to a rubber band. You find success begin to move forward and the wham yanked back to your safe zone of now growth. Its the constant Yo-Yo effect of life. How do you stop sabotaging yourself and move forward and keep moving forward? In this episode its all about pushing past your own boundaries and your own limitations without the rebound. If you enjoyed this episode, please Comment Share and leave a review... Come Hang With US as WE...


Ep. 109 - Thomas Ladegaard a California Attorney That Records The Memories Senior Citizens

Thomas Ladegaard is a San Diego California business attorney in his 15th year of practice. He worked at different law firms around the county and dabbled in different practice areas, but found he was unfulfilled being away from his children while chasing billable hours and working in firms with toxic cultures. Thomas decided to interview his 96-year-old grandfather and record his life story, then taught himself video editing, resulting in a video documentary of his grandfather's...