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0090 - Kick Ass Fridays with Donnie The 3 Things Ireland Did To Change My Business For The Better

Ireland can be summed up in one... HolyWowFreakingBadassAndAwesome... See one word. Nine days, 1500 miles and memories. My wife and I drove across one the most beautiful countries in the world exploring a whole new world. It's not every day, and American gets to: Simply put it was a great time. This episode, however, is all about how Ireland changed my business From one guy and his dog on a mountain to raincoats. This is a fun episode. If Ireland is on your bucket list then let me tell...


0089 - Dr. Stevie Dawn Found Herself in Dancing and Built and Empire in Training

Dr. Stevie Dawn serves as CEO of Stevie Dawn Inspires, a platform dedicated to inspiring others to lead their best lives. Whether through her corporate training brand, Orange Compass, or her entrepreneurship coaching program, Brick-by-Brick, Stevie Dawn brings her education, experience, and humor to inspire all audiences. She has owned multiple small businesses and specializes in uncovering the human-side of business through communication, emotional intelligence, and leadership. She...


0088 - Corey Christman Has Used His Military Experience To Find Success in Business

Corey M. Christman serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Vethos, LLC - a Human Capital Leadership and executive strategy firm and a Senior Partner at the Center For Victory. He’s a retired Supervisory Special Agent, United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Since retiring in 2012, he’s worked within the veteran advocacy space and is currently partnered with several key leaders to raise awareness for mental/behavioral health for...


0087 - Tracy Timm Spent The First Quarter of Her Life Figuring Things Out Now She Helps Others Do The Same

Tracy Timm is a born-and-raised Texas girl with a Texas-sized dream--to help create a world where people can find (or create) work that capitalizes on their own unique genius rather than settle for something that pays them a lot of money but makes them dreading Mondays. In Her Words... Are you a burned-out, high-potential young professional who dreads going to work every day? Do you feel like you have to pretend to be someone you’re not in your career? Are you overwhelmed by the options...


0086 - Chris Griffith a Former US Marine that had to figure out his way after he lost his chosen path.

Chris Griffith is a Former US Marine that had to figure out his way after he lost his chosen path. in his words... I hate typing Bios, I'm never really quite sure what to say. I mean, I'm normal enough I guess; I am a sinner saved by grace, I have an amazing wife of nearly 11 years, 3 beautiful daughters, a dog, and a cat. All far more than I deserve. I'm kind of an awkward dick; but in a semi-funny, helpful way (does that make sense?) I Grew up in a small town in north Texas the son...


0085 - Kick-Ass Fridays with Donnie: Getting Out of Your Own Damn Way

Spent most of my life trying to impress people by pretending to be someone I am not. I looked up to people and put people on pedestals trying to get people to see what I thought was my best side. It was frustrating always living up to my own hype and trying to be what I thought others wanted to see. Once I stopped trying to impress people and going for it life change dramatically. The biggest change came through when I decided to the one thing that would bring reality to the front. I bet...


0084 - John Nastav Author and 3 Tour Vietnam Veteran

Today on the show we have Vietnam veteran John Nastav. Author of the book: "In Thy Mother's Honor." He is calling for the government to redeem his Purple Hearts and promotion. In this interview we talk about his experiences Vietnam, personal life, VA hospitals, and the affects of agent orange. He wrote a book, under the pen name, I. M. Waiting, and wrote a nevel titled, “In Thy Mother’s Honor,” discussing his experiences in Vietnam. You can find out more about John’s book and purchase it on...


0083 - Lance Footer Legally Blind 3-Time National Track Cyclist and VIP Sketchbook Cover Artist Shares His Journey from Homelessness to Comic Con

Lance Footer was born legally blind. A 3-time NATIONAL TRACK CHAMPION in the men's tandem pursuit. Originally from New England, but now reside in Greenville, South Carolina. He had been racing in time trials since the fall 2012 and a part of the USABA, and have traveled to the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Spring three times; this is where he learned how to race on a tandem. Art has always been a love of his. He uses a magnifying glass to help in putting his dreams to paper. He...


0082 - Tasneem Abrahams - Struggling to Find Resources For Her Patients Created Website For People with Disabilities South Africa

Tasneem Abrahams is an occupational therapist, who, in her 30's and with 4 kids under the age of 10, took a complete detour, up skilled herself in the art and practice of WordPress webs design and online marketing, and started her own business. She now refers to herself as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and firmly believes that it is never too late to learn something new or follow a completely different career path. In her words I still practice occupational therapy, mainly in a...


0081 - Alejandro Garcia Discovered His Business by Rejuvenating an Old Family Trade

David Alejandro Garcia the rejuvenator to an old family trade. He was the first generation in his family line to born outside of Texas. He grew up in the south side of Chicago but after the events of 9/11 he left to enter the United States Marine Corps at MCRD. Station in Camp Pendleton, CA he served Honorably until 2006. He then traveled north a few hours to Los Angeles where he became a commercial diver and then earned a job topside as one of the Superintendents to a private stevedore...


0080 - Kick-Ass Fridays With Donnie Finding Your Strengths

I spent years focused on improving my weaknesses. Trying to get good at things that did not seem to come naturally. What I found was a lot of frustration, lack of success and almost depression. Once I discovered what my strengths I changed plans and got focused on going big. Finding Your Strengths is about discovering what makes you badass. Allowing you to unleash your full potential and go for it. This episode is all about working on your strengths and creating the life you have always...


0079 - Tyson Sharpe Found Himself Broke A Long Way From Home and Lost, Then One Thing Changed It All

Tyson Sharpe Travel abroad trying to discover himself. Hitting rock bottom he found that new life after an online course. in his words.. In the last 3 years, I have coached over 150 digital marketers, one on one, helping them achieve more freedom, income, and impact in their business. I do this by helping them uncover and shift their self-sabotaging patterns of fear, doubt, frustration, and procrastination. Trust me, I was there too! For the first 9 months of my coaching business, I had...


0078 - Heather Vickery Found Herself With In Major Life Transformation After 13 Years of Marriage and Discovered Her True Self

Heather Vickery is an award-winning entrepreneur, business owner, and transformational life and business coach. But Heather isn’t just a savvy businesswoman − she’s an inspiration. The founder of Vickery and Co., Heather is a featured expert on achieving an authentic and meaningful life and designing your own roadmap for balance and success. A mother of four, Heather’s world turned upside down after a major life transformation, and divorce, suddenly, she had the freedom to be her most...


0077 - Jessica Yarbrough A Single Mom Who Found Success in Finding Herself

Jessica Yarbrough is the creator of the CEO Babe brand. She is a successful marketing strategist and a leading business consultant for female entrepreneurs. Jessica helps women leverage their unique gifts to create High-end coaching programs, multiple streams of income and build their online empires. Her adventures have taken her from burning out in the startup world to spending several years backpacking the world solo, to becoming a single mama with no money and finally to building a...


0076 - Shelly Rood Learned That Almost Losing Her Eyesight Helped See The World.

Shelly Rood is shattering stereotypes as the leading speaker/presenter in Metro Detroit. Known as "Miss Ambitious", she is a renowned personal development expert, featured at groups like Oakland Community College, State Farm, and CrossFit. Shelly is in her 16th year of military service with the US Army Reserves- she's met so many incredible women, it's become her mission to celebrate fellow tactical beauties. Shelly recently launched "Missilia - Women for God, Country & Each Other"....


0075 - Kick-Ass Fridays with Donnie How to Start A Side Business When You Work A Full Time Job

I spent my career making other people wealthy. Sales job to sales job I would sell my ass off and the company would profit. I knew what I signed up for, so it's my fault. 20 years living someone else's dream before I jumped out on my own. This episode is all about how to start a side business while you work a full-time job. It's not easy, and you are going to put a lot of time in. Put to sleep any notions that this is a cakewalk; it's going to take some time but its entirely doable. If you...


0074 - David Valentine Learns You Have to Go Through it to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

David Valentine is your everyday poet, prophet, painter who loves to create engaging marketing by crafting brand experiences that make a lasting impression. He launched Rethink Creative in the Spring of 2013 with a simple idea to bring tremendous ROI to each and every client the agency served. David’s worked with name brands from the Fortune 500, as well as regional and statewide companies, all the way down to small craft breweries. He lives in Fort Worth with his wife, 3 small kids, and...


0073 - Chris Dees - A High-school Dropout That Beat The Odds and is Chasing His Dreams,

Chris Dees is a native Texan that, like most, grew up in a lower class family that split apart soon after he became a teenager. He bounced back and forth from parent to parent until he moved out on his own at 16. He started working full time and went to school part-time... His grandparents ran a family business taking care of oil and gas wells. At 17 he quit school completely to go work in their business driving my grandfather around after he shattered both of his legs in an auto accident....


0072 - Keon Torres Grew Up in Harlem and Acting and Music Changed His Life Trajectory

Hip Hop Artist, Actor & Model Keon Torres, Born & Raised December 17, 1991 in Harlem World New York City who brings a versatile style with his charm & charisma when he delivers as an overall entertainer. His debut album "1412" available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, TIDAL etc. is what he calls his greatest masterpiece by delivering different sounds & feelings. He performed many high caliber shows with his DJ, DJ Smilez performing 45 minutes to 1 hour sets without breaking a...


0071 - Sheryle Gillihan Found Her Purpose in Work Helping Children Find Oppurtunity

Sheryle Gillihan spending a year in the military, seven years as a stay-at-home mother, and four years in corporate America taught Sheryle to seek purpose and to value meaningful work. In 2010, she joined CauseLabs, a software development company working with non-profits and social enterprises to scale their missions and solve problems worth solving. It blended her experience with technology with her passion for giving back. Today, in addition to her role as CauseLabs CEO, Sheryle serves on...