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Ep: 165 - Fridays with Donnie and How I learned the Hard The Hard Way to Seek Advice From Others

I can remember it pretty well. I was Right around six months into my starting my company and looking at the revenue coming into my business and the bills I had to pay both personally and for my company. The numbers didn't add up. I mean, they weren't even close, and I didn't know what was going to be the right move. It was at that point that I realized that I hadn't been a business owner. I hadn't been running my business like a business. I created a job for myself. Part of that reason was...


EP: 164 Keya McClain - Self-Publishing Coach, Author, Storyteller

Keya McClain’s journey into adulthood after graduation didn’t begin at college like many of her peers. She had a baby boy at 18 and turned 19 the day after having him. She was a single mother who went on to get her Associates in Applied Science for Paralegal Studies, a Bachelor is Arts in Legal Studies and a Master of Arts in legal analysis. She worked at some of the largest law firms in St. Louis Missouri as a data entry clerk, legal secretary, legal assistant/paralegal and for the U.S....


EP:163 Tim Alison is Screwing the Naysayers and Expecting More From Life

Tim Alison is a lifelong entrepreneur, business coach, best-selling author and host of the Screw the Naysayers Podcast Show. At age 31, Tim walked away from a six figure income and moved to a tiny fishing village in Nova Scotia, Canada. The naysayers laughed when he said he was starting an educational software company and then they stopped laughing when his sales topped $10 million. His life philosophy is simple - Know the Life You Want and Have the Courage to Live It. At age 60, Tim...


EP:162 Lance Essihos Overcoming Failure and Tragedy

Lance Essihos is a former high level hockey player that got knocked off his course and forced to make a change. He moved from Canada to Australia in pursuit of something more and instead it lead him to a life of drinking and partying that he hated. In the course of two years, he lost his brother and his father and he realized he needed to change. Although he managed a top bar in Australia, he spent the year of 2017 not drinking himself. Now, Lance is on a journey to inspire the best way...


EP: 161 - Drew Taddia is a Freedom Fighter For Healthy Living

In short, part ninja, part athlete, park monk and a part of this world. Why these handful of descriptions? Because life isn’t that serious, because we all have a ninja secretly hidden deep down, because we all want to give and are a part of this world, and most of us have a peaceful calming deep down that we’re looking to find. Part Ninja. Because of my cat like reflexes, slacklining ability and mysterious, seemingly magical powers. Part Athlete. Growing up as one, the drive to...


EP. 160 - Finding Influencers on Fridays with Donnie

I’ve been in the sales game for 20 years. The crazy thing is I never wanted to be in sales. That is the door that opened up for me. What I have learned is everything you do in person to create a business is the same online. Online you still must give before you ever receive. Sales are just a conversation that has an outcome. It is straightforward and simple to do you just have to be willing to get out of your way and become something greater. In this episode it is all about finding...


EP: 159 - Trish Leto Dropping Knowledge and Changing the Game With Facebook Lives

Navy Veteran and mother of 2, social media profiting trainer, and speaker, Trish Leto helps business professionals increase revenue by teaching them how to monetize their live video content. If you enjoyed this episode, please Comment Share and leave a review… Come Hang With US as WE Discuss The Show Want to start a podcast? Join the Conversation in our Facebook Group Success Champions Each Sunday we send out an email with the 5 episodes that...


EP: 158 - Brent Thompson Founder of Texas Ale Project Shares His Craft Beer Story

BRENT THOMPSON is the Founder/Brewery Production Manager at Texas Ale Project. Brent served in the United States Navy as a flight deck operator for 4 years after high school. After the Navy and finishing his college degree, he in partnership with his wife and wife’s parents, started Texas Ale Project, a Dallas-based craft brewery. Brent currently serves as the Production Manager and Head Brewer. He loves brewing quality beer, bringing people together, and keeping customers happy. If...


Ep. 157 - Chad Hennings: Dallas Cowboy and Former A10 Pilot Shares His Story

In order to attain excellence one must first live a lifestyle of excellence. Excellence isn’t a destination; it’s an identity. Chad Hennings has lived this message through a nine ­year NFL career and three Super Bowl Championships with the Dallas Cowboys, forty­ five successful combat missions flying A­10 jets with the Air Force, and as one of the most decorated college football players in NCAA history. Chad has taken this message across the world at the invitation of some of the most...


Ep. 156 - Christmas Special Hear the stories from Guests and Fans About What Christmas Means to them

In this very special episode, you will hear the Christmas stories from fans and guests of the show. Christmas is a magical time the lights, the trees, the family I love everything about Christmas. Especially giving presents and watching peoples faces when they see what they got. Enjoy these awesome people as they share stories thoughts and heartfelt memories. Thank You Alison Donaghey Cheryl Meyer Donald Dodson Erol Ertumen Heather Vickery Jaime Scott Jared Devante Kevin...


EP. 155 - Fridays with Donnie Stepping into the Fire and Taking Risks

Ever been to a conference and got all fire up and ready to rock? Then you get home, and the flame is gone? In this episode of Fridays with Donnie it's all about stepping into your fire and taking risks. It is not just the actions you take it's about taking big enough risks that you actually evolve into something more. The person you are now is not the person you need to become to get where you want to go. You must go bigger and louder. You must shock the system with uncomfortableness...


EP. 154 - Johnny Rock Actor, Comedian and Childhood Abuse Survivor

Johnny Rock is an actor known for roles in the TV series"Have and Have Nots", Movies The Expendables, I love you Philip Morris, and the Disaster movie. Johnny was born in Jacksonville Florida. He grew up in New Orleans La where he became a stand up comedian at the age of 18 years old. In 1984 he was a finalist in Showtimes "Funniest Person in America" competition. In 1988 he began working in radio (KONO AM-FM) while living in San Antonio, TX where he also owned and operated an Elvis...


EP. 153 - Terry Maynard Turned His Hobby Into a Business - Challenge Coins

Terry Maynard is the founder of a fairly diverse company, Pitch and Rudder, LLC that makes all kinds of awesome stuff! Known for Challenge Coins and Belt buckles, we make 5K medals, fidget spinners, Patches and a ton of other loveys! PnR was Officially founded in 2016, but they've been making coins, selling them out of different facebook coin groups since 2014. Once people started asking me to design coins for their commands and Chiefs Messes I knew it was time to legit and get an...


EP. 152 - Josh Costner is Changing the World with Disaster Mitigation and Prevention

Josh Costner grew up in a military/government family, spending the first several years of life in the San Fransisco bay area, then moving frequently across the country with his family, as his father's duty stations changed. While the family environment was very ideal and loving, his parents split when he was in his late teens, with he and his siblings staying with his mother. Living conditions dropped to poverty levels quickly due to his mother's nervous breakdowns. He joined to Army soon...


Ep. 151 - Stephanie Johnson Found Herself Teaching Others How to Be Single and Thrive

A force to be reckoned with, Stephanie Johnson unapologetically leads the charge for self-awareness in single and dating professionals. Her mission; There's more to being single than dating". She believes that one's single life should be a well-rounded and fulfilling experience that involves a great deal of self-awareness, sober thinking, and healthy decision making. The year was 2014. After having escaped a "red-flag" relationship, Stephanie realized inner work needed to be done, and she...


EP. 150 - Fridays with Donnie Jumping Into The Fire and Facing Your Fears

There is no growth without experience. There is no experience without facing your fears. You must do the things that freak you out to discover what you are made of. I had to face some of my biggest fears to discover what made me, me. It was tough and I learn a lot but through it all, I figured out who I am. Join me on this episode as I talk you through facing your fears and becoming a newer better version of you. If you enjoyed this episode, please Comment Share and leave a...


EP. 149 Garrett Wood Proves a Bartender is a Counselor, Consultant, Mentor and Therapist

After spending years behind a bar Garret Wood was looking for something new Garrett is the Owner and Head educator at Gnosis Therapy. A pain and performance clinic in Long Beach Ca. They help Atheltic people get out of pain and back into the sport, with Bodywork. They help passionate people turn breakdowns into breakthroughs, with Hypnotherapy. Garrett enjoys challenging people to change their minds, to change their results. You are the solution. Where using compassionate coaching,...


Ep. 148 - Charles (Chuck) Mund A Wild and Crazy Youth That Found His way After Joining The Navy

Charles (Chuck) Mund was born and raised in Southern Wisconsin. At the age of 18 he decided to join the Navy and enlisted on April 19th, 2005. After completing Boot-camp he was sent to Meridian, MS for AZ A-School. Soon after he checked on board to Fleet Readiness Center SE in Jacksonville, FL. His second duty station was with the Tridents, Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron Three, working with the SH-60F and HH-60H Helicopters, deploying with the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) in 2008...


EP 147 - Jared Latigo From Typical Broke Middle Class to Living a Life of Abundance

Jared Latigo was living his life like a typical middle-class family paycheck to paycheck. He knew one catastrophic event would ruin his family financially. Finally fed up he and his was decided it was time to do something about it. In His Words... I’m Jared Latigo, a financial wellness consultant with a catch, I won’t try to sell you anything. That’s right. I strictly educate and train individuals, families, and employees in corporate settings on how to properly manage finances. The end...


EP. 146 - Brandyn Cox Went From Being a Military Police Officer to World Class Tax Man

Brandyn Cox formed BMC Accounting LLC while he was in his sophomore college year at the University of Toledo. He attended college after separating from the Army in 2013 as a military police officer. Active duty for 6 years with a tour to Afghanistan. In His Words... Upon returning home, I found it was very difficult to find a job that offered health insurance, which I needed since I was married and the wife’s job did not offer it. I worked for a few companies, never making more than...