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Losing Yourself In Sex Addiction: Mind Mapping Your Way Back Home - Case Study - Panels 4, 5 & 6

Sex addiction is like a drug addiction. The highs are momentary, and the lows can be devastating. The chase for the drug creates the WTF or repetition principle. When stuck in this addiction, "Max", our case study reports feelings of being unwanted, unlovable, and ugly. In order to form true intimacy, the wounds of the past needs to be cleared away and a new blueprint has to be put in place.


Losing Yourself In Sex Addiction: Mind Mapping Your Way Back Home - Case Study - Panels 1, 2 & 3

Tonight we mind mapped sexual addiction. Sexual addiction is not a really about sex, it is about addiction to releasing brain chemicals that temporary alleviate the pain of human disconnect. "Max" our volunteer cause study showed us how his blueprint of neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and verbal abuse set him up for a "WTF" of repeating a pattern of lack of intimacy, abandonment, and etc. that feed his negative core belief. That he is ugly, worthless and unlovable. Thank you Max for...


Back to School Anxiety

Going back to school is both exciting and threatening for many. School brings up many feelings from the excitement of returning with sharpen pencils, a new lunch box and fresh notebook paper, to the fear of being bullied, and in the very worst case scenario, the fear of school shootings. Many children also fear separation anxiety. Parents oftentimes bring their children to therapy because their children are clinging on to their mothers/fathers for dear life, afraid to go into the classroom....


Revenge Vs Justice From a Mind Map Perspective

Revenge. A very human desire to hurt those who have hurt you. The only problem with revenge is that it doesn't bring closure to the situation. Hurt begets more hurt. An eye for an eye philosophy begets many blind people. The goal of revenge often is to get rid of the pain and make others who inflicted pain "feel" it. Justice on the other hand completes the psychological file by bringing closure. It elevates the people by bringing balance, ethics, morals to the situation. Revenge fantasies...


Case Study: Mind Mapping Satanic Ritual Abuse - Panels 7, 8, 9

In this episode we processed Raquel's paradigm shift into the Truth of who she is--authentically kind, empathic, creative and playful. When the poisons of the past are reprocessed, we get to Be The Cause of Part 2 of our lives and Recode into health. Join Dr. Judy in September (14,15, 16) for her Mind Map Seminar at the beautiful Sherman Oaks California location. Register early and receive $300 off the fee. Leave your email and we will send you more information. Satanic ritual abuse can be...


Case Study: Mind Mapping Satanic Ritual Abuse - Panels 4,5,6

Case Study: Mind Mapping Satanic Ritual Abuse - Panels 4,5,6


Case Study: Mind Mapping Satanic Ritual Abuse Panels 1-2-3

Satanic ritual abuse can be seen as an extreme version of the double dungeon of darkness. When people are inflicted ritualistically and the receiver of these wounds is trapped In a satanic culture people who fall prey often times have been abused by their family of origin when their parents are involved in the abuse it takes it to a whole new level because not only are they being abused by their parents they are now abused by the participants of the ritual. They need a pathway out of this...


Covert Incest and Emotional Enmeshment

Covert incest is where children and parents become inappropriately enmeshed in order to serve the parent's emotional needs. Boundaries are crossed, and at times the child is treated like a "little husband," "little wife," or best friend. Dr. Murray Bowen talks about enmeshment and lack of differentiation as a system gone wrong. Children are triangulated into this dysfunctional system in order to "balance" the dysfunction and get sick in the process. They may turn to drugs and other...


Narcissistic Parenting - A Set Up For Suicide

This Thursday, Dr. Judy will be speaking about Narcissistic Parenting - A Set Up For Suicide (Case Study)