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26: Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, Ph.D | Being a Whole Woman Part 1

In my quest to want to be a Whole Woman, I found that Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife teachings really resonated with me. For the next two weeks, we have the privilege to learn from Jennifer, a licensed psychotherapist with a Ph.D in Counseling Psychology. This week Jennifer talks to us about the importance of self-growth. She shares with us what can often be roadblocks for us to find the desire to push ourselves. We talk about women and receiving and why it can be difficult and what to do about...


25: What Will Your Love Story Be? | Dedicated to Kay & Leon Glines

This past week my sweet father-in-law was reunited with his sweet wife. She passed away a year ago. At a time like this many thoughts go through your head. We were blessed to have this beautiful couple be an example of everlasting love. A true love story. It has made me ask myself what will my love story be? What legacy will I leave behind? I invite you to join me in pondering these quesitons.


24: Shaunti Feldhahn, Best Selling Author | For Women Only

It was such a pleasure to interview Shaunti Feldhahn. I hope you will enjoy learning from her as much as I did! When I discovered her book For Women Only, I found a treasure. Every woman needs to read this book! Her research is phenomenal. And as she put it, "it isn't rocket science" but it is often an area we don't talk about enough; the differences between men and women. Ladies, empower yourself-listen to this podcast and consider doing the exercise she shares at the end.


23: Jeff Ford, MS, LMFT | The Soul of a Man Part 2

This is part 2 of my interview with Jeff Ford, LMFT. He shares with us what some women do wrong that causes men to seek acceptance elsewhere. We discuss the natural DNA of a man and then Jeff dives into pornography and the challenge it is for men. He steps us through the process of how to help a husband who views pornography as well as how a wife can find help for her. We end with how we as wives can encourage our husbands to be our Knights in Shining Armor. I learned so much from Jeff and...


22: Jeff Ford, MS, LMFT | The Soul of a Man Part 1

This interview with Jeff Ford changed me as a mom of 4 son's. It empowered me to be an advocate for my son's and my husband. Jeff talks to us about how the world is emasculating men and how it affects them. We discuss boys and their true DNA and bullying at school. Jeff educates us about ADHD and ADD, and how schools do population control. I had never learned about this before! We also discuss the importance of boys and men - being boys and men. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I...


21: Good marriage? | Why You Should Keep Working On It!

First, we should never wait for our marriage to start struggling before we start to work on it! And I don't believe we can afford to just wing it anymore. Most of us weren't taught all we needed to know when we said yes to this union. We need tools and skills to maneuver through this messy thing called marriage and life. It is really quite amazing how simple new knowledge can enhance our lives. It doesn't take that much time, but it does take us choosing to be intentional.


20: Joree Rose, LMFT | The Power of Mindfulness

I had the privilege to interview Joree Rose LMFT, mindful educator, author, and speaker about the power of mindfulness in our daily lives, relationships and families. She has so many insights and takeaways you can start using right away to create mindfulness in your life. Learn the ABCs of mindfulness "Awareness", "Breath", and "Choice". She teaches mindfulness is the practice of living your life with greater awareness, attention, and intention. It is a practice in which we can become...


19: Habitual Reactions | Our Reactions Become Habitual

Today I discuss how our reactions are often habitual. Habits we have created from our Attachment Style and our Blueprints. But we do not have to be a victim of our habitual reactions. We can learn a better way!! YAY! Our goal in life is to increase our happiness, we can do this by choosing to learn new ways of being that help us become a better version of ourselves! In this podcast, I share with you doable steps to help you learn how to not allow surface emotions to dictate how you will...


18: Meet My Man | His Thoughts On the Intense Woman

My husband Jeff has been my greatest supporter! He has been my guinea pig through this entire process, and still continues to be! As I went on my journey to discover more happiness in my life and marriage, I discovered The Intense Woman! She had stolen my life away! Not to mention made Jeff walk on eggshells. (no one should live that way) Jeff and I chat about how The Intense Woman affected him. We then discuss how it has changed us as I have kicked her to the curb! We also discuss the...


17: Geoff Steurer, LMFT | Creating a Secure Bond

Geoff Steurer is trained in EFT couples therapy. (Emotional Focused Therapy) This therapy is based on Dr. Sue Johnson's research. Every individual has their own attachment style which is influenced by their upbringing. Geoff gives a short explanation of these attachments styles, but then we move right into how we can choose to create a secure bond with our spouse. A secure attachment style is ideal. And if we do not have a secure attachment style we can actually work towards it. We do not...


16: Emotions are Contagious | Act Instead of React

Has your spouse ever come home in a bad mood and all of a sudden now you are in a bad mood? Would you like to stop catching other's negative emotions? It is totally possible - you can learn a fairly simple way to process other's emotions without catching them! There is a space between the trigger and our reaction that most of us do not recognize. Empower yourself by learning a better way - I share it with you in this podcast!


15: Laura M Brotherson | Sex-Vital For a Healthy Marriage:P2

I continue my conversation with Laura M. Brotherson LMFT, CST, on intimacy in marriage. I am so grateful for her work. Our conversation is very open and is not meant for younger ears. Laura talks about that marriage is all about self-development. None of us were taught everything we needed to know to have a successful marriage. Intimacy is part of that development. We also discuss the importance of educating our children and our young adults who are getting married. Let's teach our kids and...


14: 14: Laura M Brotherson | Sex-Vital For a Healthy Marriage:P1

I learned so much from interviewing Laura M. Brotherson LMFT, CST. I love her energy and determination to educate women about intimacy in marriage and the importance of embracing our sexual being. We have a very candid conversation that may not be meant for younger ears. Sex is a big part of marriage, and rarely are we set up for success. I am so grateful for the work Laura has done, I know she continues to bless the lives of women everywhere. I hope you too find this information helpful!


13: Becoming a Whole Woman | Connecting to Your Sexual Being

Sexual intimacy is a big part of marriage, but very few of us are set up for success in this area. We often struggle to talk about the positive aspects of sex. Did you know that we all are sexual beings? This is not a negative or bad thing. But because society has perverted what sex really is, we struggle to find a healthy balance. It is imperative for women to learn and understand that they are a sexual being and God made them that way. We are meant as husband and wife to enjoy intimacy...


12: Female Exec Bank VP | The Power in Being True to Yourself

I was interested in Crystal's story when I heard as she worked her way up in the cooperate world, she started out thinking she needed to be someone other than her authentic self. Being in the banking world she felt she needed to come across more masculine in her dress and interactions. As she progressed in her career and became a mom she recognized the power in being true to herself. I believe this is a powerful lesson for women to learn. I do connect it to the feminine power we have within...


11: Denim Slade PhD, LMFT | Connecting to Our Femininity P:2

Why should women be connected to their feminine side? Dr. Slade talks to us about the importance of us being connected to our femininity. I have walked my own journey with connecting to my feminine side and have learned the power we have within ourselves as women when we do.


10: Denim Slade PhD, LMFT | Understanding Our Blueprints P:1

We each have our individual blueprints. These are created from our upbringing and our social circumstances. Learning about your blueprints and discovering your attachment style allows you to change behaviors instead of being a victim to your blueprint. We can actually alter them to help us be a healthier version of ourselves! It is empowering! Cognitive Cycles has been a life changing exercise for me. I am so grateful to Dr. Slade for being willing to step us through this process. Denim L...


9: Consistency | The #1 Challenge of Being Human

If you have ever struggled with being consistent, don't worry you are human. Human nature is to be complacent. So you are fighting against your own DNA. Most of us have very good intentions, but unfortunately, intentions are not enough to create being intentional. Hopefully my podcast today will inspire you to be kind to yourself during self-growth, and also encourage you to move forward with intention by being intentional. This is how you will increase the happiness in your life.


8: Depression | Understanding Depression and Finding Hope

Iuri Melo’s is an LCSW. I love his enthusiasm for life. Iuri shares, “Know Better, Do Better, Feel Better”, this follows my belief that knowledge is empowering! Our conversation concentrated on tools we can use to deal with depression. He also shares ways we can become mindful and not allow the depression to overtake us. We discuss how to work with a spouse who deals with depression as well as our kids. In a world that is so full of confusion and pressure, we all need to understand these...


7: Love | Creating That In-Love Feeling

Everyone can fall in-Love but staying in-love is created. I can't tell you how often I hear individuals say, "we just don't love each other anymore, we've fallen out of love." Or "I love my spouse but I am not in-love with them." It is so important to understand longterm love. We are wrong to think that after the I do's it should just naturally happen like the falling-in-love part did. We have to be open and talk about this, so more married couples will choose to fight for and create that...