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80: What Really Matters to You This Year? Get Attuned with What Your Heart & Soul Have to Tell You About 2019

There are SO many things you could do and give your life force and resources, which is why it is not only wise but essential to take a pause and get clear about what really matters to you, and you get real about what the Universe is guiding you to this year. You have heard the saying “follow your heart”? That is not just some nice refrigerator magnet. That is a life directive. You’ve heard the saying, “Trust the Universe Has your Back” well if you are not communicating with the Universe,...


SALON - A Different Way to Dream: Vision, Plan & Focus Your Year, The Feminine Way 2019

There is a misunderstanding in our culture about visioning, dreaming and goals setting that stems from the go,go, go,work hard, stay busy, mindset we've been trained to operate from in the distorted versions of masculine and feminine power in our mainstream systems. Even big misunderstandings about manifesting, the law of attraction, and vision boards of baseline spiritual teaching that lead to self criticism & stress later in the year. The good news is this....There is another way, a...


79: AWAKEN: Wake Up to What the Universe is Trying to Show You About You & This Coming Year!

As we embark on the journey into a new year poised to be full of more intensity, change and stepping into the unknown, it’s oh so essential to make sure that your Wisdom Channels are as clear as possible. The challenge is that you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. The Universe is trying to get your attention, trying to show you things you can't see or understand yet, or maybe you don't want to see (because then you would have to do something about it!) You can waste a lot...


78: Resisting Change and Our Callings: How to Move Through It with Compassion, Courage and Grace

These final three weeks of the year offer us a tremendous amount of power to gain the courage and compassion to meet the changes and opportunities ahead in 2019 - if you know how to work with the natural cycle and apply it to your life, work, relationships. Which is why I’m creating this 3 part series of Feminine Power Time for you called EMERGE - signifying how you will emerge as you step through the threshold into the new year. The time before December Solstice, Dec 20th, the days are...


77: How Wise Women Complete Their Year

How you complete this year will have a big impact on how you start and live next year. Wise women with smarts know it's way too easy to get caught up in the collective holiday madness and frenzy that is pulling you to do too many things that lead to over spending, eating, scheduling, doing and working. Even if they are things you WANT to do... or feel like you SHOULD do. The collective is speeding up and spending lots of energy, money and time outside while the natural world is slowing down...


76: It’s Not Okay with Us!: Channeling our Fierce Feminine Feelings to Fuel Our Work, Fuel Our Life-force and Change The World

Our feminine power comes from our ability to feel deeply in our hearts, for the world, for what we care about, for those we care about, and ourselves. But in a world with so much chaos and distortion, domination, etc… how do you BE with those feelings of anger, sadness, grief, even despair without letting them run you, depress you, or send you into a bout of rage or blame, or just complete overwhelm? The last few weeks I’ve been riding the feeling waves from despair to anger, some days...


75: THANK YOU for Making A Difference: Take a Pause to Receive The Impact You've Had

This Feminine Power Time is a big boost of gratitude and love from my heart to yours... an invitation to take a pause to SEE and FEEL the impact you are making in this world. Because I know you ARE making a difference. Yes, there is more to do, the days you feel like you aren't doing enough, but the underlying truth is that you are making a BIG difference, but you likely aren't receiving the truth of what a difference you are making. We are more powerful and less overwhelmed as women in our...


POWER PAUSE: Complete the Year Strong, Sane and Sustained, Stay Out of the Swirl.

When you pause in November to get clear about how you COULD spend your energy, time and resources and then mindfully choose where to focus in your work, relationships, and personal health ... you are so much more likely to end the year feeling good about your choices, and so start the year ready and regenerated for what is to come. This practice is called POWER PAUSING. Wise women do it 4-8 times a year at key points that harmonize us with the natural cycles. Specifically we do it in...


51b: Why Women Hide and Hold Back

Why is it that we women hide and hold back? When our inner wisdom whispers, or screams, at us to step forward, be more visible, speak up, be a force for change, give our great work, be seen in new ways that can feel vulnerable... why can even the most courageous confident woman hold back, procrastinate, distract herself with busyness, and any other of a myriad of strategies we employ that keeps us smaller than we are and less seen that we need to be? There are real reasons we distract and...


(Update) SALON: Crazy Wisdom: Conjuring Up Courage & Clarity in Intense Times

Courageous Women feel fear and have doubt too, the difference is they meet and move through the uncertainty to make choices that feel right for them…regardless of what is considered acceptable or feels comfortable. Some call this crazy, I name it brave. If you look back through herstory you’ll see powerful women who dared to conjure up courage to step past their own fear and the projection of fear placed on them from others to follow their heart’s deep wisdom. These trailblazers were often...


74: Feminine Leadership: What Does it Look Like to Lead As A Woman?

Most women operate at half power, trying to assimilate into ways of working that don't support how we naturally operate and create, undervaluing ourselves and our work, and taking more responsibility than is ours to take on. We care about the world. We want to make things better. But the way we've learned to lead and work is based on models that do not support nor tap into our 'feminine' power and wisdom. But what the heck is the 'feminine' and why do we need it? Can't we just all try to be...


73: Dream Partnerships: Creating a Relationship Where Both People Thrive

Couples who dream together thrive together. People who are clear and centered in their own dream create partnerships that support them to soar. Sadly, most of us have never been taught how to create such relationships. We are kinda clueless about what 'dreaming' together really is, and how to create the kinds of relationship where both people's dreams can be met. It's so easy to get bogged down by the day to day reality that our relationships can become all about getting through our lives,...


72: Stop the Madness: Staying Present to What's Happening in the World without Adding to the Fear and Frenzy

How do we "BE" with what we are seeing in the world all around us - the anger, the greed, the disrespect, the separation, etc. etc.- without becoming consumed by it, sucked into it or feeling like we have to spiritually bypass it? How do you speak up, stand up and show up to be the agent of change, truth, compassion that you desire to be, when everything feels so overwhelming, compressed and out of control? The yogis predicted we would come to this time of madness. Our role is to be able to...


POWER PAUSE: Reset Your Focus & Rebalance Your Giving & Receiving at Fall Equinox

Wise women know how to use the natural cycles of the earth and universe to support them to grow their work, wealth and relationships, to support their health, and to keep them focused on what matters. The September Equinox offers you insight to illuminate where the imbalances currently exist in your life & how to reset yourself and refocus your life force - especially the ways in which you are over giving and under receiving, the habits that may have worked in the summer but won't support...


71: What Blocks & Distorts Your Feminine Wisdom from Getting Through?

When you are 'tuned in' to your inner wisdom and your channel is clean and clear, wow can you step forward with courage, stay focused on what matters, and make wise choices for yourself, your work/business and in your relationships. But when your wisdom channels are blocked up or mucked up, wow can you make some bad choices, shrink back, spin out, work too hard and give too much and generally create havoc vs harmony for yourself. But how do you know if your inner guidance system is tweaked...


70: Harmonic Defiance: Making Shift Happen, the Feminine Way

You have the power to change this world and change the systems that you work and live by how and who you show up as, and how you choose to design your life, lead your team, family, business, organization... You have the power to change the things in your life that cause unhealthy and unnecessary pressure. You don't have to accept that 'this is just how things are." You just need to know how to access and activate the power within you that stems from the depths of your internal feminine...


69: Stepping in the Unknown with Courage & Clarity to Chart Your Path Ahead

We live in a time when you just can't plan out your life 3, 5, 10 years in advance and then follow 'the plan' - although our minds and desires for safety would love that. We live in a time when the world is changing fast, and we are each being 'called up' to new sacred assignments, ways of living and working that our soul signed up for. These 'soul stretches' and catalysts are calling for us each to step out of comfort zones and step into into a zone where we often can't see how it will...


68: Intuitive Attunement: Super Power Your Connection to Divine Wisdom

Intuitive Attunement is my second favorite super power feminine wisdom word of the year. And I think you are going to LOVE it too! When you have it, and know how to cultivate it, you have the inner power to make the best choices for yourself, in your career, relationships, wealth, health, home. Without it, you are often being led by the cultural craziness and your own subconscious emotional commotion. Intuitive Attunement - you being 'attuned' from the inside out to Divine Wisdom and...


67: Synchronicity & Shakti Leadership: Working with Feminine Power so Things Happen for You in the Flow

Of course we all want to live in the flow. Have things - invitations, opportunities, people, resources - 'come to us' vs having to go out and kill the proverbial meat or attack our lives and work like pushing a boulder up a hill. If given the choice between having to hustle, network like crazy, and make stuff happen OR having the experience where I'm guided to where to focus, when to act, where things come to me, I'm choosing the latter. Less stress, more spacious. Less pressure, more...


66: RELATIONSHIPS: Harvest More of What You Want in Your Relationships By Year’s End

What you focus on grows. So if you desire more connection, love, support, community, and sisterhood tune in! You can’t just leave your relationships – be it intimate partners and family, sisterhood or community – up to chance. Self-empowered people choose to intentionally cultivate and harvest the relationships they desire, in their work and personal life. in #3 of our Feminine Power Time series on Self Love & Relationships, “Harvest More of What You Desire in Your Relationships by Years...