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73: Dream Partnerships: Creating a Relationship Where Both People Thrive

Couples who dream together thrive together. People who are clear and centered in their own dream create partnerships that support them to soar. Sadly, most of us have never been taught how to create such relationships. We are kinda clueless about what 'dreaming' together really is, and how to create the kinds of relationship where both people's dreams can be met. It's so easy to get bogged down by the day to day reality that our relationships can become all about getting through our lives,...


72: Stop the Madness: Staying Present to What's Happening in the World without Adding to the Fear and Frenzy

How do we "BE" with what we are seeing in the world all around us - the anger, the greed, the disrespect, the separation, etc. etc.- without becoming consumed by it, sucked into it or feeling like we have to spiritually bypass it? How do you speak up, stand up and show up to be the agent of change, truth, compassion that you desire to be, when everything feels so overwhelming, compressed and out of control? The yogis predicted we would come to this time of madness. Our role is to be able to...


POWER PAUSE: Reset Your Focus & Rebalance Your Giving & Receiving at Fall Equinox

Wise women know how to use the natural cycles of the earth and universe to support them to grow their work, wealth and relationships, to support their health, and to keep them focused on what matters. The September Equinox offers you insight to illuminate where the imbalances currently exist in your life & how to reset yourself and refocus your life force - especially the ways in which you are over giving and under receiving, the habits that may have worked in the summer but won't support...


71: What Blocks & Distorts Your Feminine Wisdom from Getting Through?

When you are 'tuned in' to your inner wisdom and your channel is clean and clear, wow can you step forward with courage, stay focused on what matters, and make wise choices for yourself, your work/business and in your relationships. But when your wisdom channels are blocked up or mucked up, wow can you make some bad choices, shrink back, spin out, work too hard and give too much and generally create havoc vs harmony for yourself. But how do you know if your inner guidance system is tweaked...


70: Harmonic Defiance: Making Shift Happen, the Feminine Way

You have the power to change this world and change the systems that you work and live by how and who you show up as, and how you choose to design your life, lead your team, family, business, organization... You have the power to change the things in your life that cause unhealthy and unnecessary pressure. You don't have to accept that 'this is just how things are." You just need to know how to access and activate the power within you that stems from the depths of your internal feminine...


69: Stepping in the Unknown with Courage & Clarity to Chart Your Path Ahead

We live in a time when you just can't plan out your life 3, 5, 10 years in advance and then follow 'the plan' - although our minds and desires for safety would love that. We live in a time when the world is changing fast, and we are each being 'called up' to new sacred assignments, ways of living and working that our soul signed up for. These 'soul stretches' and catalysts are calling for us each to step out of comfort zones and step into into a zone where we often can't see how it will...


68: Intuitive Attunement: Super Power Your Connection to Divine Wisdom

Intuitive Attunement is my second favorite super power feminine wisdom word of the year. And I think you are going to LOVE it too! When you have it, and know how to cultivate it, you have the inner power to make the best choices for yourself, in your career, relationships, wealth, health, home. Without it, you are often being led by the cultural craziness and your own subconscious emotional commotion. Intuitive Attunement - you being 'attuned' from the inside out to Divine Wisdom and...


67: Synchronicity & Shakti Leadership: Working with Feminine Power so Things Happen for You in the Flow

Of course we all want to live in the flow. Have things - invitations, opportunities, people, resources - 'come to us' vs having to go out and kill the proverbial meat or attack our lives and work like pushing a boulder up a hill. If given the choice between having to hustle, network like crazy, and make stuff happen OR having the experience where I'm guided to where to focus, when to act, where things come to me, I'm choosing the latter. Less stress, more spacious. Less pressure, more...


66: RELATIONSHIPS: Harvest More of What You Want in Your Relationships By Year’s End

What you focus on grows. So if you desire more connection, love, support, community, and sisterhood tune in! You can’t just leave your relationships – be it intimate partners and family, sisterhood or community – up to chance. Self-empowered people choose to intentionally cultivate and harvest the relationships they desire, in their work and personal life. in #3 of our Feminine Power Time series on Self Love & Relationships, “Harvest More of What You Desire in Your Relationships by Years...


Ep 65: Transforming Relationship Heartbreak & Challenges into Personal Catalysts

When we lose a relationship with a person we once loved and cared for - be it a friend, a beloved, a relative - it hurts. From death to divorces, breakups with romantic partners or friends, our hearts suffer, they 'break open' because of this loss. And we stand at a choice point: will we use this change as a catalyst to open our hearts to more love and to become even stronger and more fully expressed and empowered beings... or we will we close off, contract, protect or stuff down the...


Ep64: Why Smart Women Choose Bad Relationships: Stop Settling, Sacrificing and Sabotaging Yourself for Love

I have met so many smart women, and have been one myself, who can show up strong and capable in their work, and for their friends and family, and even appear to be happy and physically healthy, but when it comes to their relationships, the make unhealthy, sabotaging sometimes even toxic choices for themselves. Why do we stay in and choose unhealthy relationships? The short answer - at the root of all relationship settling, self sacrifice and self sabotage is a lack of self love. I know...


Ep63: Are Your Channels Clear? Ensuring Your Higher Consciousness is Directing Your Intuition

The yogis say when our intuition is strong and clear we can know our truth and the best path to take within 9 seconds. But when your subconscious is cluttered or clogged due to stress, fear, too much going on, other people's stuff your intuitive guidance system gets tweaked, cloudy and confused. So you make choices that are not in your best interest. But how do you know if your channels of intuition are clear or cloudy? And how do you clear your intuition channels so you can make choices...


POWER PAUSE: Create Space for What Matters to You This Next Half of the Year

Most of us feel like we dont have the time we need to do what we really want, get what we need or do the things that might not be productive or profitable but are actually the things that feed us the most and that have the potential to catalyze us into the expressions, intentions and dreams we have for ourselves, our work and the world. Wisdom Byte: If you are waiting to find the time, you will never find the time. Time is finite. You can't make time - there is no time kitchen. And you...


FLOW : How to Create a Rhythm that Sustains You & Get What Matters Most Done (rebroadcast)

I'm sharing this with you as we approach the mid year point because it's so crazy relevant to the wisdom we need to pace ourselves and stay focused on what matters this next part of the year. I broadcast it last year at this same time, listened to it myself today and was inspired by what I said - lol :) Seriously, timeless wisdom for this time now. Tune in... xoxo About this Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo: We lead crazy paced lives in part because we have made the unconscious...


Ep62: Sad & Mad About the State of the World...What Do You Do With These Feelings?

Each of our hearts has a spectrum of emotion that ranges from SAD to MAD that is our super power, if we know how to yield it and be with in correctly. But most people have not gotten training on how to use these energies in ways that fuel the change we desire vs. destroy the very thing we care so deeply about. There are days when my heart can feel so heavy with sadness at the state of this world and what humans do to each other. If I don't allow myself to feel this and then move through it,...


Ep 61: New Beginnings : Honor Yourself Through Them vs Jamming It All In

New beginnings are such a gift - from a new baby, to a new relationship or friendship, a new job, new home, new project or new phase of life. But most of us miss the gift because instead of savoring the process, creating the space needed to allow things to unfold and emerge... we rush in, put pressure on ourselves to hit the ground running and don't take the space needed. And the foundation of the new thing is not strong enough to endure. Instead of savoring the experience we stress out...


Ep 60: Feminine Wisdom for Intense & Changing Times

One of the great gifts I receive is talking to lots of wise, conscious women and men around the world. And through those conversations I start to see patterns emerge - for what people are experiencing during these intense and changing times. When you see the patterns happening OUT there, you start to understand whats happening INSIDE you so much more. And instead of feeling like you are alone or crazy you start to see that you are right on track. You elevate out of the swirl or the emotion...


Ep 59: Courageous Leadership - How the Feminine Embodies Courage

Courage - where does it come from? How do you cultivate it so that you have the inner strength and clarity to meet the challenges and catalysts in your life? So you can expand vs contract? So you make grounded choices that are also guided by divine grace? Courage in the feminine is not false bravado, it's not without fear, and it does not come from the mind. Courage comes from the heart, it requires us to feel, and it also requires us to step forth out of our comfort zones. When we...


Ep58: Are You Free? 3 Ways We Sabotage Our Own Freedom

Are the choices you are making creating freedom for you? Or are you unknowningly creating realities that keep you stuck, stressed and out of alignment with what you truly desire? Most of us subconsciously make choices that laden us down vs. liberate us... but how do you know? Take a power pause with Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher to shine a light on the ways in which you may be sabotaging your own freedom, so you can make sure you are making choices that...


Equinox Reset - Power of Rhythm & Ritual to Redesign Your Flow & Focus

Spring Equinox is one of the four most powerful times of the year to take a 'power pause' and reset your rhythm, patterns and habits so they support you to create the life, work, relationships you desire. When you pause at this time, your internal rhythm aligns with the natural rhythm... you gain the power to reset habits that might have been okay in months prior but need a shift... & you gain clarity on how to focus your life force so what you spend your time, energy & money create what you...