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The Secret Weapon of High Performance Achievers — 2018 Tip #2

How many times have you heard someone say, "It's not personal. It's just business"? 2018 has the potential to be a magical year for more businesses than ever -- and for more individuals than ever. Gone is the time when it was enough to simply show up at an office and put in your time. The lines between our business lives and our personal lives are blurring now more than ever. Today we have the opportunity to finally be heard. Consumers are losing interest in the "quality, service and...


5 Tips for a Massive 2018: Tip #1 Go On a Rampage

New Year! New Resolutions! New Podcast Episode! Yes, 2018 just FEELS like it is going to be amazing! Hints of success and exhilaration are even in the whispers of this cold arctic cyclone that is taking the US by storm -- literally. As we say our final farewells to 2017, I thought that I would share 5 Hints that I have found really set me up for massive success in the year to come. And although they are each super powerful at the beginning of the year when we are all focused so powerfully...


You will truly be happier this holiday season if you do this!

It's official! Time Magazine has reported that a new study coming out of the University of Zurich Switzerland found that being generous truly makes human beings happier! So what really is generosity? Does generosity have to do exclusively with money? To live generously.... Doesn't that word have two meanings? Yes, generous can mean that you love to do things that contribute to others. And yet, the word "generous" can also mean "full". Doesn't it then follow that a full filled/ fulfilling...


Audio book! This may be the best of all of the book formats!

Alright, dear Global Family! I can't wait to tell you!! The audio book is FINISHED!! I confess that the audio book has become my new FAVORITE! As you would imagine, when I wrote these posts, it was very personal even though I was writing the words for you all. As I went back and read them and actually EMOTED the words specifically for you all, it was more powerful than I ever would have expected. If you enjoy reading my words (and thank you soooooooo much AGAIN for helping us get to the #1...


The View From the Edge– A Sneak Look at Chapter 7 from the Audio Book version of the Sky is the Limit

I couldn't be having more fun getting this collection of the early Schuy is the Limit posts ready for publication on Sunday -- and with the two bonus chapters just for fun! And yet, deep in my heart is the desire to have the courage to deliver an audio version.. where you all can hear my voice... my intonations... my passion... I may stumble in places but I'm not going to edit it out because I want it to be real. We don't have to edit out our "mistakes" in life in order to make an impact....


What is Greatness Anyway — Sneak Peak at the Lecture Series Preview Blurb

Greatness lies far beyond even the concept of success. Greatness lies in the place where we realize that the only way to live is to choose to make an impact. …To pull ourselves up out of the dust and agree to wear the cape of the Reluctant Hero if that is what life demands of us.


A Crisis Can Be Like Quicksand Unless….

A crisis can be like quicksand... in this episode, I expand upon yesterday's episode that focusing on those times when we find ourselves engulfed in a crisis moment. For us, it was the moments after the boulder hit. For some, it may be a financial hit. Others may find themselves in personal turmoil. Regardless of the cause of the crisis, it can quickly pull you down and swallow you unless.... As I thought more about the two families embroiled in medical turmoil right now, I was drawn to...


Overcoming the Fear in the Crisis

For any of you who may be feeling the fury of your storm right now, I hope that this podcast can help you find your way to that place where your own miracles lie waiting.


Gratitude — Are Your Stories Training You to Play Small?

THINK BIG has become one of the big, powerful mantras of our time -- and yet, how often do we tell ourselves stories (that then become beliefs and expectations) that train us to play small? We dull our shine so that someone will love us or accept us or so we can fit in. What if we choose to change that and to allow that inner brilliance to spill forth in everything that we do? Today's podcast explores the tales that we tell that make us "dumb ourselves down" in life -- and how we can move...


Gratitude – Reading the First Facebook Post From February 2016

It's funny the things that we think about when we're in the middle of chaos...a crisis... the things that our minds tell us that we should be considering...or that we should be worrying about... in my case, I had decided by the time that I arrived in Colombia that my power lay in my ability to visualize order in this experience. From these chaotic circumstances, I had to extract a place of order where Schuy was alive, happy and thriving... where I was happy and thriving... where the world...


Greatness — Is It Only For the Chosen Few?

Greatness! Is it only for the chosen few? Is it only for the elite of the elite? How can we own our greatness when our minds tell us that we are flawed and far from the definition of great? And yet, aren't these flaws the fuel to our own unique form of greatness... and aren't our scars proof that we were mightier than the boulders that tried to bring us down? New episode! I would love to hear your thoughts about how you own your own version of greatness. And if you like these episodes,...


Gratitude — What if Life Didn’t Get the Memo About Your Fairytale?

New podcast: When Life seemed to take pleasure in "deconstructing" my childhood fairy tales, it was hard not to lose hope and despair. Who would have guessed the impact that this boulder would have on those dreams and aspirations... Would it be the final blow -- or would it redefine how BOLDLY I must learn to dream...?


Gratitude — The Gift of Being Someone’s Hero

Each of our unique wells of greatness expands when we have the opportunity to love and support one another. Heroes don't have to have superpower capes. Heroes can be the "ordinary" human who simply chooses to make a difference in another person's life. Be someone's hero. Do something mighty and magical. You will be glad that you did! In Joy, Meridith


Take the Greatness Challenge and Live the Change Starting Now

On the plane headed over to Colombia, I realized that I had to find my own inner greatness. I had to tap into all that made me uniquely me. I had to find and embrace my own quirky version of power and make it real. I had to be mighty. I had to be magical. I had to find my own unique way to believe in miracles. I had to be everything that the critical voice inside my head told me that I could not be. I had to break out of the cocoon that declared that it was fine to be "good enough". I had...


Imperfection or I’M PERFECTION — The Key to a More Successful Version of YOU

Our obsession with locating "what's wrong with this picture" can lead us to a life draining focus on destinations versus enjoying the journey. Don't settle for a "near life" experience. Start looking intently for all that is oh-so-right about your picture! Dream big!


Hope-Gratitude-And The Power Within The Reluctant Hero

"Expect greatness. Dream it. Feel it. Smell it. Touch it. Taste it. Celebrate it long before reality unveils it. Life is a poetic balance of the real and the magical so explore every inch of your masterpiece's canvas." Facebook Schuy is the Limit, March 9, 2016 The new episode of my FROM IMPOSSIBLE TO I'M POSSIBLE is here!


Podcast Episode 3: Trouble Feeling the Gratitude?

Sometimes things can seem so low and overwhelming that it can feel hard to feel the gratitude in those moments -- much less to feel worthy and in touch with our own greatness. What then? We are told that things will get better if we feel grateful for all that we have, but what if things feel awful and your mind is crying out that this gratefulness stuff is a total fake? Have you ever been there? I'm a positive person but my mind has still been there. So is it possible to trust the process?...


Podcast episode 2: Transforming Fear Into The Rocket Fuel That Makes You Soar

Some say that FEAR stands for "Forget Everything And Run". What if you can instead harness the energy of this fear and transform it into something that gives you the force to break through those obstacles and really succeed? Harnessing the power of our fear is the topic of Episode 2. If my podcast inspires you or makes you think, I would so love to hear your feedback (sorry, but iTunes needs you to give feedback on a laptop or desktop only). Please share it with your friends and I hope to...


Launching my new podcast: FROM IMPOSSIBLE TO I’M POSSIBLE!

Hi there, all! I'm excited to announce the launch of my new podcast! I will not only be sharing my own little gems to help you transform your "impossible" obstacles and adversity into POSSIBILITIES, but I will also be sharing with you the stories of how others found their own greatness and used it to achieve things in their lives that had previously seemed impossible. I hope that these nuggets will help to inspire your days and help you to create the success and joy that you so deserve in...