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Ep. 23 // How to break through limiting beliefs & fully upgrade to an abundant mindset

In today's episode I chat about: - Why your self-image aka what you believe to be true about yourself is responsible for your Desires manifesting or not - The 3-step process to upgrading your mindset so that your Desires manifest with ease - What is your Success Mechanism and how it works - How your subconscious sabotages your success because of your beliefs - How to reprogram your subconscious so that it supports you in achieving your Desires & helps you call it into your life - How...


Ep. 22 // 4 ways to shift & overcome the fear of not being good enough

Are you struggling with imposter syndrome? Does the fear of not being good enough is holding you back from living your Purpose? Girl, I gotta! I feel ya! I created this episode for all my high achiever, ambitious ladies who want to start playing bigger but feel not enough to start and do so. Here's what I cover in this juicy 20-minute chat: - The 4 mindset shifts you need to have to fully disempower imposter syndrome and specifically you not feeling good enough. - Lot's of high-vibe as I...


Ep. 21 // Becoming the woman you desire to be

Download my 2018 Reflection & 2019 Vision Planning guide HERE & get my weekly Spiritual Mindset Tips to find your true Purpose & live it with Confidence & less fear. Listen to episode 21 on the Gils on a Mission Podcast & learn how to: -Get yourself empowered to step up for your dreams -Step into the most successful, confident, bold version of yourself -Be who you wanna become right now -Not let your current circumstances hold you back -Set yourself up for success by improving your...


Ep.20 // Overcome the fear of judgment and what others will think of you

Fear of judgment? I gotta! This episode on the Girls on a Mission Podcast is all about: - What is your upper limit - How to break free from your comfort zone - Why the nudges you feel towards certain dreams are so important in guiding you to your Purpose - How to let go of the fear what others will think of you - 2 of the most powerful, eye-opening journaling questions to help you decide and move towards the exact life you want This episode is meant for the girl wanting to follow her...


Ep.19 // The best way to quiet and deal with self-doubt

In episode 19 of the Girls on a Mission show I chat about an amazingly effective way to deal with self-doubt and your inner critic. Tune in to learn about: - How to shift the way you see self-doubt - What self-doubt really is & how you can take away it's power - Raise your inner confidence through quieting your inner critic - The simplest yet most effective exercise to gain power over self-doubt & take action towards your biggest dreams Do you want to finally move the needle forward,...


Ep. 18// How to live on purpose without knowing your purpose

Are you living on purpose or off purpose? You see, there is a huge different between the two. In today's episode I chat about: - My story about going from living off purpose to on purpose - 2 easy ways to live more on purpose everyday - What you should focus on instead of finding your purpose - What finding your purpose really means This episode is meant for the millennial terrified of not knowing her purpose yet, feeling out of alignment and wanting to connect to herself on a...


Ep 17// Empowering you to be your truest self with Sherry Joyce

Jam-packed interview featuring Sherry Joyce, founder of the BeEvents4u. Sherry's mission is empowering women to be their truest self by providing them events that rock their world & show them how reaching their highest power ain't that hard. We are chatting about: -Sherry's story of starting her empowerment business -Owning your confidence when yet you feel "not enough" -Ups & downs of being a newbie entrepreneur -Deepening your self-love -Mindset tips around self-talk & taking the...


Ep.16 // Building unshakable trust & self-belief with these daily rituals

In todays episode you will learn: - How to realize what thoughts & beliefs kills your trust -How to build new beliefs within your subconscious to deepen your self-belief - 5 questions to ask yourself in the morning & during the day to create a VERY powerful intention setting ritual - A simple fun exercise to become aware of your highest self & how to become her on a daily basis This episode is meant for those of you who are looking to deepen their trust towards themselves, feel...


Ep. 15 // Mastering Your Mind for a Life Beyond Status Quo

I was interviewed 2 weeks ago by the badass Avani, host of the Beyond Status Quo Podcast & today I want to share this really action stepped packed episode. In today’s episode you will learn: Now go & check Avani's Podcast Beyond the Status Quo for more entrepreneurial topics & a life beyond status confidence.


Ep. 14 // Mastering the art of manifestation & 5 reasons why you might not be manifesting powerful enough

Hey Girl! In today's episode I'm sharing with you: -What's the Law of Attraction and why how you use it 24/7 -How to manifest simply and easily by following these 3 steps -What are the 5 ways you might be sabotaging your own manifestation success If you enjoy this episode please give it a review on iTunes & share it with some other ambitious women! (also tag me on your IG story so I can say hi and hang out with you on the gram) If you have any questions or any insights please message...


Ep. 13 // Don't let your current fears hold you back from achieving your Purpose

Hey babe! In today's episode I will talk you through - How to detach your current fears from taking action - What is the biggest mistake you can do when trying to get out of your comfortzone - What hold you back the most from stepping outside your comfortzone - How Future Pacing yourself will allow you to focus on the Big Vision instead of your current situation - The main questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck and paralyzed - How to re-design you identity - Why your current...


Ep. 12 // 4-Steps to overcome anxiety faster

Hey girls! Let's talk anxiety! I'm very called to talk about the "dark" side of being on a mission too and not just the shiny moments. Do you face anxiety often yet don't know how to overcome it or whether you are willing to overcome it at all? Do you want to know the questions you should ask yourself to get aware and figure out where the anxiety is coming from and how it can actually SERVE you? If yes, you will absolutely LOVE this episode! I pour out my heart into it, with my own...


Ep. 11 // Discover the surprisingly effective tool on how to take instant control over FEAR OF FAILURE

Hey Girls! I'm back in da house. Today's episode is all about something you have been asking me to talk about: Fear of Failure. Uh, so juicy. I share with you how to: -Use the images in your head to YOUR advantage -Take control over your mind IMMEDIATELY -Feel freaking better about your epic future -Create outcomes in your head that are MAGICAL and feel REAL -Become a badass CEO of your mind -The power you have to program your subconscious through your language, thoughts and images...


Ep. 10 // Manifesting your biggest desires with Taylor Rae

Hey Girls! Whatsup?! Guess what day it is? PODCAST DAY, woohooo! Today I'm bringing to you an absolutely amazing babe, Taylor, founder of the Strong Babe Collective. This woman is all about high-vibe Manifestation and creating your wildest dreams through the power of your mind and inspired action! Are you ready to learn, grow and get freakin inspired? Then grab those earphones and feed your mind baaby! You can find Taylor on: Instagram Facebook Webpage aaaand her Podcast


Ep. 09 // How to reprogram your subconsious mind & do whatever the heck you want

Hello Girls! Did you ever wonder how you could turn your subconscious to work for you instead of all the false beliefs eating you up and ruling your world? If the answer is a big fat YES than today episode is a big fat LISTEN. In my 4 step process, I will walk you through how to reprogram your subconscious and step into the power you already have with your mind! A sneak peak: Step 1: Recognize the resistance aka getting aware Step 2: Find examples that prove your belief wrong and show...


Ep. 08 // How Aaliyah started and grew her business before she turned 18

Aaliyah Kissick. Teenpreneur. Self-proclaimed young gun. Business and Marketing Nerd. Boutique owner. Badass. I don't think I have to say more. Honestly, this girl is THE fire, empowerment and inspiration you need in your ears today. She is bold, she knows what she wants and she is going for it Big times! As always Aaliyah shares her story, the struggles if being a young entrepreneur and also the beauty of it. Tune in girl, you don't want to miss out on this babe! Follow her on the Face...


Ep. 07 // Personal insights on how to stop being so impatient

Hey girls! In today's episode, I'm talking about the connection between seeking approvals, slow process, patience and happiness. Here is your brain food for today: Where does being impatient come from Why we seek for outside approvals all the time How feeling worthy and enough is all connected to being impatient 7-Level deep exercise to find the source of any problem and negative emotion you struggle with My personal experience of being impatient Girlfriend, if you ever felt...


Ep. 06 // Girlboss chat with Natalie Rogers, founder and CEO of the Klassy Network

Let's talk business! Natalie is a serial entrepreneur who empowers female entrepreneurs to overcome their obstacles through biz strategy and help them make an income online. Sounds like something for you? OFCOURSE BABE! Here is what we covered: Her story and how it all began The challenges she faced and how she overcame them Mindset transformations that were needed to succeed Habits and routines that contributed to her success Her experience and thoughts on entrepreneurship and the...


Ep. 05 // The psychological truth behind being a perfectionist and how to minimize the perfectionist mindset to take more action

Hey babes! Here is the jam you get to your bread today: -WHAT is perfectionism -WHERE does it come from -The RESULT of being a perfectionist -WHY perfectionism is just a protection mechanism -The psychological cycle of being a perfectionist -2 deep inner work exercise to realize where it comes from, why we have it and how to eliminate it -My favorite and easy exercise to stop procrastinating and start taking action right now In the end, I also have a special giveaway! Excited...



Hey bo! In this episode I'm sharing with you my story of how I became an an entrepreneur and mindset coach for women in their 20's PLUS how Girls on a Mission Podcast was born (love this story), how small shifts and intuitive messy action can change your life (literally!!!) and the 7 biggest lessons I have learned to make your 20's successful as heck. You will enjoy it babes, I know! Love love love, Alessa