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Ep. 37 // Human design Business strategies with Dayna Lisa

Today's episode is all about Human Design & Business with Dayna Lisa. Dayna is a millennial Human Design success coach & Business strategist for impact-driven female entrepreneurs Here's a snippet of all the goodies we talk about: - What's Human Design - How to use it - Why & how does it help with business strategies - How to hear & listen to our intuition within business - How to create a flow of inspired actions & clarity Find Dayna on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK GROUP & her...


Ep. 36 // Consistent content creation strategies

This episode is for the girl struggling with consistent content creation. You'll learn my proven 5 strategies that'll help you become a hot content machine. Getting my ultimate tips, tricks & effective content creation hacks that'll allow you to create content that speaks directly to your ideal client, without you ever having to go a week without high-quality content. If your goal is to draw ideal client effortlessly into your world through your amazeballs content & let content creation be...


EP. 36 // Personal Branding, Marketing & Sales deep dive

Book your exclusive Business Clarity Session HERE. This episode will give you a deeper understanding on what Personal Branding, Marketing & Sales is, the difference, roles and the KEY elements to each. Beyond the understanding, you'll learn practical steps to integrate this knowledge into your business and actually: - Create a powerful Personal Brand based business - Market your business the right way - Create sales from a place of ease & attraction You don't wanna miss out on this one!...


Ep. 35// Highest-Self Identity Design training

This episode will teach you my Highest-Self Identity Design process that will allow you to quantum leap from your current self to the self you're dreaming of becoming. It covers two main areas: 1. Your Vision 2. Your Dream Identity It gives you practical & spiritual steps to become the confident woman who's fully energized, consistent & peaceful every single day. It'll give you the clarity on how to shift from an old, misaligned identity to a new identity that embodies your full...


Ep. // 34 - How to communicate effectively what your business is all about

Download my FREE 3-step Brainstorming process to find your Niche: This episode is for the entrepreneur struggling to explain what she does within her business & soul project. I know that especially at the beginning it can be very frustrating when people don't understand what you do. And it's not just frustrating but also a challenge because if you can't communicate clearly what you're all about you might lose prospects & incredible...


Ep. 33 // Life, Mindset & Business of a 6-figure Content Creator, Coach & Course queen: Kinzie from Kinzcoworld

Building a 6-figure online business as a 20-something-year-old boss? Yeps, that's Kinzie! She is an incredible high-vibe thought leader who teaches other female entrepreneurs how to build the brand of their dreams, start their business. We talk about: - Our lifestyle as entrepreneurs, daily Mindset, daily struggles, challenges, honest & raw reality of how building a business looks like behind the scenes - Mindset & Confidence talk to show up as leaders - Fear or being visible & being...


Ep. 32 // How to create an irressitible Offer

How to package your Zone of Genius and turn it into an irresistible Offer so you can monetize & impact your audience. So you are wondering how the heck you create a life-changing high-ticket Offer that people actually want to buy & you can sell with confidence & ease. You ask yourself “How the heck do I create an Offer that I know will sell? What do I put into it? How do I know what to include? Where do I even start with this?” Girl, I’ve so been there. All these questions are super...


Ep 31 // 3 golden tips to increase the power of manifesting your Desires

This episode is for the woman who does everything & yet sees no real results in her life & business. I share with you 3 practical tips on how to manifest effectively & raise the power of you calling in your Desires plus the biggest mistake many of us do when setting goals we dream of achieving. - How to harness your manifestation power intentionally - The most important parts of manifestation - Practical steps on how to change your mindset & call in your desires - How to turn goals into...


Ep. 30 // 6 steps to build your magnetizing Personal Brand that represents you as a Leader

This episode is for any wildly ambitious aspiring female entrepreneur & Thought Leader who wants to: - Figure out what're the key steps to focus on to become a Leader with your Message - Learn how to create content that speaks directly to your Ideal Client/Target Audience so they feel HEARD & UNDERSTOOD by you - Use their Uniqueness Factors to stand out & make people wanna come back to you. - Learn what's their Personal Brands Edge & how to nail it - Have a systemized process & focus to...


Ep. 29 // My personal philosophy on starting a purposeful Business

This episode is for the girl feeling awkward & uncomfortable to start a big dream. I share my personal philosophy on starting any new Big Dream, especially a new Business. I'm chatting about the things that made the biggest difference in starting out with entrepreneurship & help you get over the fear of feeling too small for a Dream. You'll feel empowered, fired up, high-vibe & BIG enough to start & master any Big Dream that's in your heart. ----more---- If you're fed up with not feeling...


Ep. 28 // How to generate Confidence every day

Are you an aspiring female leader, entrepreneur? Do you wish you had the confidence to pursue your Business ideas more boldly? If yes, this episode is for YOU! I share with you: - Examples of my own life & mistakes I made as I started with my business - Tips on how to generate confidence every single morning & whenever you need - High-vibes to get you empowered to start right freaking now - My personal philosophy about Confidence, especially as a leader If you're fed up with not...


Ep. 27 // How to deal with judgment and criticism when making yourself visible for the first time

This episode is for you if you know you are hiding and playing small because you're freaked out what will happen ones you become truly visible with your work, ideas, and message. If you are struggling with the crippling fear of being judged & criticized this episode will help you shift your mindset and teach you how to deal with criticism when getting seen and heard and sharing your truth for the first time. You will learn: - 5 ways to overcome the fear of judgment and criticism - How to...


Ep. 26 // How I built my Confidence + the best tips how you can master it too

This episode is for you if you feel you're still hiding & playing small because you lack the Confidence you know you need. You will learn: - The 5 key beliefs to have about Confidence: The Mindset Level - The 4 C's of Confidence to master it on a practical level - The morning spiritual practice to truly embody Confidence & the energy of Confidence Woman of Purpose introductory call: Schedule your promised Vision Clarity Session HERE. It's a 60-90 minute powerful deep dive into your...


Ep. 25 // Creating the BIG VISION for your Life

This episode is for the girl feeling like she is playing small & doesn't know how to even start creating a bigger Vision for herself. You will leave this episode SUPER high-vibe, motivated, fired up & ready to go to your next level Vision & Purpose. What you get: - Super high-vibe energy & empowerment ( you will feel so motivated after listening ) - Allowing yourself to WANT MORE - How to Dreaming Bigger & allow more into your life ( like seriously big) - Overcoming ego & the logical...


Ep. 24 // Overcoming fear & moving beyond your comfortzone

Hey girl! In today's episode you will learn: - What's an upper limit & how do you know you have reached one - How to move through your fears with ease & flow - How fear is a sign that you are on track & a literally on the edge of a breakthrough - How it's a decision to GROW & EXPAND every single moment - Why some people choose to stay stuck, but not YOU - How to get unstuck when you feel the crippling fear of moving beyond your comfort zone This episode is for the girl ready to move...


Ep. 23 // How to break through limiting beliefs & fully upgrade to an abundant mindset

In today's episode I chat about: - Why your self-image aka what you believe to be true about yourself is responsible for your Desires manifesting or not - The 3-step process to upgrading your mindset so that your Desires manifest with ease - What is your Success Mechanism and how it works - How your subconscious sabotages your success because of your beliefs - How to reprogram your subconscious so that it supports you in achieving your Desires & helps you call it into your life - How...


Ep. 22 // 4 ways to shift & overcome the fear of not being good enough

Are you struggling with imposter syndrome? Does the fear of not being good enough is holding you back from living your Purpose? Girl, I gotta! I feel ya! I created this episode for all my high achiever, ambitious ladies who want to start playing bigger but feel not enough to start and do so. Here's what I cover in this juicy 20-minute chat: - The 4 mindset shifts you need to have to fully disempower imposter syndrome and specifically you not feeling good enough. - Lot's of high-vibe as I...


Ep. 21 // Becoming the woman you desire to be

Download my 2018 Reflection & 2019 Vision Planning guide HERE & get my weekly Spiritual Mindset Tips to find your true Purpose & live it with Confidence & less fear. Listen to episode 21 on the Gils on a Mission Podcast & learn how to: -Get yourself empowered to step up for your dreams -Step into the most successful, confident, bold version of yourself -Be who you wanna become right now -Not let your current circumstances hold you back -Set yourself up for success by improving your...


Ep.20 // Overcome the fear of judgment and what others will think of you

Fear of judgment? I gotta! This episode on the Girls on a Mission Podcast is all about: - What is your upper limit - How to break free from your comfort zone - Why the nudges you feel towards certain dreams are so important in guiding you to your Purpose - How to let go of the fear what others will think of you - 2 of the most powerful, eye-opening journaling questions to help you decide and move towards the exact life you want This episode is meant for the girl wanting to follow her...


Ep.19 // The best way to quiet and deal with self-doubt

In episode 19 of the Girls on a Mission show I chat about an amazingly effective way to deal with self-doubt and your inner critic. Tune in to learn about: - How to shift the way you see self-doubt - What self-doubt really is & how you can take away it's power - Raise your inner confidence through quieting your inner critic - The simplest yet most effective exercise to gain power over self-doubt & take action towards your biggest dreams Do you want to finally move the needle forward,...