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ADULTING: The practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks. Urban Dictionary gives this as one definition: Post adolescence when the light in your eyes fade away and dies. A term made popular by and about millennials. This is a topic that could really go all kinds of ways so we picked one and that was so go over 20 things not taught in school. In this episode we talked about whether any of these should...


Legalizing Marijuana

On October 17, 2018 recreational marijuana use will be legal in Canada. In the US, 9 states have made recreational marijuana legal. Medical marijuana is different. That's not what we're talking about in this episode. We talked about the PROS and CONS of legalizing it and it's a hot topic but no matter what side of the coin you fall on, it's a big issue that gets clouded by so many things and in this episode we make it clear that we're talking about the average user that uses it...


Catch Up & Preview

We took a break over the Summer...we needed it. We'd been going hard for over a year and it was time to step away... This short trailer was really about dipping our toes in, catching up with each other as well as our audience. Big things happened like CJ quitting his day job and me taking a long-ass road trip and a month in NY/NJ. We decided to make some changes...for now...and we shared that in this trailer as well. Let us know what you think because we really do listen to our audience...


Working 9 to 5

There have been lots of studies done, including one from Harvard, that shows that kids of working moms fair much better in their careers and especially life. We took all the info we found with a grain of salt but they make some good points. The key is to find the balance between work and family. Listen and let us know what you think and experience. Was your mom a working mom? Are you? You can always reach us through our website under the QUESTION OR COMMENT tab


The Life You Make

Life has a way of derailing us and getting in the way...for some...sometimes, but we would bet that life looks different than you imagined when you were younger. What did you think you'd be doing? Where did you imagine living? Are you the person you thought you'd be? Join us as we share stories of where we thought life would take us and the careers we imagined for ourselves. Laughs included!



It seems everyone knows someone that has or is struggling with addiction. It's so pervasive and destructive but it is a symptom of what's really going on within a person. Line & CJ share their own stories of addiction and scratch the surface of what's behind addiction, ways to help and what we can do. We just started the conversation...please continue it. It may save someone's life.


What the Fetish?

Have you heard about the latest fetish? We hadn't heard of it either so we had to investigate and of about it. We started the show talking about it. Then we moved on to some of the oldies that many people engage in. For some people it's a psychological NEED when it comes to fetish play. This show is really just the tip of the iceberg of what floats people's boats. But it's all good, right? Listen and let us know if there's a new one we haven't heard about by visiting our...


Take Back Your Life

9 Steps to help you take back control


10 Power Emotions

There are 10 emotions, that carry a lot of weight and leveraged effectively can help you make powerful changes and achievements in every area of your life. Watch to learn what they are, how to master them and how they can work in your life.


6 Human Needs (Contribution)

Contribution is sort of the partner to Growth. These two needs are connected to the spiritual aspect of ourselves. Contributing beyond ourselves to our communities and the world at large. When we feel disconnected from others, giving and contributing goes a long way to feeling like we matter (which we do) and others win. Giving always makes us feel good right? Take a listen and see how you can contribute and connect to yourself.


6 Human Needs (Part 5)

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. There is no such thing as a plateau, or a comfortable, even place. If you're relationship is not growing, it is dying. If your business is not growing, it’s dying. Where do you stand? Take an honest assessment of your life and ask yourself where you are growing and how that makes you feel? What area in your life is dying? And how does that make you suffer? Take a listen as we share more about growth and as always we share our own stories and examples...


6 Human Needs (Part 4)

The need for love and connection is something we ALL need in some form whether it's friends, family or a partner. Losing focus and meeting the need in a negative way can have us staying in relationships too long, accepting bad behavior and compromising our values...that's just some of the side effects of having that need met negatively. Learn more about this need and how you can make it a win/win/win in getting this need met. Go to our website and take the 6 Human Needs test for yourself...


6 Human Needs (Part 3)

Significance is the 3rd of the 6 human needs in our series. This is the need that makes us feel like we matter and what we do matters. When we meet this need in a negative way it is difficult to form strong friendships and find love.


6 Human Needs (part 2)

Continuing on with #2 in our series on the 6 human needs we talk about UNCERTAINTY/VARIETY. The need for excitement and new experiences. If this is one of your top 2 needs it's possible to easily lose focus and be seen as unreliable in relationships as well as becoming easily bored. There is a way to meet this need in a more positive way and add some balance in relation to the other needs. If you haven't taken the 6 Human Needs test, you can do that by clicking the following link...


6 Human Needs (part 1)

The 6HN test was created by Cloe Madanes, a world-renowned innovator and teacher of family and strategic therapy and one of the originators of the strategic approach to family therapy. She has authored seven books that are classics in the field: Strategic Family Therapy; Behind the One-Way Mirror; Sex, Love and Violence; The Violence of Men; The Secret Meaning of Money; The Therapist as Humanist, Social Activist and Systemic Thinker; and Relationship Breakthrough. She has presented her...


Until Death Do We Part

Marriage/Relationships evolve. We don't stay in that lustfull state forever which is good because we'd never accomplish anything being so focused on that new love. Sometimes people get caught in the trap of thinking that THAT feeling should last forever. Well...get over it. It doesn't but it can grow into something amazing and not without it's ups and downs. We covered the results of a recent study that revealed the BEST and WORST year of marriage and it's not the often referred to '7 year...


Gun Control

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting and because we like to tackle the tough topics, we decided to have an honest discussion about gun laws. We knew this episode wasn't going to contribute to changing laws or minds for that matter, but when it comes to the latter, you just never know. So, we started with a little history on the 2nd Amendment and court decisions from the 1800s that most likely helped to solidify the gun laws of the US. One thing that we realized that was quite eye-opening...


Let's Talk About Sex!

What's your number? Whether you think it's an incredibly telling indicator of a person's character and values or you consider it about as significant as their favorite color, chances are you've been asked your "number"—that is, the number of people with whom you've been sexually intimate—more than a few times. In fact, discussing your sexual history is an almost inevitable part of a new relationship. But is your number really "normal"? And how does divulging it affect other people's...


Remembering the 80s

We had a blast running through the 80s sharing some major events and some of our own stories....pretty funny actually. This was a decade of extremes - hair, shoulder pads, consumerism, inventions and more. Watch and remember!


Sports Night

An unlikely episode but since everyone's starting to get football fever we thought we'd take a closer look at sports in general with the man/women perspective and have a little fun with it. We share their own experiences in the world of sports and the growing female fan base. Get more info on us and all the places you can find us on our website. You can suggest topics and ask questions too!