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Social Psychology for People in a Hurry with Patrick Natili

Patrick Natili is a psychology student and 4-year scholar-athlete (cheerleading) at Florida Gulf Coast University who will soon pursue his master's degree. He also happens to be my best friend and the smartest guy I know (by far). We broke out the organic elderflower apple sparkling sake wine and went to town on a wide range of psychology topics, among other things, that most intrigue us. Our talking points include: + How to solve for social interactions the way you would solve a math...


How to Build Your Brand Online | Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram, C.P.C., is a consultant in digital marketing and social selling, author, local keynote speaker, and trainer. He is currently the Co-Host of the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes and is Interim COO at eWebResults, a top internet marketing agency since 1999. Matt happens to know more than a thing or two about building a brand online. Our talking points include: + The evolution of the internet + The evolution of internet marketing + The evolution of branding + How to do a...


Mark Metry: 21 y/o iTunes Top 100 Podcaster + Marketing Guru

21-year-old Mark Metry interviews Billionaires, New York Times Bestselling Authors and Legendary World-Class human beings on his iTunes Top 100 podcast, Humans 2.0. Today's talking points include: + Imposter Syndrome (when we begin to doubt our accomplishments) + How to use LinkedIn to grow your business + The top 3 actions to grow a podcast organically + The hallmark trait of the incredibly successful people he has interviewed (i.e. Seth Godin, Naveen Jain, Eric Barker, and more) You can...


10 Satisfying, Healthy Desserts w Celeb Trainer Steve Jordan

With a career path made for movies, Steve Jordan was launched into the world of health and fitness by rehabilitating himself after a traumatic brain injury in 1994. His holistic approach using his mind and body created a miraculous recovery that Dr's and people are in awe of. Steve found his passion in this life-changing experience to create miracles in other people through health and fitness. Steve's professional success has opened up opportunities to be featured in dozens of media...


Focused Success in a Distracted World with Tyler Wagner

After dropping out of college, bestselling author Tyler Wagner went on to create, which has helped over 300 people successfully write and publish a book while establishing passive income. Today's talking points include ... + The power of uninterrupted focus + Rules for focused success in a distracted world + How to successfully write your book + How to launch a top 100 podcast + How to get booked for interviews Ready to take your life to the next level? The Growth Mindset...


Miracle on the Hudson Plane Crash Survivor Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson was a top sales producer in every company he worked for and on January 15th, 2009 was on a business trip he had made hundreds of times before. Like all of us when we travel, things are often routine, and we take things for granted. Then out of the blue something happens that changes what was once routine to a day that changes your life. When US Airways Flight 1549, or “The Miracle on the Hudson” ditched into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009, Dave Sanderson not only...


How to Live By Your Own Rules

In episode 32 of Growth Mindset University, Jordan talks about how to live by your own rules in his recent appearance on Total Wellness Radio and his latest magazine feature story in Estero Life Magazine ( The talking points: - How today's education falls short and is merely a baseline. - Why most college degrees are essentially worthless. - How to start writing a book and finish it in 29 days. - The wisdom of silence as preparation...


Education's Shortcomings w 17 y/o Podcaster Ava Wettrick

Welcome to episode 31 of Growth Mindset University! Our guest today is a 17-year-old high-schooler recently seen in Forbes, the host of the MentorZ Podcast, and the founder of MentorZ Media. She has also had the pleasure of having conversations with some of the most influential human beings on earth: Tim Ferriss, Tom Bilyeu, Seth Godin, and many more. Her name is Ava Wettrick and she is THE REAL DEAL. She is incredibly intelligent, enlightened, and self-aware. Ava and Jordan's talking...


5 Steps to Thrive Through Transitions w Jocelyn Kuhn

Welcome to episode 30 of Growth Mindset University! Jocelyn Kuhn is a professional coach, speaker, and author with a wealth of experience helping people thrive through life’s most challenging moments. Having been through some pretty significant transitions herself (death, divorce, career transitions, raising a family, etc.), she feels passionate about helping others through what can be a very scary time. The talking points: - How to thrive through transitions and adversity - How to live your...


End Toxic Relationships, Build Self-esteem w Yolanda Perkins

In episode 29 of Growth Mindset University, our special guest is TED Speaker and Startup Founder Yolanda Perkins. As she was about to graduate from college, she was sentenced to three years in prison for stealing credit cards to buy stuff to please her boyfriend at the time. The relationship was withering and this was Yolanda's last-ditch effort to win him over, and it landed her in prison, where she found time to learn from her experiences. While incarcerated, she went through several key...


The Relentless Life with Chance Galloway

Welcome to episode 28 of Growth Mindset University! ||| Learn anything, take control of your life, and fulfill your vision of success ||| In this episode, Jordan and Chance discuss the origin story of the podcast and what it has led them to ... the guys end up revealing a big update about the future of the show, so tune in to catch it!


Make a Promise to Never Give Up | Trust the Process

For the first time in a long time, I’m seeing an uptick in real measurables in my life and business..but it didn't come without a prolonged period of stagnation. My website traffic has multiplied by six already in 2018, after a full year of no growth. The SEO scores on all my websites and even my client’s websites have multiplied at an unprecedented level in just the past three weeks. My income has multiplied by four compared to last year. My podcast audience has doubled and almost tripled...


The Millionaire Morning

Wake up. Read or watch the news. Check your phone. Fill up on emergencies, favors asked, terrorism, arrests, suicides, murders, wars, and the like. Then go about your day and see how miserable you are. This is how you make a cake with cement. It won’t taste good. When you fill up with garbage, your life will be garbage. OR Wake up (perhaps 20 minutes earlier). Read 15 pages of a good book. Listen to an uplifting podcast. Learn something new. Fill up on knowledge, insight, strategy, purpose,...


Pro Football Player Mike Wyche: No Grind, No Shine

Welcome to episode 25 of Growth Mindset University! Today, we have a very special guest in the house: professional football player Mike Wyche. Mike was one of the top recruits in the nation a few years ago, receiving full scholarship offers from USC, Miami, and other storied football programs. Life and success never came easy for Mike Wyche though, as he was labeled a problem child growing up while switching schools 13 times, including 3 times for behavioral issues. He also battled...


It's Time to Take a New Action

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten ... Spread this message: Visit Jordan: Visit Chance:


Change Your Vocabulary, Change Your Life

Welcome to episode 23 of Growth Mindset University! ||| Learn Anything, Take Control of Your Life, and Fulfill Your Vision of Success! ||| In this short yet power-packed episode, Chance and Jordan talk about changing your vocabulary to change your life. They detail the 3 W's (Wishing, Waiting, Wanting) that will lead to ultimate failure as well as the 1 W (listen to find out) that changes everything and leads to ultimate success. This episode is brought to you by Growth Mindset University,...


Art of Friendly Competition w TED Speaker Johnny Campbell

Welcome, Growth Mindset University students, to episode 22 of the podcast with TED Speaker Johnny Campbell. Johnny is a member of the Toastmaster's Hall of Fame, Author, and the receiver of many speaking awards. In the episode, Johnny talks about how finding and defining your enemy can light a fire inside of you to help you transition into your best self, build your best business, and live your best life. You can visit Johnny at Johnny's TEDx Talk:...


Take Control of Your Health w Celebrity Trainer Steve Jordan

Welcome to episode 21 of Growth Mindset University! Today on the show, we brought back Celebrity Trainer Steve Jordan. Steve detailed how to take control of your health and fitness and how to start if you don't know where to start. Mid-episode, Jordan gets vulnerable since he's been struggling with his own health and fitness due to traveling the past few months. Steve proceeded to ask him a series of questions (that you can ask yourself at home too) to rediscover his WHY for eating right and...


TED Speaker Dr Brian Paris: Awaken your Giant Within

In episode 20 of Growth Mindset University, Dr. Brian Paris (Jordan's Uncle) is on the show. In the episode, Brian talks about going through different phases of life, relationships and marriage, the stories we tell ourselves, spirituality, and truly waking up. You can visit Brian at Brians TED Talk, The Dynamics of Posture:


TED Speaker Sean Douglas: Hack Your Brain for Success

In episode 19 of Growth Mindset University, Jordan Paris got to talk with TED Speaker Sean Douglas about hacking the brain for success. In addition to his TED credentials, Sean is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, the host of Life Transformation Radio, and Author of "Decisions: the Power to Overcome Self-Defeating Behaviors." In this uplifting interview, Sean talks about how he battled back from the night he held a 9mm handgun in his hands on the brink of suicide, success habits to start right now,...