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#81 You Are Worth Fighting For

The very first Happiness in Progress LIVE! podcast happened last week and it was such an incredible event. The was real, true connection, important introspection and an understanding that we're all in this together. The LIVE! guests were Lu Crenshaw and Shantell Dayton of Camp17. This episode will include a few key lessons from the evening including how to finally decide you're worthy, understanding you are your body and letting to of shame as an excuse. Lu Crenshaw and Shantell Dayton...


#80 Emily Norton, Depression When Life is Good

Emily Norton is one of my favorite people. In days, her first book, The Seven Longest Yards — written with her husband Chris Norton - will hit book shelves. Emily’s story went viral when she helped her husband Chris walk across the stage for graduation… then again when she helped him walk down the wedding aisle. Their story has been shared in People Magazine, on Good Morning America, the Today show, CNN and many more. Chris and Emily have been on the podcast before - where we talked...


#79 David Ghiyam, Spiritual Transformation

"There’s a direct correlation with doubts and sadness and certainty and happiness." - David Ghiyam David Ghiyam is a course teacher for Kabbalah One, based on the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. He has offered tens of thousands of hours of spiritual coaching with everyone including celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs. David was a teenager when he earned his first million dollars. Because of his financial aptitude, his family introduced him to a life of spirituality to keep him on the right...


#78 Nando Raynolds, Turn Your Inner Critic into an Inner Coach

"Most people have practiced character assassination for decades." - Nando Raynolds Nando Raynolds is a psychotherapist and life coach who has helped hundreds of people manage their internal negativity with mindfulness and compassion. He created the workbook, “Transforming Your Inner Critic into an Inner Coach.” Today we talk about why we have the inner critic. And what I really love about Nando’s take on this - is he believes it’s just trying to help us. In the episode, you’ll hear...


#77 Courtney Paulk, Mastering the Mental Game

"It's amazing what changing your perspective just a little bit does to your entire outlook in life." - Courtney Paulk Courtney Paulk is a powerhouse in everything she does. In the office, she is the first female president of an 80-lawyer law firm, Hirschler. In her free time she is known for her ultra-distance open water swimming feats. She is one of only 201 people who has completed the Triple Crown of Open-water swimming… and only the fifth person to do it twice. Courtney blogs about...


#76 Lydia Fenet, The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You

"If you could only see what I see in you, you would understand - your potential is limitless. Stop worrying. Try it. Go for it. Do it." - Lydia Fenet Lydia Fenet is the Managing Director and Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Christies. She has raised more than half a billion dollars for non-profits worldwide as the leading benefit auctioneer in the country. Most recently, Lydia released her new book “The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You.” The book has received praise from...


#75 Dr. Rubina Tahir: The Power of Connections, Emotions & Positivity

"There’s nothing wrong with feeling the way you feel." - Dr. Rubina Tahir Dr. Rubina Tahir is a board certified chriopractor and co-founder of the Positivity Charge. Her goal is to inspire healthy lifestyles - in the office, on her podcast and as she holds retreats and pop-up events in cities nationwide. Rubina has contributed for the Huffington Post Blog and Thrive Global. She’s been quoted in Reader’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, Prevention Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine and many more. In...


#74 Sheryl Gould, Raising Teens & Tweens

"Connection happens with our kids when we can sit in the discomfort of whatever it is they're feeling and let them talk about that." - Sheryl Gould The tween and teen years are tough to live through and tough to parent through. That's why I'm so excited to introduce you to Sheryl Gould. She is the founder of 'Moms of Tweens and Teens.' It’s a national organization that has created a non-judgmental and compassionate place for tens of thousands of parents to share the struggles and triumphs...


#73 Clean Out the Mind

Today we're talking about cleaning out the mind. Our minds are so powerful and so many of us are carrying around junk impacting how we feel on a daily basis and how we show up in the world. In this podcast episode, we'll talk about how powerful our minds are (think placebo effect). You'll learn three steps to stop feeding the negative parts of your brain. 1) Powerful tools to rewrite your old stories 2) Choosing what comes into your mind 3) Practicing Mindfulness LINKS...


#72 Jane Clayson Johnson, Silent Souls Weeping

"I understand what it means to not want to go on. I understand what it means to feel like you’ll never be yourself again and your family would be better off without you. I understand what depression in that context means." - Jane Clayson Johnson Jane Clayson Johnson is an award-winning journalist known for her work on CBS News as a co-host on The Early Show with Bryant Gumbel, ABC News and on the nationally syndicated NPR program, On Point. She’s now a two-time author of ‘I am a Mother’...


#71 Molly Trotter, Reinventing Yourself

I want to introduce you to Molly Trotter. I met her many years ago - when we were both working at competing TV stations. A couple of years ago, Molly got out of the business — looking for more freedom. Now she’s a full-time entrepreneur, running her company, ‘Take Charge Consulting.’ She focuses on nutrition, fitness, social media branding and life coaching. She’s also a public speaker who works in network marketing and teaches financial literacy through trading. I wanted to talk to Molly...


#70 Sugar & Your Mental Health

Do you feel like sugar is impacting your mood? Research backs you up. In this episode, Danielle Craig explores several studies showing how researchers have found sugar is linked to depression and anxiety. This includes the in-depth research of a young woman who changed her diet over the course of 12-weeks. The changes researchers saw in their subject were life-changing. Plus, how you can manipulate the habit loop to help you rewrite the habit of eating sugar. RESOURCES MENTIONED: Link...


#69 Troy Wohosky, Fighting for More

"You can do anything you want in life - anything. I mean whoever thought they could b build metal and watch a car drive by or a plane fly in the sky? The guy who thought it was possible. You can do anything you dream of." - Troy Wohosky Troy Wohosky is the man behind Spartan Boxing… where he helps steer troubled youth in the right direction. But this comes after finding his own way… and digging back from a difficult childhood. As a young boy, he got involved with gangs, ran into trouble...


#68 Does Money Buy Happiness

Does money buy happiness? You know we’ve always been told that money can’t buy happiness. Yet, we set our entire lives… I mean from the time we are little kids… around money. We go to school, to learn how to be constructive members of society… we talk about what we want to be when we grow up… and all of that comes down to how we’ll make money. Money is a HUGE part of our lives. Money pays for the roof over our head, the food to eat, the clothes to wear. Those are the BASIC necessities of...


#67 Zoë Kim, Living with Less Stuff

"I want to be doing more things with my kids and less time on the stuff." - Zoë Kim Zoë Kim is the creator of Raising Simple and author of Minimalism for Families. She is a simplicity coach who partners with women to tackle the challenges of a cluttered home and life. Zoë helps families find the best solutions to simplify their home and life. Zoë talked with Danielle about what made her want to get rid of all the extra stuff and the way it changed her family once she did. We also chatted...


#66 Nancy Smith, Reality of Paralysis

"Give yourself time to realize where you are physically and emotionally ." - Nancy Smith I want you to meet Nancy Smith. Nancy was on a trip with her daughter's Girl Scout troop when a head-on car accident paralyzed her from the neck down. That happened ten years ago. Nancy is the author of Only the Rats are Walking. She has taken part in research of the brain at CalTech and UCLA. She’s also, with the help of her husband, created art pieces for CalTech and a gallery at Montclair...


#65 Jessica Garbarino, Getting Out of $56k of Debt

Jessica Garbarino is the founder of Every Single Dollar. She helps people, specifically single women, get a hold of their personal finances. She got start after getting out of $56k. In the first year of her journey - she paid off $26k. She is a coach, speaker and teacher on various financial topics. We talked about how to get out of debt - the number one places in your budget to save money and where to find extra money. One of my favorite things we talked about are the reasons people say...


#64 First Step to Self-Love

It is the month of love and Danielle is talking about the love that often goes ignored - self-love. The problem with self-love is it starts with our inner dialogue - an often times our inner dialogue isn't positive. Danielle talks about how to back away from negative thoughts and to choose not to let those words have power. "You are enough right now regardless of your pant size, the number on the scale, your relationship status, your bank account. You did not have to earn your worth. You...


#63 Damona Hoffman, Finding Love in the 21st Century

"When you are doing something that is uncomfortable - that is when the change is happening." - Damona Hoffman I am so excited for today’s guests. Relationships have changed in the 21st century - specifically finding relationships in the modern day world where people meet on apps instead of in person. This is where Damona Hoffman comes in. Damona is a certified dating coach, radio host, and TV personality. She has made hundreds of media appearances on NBC, Fox, Animal Planet, Sirius Radio,...


#62 Claudia Gerbasi-Donovan, The Widows Club: Joy & Friendship After 9/11

"Life is a gift and even when it’s at its worst there’s opportunity to find love, and happiness and hope and gratitude again." - Claudia Gerbasi I am so thrilled to introduce you to today’s guest Claudia Ann Gerbasi- Ruggiere-Donovan. Claudia lost her husband on the day many of us watched terror unfolding on the television, September 11th. Her husband, Bart was working at the World Trade Center that morning. Claudia and three other widows lifted each other up in the days and years after...