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#35 Suzanne Tucker, Teaching Kids Emotional Resilience

Today, you’re going to hear from Suzanne Tucker. She’s the founder of Generation Mindful. Generation Mindful helps teach children - and even their parents - about emotional resilience. She’s put together fun and colorful charts and games - to make up the Time In toolkit and the Peacemakers game. Suzanne talks about the long road she traveled to get to Generation Mindful. You’ll hear about what she learned from several miscarraiges. She talked about how she shifted her goals for her...


#34 Beating Stress

Here’s the thing about stress - it affects us SO badly when we don’t handle it correctly. There are billions of studies and tons of research on what can happen to us if we are too stressed. BUT that is not what I want to focus on. Why? Because stressing about our stress can be more dangerous than the original stress. When it comes to stress - perception is reality. In this episode, Danielle talks about how to use stress to motivate you, instead of letting it get the best of you. LINKS...


BLOG BONUS: How to Have It All

Do you like to listen rather than read? A couple times a month I'll publish a bonus episode of one of my blog posts at DanielleCraig.com Today - How to Have It All - you know that impossible standard that has been defined for all of us women. If you prefer to read, check out the post here. CONNECT WITH DANIELLE: Facebook Instagram Daniellecraig.com


#33 Tonya Farrens, Surviving Suicide & Bringing Happy Back

Tonya Farrens is a suicide survivor. About 2 1/2 years ago, her dad took his own life. Tonya and I talk about the emotions that came with that… and what it took to learn to cope and feel okay again. Now, Tonya is doing something incredible to not only honor her dad, but to help people who are suffering. It’s called the Bringing Back Happy Experience. It's a big concert event with a goal of giving people a chance to feel some joy. This is a really powerful conversation about suicide. I...


#32 Jacqueline Pirtle, Everyday Happiness

Jacqueline Pirtle says happiness is her superpower. She's the author of 365 Days of Happiness and the founder of FreakyHealer.com. She has worked as a mindfulness-happiness coach and international speaker. We talked about how you can choose happiness on a daily basis, why she decided to get into this work and her new book. I'm giving away a copy of her book, 365 Days of Happiness on Instagram. Look for the giveaway here. Buy the book here CONNECTED WITH JACQUELINE: Website, Freaky...


#31 Nothing is Permanent, Embracing the Good & Powering Through the Bad

Have you heard of impermanence? It’s a big centerpiece of Buddhist teachings - nothing is permanent. The idea is once you understand impermanence, you can decrease suffering. There are two things we can do once we can really internalize and accept that nothing is permanent. 1 - When things are good, you can embrace them, love them and enjoy this part of your life. 2 - When things are NOT going as planned, when life is not good - you can understand, this will pass. Danielle talks about...


#29 Korrin Torres: Changes, Setbacks & The Baseball Life

The "Baseball Gypsy," Korrin Torres, started out working in TV and eventually made it to Fox Sports. But she left it all behind to support her husband, Nick Torres living the minor league and now independent baseball life. Since then she’s created “The Baseball Gypsy.” In this episode, you’ll hear what it’s like to chase the dream of Major League Baseball. We also talk about how Korrin chose to leave her TV job to support her husband, how she deals with negative comments on her social...


#28 Letting Go of Control

I’m really excited to talk about control - or more accurately, the LACK OF CONTROL we have in this life. When we surrender, we let go. But it’s not as easy as just saying “oh you have to let go of control.” You’re not “letting go” of the pain, anxiety, fear or anything else. But you are letting go of the idea that you have control over the situation. We'll talk more about surrender and two questions you can ask yourself to determine whether you can control the situation you're...


#27 Chris & Emily Norton, Defying the Odds after Paralysis

Chris Norton was living the dream. He was a college football player right out of high school. All that changed when he he mistimed a tackle. In a moment he could not move. He was paralyzed from the neck down. You’ve likely seen Chris’ story recently as he’s gone viral and been featured with his new wife, Emily, on People Magazine, Good Morning Ameirca, CBS Sports, CNN and much more. In the viral video - you see Chris, who was given a 3% chance of ever moving below the neck, walk down the...


#26 Artesha Downing-Spencer, Finding Purpose After Stillbirth

Today Danielle Craig is talking to Artesha Downing-Spencer. Artesia lost her son when she was seven months pregnant. As you can imagine, it sent her to a dark place. Through this unimaginable experience, she was able to find perspective and purpose. She started Peyton's Purpose, named for the son she lost. Through the organization she sends out care packages to women suffering pregnancy loss. These packages have gone all over the world.. as far as South Africa and New Zealand. She’s also...


#25 Spring Cleaning the Soul

In this episode, Danielle Craig talks about four ways to spring clean the soul. SOUL - Simplify, Own Your Life, YOU and Love Learn valuable information about what to cut out of your life, how to take responsibility for your own life, focusing on you and adding connections into your life. "Our lives are so busy we assume we’re being productive, but the movement alone isn’t a recipe for success — or a happier life." The Success Principles(TM) By Jack Canfield How Connection Impacts Your...


#24 Matt Kozar, The Soul's Journey

Today's guest is Matt Kozar. Matt is a former journalist and Emmy-award winner who worked all across the country, including New York City. In 2010, Matt’s brother was killed in a drunk driving crash when a man with a blood alcohol level far exceeding the legal limit… ran into him and a friend. Matt has released his debut novel, "Angels on the Bridge." It's a fictional book, inspired by his brother's story. In it, he tells the story of a fictional character killed in a drunk driving...


#23 Hunter Clarke-Fields, Mindful Parenting

Have you ever felt like parenting your highly-emotional kids is impossible? Yeah, me too. That's why I'm so excited for you to hear from Hunter Clarke-Fields. She calls herself a Mindful Mama Mentor. She coaches over-stressed parents on mindfulness. She's been featured on the The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, Zen Parenting Radio and more. She’s the creator of the Mindful Parenting course and host of the Mindful Mama Podcast. Hear about changing generational patterns, self-love and...


#22 Fighting the Overwhelm & Burnout

When you're stuck in the merry-go-round of life it is really easy to focus on the daily grind and not get a chance to breathe. Insert the overwhelm and burnout. I used to be a live-for-Friday kind of person. On the newscasts I anchored I would say “Good morning - its Wednesday, halfway to Friday. It’s Thursday - you know, Friday-eve.” But then when I got to Friday and the weekend - I would catch up on all the things I had been putting off during the insane previous five days. Danielle...


#21 Lindsay McPhail, Fearless Over Self-Doubt

Today’s episode is for the woman who has ever felt like she’s not enough. The woman who has that self-doubt who says ‘you can’t’ more than ‘you can.’ I am so excited to introduce you to Lindsay McPhail. She's the recipient of a beautiful home from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Hear how Lindsay knew something had to change, what she did, how to find a deeper love for yourself and for others and how she adopted “Fearless” as a rallying cry. She is the author of several books - including...


#20 Wired to Connect

There is so much irony in 21st century with connection and communication. We are connected to more people than ever, yet our connections are not real and intentional. We are not connecting how we used to - in a meaningful way. In this episode, Danielle talks about the importance of connecting and how to connect. On Facebook, many people said a fear of judgement keeps them from connecting with others. Danielle explains how she got over her own fear (yes! She used to be afraid of talking...


#19 Jennifer Borget, Cherishing Motherhood & Life

Danielle Craig is talking to Jennifer Borget. She is the brain behind Cherish365.com. When she first started blogging she was the Baby Making Machine. You’ve seen Jennifer on Huffington Post, Baby Center, the Today Show and much much more. And just this week she interviewed OPRAH! I’ll link her blog because she’s promising to write all about it. We talk about being a successful blogger, but also maintaining individuality in motherhood. Jennifer talks about being in the middle of what is...


#18 Live with Intention, Living On Purpose

I think many of us are acting without intention every single day, several times a day as we answer questions and make decisions. Many years ago, Oprah said people are not living on purpose. She said the principle of intention rules her life. In this episode, Danielle Craig talks about what intention is and why we are not acting with intention in this 21st century world. That includes the ways social media and being busy is making it harder to live with intention. This episode is brought...


Happiness in Progress #17: Rachelle Chapman, True Love & Positivity After Paralysis

In 2010, Rachelle Friedman Chapman broke her neck in a freak accident on the night of her bachelorette party. The media nicknamed her "The Paralyzed Bride." She talks with Danielle Craig about the moment she was pushed into a pool by one of her bridesmaids, how quickly she realized something was wrong, how her fiancé stood by her and the challenges she’s faced since. Rachelle has been featured on the Today Show, People magaizine, ABC News, USA Today and many more media outlets… TLC also...


Happiness in Progress #16: Feeling the Love in Your Relationship

Your host, Danielle Craig talks about the keys to a happy relationship. Her relationship has had highs and lows, but the turning point was when she thought she was going to lose her husband. She talks about what she learned in the moments her husband's heart stopped, but also about research on what can make a happier marriage. "A relationship isn't 50-50, it's two people giving 100%." - Danielle Craig RESEARCH REFERENCED: Kindness is the Key to Marital Happiness Making a 'Bid' or...