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What Good People Do When Bad Things Happen with Nick Tasler

Life doesn’t always go the way we want, and we’re left wondering why. You might wonder why bad things happen to good people, but you should be wondering what good people do when bad things happen. Life doesn't always seem fair, but there's a way to overcome this mindset issue. Navigating North with Kevin today is Nick Tasler - an Organizational Psychologist, Speaker, the author of 4 books, and father. Together they discuss how to adapt to change, become a better decision maker, and the...


Navigating North in Business, Leadership, and Life

So many things seem the same from day to day, but today is uniquely different. That’s the guiding thought in today’s podcast as Kevin unpacks what that means to him. How can you take today and make it matter? We are all on a journey to somewhere we’ve never been, and it’s up to you to make every minute count. Network, Share Ideas, and Grow Ready to connect to other purpose powered people like yourself, so you can network, share ideas, and grow together? Join us in the Higher Purpose...


10 Tips for Living with Higher Purpose Starting Today

Life is — and will always be — full of twists and turns. It’s a pendulum swing between triumph and defeat, fulfillment and frustration, clarity and confusion. On this journey, we all walk towards finding, following, and fulfilling our higher purpose. In today’s episode, Kevin shares 10 tips that you can practice today to start living with higher purpose and why you’ll be glad you did. Kevin’s ability to welcome and encourage rich conversations with people has played an instrumental role in...


Becoming a Deep Listener with Oscar Trimboli

Joining Kevin on the Higher Purpose Podcast is Oscar Trimboli - a mentor, leadership coach, speaker, and the author of Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words. Oscar has an outstanding track record of helping leaders become even more impactful leaders by teaching them the complex yet fulfilling act of deep listening. Today’s focus is how to grow beyond the trenches of average listening and learn how to harness the power of pause for effective communication. Fun fact: Oscar was already an adult...


How to Find Your Purpose with Nick Craig

Nick Craig is the Founder and President of the Core Leadership Institute, and his expertise comes from over 25 years of working with top teams, leadership programs, executive coaching, and much more, with companies like Ben and Jerry’s, Lego, Heineken, Unilever, and the US Military. What makes Nick’s approach truly unique is that he focuses on helping leaders tap into their deeper wisdom rather than giving them rote instructions on how to be a good leader. Today, Kevin and Nick talk about...


Change Your Brain, Change Your Life with Kevin Breeding

Kevin Breeding started Mindset Engine as a way to generate leads for his business. But he soon realized that it was far more than that. In fact, he realized he was rewiring his own brain in creating it. Kevin realized that when you change your brain, you change your life. Today, he shares how you can rewire your own brain to change your mindset and enjoy a far better life. An Extraordinary Experiment Thank you for listening to this episode of the Higher Purpose Podcast. Remember, if you...


The 6 Obstacles to Success with Kevin Monroe

"Make us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong and never to be content with a half truth when the whole can be won." That is the West Point Cadet Prayer, but it’s not just for cadets. It‘s for all of us, especially those of us who strive to live our purpose. Today, Kevin talks about thing things that get in his way on his path to purpose. If you’re anything like him, you have probably experienced them, too. Imposter Syndrome An Extraordinary Experiment Thank you for...


Better Together with Rusty George

As we’ve often said, purpose thrives in community and dies in isolation. Today’s guest, Rusty George, agrees. In fact, he published a book entitled Better Together where he talks about the power of community. Rusty is a pastor, speaker, and leader, and in today’s episode, Rusty and Kevin talk about what community really means when you’re living a purpose-filled life. Better Togethermeincomplete leader is one we should praise An Extraordinary Experiment Thank you for listening to this...


Looking Back With Purpose - One Year of the Higher Purpose Podcast

Kevin reflects on 52 weeks of the Higher Purpose Podcast, sharing some of the things he’s learned and experienced along the way. Kevin discusses five ways that purpose benefits all of us - a retrospective on the incredible guests that have been on the show and some of the big takeaways from a year of energizing and inspiring conversations. kevin@higherpurposepodcast.com An Extraordinary Experiment Thank you for listening to this episode of the Higher Purpose Podcast. Remember, if you ever...


Why Hierarchy is Bad for Business with Brian Robertson

What would your workplace look like without any managers? Brian Robertson says that management hierarchies create a parent-child dynamic between managers and workers that actually undermines organizations. Through experimentation in his own entrepreneurial enterprises, he found a new kind of organization – one that allows us to use our collective consciousness for a purpose. He called the system Holacracy, and now it is implemented by thousands of businesses...


Make Work More Human with Renee Smith

How can we make work more human? Kevin talks to Renee Smith about the high cost of fear, and the deep impact of love. Renee Smith is the Director of Organizational Development at Washington state’s Department of Enterprise Services. She’s not just bringing love into workplace, but into government – the most stereotypically bureaucratic kind of workplace! She has her work cut out for her – but her story is that much more inspirational for it. herekevin@higherpurposepodcast.com An...


Conscious Capitalism with Alexander McCobin

Alexander McCobin was on his way to a Ph.D. and a career in academia when he changed life paths and started Conscious Capitalism, an organization and global movement that blends philosophy and practicality to promote ethics in business. Alexander discusses how he helps businesses find their purpose and discover what they can contribute. Conscious Capitalism websitekevin@higherpurposepodcast.com An Extraordinary Experiment Thank-you for listening to this episode of the Higher Purpose...


The Secrets of Small Giants with Bo Burlingham

Just over 10 years ago, Bo Burlingham wrote Small Giants - a book about “companies that choose to be great, instead of big.” Now Small Giants is a movement, a community, and an annual Forbes list. Kevin talks to Bo about the rise of entrepreneurship, his personal journey, and the role of purpose in doing business differently, and succeeding. previous episodewebsiteThe Great Game of Businesskevin@higherpurposepodcast.com An Extraordinary Experiment Thank-you for listening to this episode...


An Experiment in Developing Human Capability with Bruce Ballengee

Kevin sits down with Bruce Ballengee, founder and CEO of Pariveda Solutions. Pariveda is a tech consulting company doing things differently. The mission of Pariveda is helping people achieve their highest potential – including both their clients and their employees. Bruce discusses how focusing on purpose has translated into success for his business. kevin@higherpurposepodcast.com An Extraordinary Experiment Thank-you for listening to this episode of the Higher Purpose Podcast. Remember,...


Business as Poverty Reduction with Brandale Randolph

Brandale Randolph is a social activist and entrepreneur who is working to alleviate the cycle of poverty through business. He runs the 1854 Cycling Company, a company that employs those who are most at risk of living in poverty – specifically, mothers with criminal records. He also runs Project Poverty, a non-profit aimed at reducing poverty. Brandale discusses the power of business to give back to society and break the cycle of poverty. websiteFacebookInstagram ŸVisit the Purpose Profiles...


Upleveling Your Business, Your Leadership, and Your Life

Kevin is currently in the first phases of the Extraordinary Experiment. What is the Extraordinary Experiment? It’s a program open to anyone who wants to join - anyone who believes that living an extraordinary life is within your reach. Each week incorporates a simple challenge that is tailored specifically to you. Kevin gives us a rundown of what being extraordinary means, and how to move beyond the ordinary. kevin@higherpurposepodcast.com An Extraordinary Experiment Thank-you for...


The Changing Face of Investing with Lisa Cooper

Kevin talks with Lisa Cooper of Figure 8 Investment Strategies, a group that brings a multicultural perspective to financial advice and investment management. Lisa describes her purpose as creating positive social change through business. Business is potentially a really powerful tool – it’s all about learning how to use it to create positive change. Figure 8 helps people meet their financial goals while using their investments to positively impact...


Shaping Your Legacy with Tom Ziglar

Kevin sits down for an inspiring conversation with Tom Ziglar, of Ziglar, Inc. Tom was the President and CEO of Ziglar until eight years ago, when he began speaking and motivating others to change their lives. Tom and Kevin discuss how to live life on purpose, without regret. www.ziglar.comtom@ziglar.comkevin@higherpurposepodcast.com Network, Share Ideas, and Grow Ready to connect with other purpose powered people like yourself, so you can network, share ideas, and grow together? Join us...


Writing Your Own Story with Cyndee Lake

Cyndee Lake says her purpose is helping other people become their best selves. Cyndee is the Chief Purpose Officer of Blank Page, a company that helps people connect to their purpose through designing meaningful experiences and creating the space to have big conversations. Your purpose defines your priorities, and your priorities determine what actions you actually take. Cyndee and Kevin unpack the philosophy behind Blank Page. kevin@higherpurposepodcast.com Network, Share Ideas, and...


Find a Way to Say Yes With James Boettcher

When James Boettcher was just starting out as a young entrepreneur, the new business he had just bought burned to the ground right before opening day – after he had already invested all of his loan money in renovations. That was Fiasco Gelato, a now-thriving purpose-driven enterprise. James explains how he persevered to bring Fiasco to where it is today, and the benefits of Fiasco’s flexible and humanistic workplace culture. kevin@higherpurposepodcast.com