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Disagree with yourself (with Charles Chu)

How does the world work? How can we do a better job at living in the world? Charles Chu has been trying to find increasingly better answers for these questions since he has was 15. In recent years, he turned to writing to explore and expand on his ideas about these questions and many, many others.…


Give yourself time and space (with Roy Marriott)

Decisions – they’re so pervasive in our lives, yet so difficult to make when you’re pushed and pulled in different directions. I’ve been through this countless times and maybe you have too. That’s why this podcast episode is different: I’m changing roles, from asking questions to answering them, as Roy coaches me through an important decision I have to make.…


Build empathy bridges for better decisions (with Peter Shepherd)

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral. Having the ability to see opportunities where others don’t is a particularly freeing feeling.…


Where good decisions come from (with Adelina Chalmers)

Adelina is an incredible, generous connector. She has worked with thousands of people over the past 15 years to promote, implement and develop a culture of collaborative communication teams or people in the same team, especially on the tech side. In our world that relies on tech to run, there are some tough decisions involved in doing things right.…


How giving freely can create opportunities (with Kevan Lee)

They say “never meet your heroes!”, but I disagree. I want to meet them all. If there weren’t worth meeting, then I’d be in big trouble for choosing the wrong path. Talking to people I look up to, exploring their thought process and discovering how they handle challenges can have a powerful effect.…


Why self-care is essential for wise decisions (with Nichole Elizabeth Demere)

You may not associate self-care with the hard-headed, purely rational context we often think of when talking about making decisions but that doesn’t make it any less important. Get the resources mentioned in the show. In fact, self-care is one of the things I’ve been focusing a lot more in the past 2 years and, lucky for me, I got to learn and a lot by following and talking to Nichole Elizabeth Demere about it!…


Why you should build and trust your process (with Louis Grenier)

Louis Grenier is one of the main reasons this podcast exists. His work, his generosity, and his honesty made me take the leap. Get the resources mentioned in the show. I’m also forever jealous because of him because he interviewed Seth Godin (who I’m still too scared to invite to the podcast).…


How to make better decisions through exceptional focus (with Sam Mallikarjunan)

Sam Mallikarjunan is one of those people whose mental clarity shines through everything he does and says. This hour-long talk is worth the listen for the sheer value of Sam’s ideas and advice. Get the resources mentioned in the show. The third episode I recorded for the podcast stars Sam Mallikarjunan, one of the people who has influenced me in a meaningful way over the past few years.…


How sharing your journey improves your choices (with Benji Hyam)

Benji Hyam doesn’t just scratch the surface, he gives the whole background story. Get the resources mentioned in the show. In the second episode of the How do you know? podcast, Benji explains the thought process behind some of the most important decisions in his life that led to him becoming an entrepreneur, moving from the US and pivoting his business.…


Why you should trust your gut (with Eric Moeller)

This is my first attempt. The first flawed, enthusiastic episode of a journey that I hope will help us all become better, more clearheaded decision-makers. Get the resources mentioned in the show. Eric Moeller, Director of Product Marketing and altMBA coach, generously agreed to be my first guest.…