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You Can Change Your Mind

Guess what? You are allowed to change your mind! I'm sharing a very vulnerable lesson I've just gone through about how important it is to give yourself permission to change your mind! If you are interested in applying for my upcoming Mastermind, click here to be notified when applications are available.


Visionary Spotlight: Heather Thorkelson

Here are a few of the big topics we talked about: Kelly introduces Heather and asks her to share what visionary means to her.Heather shares what her favorite part of herself is.The ladies discuss how Heather has connected with her instincts, which was significantly impacted by Heather’s upbringing.At the age of 17, Heather had experienced what some people at that age cannot even fathom.The psychological requirements that put you in a good headspace.Heather shares her non-negotiable...



It's time for you to unfurl. To allow yourself to transform again and again. To give yourself permission to go into hibernation and then come out again like new. It's time to unfurl. Check out my Overcoming Perfectionism course which begins May 14. This is about releasing your perfectionism and living with joy, passion and purpose. Aren't you ready for that?


Creating a Personal Mission Statement with Anna Lundberg

Are you tired of letting perfectionism stand in your way of a joyful, purposeful and passionate life? Check out Overcoming Perfectionism, my 3-week course to help you get out from underneath the weight of having to be perfect! We begin May 14, 2018, and I am welcoming in 10 women for this amazing experience of group calls, one-on-one coaching and journaling. Click here to learn more. Here are a few of the big topics we talked about: Kelly introduces Anna, and asks Anna to share how...


Celebrate YOU!!

How often do you take a moment to really just celebrate yourself?? To celebrate a big win or acknowledge just how awesome you really are?? Some people might call this bragging or having a big head...I call it necessary! Take a listen and then connect with me over on Instagram so we can celebrate together!!


Mili Metz on Overcoming Procrastination

It's my 100th episode!! I can hardly believe it! Thank you for being a part of this journey with me! As always you can support In Her Voice directly through any Beautycounter purchase from this link! Thank you so much for your continued support of In Her Voice! Here are a few of the big topics we talked about: Kelly introduces Mili and asks her to describe what procrastination and perfection mean to her.Do you work best under pressure? It’s pretty common and Mili explains why.Mili...



Synchronicity can be described as "meaningful coincidences." I just love the idea that God can send us a message at any time, all we have to do is be expecting it! Listen in on this short solo episode and get inspired to expect tiny daily miracles. Looking to connect more deeply with your inner voice? Be sure to sign up for my free 5 Days of Journaling that begins April 22, 2018!! Find the clarity, confidence and joy you have been looking for by setting aside 10-15 minutes for yourself to...


The Mindset of Transformation with Corinne Crabtree

5 Days of Journaling to Connect with Your Inner Voice begins on April 22, 2018!! Will you be one of the 100 women that will commit to themselves for those 5 days? Are you ready to listen more deeply, feel more joy in your life, and make decisions with confidence and clarity? Sign up for free today! Here are a few of the big topics we talked about: Kelly introduces Corinne and asks her to share how she learned that mindset is so powerful in her life.Journaling and how important it’s been...


Crossfit Conversations with Tara Newman

In this special episode of In Her Voice, Tara Newman of The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast and I are joining forces to have a conversation about how Crossfit has helped us to heal ourselves. In this episode specifically we are talking about how we both took on the challenge of doing the Crossfit Open for the first time this year, the lessons we learned, and what our goals are going forward. We absolutely loved doing this special for you which will also be aired on Tara's podcast...


Be The Lighthouse with Bryn Drescher

Join me for 5 Days of Journaling to Connect with Your Inner Voice beginning April 22!! Get ready to feel more clarity, more confidence and more joy as you dive into deeper connection with your inner wisdom! Sign up for FREE here. Here are a few of the big topics we talked about: Kelly introduces Bryn and asks her to share the lighthouse symbolism that Bryn loves.Inspired PotentialOwning our power and light - aka. The Journey of Our LifeHow to learn who they are.Ask yourself how a friend...


Mindset Matters

This episode is to get you thinking about how you respond to your thoughts - essentially your mindset. Do you let your thoughts stop you from doing what you really want to do? Do you let your own imagined stories become reality? Mindset makes all the difference and this episode will help you begin to be more mindful of your own mindset. ---------------------------------- You can support In Her Voice and shower yourself with some self-love at the same time anytime you purchase a...


Sara La Delfa-Kirsch on Financial Empowerment

Join me for 5 Days of Journaling to Connect with Your Inner Voice LIVE beginning April 22, 2018!! We will be going through 5 days of prompts together to help you go deeper as you connect and listen to your inner voice. Sign up for free here. Here are a few of the big topics we talked about: Kelly introduces Sara and asks her to describe what she means by financial empowerment for women.Sara shares her backstory on how she got into working with finances for women.Even if there is...



Do you listen when your body asks you to rest, when your soul whispers (or maybe even yells) for you to slow down? In our world it's hard to prioritize rest without guilt...super hard. But until we can recognize that it is an essential part of our human-ness, we are cutting ourselves off from living our best life. This episode is brought to you by Beautycounter, making safer skin care practically effortless with their new Makeup Remover Wipes. They are literally my dream come true! Try...


Find Your Joy with Amy E. Smith

March is about discovery and activation! Sign up for your free discovery call with me today to activate your vision and start taking the steps to become the visionary you are menat to be. Here are a few of the big topics we talked about: Kelly introduces Amy and asks her to share what joy is to her.Joy is an emotional state that we thrive in.Amy shares how she went from focusing on her big time makeup career to realizing it wasn’t bringing her real joy.Why we look to external validations...


Give Yourself Grace

What happens when we give ourselves permission to not be perfect? It is then that we are giving ourselves grace. This solo episode is the how and why of grace. It's quick and to the point and oh so important! You can support In Her Voice by giving yourself the gift of safer skincare with Beautycounter! Thank you so much for being a part of the In Her Voice Community! xoxo


Jen Vertanen on Loneliness

March is all about discovery and activation!! If you have been thinking about coaching for a while, now is the TIME!! Schedule a FREE discovery call with me, so we can sit down and activate your vision! Here are a few of the big topics we talked about: Kelly introduces Jen and asks her to describe what loneliness is to her.The story of Jen’s loneliness; how she identified it and how she began to overcome it.Jen explains why it can be so hard to reach out to make connections when we’re...


Activate Your Superpowers

Do you believe that we all have superpowers? Are you ready to discovery and activate your own?? In today's episode I'm sharing some questions you can ask to discover your superpowers and how to activate them through conscious practice! Listen along and activate yours and then join me in a challenge this week to highlight the superpowers of those around us. Tell at least 3 people you are close to what you think their amazing superpower is! Share this episode with them as you do it if you...


Visionary Spotlight: Kristy Norbert of Empower Her Network

March is the month of DISCOVERY and ACTIVATION! If you are ready to learn more about inner voice coaching with me and start activating your dreams, click here to set up a FREE discovery call (no strings attached - just you and me talking about where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there.) Here are a few of the big topics we talked about: Kelly introduces Kristy and allows her to share what Empower Her Network is.Human trafficking is happening right here, in the...


An Inner Voice Meditation

To experience an inner voice coaching session, sign up for a free discovery call with me today. Today I’m giving you a practice. A meditation just for you to help you connect with your inner voice. Listen to it once or over and over. It will be a different experience every time you listen. This is for you. Because you are amazing and you have everything you need right inside of you. You just have to listen.


A New Model for Love with Isabell Springer

This episode is sponsored by Beautycounter. Beautycounter's mission is to put safer skin care into the hands of everyone! Any purchases made through this link directly support In Her Voice. Thank you for supporting me while you take care of you! Here are a few of the big topics we talked about: Kelly introduces Isabell and they dive right into the interview.Isabell shares the story of how she has always been a rule-breaker.The cultural conditioning that teaches us, as children, that we...


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