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Eating as a Spiritual Practice with Marcella Friel

5 Days of Journaling on Inspired Potential begins September 9, 2019! Reignite your daily practice of connecting with your inner voice this fall! Sign up for this free challenge at Here are some of the big topics we talked about… Marcella’s book Tap, Taste, Heal: Use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to Eat Joyfully and Love Your Body The links between food and spirituality, and our bodies and Mother Earth Tapping: a tool to start new food practices and get...


How To Not Need Gold Stars

Do you constantly crave external affirmation? Do gold stars from others give you that feeling of success, fulfillment and enough-ness that you seek? Guess what? There is a way to not need them!! (Seriously!) If you are tired of chasing after gold stars from others, but aren’t sure where to begin in the journey of owning your true value and worth today, let’s talk. I’d love to support and guide you as you listen to your inner voice so you can truly begin loving yourself enough to give...


Erica Courdae on Undoing Yourself to Become

Let's connect on Instagram! Find me @kellyjcovert! I have 3 openings for my Inner Voice Coach-In-Your-Pocket Program! Learn more about it and sign up for a free discovery call here! Here are some of the big topics we talked about… Erica tells the beautiful story of rebranding her hair and makeup company and discovering inclusive business values that helped her see that there was more to her that needed to be brought out into the world Being yourself regardless of owning a business, not...


Are You An Overachiever?

In a world where overachieving is the gold standard, it can be sometimes difficult to let go of chronic overachieving. BUT, when we take the time to listen to our inner voice instead of just doing for doing’s sake, everything changes. If this is you and you are finally ready to take a breath and reach our your hand to ask for help, I’m here for you. Let me support you along your journey to listen to your inner voice and really start living an intentional and meaningful life. Click here to...


Madeleine Henry: Breath In, Cash Out

Inner Voice Coaching can help you live a more joyful, fulfilling life! Sound good? Let's chat. Sign up for a FREE discovery call here. Here are some of the big topics we talked about… Self-taught yogini and fiction author compares the worlds of finance and yoga - productivity through speeding up or slowing down and being peaceful Yoga for Madeleine is a practice of bringing her energy into her body when she becomes aware that it’s too high and goal-oriented. Literally a transition from...


Are You Lost To Your Life?

Do you feel like your life is just making all the choices for you? This is what being lost to your life means. It’s time to take back the reins in your life and deliberately and intentionally create the life you most want. AND, you don’t have to do this all by yourself! Asking for support is HUGE and HELPFUL! This is my most sacred work, to support you in listening to your inner voice and create a life that is meaningful, joyful and fulfilling! If you are interested in learning more about...


On Values and Happiness with Andrea Own

Want to know more about what it's like to work with me as your Inner Voice Coach? Are you ready, like really ready, to put thoughts and intentions into practice as you come into alignment with your heart's desires? Let's talk! Sign up for a free discovery call today! Here are some of the big topics we talked about… You might struggle with happiness, but you can improve, have compassion for yourself! Key points of our journey “value work” - some of the top...


Perfectionism vs. Your Inner Voice

When you listen to the voice of perfectionism it will ALWAYS block your true inner voice. How do you begin to win this battle? For more support, reach out! Let me help you create the practice of listening to your inner voice. Set up a discovery call today! Click here:


DeeDee Morris on Dharma and Grace

Learning how to listen to your inner voice isn't something you have to do all on your own! To learn more about inner voice coaching with Kelly, click here. Here are some of the big topics we talked about… From moments of calm knowingness, years of soul searching, and an inner voice that stated to her one day “You want a family,” Deedee shares her journey while touching on the subjects of the existential crisis of motherhood, how suffering and inner voice...


Practical Optimism for Inspired Living with Elizabeth Shaw

There are still a few spots remaining for my Summer Mastermind! If you are feeling a pull, apply here to get started. Here are some of the big topics we talked about… We all know people who are optimistic and pessimistic. Elizabeth talks about how it’s so important what you do with what you’re given! How Elizabeth stalled for 7 years in launching her business because of perfectionism and discusses how important it’s been to release expectations, accept “good...


What Does It Mean To Be Fulfilled?

Choose to shine. Right now. Click here to apply for my 2019 Summer Mastermind.


Doing It Your Way with Jennifer Barcelos & Sandy Connery

Let this be the summer that you give birth to the idea that has been simmering in your heart for all this time. Applications for my Summer Mastermind are open! Apply here! Here are some of the big topics we talked about… Listen to anecdotes Jeni and Sandy share from being revolted by the “tech incubator” experience to they themselves being the two support people on their software platform (decidedly not having bots answer questions) to their closeness asbest friends, mothers, and full-time...


We Are All Creating Something

You are creating something whether you believe you are or not! Are you ready to create something with intention and meaning? The Summer Mastermind is OPEN for application. This small group coaching experience is for women who are ready to birth a new project into this world! Click here to learn more and to apply.


Casey O’Roarty on Self-Awareness That Works

5 Days of Journaling starts on May 19! Sign up here for free if you are ready to have clarity on your true purpose and are willing to let go of your expectations around what it looks like to live into that!! Here are some of the big topics we talked about… Real-life friends Kelly and Casey talk about Joyful Courage, Casey’s new book on self-awareness and parenting, and how it applies to life beyond parenting, in her second appearance on the show As much as...


How To Lose Your Expectations

What happens when we set goals but then lose our expectations? MAGIC!! Be sure to sign up for my FREE 5 Days of Journaling on Inspired Potential, especially if you are ready to let go of your own expectations and listen to your inner voice! We begin May 19, 2019!!


Lisa Carpenter on Deep Trust, Commitment, & Integrity

Join in on my next 5 Days of Journaling Challenge!! Commit to 5 days of connecting deeply with your inner voice and tap into your inner potential! It's free and we start May 19!! Here are some of the big topics we talked about… Of the many ways we numb out, the biggest one plaguing most of us is social media Mindless scrolling means we don’t have to connect in with what’s going on in real life Keep your head up from the screen and the feeling that you’re missing out on anything! Things...


Mining Your Emotions For Data

Your emotions are more than just what you are feeling at any given moment. They hold so many truths (and lies) about who we are and who we are required to be. Our emotions can also teach us how to live a more intentional life, if we take the time to get curious about the information they have inside of them. If you are interested in support in this journey of understanding who you are, listening to your inner voice and living into your inspired potential, let's talk about how inner voice...


How To Be Strategically Creative with Stacey Harris

Confused about what your purpose and passion are? Need clarity around your inspired potential? Let's talk about inner voice coaching! Sign up here for a free discovery call. Here are some of the big topics we talked about... Stacey’s ability to think on her feet is one unexpected aspect of her creativity A gratitude list helps create the space to honor yourself Strategic creativity was born out of building social media marketing and now applies to her life in lots of ways Take the...


Practical Practice

This week's episode is all about practice - letting go of the results we typically expect from practice (ahem, perfection) and tapping into the deeper benefit of daily and practical practice. If you are needing support and accountability in developing your own practice of listening to your inner voice, check out my newest coaching program, Inner Voice Coach in Your Pocket.


Dialing in Your Practice with Sara Intonato

Are you ready to release all of your expectations and really get to the heart of who you are meant to be? This is not about living UP to your potential, but about living INTO your inspired potential, that magic formula of you plus your talents and your power!! Listening to your inner voice is the way through to finally feeling fulfilled from the inside out. Click here to learn more about inner voice coaching. Here are some of the big topics we talked about... Practiceslike yoga,...