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The Practice of Grace



The Beauty of Conflict with Crismarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

Looking for great gifts? Check out my shop at! Both of my journaling courses are available there, plus other fun things! Give yourself a "worthy" gift this holiday season! Here are some of the big topics we talked about… CrisMarie and Susan’s individual stories of coming through stress, conflict, & serious illness, and the beauty of intuition and connectivity which helped them get throughHow Susan uncovered “huge amounts of conflict in her own life that she hadn’t...


Terry Sidford on Courage

Here are some of the big topics we talked about… Opportunities lie outside of your comfort zone - you must take that extra stepCourage asthe attribute that women have but don’t see in themselvesThe survey Terry created and gave to one hundred women, turned into her book Courage was an invisible traitthat shedidn’t see in herselffor a very long timeIt doesn’t have to be a heroic act to be courageous (a common misconception)Lovingly observefear, being present with it, and take courageous...


What Does Worthy Mean?

What does worthy even mean?


Trusting Our Bodies’ Wisdom with Stephanie Dodier

I'm speaking at the Inspire Leadership Conference on November 3!! Come out an experience a workshop on Your Authentic Path as a Leader plus so many other great speakers! Click here for a discounted ticket! Here are some of the big topics we talked about… How the proven, researched, self-care eating framework of intuitive eating can help you Behind the confusion of dieting, intuitive eating is always with us: we’re born with it Stephanie’s mindfulness steps to reconnecting with your...


The Importance of Feedback

Do you have objective feedback in your life? Here's why we need it.


Gia Duke How To Make A Big Difference With Small Actions

Here are some of the big topics we talked about… Gia’s story of how she came to be the person who helps people help the worldBrainstorming how to make a difference, no computers neededIntegratinghelpinginto yourlifestyle, for example on a monthly or daily basisFrom making eye contact and smiling to helping the homeless to any level of involvement in an organization, Gia covers the bases with simple starting strategiesReally easy to follow ways ofbreaking down the planning processfor...


Stephanie Dodd on The Dodd Protocol

Connect with me over on Instagram! It's my favorite! @kellyjcovert Here are some of the big topics we talked about… A super busy mom and professional, Stephanie had a pivotal moment about a year ago where she got completely away for a few days, twice, and came out of it with The Dodd Protocol - a method for those of us who don’t have the luxury of going on retreat!Listen to her and Kelly chat about what the protocol entails and how it might help youSteph integrates tools like atouch...


The Myth of Practice

Practice makes perfect, right? Uh, not so much, and if you are practicing with perfection as your intention, your practice will leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed. Today let’s dive into what practice really looks like and how we can practice with intention to bring us joy.


New and Full Moon Intentions with Veronica Perretti

The next 5 Days of Journaling Challenge begins Monday, September 9! It's the perfect time to reset and rejuvenate your journaling practice and connect with your inner voice! Sign up here for free!! Veronica Perretti is an astrologer by day and a yoga teacher by night. After years of seeking outside experts and healers to fix her, she turned to her chart to heal herself. Veronica lives in NYC with her honey and her kitty kids, Rama and Zora. She’s an Aries with a Virgo moon, obsessed with...


Stop Doing. Start Being.

What if there was a better way to get things done? What if there was a way to create a to-do list that, with each item crossed off, we were more of the woman we wanted to be? So this begs the question: Does what you do create who you are or does who you are create the things you do? This is what I'm digging into on this episode. I'm kicking off another 5 Days of Journaling beginning September 9. We will be revisiting the prompts on Inspired Potential, and I can't wait! If you...


Eating as a Spiritual Practice with Marcella Friel

5 Days of Journaling on Inspired Potential begins September 9, 2019! Reignite your daily practice of connecting with your inner voice this fall! Sign up for this free challenge at Here are some of the big topics we talked about… Marcella’s book Tap, Taste, Heal: Use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to Eat Joyfully and Love Your Body The links between food and spirituality, and our bodies and Mother Earth Tapping: a tool to start new food practices and get...


How To Not Need Gold Stars

Do you constantly crave external affirmation? Do gold stars from others give you that feeling of success, fulfillment and enough-ness that you seek? Guess what? There is a way to not need them!! (Seriously!) If you are tired of chasing after gold stars from others, but aren’t sure where to begin in the journey of owning your true value and worth today, let’s talk. I’d love to support and guide you as you listen to your inner voice so you can truly begin loving yourself enough to give...


Erica Courdae on Undoing Yourself to Become

Let's connect on Instagram! Find me @kellyjcovert! I have 3 openings for my Inner Voice Coach-In-Your-Pocket Program! Learn more about it and sign up for a free discovery call here! Here are some of the big topics we talked about… Erica tells the beautiful story of rebranding her hair and makeup company and discovering inclusive business values that helped her see that there was more to her that needed to be brought out into the world Being yourself regardless of owning a business,...


Are You An Overachiever?

In a world where overachieving is the gold standard, it can be sometimes difficult to let go of chronic overachieving. BUT, when we take the time to listen to our inner voice instead of just doing for doing’s sake, everything changes. If this is you and you are finally ready to take a breath and reach our your hand to ask for help, I’m here for you. Let me support you along your journey to listen to your inner voice and really start living an intentional and meaningful life. Click here to...


Madeleine Henry: Breath In, Cash Out

Inner Voice Coaching can help you live a more joyful, fulfilling life! Sound good? Let's chat. Sign up for a FREE discovery call here. Here are some of the big topics we talked about… Self-taught yogini and fiction author compares the worlds of finance and yoga - productivity through speeding up or slowing down and being peaceful Yoga for Madeleine is a practice of bringing her energy into her body when she becomes aware that it’s too high and goal-oriented. Literally a transition from...


Are You Lost To Your Life?

Do you feel like your life is just making all the choices for you? This is what being lost to your life means. It’s time to take back the reins in your life and deliberately and intentionally create the life you most want. AND, you don’t have to do this all by yourself! Asking for support is HUGE and HELPFUL! This is my most sacred work, to support you in listening to your inner voice and create a life that is meaningful, joyful and fulfilling! If you are interested in learning more about...


On Values and Happiness with Andrea Own

Want to know more about what it's like to work with me as your Inner Voice Coach? Are you ready, like really ready, to put thoughts and intentions into practice as you come into alignment with your heart's desires? Let's talk! Sign up for a free discovery call today! Here are some of the big topics we talked about… You might struggle with happiness, but you can improve, have compassion for yourself! Key points of our journey “value work” - some of the top...


Perfectionism vs. Your Inner Voice

When you listen to the voice of perfectionism it will ALWAYS block your true inner voice. How do you begin to win this battle? For more support, reach out! Let me help you create the practice of listening to your inner voice. Set up a discovery call today! Click here: