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17: I'll Do It When I Lose Weight

“I’ll do XYZ as soon as I lose weight.” I've lost count of how many times I've told myself this. I'm betting that you have a similar story. How many times have you put things on hold because of your weight or a lack of confidence? In this episode of The Irresistible You Podcast, I'm sharing some stories around how I put things on hold in my life because of my weight. For me, it started back as early as elementary school. I'm getting real with yall and talking about what it was like growing...


16: The Irresistible You Journal is on Amazon!

The Irresistible You Journal is on Amazon! Get your copy today...and one for your BFF! The Irresistible You journal will help you gain the confidence to look and feel irresistible at any weight or size. In this episode, I'm sharing all the details you need to know. Including where to get it, how to use it, and why you need this in your life! Links Mentioned: The Irresistible You Journal30 Day Free Trial Amazon PrimeBlog post/show notes


15: 5 Ways Daily Journaling Boosts Confidence

As I prepare to launch The Irresistible You Journal on Amazon, I've had several questions about journaling. Many of you ask me, "How can journaling boost my body image and confidence?" In this post and podcast episode, I'm going to share 5 ways daily journaling boosts your confidence. Links Mentioned: The Irresistible You Journal30 Day Free Trial Amazon PrimeBlog post/show notes


14: Can You Love Yourself Through Weight Loss?

How could you possibly love your body when it makes you sick to touch your own fat rolls? How could you love this damaged, stretch mark covered, fat, flabby body? Losing weight because you hate yourself is never going to change anything in the long term. Can you love yourself and lose weight? How much emotional weight are you carrying around? In this episode, I'm sharing what it means to lose emotional weight so that you can shed the inner fat girl once and for all! Be sure to join my free...


13: Binge Eating During a Life Transition

Today, I’m talking about transitions, seasons of life, and binge eating. What season of life are you in right now? Seasons are temporary and they will pass. You have to prioritize what’s realistic and important to you right now in this season of life. I’ve been in the middle of some big life transitions. Even though I want to make my weight loss journey a main priority, it just hasn’t been. It keeps falling to the bottom of the list but I’m ok with that…for now. Get all of the show notes...


12: Will I ever stop binge eating?

Will I ever stop binge eating? Will this cycle ever end? This post and podcast is raw and real. I'm dishing my feelings about binge eating, weight loss, and my body image journey. The show notes can be found on the Irresistible Icing blog. Be sure to share your journey using #IrresistibleYou on Instagram and across social media. Love this episode? Please leave a review and rating in iTunes. I will love you forever!


11: What is confidence, anyway?

What does confidence mean to you? I talk a lot about body image and confidence here on the podcast. There are days where I feel like a hypocrite because I feel anything but confident. That got me thinking about what is confidence anyways? What does it really mean to be confident? Are you always confident in your body? The answer may surprise you! Plus, I have a special new offer that you'll want to take advantage of to boost your own confidence before the holiday season. Coordinating Blog...


10: Body Image and the #MeToo Movement. What's the Connection?

I've had plenty of unwanted advances, comments, groping, etc from men over the years. My body has been the center of conversation more times than I can count. As a kid growing up, I was bullied because of my weight. It was never by other girls. It was always by boys. Why were they so obsessed over my body? Why were they SO offended that I was fat? Why did that bother THEM so much? What is the connection between the #MeToo movement and body image? How has our lack of confidence and poor body...


09: How To Feel Fabulous This Fall

Hello, Fall! Can you believe it's already fall? This is my absolutely favorite time of year. I get so excited thinking about cool weather, pumpkins, apple picking, boots with the fur, straight hair, and pumpkin spice errrrthanggg! When I see how little time is left between now and the end of the year it feels a bit overwhelming. Like, how am I going to enjoy all of the fun/seasonal things while still working on my goals, my business, and my family? In this episode, I'm going to give you five...


08: I'm Sick of Being the Fat Girl

"I'm sick of being the fat girl. If I could just lose all the weight, then I'll finally be happy." How many times have you told yourself this? Being the Fat Girl isn't about what you look like as much as it is a mentality. The fat girl mentality will follow you throughout your entire weight loss journey if you don't learn how to put her to bed. That's why we can lose all of our weight and still see ourselves as fat. It's because you haven't changed your mindset yet. A weight loss journey...


07: Fat Girl Problems

I'm sick and tired of so called experts in the body image and body positivity space pretending that they know what it feels like to walk a day in the shoes of a "fat girl." They don't get to share our stories. They don't get to pretend to get it. There are some dangerous things being said and I'm here to share my opinions which are not always the most popular...but, I DO know what it feels like and I DO know why a lot of their advice is total BS! Be sure to share your journey using...


06: This is Why You Need Accountability and Community Support

What does accountability mean to you? What does it have to do with body image, emotional eating, and weight loss? It has everything to do with those things! How many times have you started a weight loss journey and within a few days or maybe a few weeks you fall off the wagon? That's because you're missing one thing - accountability and support! In this episode, I share three things to look for in an accountability group or buddy. Plus, I have a sneak peek of my new program that might just...


05: How To Break the Rules Holding You Back

What rules are holding you back from living the life you crave? Body image, weight, and emotional eating can hold us back in ways that we don't even realize. Check out this episode where I share a crazy story that recently happened to me and how listening to old rules almost ruined the perfect day at my daughter's first visit to Busch Gardens. I also share 3 actionable steps you can take to break the damn rules holding you back so that you can create an irresistible life! Be sure to share...


04: Join the Free #IrresistibleYou Challenge!

This free challenge is for any women struggling with weight, body image, and emotional eating that need a dose of empowerment. You'll learn how to look & feel irresistible in just 5 days. In this episode, I break down what's included in the challenge and you'll learn. As a challenge participant, you'll receive a daily email with actionable tips and tasks, a daily Facebook Live video, worksheets, support, and much more! All designed to give you a jump-start to look and feel irresistible in...


03: How To Break the Rules While Aging

Breaking the rules is guiding principle number one of an irresistible life. As women, we worry about body image but there's also the topic of aging. Guys, we are ALL getting older. I just turned 37 on 7/3/18 and it got me thinking about age, lessons I've learned, and I wanted to share that learning with you. In today's episode, I share 5 ways you can break the rules when it comes to aging. Be sure to share your journey using #IrresistibleYou on Instagram and across social media. Love this...


02: I Know What It's Like To Be the "Fat Girl."

My journey with weight loss/weight gain, body image, and emotional eating is not a trending topic. I'm not a Google keyword. I don't talk about these things because they might get more views. I talk about them because this is my story and my journey. I'm in your shoes and I understand the pain and frustration that comes with feeling fat and miserable. I'm here to help guide you as we go through our #IrresistibleYou journey together! I'm passionate about helping other women see their...


00: Introduction to the Irresistible You Podcast

Welcome to the intro episode of Irresistible You! In this episode, I give you the quick rundown on how this podcast was created and why. I share my story with you about how I stopped waiting for the weight and created my irresistible life now - not 50 lbs from now. After blogging for 8 years at, it's time to animate my posts with a podcast! I hope you'll stick around and subscribe for more.


01: Are You Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Every weekend, you go off the rails with your eating but justify it by telling yourself, “I’ll start over Monday.” Whenever you start losing weight, you start to slack off and eventually gain it all back. Are you sabotaging your weight loss efforts even though you claim you want this so bad? In this episode, I'm sharing with you the top reasons WHY we self-sabotage and what you can do about it. To see the full show notes go here:...