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How lad culture can get in the way of meeting women – Johnny Cassell Interview - Johnny Cassell

Hey listeners, New from the premier lifestyle and dating podcast comes a breakdown of how I got into coaching. My first product as a self-development coach was me, and I taught myself how to break out of the “girls don’t like me” mindset. I’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years, but I wasn’t born confident. It was a process....


How To Stay In State – Are You Killing Your Own Vibe? - Johnny Cassell

Hi Podcasters Here’s one from the archive… How to get and keep in state. We’ve all been there… Your friend phones you up and tries to twist your arm to get you to the party. After reluctantly going you keep yourself to yourself all night…You find your self thrown into an unexpected interaction and suddenly you feel like you’ve got...


Fall In love, Avoid The Crazy And Get Back In The Market - Johnny Cassell

In this podcast we covered a lot of ground, How to make a girl fall in love with you How to spot the red flags when dating a woman (how to avoid the crazy) How to start dating again after a tough break up I also took some time to answer some of the questions that were sent in prior...

Men Vs Women In Online Dating – What You Can Learn From A Talk I Gave To An All Female Audience - Johnny Cassell

Hi guys, so in this episode of the podcast we cover quite a lot. I share with you what women’s main concerns and insecurities are in the world of online dating. Highlights of my recent talk I did for Killing Kittens female members. Online dating – You are a brand – Dating apps are not to blame for the hook...

Fri-Yay – Is Flirting With Other Women Cheating? – Girlfriend Material & Cougars - Johnny Cassell

In this episode I share my views on flirting with other women inside and outside of a relationship, top qualities men should look for in a girlfriend and some great reasons to date older women. I really enjoyed doing this one and I look forward to getting more out to you guys very soon! ———- Instagram: Website: Youtube:...

How To Be More Confident – Beat The Shitty Person You Were Yesterday - Johnny Cassell

Is confidence something you either have or you don’t? Or is it something we can develop? In this video I go in on my thoughts on the subject. Get those headphones in and let me know what you think! ———– If you liked the content, give me some feedback and let me know! ———- Instagram: Website: Youtube:


How To Get A Woman To Chase You – No More Neediness! - Johnny Cassell

Tweak your interactions with these great tips that will completely change the dynamic of how people perceive you. Have women chasing you as opposed to the other way around. This is extremely powerful, don’t just take my word for it. Go out there and try it out! ———– Guys, if you enjoyed the podcast let me know and send me...


How To Approach Women In Supermarkets – Are You Capitalising On THIS Opportunity?! - Johnny Cassell

Hi listeners! Women are everywhere! Kill two birds with one stone and why not pick up your next girlfriend whilst picking up your groceries at the same time! In this podcast I share with you some cheeky and somewhat conservative ways that you can capitalise on an opportunity should there be one that presents it’s self to you. Instagram:


Testimonials: He now dates Models, Pop stars, Opera Singers and Beauty Pageants - Johnny Cassell

Hi Podcasters, Ok, so funny story, during one of my sessions I bumped into one of my former clients who shall be named ‘Chris’. After asking him how he was getting on he just went straight into one hell of an incredible soundbite. I stopped him and got out my phone and asked him to repeat what he just said....


How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone – Does She Know You Want More? - Johnny Cassell

We have ALL been there! The friend zone is a horrible, horrible place. Did you realise that the only person that put you there was yourself? Think about it. We only fall into the friend zone because we fail to communicate our desire. Listen to this clip for some no nonsense advice on how you can move out of the...


How To Get A Girls Number – Try These Examples Out - Johnny Cassell

Hi Guys In this clip I share with you some great tips on what you can say to get a girls number. I love comments guys, it’s what keeps me going, so if you’ve enjoyed the content let me know – I always appreciate it! —– > Follow me on Instagram: > Website:


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