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Me and My Golf - YouTube Superstars!! - Piers Ward and Andy Proudman

Me and My Golf – YouTube Superstars!! Piers Ward and Andy Proudman In today’s show we have the opportunity to meet two golf professionals who took ACTION. They implemented a strategy and have now become the biggest golf instruction site in the world. Me and My Golf is literally a sensation Piers and Andy provide valuable, effective and simple strategies to improve your game through the medium of YouTube What comes through in this fascinating and inspiring session is their honest...


Stoic WIsdom - practical philosophy that could change your life

What could the ancient philosophies of the likes of Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius have to do with your game in the modern world? Well maybe EVERYTHING These ancient philosophers may have made there utterances over two thousand years ago but they are more relevant in my opinion in today’s world than they have ever been. We look into a book called ‘The Daily Stoic’ by Ryan Holiday and reveal some absolute pearls of wisdom. ‘The circle of control’ We may have heard many time such...


Tim O'Connor and the Life of the LEGEND that was Moe Norman, one of the greatest ball strikers of ALL time in golf

Have you heard of Moe Norman? Some of you listening will say a resounding YES whilst the vast majority will probably have never heard of him. This is a tragedy!! Moe Norman was by all accounts one of the greatest ball strikers of ALL time in golf. Yet to many his legacy remains a mystery. Well hopefully we can do something about that on the Brain Booster We have with us today Tim O’Connor who is a performance coach in Canada as well as being a very esteemed author. He wrote the...


Dr Ed Coughlan Ability by birth skill by work

In today’s show we have an EXEPTIONAL guest. Ed Coughlan is one of the world’s leading experts in SKILL ACQUISITION and his insights will prove incredibly beneficial to your quest in becoming better at almost anything. Based at the Cork institute of technology Ed has spent time with some of the leading practitioners of skill acquisition. He is both fascinating and engaging We had a wonderful discussion devoid of any ego just sharing information to help players improve. Ed’s route to...


Nick Edmund - A story of hope and inspiration and working with Nick Faldo

Nick Edmund – A story of hope and inspiration We have talked many times on this show about ‘your story’ The way you construct your world based on how YOU interpret it Your story will dictate your effectiveness in life Today we have an extraordinary story from and extraordinary man A story to inspire you and help you can clarity on your own perspective of your life, your work and your game Nick talks about going ‘From the Bar to the 19th Hole’ How he gave up a successful law career...


How to stop repeating old patterns and habits with Dr Noel Rousseau

In today’s show we provide an insight about how a coach and a player can evolve by taking ACTION Instead of just keep repeating the same old patterns and habits What are you going to DO that will make a difference? What will you do with the information in this podcast? We discuss today with Noel how he went from being a very player to an outstanding coach To go from shooting in the SIXTIES in practice to the horror of taking NINETY in a tournament that mattered. Can you imagine how...


The Lost Art of Being Yourself - what you need to do

It would seem in the modern world that we are always being told what to do. We have so many ‘experts’ who tell us that we need to do it ‘this’ way and if you do it ‘that’ way then you are totally wrong. It can be advice on your diet, your fitness, you golf, your relationships. I am not saying that all advice is wrong Far from it Listening to the experiences of other people who have been through similar situations to yourself can be hugely beneficial IF You take that information and...


Looking after your most valuable asset - Your Brain. Dr Dale Bredesen author 'The End of Alzheimers'

Looking after your most valuable asset – Your Brain With Dr Dale Bredesen author of ‘The End of Alzheimers’ The First Programme to Prevent and Reverse the Cognitive Decline of Dementia We have today an extraordinary guest. Often we hear the phrase ‘groundbreaking book’ It is an overused cliché Yet today’s guest totally deserves that accolade Someone who can give hope to the millions suffering directly or indirectly from the effects of this wicked disease. We talk not only about the...


The skill of Developing Skill with Steven Orr

How would you like to have more SKILL? Would that be useful? To develop more skill in your golf game, in your business or in your life. What are the factors that underpin the development of your skills? The key question perhaps is why we stop developing skills as we get older How and why do we get in our own way. What different approach COULD you take to develop your skills further? How much more fun would that be? Today’s session is a fascinating insight from a really great...


How to have more energy and vitality in your life with Tony Wrighton

How many people actually wake up in a morning full of energy and vitality? What is your ‘zest’ for life like? How much are you actually able to give to your day? Without energy and vitality it is very tough to be even close to your best in your business or in your life. Today’s guest and friend of the podcast is Tony Wrighton He is a Sky Sports presenter but also a coach and author who has a tremendous podcast called ‘Zestology’ Tony has travelled the globe in search of the...


Blissfully Dissatisfied - Desire and appreciation - Are they mutually exclusive?

In today’s episode we explore a very powerful concept. You will have probably felt times in your life when you feel very grateful. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering or ground breaking. It could be as simple as a good meal with friends or getting up to see a beautiful sunrise. It could be the joy of being able to move your body. Being grateful is VERY good for us We under use it. Yet if we are so grateful for everything we have would there be any reason to strive for anything...


Vin Harris - The Monk who drove a Ferrari EP39

We have had a common theme on this show over the past few months which has focused around the concept of ‘Attention’. The key principle being that your attention is either in a useful or useless place for the task you have in front of you. So often we are the victim of a mind wandering almost everywhere other than the place we want it to be. We accept that we should train our body but too little attention is paid to how we can train our attention and more importantly how we can react to...


EP38 Gary Nicol – The Lost Art of Putting

Is putting an art or is it a science? There can certainly be strong arguments on both sides of the divide. Yet I would suggest that for many the balance has tipped too far towards the science at the expense of the art of holing putts. It is with great pleasure today that I welcome back my good friend Gary Nicol. Gary was a very popular previous guest on the show with his refreshingly simple approach to peak performance. His views on the game resonated with many listeners. Today we turn...


EP37 Dr Matt Bridge – The amazing impact of effective routines

We have a tremendous session today reflecting how research has shown just how important your pre shot routine is to effective performance. If you are not looking at or working on this you are REALLY missing a trick. The tremendous research was conducted by Dr Matt Bridge who is a senior lecturer in coaching and sports science at Birmingham University. Matt has been working at the University since 2001. He lectures in coaching and applied sport science on the School’s BSc Applied Golf...


EP36 Jayne Storey – Effortless Power - the benefit of meditation

If you are a golfer Would you like to hit the ball further with less effort? Would you like to be in a state of calm in everyday life? Would you like to know a more efficient way to move your body for maximum experience? Well if you do then todays show is really going to be of benefit We have with us Jayne Storey who is internationally renowned as a Tai Chi and Meditation teacher with over twenty five years of actual coaching experience. We explore how ancient wisdom is now being backed...


Build Your Tribe - the importance of others

‘You will by and large become what those closest to you EXPECT you to become’ was a phrase I heard a number of years ago from the great motivational speaker Tony Robbins. I couldn’t agree more. People around us have a HUGE impact on us but most of the time we don’t actually recognise it. The effect is going on below the surface. It is happening at an unconscious level. A lot of our behaviour just ‘mirrors’ what others close to us are doing. During this podcast we take a really good and...


EP34 Billy Foster - One of the world's GREAT caddies

I am really excited to bring you todays show with one of the very best golf caddies in the world, the legendary Billy Foster. He has carried the bag of some of the game’s true legends, Tiger Woods, Seve Ballesteros, Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke. He has been on the world stage for over thirty years and in this extraordinary show we talk about how it all began. The early days with Gordon Brand Jr who himself was a great player to being asked by the great Severiano Ballesteros would he be...


EP33 Dr Steve Simpson - Can you make yourself lucky?

Dr Steve Simpson is one of the leading lights in the world of personal development. In this fascinating interview we discuss Steve’s journey from being a medical doctor working in some of the world’s most challenging environments as emergency response to working in personal development. Steve worked in war zones such as Angola and saw some of the most extreme examples of human challenge He has also worked with many elite performers in business and sport. He has specifically worked with...


EP32 Brian Sparks - Boosting Your Brain at ANY age

On today’s show we talk about the senior brain and what you can do to maximise your life when you get to a ‘certain’ age. It is interesting to consider that probably the BEST thing you can do in terms of lifestyle choices and the health of your brain is to MOVE. To get some exercise To move your body It almost doesn’t matter what kind of movement it is as long as you do move and you enjoy that motion It may be walking, dancing, aerobics, climbing the choice is yours as long as you make...


EP31 The Bradman effect how to make your practice REALLY work

It is without doubt the most incredible statistic in the whole of sport. Don Bradman the great Australian batsman finished his test career with a batting average of 99.94. The next best in the whole history of the game is the current Australian captain Steve Smith at around 63. Anyone who averages 50 or more is in a very exclusive club and yet Bradman was almost DOUBLE that. Why was Bradman so very good? What was his secret? What is the significance? How does it apply to you? It is a...