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Adam Young - Why ATTENTION is the secret to your success

On today’s show we are joined by Adam Young, author of the Amazon best selling book ‘The Practice Manual’ As Adam says at the start of our conversation he has been really surprised at the success of the book. I am not surprised! It is a great resource and a genuine contribution to golf instruction. If you haven’t got a copy yet then do your game a favour and get hold of one as soon as possible. I promise it will make a difference to your understanding of the game. When I read the book...


Jeff Pelizzaro – Strong Body – Stronger Mind

Today’s guest is Jeff Pelizzaro who hosts the incredibly popular podcast 18Strong. Jeff invited me onto his show a couple of months ago and we had a great time discussing all things golf and golf performance. So I thought it would only be the right and proper thing to do to get Jeff on the Brain Booster. I am so glad I did! Again we had a great time focusing on the benefits of an effective training program for your game and your life Jeff is one of the leaders in the fitness industry and...


Breathe to Win – Jayne Storey

Tom Watson offered the phrase ‘When I learned how to breathe I learned how to win’ One of the legends of the game, 5 Time Open Champion and someone who finished runner up in the Open Championship at the age of 60. Former World Number One Justin Rose has talked about the importance of the breath in his own pre shot routine. Recently when Graeme McDowell won on the PGA Tour he was kind enough to say that a breathing focus on his putting that I had suggested to him had made a world of...


China Reflections – The Benefit of Daily Rituals with Karl Morris

Reflections of a great trip to China to host Mind Factor training for Chinese coaches. Whilst in China I had one of the key Mind Factor concepts massively reinforced. As I was walking through the streets in Beijing going towards the training academy I saw a number of people in a park making beautiful swirling movements. They seemed totally and completely engrossed in what they were doing. Deeply engaged in their daily ritual of Tai Chi. If you haven’t seen anyone doing Tai Chi it really...


Training the Tiger – With Rudy Duran – Tiger Wood’s first coach

Over in China I had the opportunity to meet with Rudy Duran Rudy was the first coach of Tiger Woods. In a wonderful show I get chance to ask Rudy some detailed questions about Tiger and the way he helped him shape the game that would go on to be one of the greatest players of all time. We start with THE COMEBACK Perhaps the greatest comeback in the history of sport. How against all of the odds Tiger came back this year to win the Masters at Augusta Rudy shares his thoughts on what may...


How can Bio Mechanics help your Golf? With Oli Morton

Today we are joined by one of the most forward thinking coaches in the UK Oli Morton. Oli is based up at the wonderful Archerfield Links where I have spent many happy days myself. We discuss his own evolution as a golf coach and his developing interest in the holistic approach to the game. Oli has been heavily influenced by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriot at Vision 54 and his own sense of what could be possible in the future shines through his approach to coaching. Oli uses the GEARS...


Coaching an Olympic Team – How the Mindful approach can transform your game - with Misha Botting

In today’s show we get the chance to spend time with Misha Botting. Misha is a Sports Psychologist who has coached the GB Olympic Curling Team. His insights are absolutely brilliant and apply to ALL sports. Misha has led an extraordinary life from being a ballet dancer to a great coach. We have both been asked to contribute to a wonderful book called ‘Mindful Heroes’ and in our time together we discuss how the ideas and concepts within Mindfulness have played such a key role in...


Tiger - The greatest comeback in sports?

What can WE learn for our own game? I hope that you saw it! I hope you experienced what for many is the greatest comeback in the whole of sport let alone golf. As we watched a 43 year old Tiger Woods win his first major championship in over a decade we had the opportunity to be part of something very special. Make no mistake we will still be talking about this in 10 or 20 years time. From being THE dominant force in the world of golf Tiger Woods had perhaps THE most spectacular fall of...


The Evolution of an EFFECTIVE coach – Markus Westerburg

Today we welcome back a great friend of the podcast Markus Westerburg to share more of his vast experience in the coaching arena. Markus is a very deep thinker about the game and has a vast array of first hand experience based on real world experience. We talk about the ‘coaching trap’ and how information overload can be so destructive How the ego can affect coaching and how seductive the sense of being a ‘guru’ can be How wanting the student to do well so badly can actually...


Are you playing the right golf ball? - With Titleist Golf Ball Specialist Anthony Williams

Are you playing the right golf ball? With Titleist Golf Ball Specialist Anthony Williams Could changing your golf ball help YOUR breakthrough? A slightly different show today but right in line with our ideas on a breakthrough and how the small percentages can really add up. Are you playing the right ball for you? Today we explore with Titleist Golf Ball specialist Anthony Williams the myths and misconceptions about the golf ball you play. I first heard Anthony speak at a Performance...


Fit for Golf – How to train EFFECTIVELY for your game - Mike Carroll

A great show lined up today. There is little to no point in trying to change your golf swing if your body cannot support those changes. The ideas in today’s show will allow you to optimise your physical training. Full of practical and sound advice. Mike Carroll is a strength & conditioning (S&C) coach from Cork, Ireland, based at Hansen Fitness for Golf in Irvine, California. He has been working with athletes since 2010, and in 2015 began to specialise in the physical training & rehab of...


Set yourself some CHALLENGES not just GOALS

In today’s show Karl explores the idea of setting yourself some challenges For a lot of people goal setting doesn’t seem to produce results Does that sound familiar? Goals can work but for many don’t You write your goals and then life takes over You battle familiarity You get stuck with the ‘auto pilot’ Results stay the same There IS another way Embrace the concept of The Challenge Just a change of word can have a BIG impact We tend to rise to a challenge Get excited We...


Your Blood Chemistry with Phil Richards

Find YOUR true path to health and strength. Today on the Brain Booster we have a very popular previous guest back on the show Phil Richards. Phil has worked at the cutting edge of high level professional sport for many years. In that time he has consulted with some of the very best Boxers, Rugby Players, Footballers and even the world’s strongest man Eddie Hall. As both an expert in strength and conditioning as well as a nutrition Phil’s services are in big demand. He gets RESULTS!! Over...


The Art of Gratitude with Karl Morris

In today’s show we discuss how GRATITUDE helps just about anything in your life even your GOLF! Today is a solo show with Karl looking at a very relevant and important concept. The Art of Gratitude. We are becoming more and more future orientated. We are here but we want to be there. That is fine to a degree. I firmly believe in setting a clear direction of where you want to go with your game and your life. Just like a golf shot to be really clear on what you INTEND to...


Kendal McWade – The Golf Hammer – Aquiring Skill through concepts

Great to have Kendal Mcwade back on the Brain Booster to talk about the ‘Golf Hammer’and how a change in concept of the tool in your hand can make such a difference to your game. Kendal is a pioneer in the search for SKILL ACQUISITION and has spent his life exploring HOW we learn. He is a great example of a master of the coaching craft. In today’s show we discuss how Kendal was practicing one day trying to play different shots. Deliberate heel shanks and deliberate toe shanks and how this...


David Edwards - Master of the Trick Shot

How important is skill? Silly question really because it is EVERYTHING to develop skills is to develop competence. When you develop competence you can take responsibility for your game and indeed the game of your life On today’s show we speak with a true Master of his craft David Edwards David has taken his trick show literally all over the world He has performed with his Trick Shot show at Ryder Cups and numerous Tour events He has performed in front of golf royalty and he has proven he...


Optimum Brain Performance with Justin Buckthorp

Justin Buckthorp is a performance consultant to a host of the worlds very best players including World Number 1 Justin Rose. This is a great session that will really allow you to consider the best ways to optimise your brain from a nutritional perspective. It is no good having great mental game strategies if your brain is functioning at way less than its optimum capacity. In this fascinating chat Justin talks about his work with World Number 1 Justin Rose and how he helped him build a...


Markus Westerberg - The Golfers Sixth Sense - How the unconscious mind runs the show

Today we have a fantastic guest on the show. Markus Westerberg who grew up in the North of Sweden and played many sports as a child. After school he quit his second sport, ice hockey, to pursue his dream of becoming a golf professional. After a successful amateur career, he turned professional in 1994 and spent over 15 years on the golf tours of the world earning 8 victories. Today he works as a full time golf coach, author and speaker. Markus lives and in the South of Sweden and coaches...


Mark Immelman - Insights from the PGA Tour

Today’s guest is Mark Immelman who has pioneered the incredibly popular ‘On the Mark’ podcast from the PGA Tour Mark Immelman is a golf coach and author. He also covers live golf for the PGA TOUR on their live-streaming mobile app, PGA TOUR and stars in golf instruction videos for CBS Sports In addition to his broadcasting career, he's also the Director of Golf at Columbus State University and the author of Scandalously Simple: The Easy Way to Accurate Golf Shots. Mark is the older...


Finding YOUR way to the zone Paul McGinley

Today we have a tremendous show with special guest Ryder Cup legend Paul McGinley. As many of us remember Paul holed the winning putt to clinch the Ryder Cup in 2002 at the Belfry and then in 2014 he became a successful Captain as Europe won the match by 5 points. Paul is one of golf’s deepest thinkers and during this wide ranging chat he reveals some wonderful insights that I know will make a contribution to you making a breakthrough with your game. His passion for golf is as strong as...