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There's no manual on this. I celebrate embarrassment using a sassy, but classy TMI approach. Women tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth even if it’s totally embarrassing or super cray cray from puberty to the M-Train. NO topic is off limits. If you're shy, nervous, or embarrassed to ask, you're in the right place. Learn what women are thinking, but not saying out loud.

There's no manual on this. I celebrate embarrassment using a sassy, but classy TMI approach. Women tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth even if it’s totally embarrassing or super cray cray from puberty to the M-Train. NO topic is off limits. If you're shy, nervous, or embarrassed to ask, you're in the right place. Learn what women are thinking, but not saying out loud.
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There's no manual on this. I celebrate embarrassment using a sassy, but classy TMI approach. Women tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth even if it’s totally embarrassing or super cray cray from puberty to the M-Train. NO topic is off limits. If you're shy, nervous, or embarrassed to ask, you're in the right place. Learn what women are thinking, but not saying out loud.








S2:EP23 - I Choose To Forgive My Father

In this episode, we're giving a shout-out to all the shits out there who called themselves Fathers, Daddy’s, Dead-beats, no good role model, and absent Papi’s who wouldn’t get a DNA test. I am keeping it 100 here today. A Dad is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. Meet a son who chose to forgive his Father despite him not being there 100% of his life growing up. He shares the feeling of embarrassment any boy would feel missing out on that father-son relationship.


S2:EP22 - FlyerGirl Talk - Preparing for Long-Haul Flights

This episode is for all the long haul virgins to seasoned travelers who appreciate real honest–to-goodness general travel advice and tips. Most avid travelers are ritualistic in nature and we all have our own personal proven magic formulas. For others, you may just not know, like I did many years ago, how to plan and avoid being the travel victim. All around. It’s not a good look to just show up. Physically and mentally.


S2:EP21 - FlyerGirl Weekly Tip - Wearing Camouflage Clothing

Ninagirl gives you a 5-minute travel tip every week. My travel tips range from a no-brainers to things you should know. Whether you’re hearing it for the first time or see it as a friendly reminder, they’ve all been road-tested and tried. In this episode, you’re going to learn why you should care about wearing fatigue / camouflage clothing and traveling abroad. As trendy as it is, wearing this fashionable trend during your international travel, by default, is a no-no. AD Breather...


S2: EP20 - Would You Invite Your Ex to Your Wedding?

You found the love of your life, and now comes the fun part: building a wedding that reflects your life together. Getting married is the time to show sensitivity to each others' feelings. Anyone who is willing to make their spouse uncomfortable on their wedding day, shouldn't be getting married. For many, the idea of having a former partner / lover / boo at their wedding is not even a thought or option. Who does that? Apparently, there's a blue blood family trend Prince Harry, William,...


S2:EP19 - Google Flights is my Default Travel Tool

Travel is my passion and therapy. If you’ve listened to my past travel episodes, you will know my travel personality. After all, I’ve traveled to 31 countries. It expanded my mind over the years and fills the gaps in my life. Travel brings power and love back into our life. Thirty-one countries later, get my read on her own travel style, destinations deets, trip ideas, and helpful tips that are not always easy to find on your own. Nina is bougie on the cheap, but willing to pay when and...


S2: EP18 - Managing Your Mental Health in College and Beyond

It’s mental health awareness month as well as graduation. Graduating, be it high school, college, or otherwise, is a landmark occasion. It represents determination, work ethic, and growth. For many, it is an understood rite of passage; it is a matter of when we graduate, not if. But for others, there are obstacles that continuously stand in the way of getting that diploma. In this episode is Real. Raw. It’s Unfiltered edition of the Keep it 100 Girl Podcast where I will be talking about...


S2:EP17 - I Am Just A Fat Guy

Like women, men come in so many different shapes, sizes and backgrounds. The purpose of this episode is to inspire those that feel they can’t dress with confidence and show them they can. Today, Allan Dubon shares his personal story from being a bean pole to fat guy (his own words, not mine). In this episode, you will learn: We’re celebrating your embarrassment with style. If you’re mantra is to go against the norms of life and the society standards by simply being you, a big dude....


S2:EP16 - The Inner Storm of Stress

As we near the end of another week, I thought it would be worthwhile to share how resources that you can use to ascertain your own stress levels and tips on how you can de-stress, or hear how other people tap into their stress levels, or recognize the trigger points. In this episode you will hear people's happy places. Whether it’s a person, place, or thing this weekend and hold on to your happy. Whether it’s cranking up the volume of that really good song, indulging in a good Netflix...


S2:EP15 - Overcoming His Mental Blocks

I have many private aha moments and so do you. Join me today with my interview Shannon Hernandez. He’s an on-air personality with 20 yrs of broadcasting and now podcast producer. Currently, you can listen to Shan the Man at Hubbard Broadcasting and on air at 98KUPD official. Let’s define mental block first. It's an inability to recall some specific thing or perform some mental action. You are not human if you don’t experience mental blocks in your life. It may be temporary event, like...


S2:EP14 - Black Coins Matter

Not only is the Black Panther symbol revolutionary, but so is black entrepreneurship. Why wait for a gem like the Black Panther movie to celebrate our culture every day? We are on a melanistic journey this black history month. Not only does black empowerment start with ownership it means supporting our own and investing in each other's businesses. I reached out to five black business owners who share a keep it 100 perspective of a having a sustainable black business in 2018. In this...


S2:EP13 - How to Remove a Tampon Without Hurting

Never used a tampon? Everybody gets creeped out having to start using a tampon for the first time. If we start sticking things in our vadge, we gotta know some tampon tricks by now. We all have one to several personal real life bathroom episodes with how tampons work or sort of how, kinda, but not really.Until we become that seasoned pro tampon user, there’s a bunch of girlie snafus you’re going to experience along the way. You are not alone. You thought you were the only one who had...


S2:EP12 - He is an Excellent Liar

In today’s episode, I wanted to keep the momentum on the #MeToo movement. We’ve seen a rising surge of women coming forward to tell their very personal real life experience. Every woman has a story to tell about why she stayed or how they ended up in the situation. Women have felt vulnerable in expressing your own emotions until now. Too many times women are not believed or protected. In this episode, we will teach women to be mindful from the beginning. Join me and licensed...


S2:EP11 - Black-Owned/Themed trips You Should Take in 2018

It’s time to do something different in 2018. Firsthand experiences that are more than a vacation. So you’re probably thinking what does travel and Keep it 100 have to do with each other. Well, remember I celebrate embarrassment. Believe it or not, there are many people out there who have never left the US or own a passport. These travel communities that have grown in the last five years is due to a movement. Collectively, they only represent a sliver of the US population. This year...


S2:EP10 - What Men Should Know About Buying Flowers for Valentines Day

If you’re new or part of the one hundred tribe, I am Nina Babel the host of the Keep it 100 Girl Podcast. On my podcast, I celebrate embarrassment in a good way. Ladies don't want the same old thing on V-Day. Yes, creativity goes a long way. So, guys you’re probably wondering what is the first thing when you enter the flower shop for Valentine's Day? Men certainly feel the financial pressure, cave in to hints, or just have anxiety to show up on V-Day. Is this you? I did an interview...


S2: EP9 - Don’t be a Layaway Girl. If He Told You, Then You Should Know.

You were that girl once. Never again. Keep it real from the jump. You need to give him all the Nopes. Trying to tell all you ladies ini this predicament to not waste you’re 2018 on someone who doesn’t want a relationship but expect relationship benefits. Know your value and walk away. You just hurt yourself in those situations. If He Told You Then You Should Know. You can’t cry foul. Why put yourself through the undeserving heartache of a little bit of nothing you’re being offered....


S2EP8: The Truth About Fibroids. Do You Really Need Surgery?

Well tick tock my friend. I am being honest and real about my fibroid breakthrough. Nothing is off limits in this raw, real, and emotional conversation. This episode is for those that want to learn more about the natural ways to cure fibroids. This, in no way, promotes surgery or advocates for surgery. What you will learn in this episode What the doctor tells you and what they don’t The bandaids to cover up those embarrassing moments coverup My easy breezy 1-2-3 recipes No more meat....


S2:EP7 - Re-defining Consensual consent. How to actually say "No." It isn't that difficult.

Dating can be very confusing for both men and women. The #MeToo movement has definitely helped a lot of women and men speak up about sexual assault and abuse. There needs to be a discussion on the subtleties of dating and sex. Redefining consensual consent encourages women to not play games and stand up for yourself. I am using my voice and platform to empower women or remind women on how to speak up and act in those ambiguous dating situations whether is telling a man to slow down or...


S2:EP6 - Speak Your Truth Had All the Feels

Who didn’t have tears streaming down my eyes last week then you missed the biggest feels for 2018. The Speak Your Truth speech gave me hope that no matter where I come from or who I am it is important for me and you to speak your truth in my podcast, personal, and professional lives. Time is up! Oprah is the only reason I partially sat through watching the Golden Globes knowing I a powerhouse speech awaits and well deserved award. I love this woman and everything she represents. It goes...


S2: EP4 - It Starts Today - Time to Crush 2018

Start over, start fresh and move forward. Don’t put off you’re purpose another day. Truth doesn’t show up until we tell it. Before I talk about relationships, shituationships, or just life we have to get our mind right first. This week’s episodes will focus on outing the old (diets, lists, men, women, candy) and in with the new. No More Resolutions: Reflect, Release, Renew. It’s about just starting, start slow, start by yourself - don’t wait for your gf or buddy to join you, start...


S2EP3: Should You Wish Your Ex Happy Holidays?

For some reason exes seem to think if they regift themselves, we will think its something new when it's really not. Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa is one of the biggest times we sucker ourselves into doing something we would not normally do under normal circumstances concerning people we have cut loose like sending a text message. If you are wavering as to sending a Holiday Greeting via text message next week, I’ll make you think twice. Staying strong will be my Christmas present to...