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[MIND] Your Driving Force

In this episode, Doug gives an introduction to the 6 human needs that we all have. The way we order these needs determines the way in which we view our life. By discovering which human needs speak to you the most, you get to understand what drives you in all of your life actions and how you can best use that for your benefit.


[MIXED BAG] Slay A Dragon

Have you ever seen an old sailor map? The kind where they have the lay of the land, but they also have areas with dragons drawn on to showcase that area as a “danger zone”. Now, the majority of people would avoid those areas like the plague, but there were select few who would see those areas as opportunity. As the untapped area that not many were willing to go to. In today’s episode, we talk about a personal experience with plant medicine, what it looks like to slay your dragons, and...


[MIXED BAG] Invest In Yourself

When is the last time you invested in you? In bettering yourself? Money comes and goes. Many of the people Doug has worked with have made hundreds of millions of dollars and then go bankrupt. Many have made their money and then lost it, time and time again. It comes and goes. Businesses get built and burn down, but something that someone can never take from you is your own personal growth, your own knowledge.


[BUSINESS] The Cost Of Settling

Have you ever felt deep in your bones like you KNOW there is more to this life than how you’re currently living it? Have you ever felt like you were settling in your relationships? Like you just kept lowering your expectations in order for things to “work”? If any of this relates to you, you won’t want to miss this episode.


[RELATIONSHIPS] Words Cannot Be Unsaid

There's a lot of things in life that you can undo, you can take back and no one will ever know. Words aren't one of those things. Yes, if you say something, you can go back and correct the situation, apologize and take ownership, and you should each and every time. Right? Words themselves cannot be unsaid. If you say something mean, vulgar or hurtful to somebody, they can't be taken back. The person may forgive you, but you can never take those words back.


[SOUL] The Spotlight Effect

The spotlight effect ... well, each time when you go into a social situation or you're thinking about making a big decision, what naturally occurs to most of us is what's called "the spotlight effect". That's where we think that everybody is looking on us. They're looking at us and they're concentrating on the things that we're doing and the ways that we're behaving. When the truth is this is just a way that you limit yourself from actually achieving your potential.


[MIND] Carpe Diem

We all have 24 hours in a day, I don't care who you are, you have 24 hours in the day. What are you going to do with it? Have you ever woke up in the morning and said, "How can I seize and conquer this day?" Maybe you actually follow these daily growth hacks and realize that people write down their day the night before. They plan it out. They ask, “how am I going to seize these 24 hours? This precious time that I have here on earth? This precious time that I have to spend with my family?...


[MIXED BAG] Get Support

People that have large family networks close to them tend to recover from illness and injury much faster than those of us who have families spread out all over or just one or two people around. This is because when those people actually get sick or injured their family rushes in to support them and they recover so much faster. Having that emotional support as well as the physical support that allows them to rebound so much quicker. Now, how often do many of us actually need that support,...


[MIXED BAG] Be Your Own Hero

What do every movie and good marketing have in common? The Hero’s Journey. In every movie/story/marketing campaign/book, you will follow the life of a person who encounters a tragedy or dilemma. During this time that person typically stumbles upon a mentor of sorts and we follow their lives as they become the hero in the end. In today’s daily growth hack, we all get challenged with the question “Are you the hero in your story”?


[MIXED BAG] Being Found Everywhere

Today’s daily growth hack is for anyone trying to build their personal brand, build their businesses’ brand, or generate more quality leads/sales. In today’s episode, we talk about something that not a lot of businesses/brands are doing….which is being EVERYWHERE. You could be missing a huge portion of your target audience by simply not being where they are. Find out how to effectively get in front of the people you want!


[RELATIONSHIPS] Evening Breakdown

We are all in relationships and there are tools to implement that can help ensure you and your partner, roommate, family member, etc. have a healthy and transparent relationship. There are so many things we can do to check in and ensure we are fully seeing, supporting, and celebrating those we are in a relationship with. In this episode, we talk about one specific tool that will help bring your relationships to a space of transparency, authenticity, and honesty.


[SOUL] INTERVIEW with Curt Mercadante

What would your life look like if it were centered around your FULFILLMENT? This is something that Curt Mercadante dives deep into. Curt has been on a jounrey of being in politics, then running a successful 7 figure- PR firm, to then leave the success behind to pursue a life of more alignment and fulfillment with his coaching business. In this episode, Curt talks about untapping your superpowers, why what some of the most successful people do may not work for you, and how 70% of your...


[BODY] Injury Can Be A Blessing

Anyone who has been on a personal growth journey knows that no matter how much internal work you do, triggers happen. In this episode, Doug talks about his experience with an injury and the very deep triggers that showed up for him and how we can all deal with our triggers that show up when we least expect it.


[MIND] Listening To Words

Are you looking to take your learning to the next level? One way we have talked about increasing your learning amount is with audiobooks, yet many of you have been asking about other options. Doug gives you a secret tip for those books that don't have an audiobook yet or if you do not have an audio app.


[MIXED BAG] Sharing Is Caring

Today’s episode is a listener’s Q&A where we answer your questions directly in a daily growth hack. Today’s question is: "I am actually wanting to get my family involved and have them listening to this, but I just can't get them engaged. I recently found that you have these videos on YouTube and they're actually extremely dynamic. I want to get these videos to them, but I don't know how to show them other than getting them all around the computer. Any suggestions?"


[MIXED BAG] Don't Be One-Dimensional

Have you ever found yourself so focused on one area of your life that when you pick your head up and look around you realize that you have neglected all the other areas of your life? This is very common - we become so focused in growing our business, building our relationship, losing the weight, etc. that all of the other areas of our life start to slip and we fell one dimensional. In this episode, we learn how common this is and how we can get ourselves back on track with all areas of our...


[BUSINESS] The Truth About Getting Rich

Today’s daily growth hack is in the realm of finances and truly growing your wealth. Doug talks about his conversations with multi-millionaires and the simple, but not so common, way to approach truly building your wealth and how you can get started immediately.


[RELATIONSHIPS] Know Your Top 50

Do you know your top 50? Who we surround ourselves with is one of the most determining factors to our own growth, happiness, and overall well-being. Do you know the people you surround yourself by? Do they fill you up?


[SOUL] INTERVIEW | Chandler Walker

What do you do when you're in a 9 to 5 and you are READY to be done and create something on your own? What is that first step? How do I increase the positivity into my life and make sure I am surrounded by meaningful relationships? In today's episode, we answer all of those questions with Chandler Walker. Chandler Walker is a husband, a father, and currently starting up his 6th business. Today he dives deep into his upbringing with a mom who has BiPolar disease, how he consciously chooses...


[BODY] You Gotta Make Time To Play

Life is about FUN and about PLAY. It is so easy for us to get wrapped up in our day to day and focus on the hustle and grind. Yet, when you make a point to schedule in PLAY into your regular schedule - you will see a HUGE shift in your overall mood....and productivity! When is the last time you played?