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#139 - 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do (Part 3)

Continuing our mini-series on 13 things that mentally strong people do NOT do, this week's topics are: making mistakes over and over again, resenting the success of others, giving up after failure, and fearing alone time. LeaderTribe.comAmy Morin's TED TalkAmy Morin's ArticleAre you growing, or just growing older?Atomic HabitsEveryone fails! Successful people fail forward!How do I get rid of my shame?What should I do when I make a big mistake?


#138 - 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do (Part 2)

This week, we continue the 13 things that mentally strong people do NOT do. We discuss why we should not practice squandering and people pleasing. Next, we discuss how mentally strong people take risks. Finally, we talk about why we shouldn't live in the past. LeaderTribe.comAmy Morin's TED TalkAmy Morin's ArticleAre you growing, or just growing older?I don't care if people like me, I want them to respect me!She said I'll call the policeWhy Trying to Change Never WorksLeadership without...


#137 - 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do (Part I)

That's the title of Amy Morin's article and TED Talk that is also the topic for this week's podcast. For this week, we take on how the mentally strong do not feel sorry for yourself, the difference between having to and wanting to, and why embracing change is important. LeaderTribe.comAmy Morin's TED TalkAmy Morin's ArticleAre you growing, or just growing older?Your biggest growth enemyNo one wants to be an afterthoughtWant to vs. Have toThe most popular Harvard Business Review article


#136 - HBR Leadership Handbook

This week, it's all about the research shaping the Harvard Business Review Leadership Handbook. We take a look at shaping a vision, turning that vision into an actual strategy, getting the right people on board, and the importance of learning. www.LeaderTribe.comThankfulness ChallengeThe 6 Fundamental Skills Every Leader Should Practice


#135 - Seven Benefits of Gratitude Part 2

This week we bring it full circle, review the final four awesome benefits of gratitude. The benefits include more empathy, better sleep, higher self-esteem, and being mentally stronger. We all want more grit and resilience, right? This week’s compilation will prove how that happens and will definitely encourage you to take the thankful path, so listen up! Join The Thankfulness Challenge Facebook GroupA Thankfulness Challenge for YouHarvard Medical School on Giving ThanksAmy Morin’s Forbes...


#134 - Seven Benefits of Gratitude Part I

This week is all about being thankful and the perks that come with it. Did you know that gratitude can open you to more relationships, make you healthier, and reduce toxic emotions? We also back it up by talking about Harvard Medical School’s article on research that showed how giving thanks can make you happier! All this and more! Listen up! Join The Thankfulness Challenge Facebook GroupA Thankfulness Challenge for YouHarvard Medical School on Giving ThanksAmy Morin’s Forbes Article on...


#133 - Taking a Look at In Search of Excellence

This week is all about lessons learned from business guru Tom Peters, renowned author of 'In Search of Excellence,' which is on every list of the best business books of ALL TIME. We talk about getting rid of excuses, influencing the culture in the workplace, how leadership means listening, and specific strategies for two very different groups of people. https://ldrtribe.com/awesomeThe Tom Peters article from Stanford UniversityS.T.A.Y. Stop Talking About YourselfPodcast Episode #081: Good...


#132 - Stop Recruiting, Start Calling

This week we go deep into the four steps you can take to get people to join you on a team, a group, a decision, a project, basically anything! We talk about helping people know that this isn't just a "role to be filled." Next, we talk about the steps to getting people connected. Finally, we discuss the difference between coaching and counseling, and how you can coach people for growth. How to Ask for Help the Right Wayldrtribe.com/awesome


#131 - A Week of Honesty

This week, we talk about transformation tools--specifically honesty. We start off with the story of the Columbia Prison Transformation, then the difference between telling the truth and actually being a person of truth on the inside. Finally, we talk about the benefits of honesty, and the steps that you can take to be an authentic and honest person inside. ldrtribe.com/awesome


#130 - Turning Great Strategy Into Great Performance

This week we look at Personal Applications of the best-selling Harvard Business Review Article: Turning Great Strategy Into Great Performance. Monday - Rule 1: Keep it SIMPLE and CONCRETE. Tuesday - 2 & 3: Challenge Assumptions and Tell it to a 4 Grader. Wednesday - 4 & 5: Lousy Resources and Worse Priorities Thursday - 6 & 7: Track It and Grab What You Need Article SummaryGood Strategy Bad ExecutionA Good Team vs a Great Team4 Boxes, 1 List, a Better Life The Perfect Way to Know...


#129 - The Law of Reflection

This week it's all about mindset! We talk about something from John Maxwell, specifically the Law of Reflection as discussed in his book the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. We talk about the difference between learning and growing, the importance of having a specific day and time to pause, pausing with intention, and three important "I" words to remember when we apply the Law of Reflection. LeaderTribe"The Power of Full Engagement"Multitasking Is a Lie


#128 - Things a Leader Must Do Part 2

This week, we continue where we finished off last week--9 Things a Leader Must Do. We discuss how hating can be channeled in the right direction, not playing fair, taking the humble path, and not believing compliments. Check out this week's episode to learn more! LeaderTribeVideos about Dr. Cloud’s other booksLink to Dr. Cloud's Book: 9 Things a Leader Must Do


#027 - 9 Things a Leader Must Do Part 1

This week we take on Dr. Henry Cloud's book 9 Things a Leader Must Do. Discovering passion, being proactive enough to put Superman out of a job and learning from ants... all this and more! LeaderTribeVideos about Dr. Cloud’s other booksDr. Cloud's Book: 9 Things a Leader Must Do


#026 - Leading Change Week

You can’t catch up with change! But as a leader you can have at least a decent understanding of change dynamics and what you need to be successful in changing times. This week, we talk about the necessary steps in leading change, why you should not share a vision until creating a specific kind of urgency, and your personal change plan. Tune in to this week's compilation! LeaderTribe Are you growing, or just growing older? How Top CEOs Become Flexible and Reinvent Themselves The Best...


#025 - Life Hacks! Getting Productive, Saying “no,” Bad Moods, and Estimating How Long a Project Takes!

This week, there's some intense value in the podcast episodes! We talk about how to be productive but in specific challenging situations that we all experience once in a while. We also talk about the right way to say NO to your boss when he's piling too much work for you to handle. There's also a free assessment to learn more about your productivity style, and quick fixes for a bad mood! Finally, we also discuss the Planning Fallacy and what we can do about it. White Space at Work...


#024 - Questions from Millennials

The top group of people who listen to my podcast are executives followed by... millennials! This week, I take questions from millennials who aspire to grow as better leaders. We talk about making mistakes, becoming a person others want to work with, comparing yourself to others, and the last part features THREE questions most of you may be struggling with. Listen to this week’s recap! The Difference Between a Sin and a Mistake Podcast Episode #004: Everyone Fails! Successful People Fail...


#023 - Harvard Business Review 2018 July - August Issue

Back by popular demand it’s “HBR on a Sticky Note” where we discuss HBR articles and give you a point of application in short segments. Listen this week to learn about “The Peter Principle” as well as the two kinds of respect in the workplace, and how you can have more purpose in your work and life. LeaderTribeHBR Article Video: Liked vs being respected How to Respect the 3 Types of Employees by treating them differently The 2 Types of Respect Leaders Must Show Crucial Conversations Video:...


#022 - Bad Listeners, Argumentative People and Difficult Conversations (Oh my!). Learn to be a pro in each of these challenges.

This week, we go through the ABCDs of disagreements: A for defusing an Argument, B for dealing with a BAD listener, C is for Changing somebody else’s opinion, and D for Difficult conversations. Here’s something pretty cool: for each letter, I share with you ONE THING you can do which can help you in these challenging situations. So get ready to talk about the ABCDs, and the FOUR best strategies. Adapted from HBR Article “How to De-Escalate an Argument with a Coworker,” by Liane Davey 4...


#021 - It’s Personal Power Week!

This week, it’s all about personal power—you at your VERY best! We start off with talking about how to keep your personal power. Then, we take a turn towards a different direction by talking about how to have more power by giving it away. Confused? The first half of this compilation will give you more clarity on this. And for the second half of the week, we dive into the all-time classic, one of the most important books for leaders everywhere—the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The...


#020 - It's Orangetheory Fitness Week But It's Not About Fitness

This week, we talk about Orangetheory Fitness, but NOT about fitness! Confused? Listen in! We talk about the lifetime value of a customer, client, or friend. We also tackle the importance of first impressions and how actually caring is different from just being friendly. Next, we talk about hearing from the heart and leading by the hand, finishing with retention strategies. LeaderTribe 3 Small Steps to Launch Leadership Growth 3 Morning Steps to Maximize Your DayOrange Theory Fitness...