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Tune in to uncover your true purpose in life, and the extraordinary path for fulfilling it as you discover how overcome fear and have fun no matter where you are or what you are doing. Guy is Guy is one of the world's most loved and respected practical spiritual teachers.

Tune in to uncover your true purpose in life, and the extraordinary path for fulfilling it as you discover how overcome fear and have fun no matter where you are or what you are doing. Guy is Guy is one of the world's most loved and respected practical spiritual teachers.
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Wisdom Radio


Tune in to uncover your true purpose in life, and the extraordinary path for fulfilling it as you discover how overcome fear and have fun no matter where you are or what you are doing. Guy is Guy is one of the world's most loved and respected practical spiritual teachers.




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Living in the Ever-Changing Presence Moment

A true aspirant waits in the present moment for what the moment reveals to the aspirant about him- or herself. And since that is never-ending and always changing, so is the aspirant's interior life. You have more going on in you than can be described, but you must work to be fully here, fully open, in a conscious remembrance of the whole of yourself.


When an Angel Whispers to You

It is a certain level of miracle when, for a person's willingness and work to understand the truth of themselves, something begins to formulate within them that will start to be there for them without them having to ask for it. It is an aggregation of a certain kind of energy that finally forms a certain kind of memory, a certain substance, that begins to be the center of your gravity.


The Death of Fear

All forms of psychological fear are created and sustained out of an uninvestigated relationship with a lower part of us that lives in perpetual fear of its own death. Until we understand that this fear is not "our" fear, but exists because of an unseen attachment to an imagined identity, it will continue to have authority over us.


A Special Exercise for Those Who Wish for Inner Freedom

Guy explains that in order to come into a real life, you need to work to stop passively giving into fear and start taking action that allows you to see yourself as you are. As you start to see the truth of yourself, you'll begin to discover possibilities you never knew were in you.


Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Guy explains the interior meaning of the expression "familiarity breeds contempt," which has to do with a nature that only knows itself by revisiting the past. The more that it dwells on the past, the more dissatisfaction grows, and the less able we are to keep from falling into a pit.


Why You Must Learn to Pray with Your Eyes Open

You are in between worlds, and both have their own gravitational pull. It is only in the silence of complete attention that you can detect and be aware of any thoughts that are trying to drag you down into the world below you. When Christ said "I go before you to make the crooked places straight" he was referring to a nature within that is intended to connect you, through your attention, to the world above you.


The Hidden Nature of True Spiritual Work

When you are with someone who is negative and they stir a negative reaction in you, once you understand that they have no awareness of their state, much less see the possibility of stepping into wholeness, you can choose to quietly die to that dark nature within yourself, which is to the mutual benefit of both of you.


A Rolling Thought Gathers Mass

Try to catch the part of yourself that can't wait to pick up negativity and then learn how to set it down before you get caught up in its momentum. You will find that to set it down requires that you first set yourself down.


How to Make the Mountain of "Me" Disappear

There's an old Zen saying "first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is a mountain" which alludes to the fact that problems are not outside of us but are an aspect of one's level of consciousness. The clearer that becomes, that there is no mountain apart from the nature that creates it, then the mountain disappears.


Invoke the Help of Heaven with This Unthinkable Action

Guy Finley, Director of Life of Learning Foundation, explains that the only way to find real freedom is to become aware of the fact of our captivity. Then there is a humility born through which a higher will can work within us.


This is the Death of Sensitivty

In this short talk, Life of Learning Foundation Director Guy Finley explains that we as human beings are meant to be very sensitive instruments, never not being touched by Divine influences. Presently we do not have this sensitivity due to the influence of nonstop thinking.


The Beginning of Being a True Human Being

A true human being is a "feeling" human being, not a "thinking" human being. Real life is an impersonal, complete feeling. We live in a stream of divine energy, and there is a difference between trying to be alive through thinking -- which produces the sensation of life -- and knowing that you are alive.


Do What's True for You and Leave Everyone Else Alone

Every human being brought into this world has a specific role, but we're in constant confusion because we think we're meant to be something other than what we are. Only God himself can show you what you are meant to be. Once you understand your role, whatever it is, you are meant to do it 100%, so that you may then be given another role.


Don't Be Deceived by the Dark Side of Technology

Technology seems to be empowering human beings when in fact it is enabling an unconscious part of us that is incapable of growth. Once this becomes clear you can start to recognize it isn't that technology is leading humanity, but instead we are being led by an unconscious nature that is developing technology to enable its authority over humanity.


Don't Be a Role Maker, Be a Role Breaker

We are masters at fooling others into thinking we have command of ourselves, but any attempt to appear as anything other than what we are is not only a lie but an act of fear. There is no real consolation in that kind of self-consciousness, as it is a default role that has been selected for us without our knowledge.


You are Created to Be a Divine Artist

Every human being is intended to be a kind of artist in the sense that we are created with the ability to be an instrument for transferring what is above to below. To be a real artist is to be present enough to the movement of a higher feeling within oneself which is then expressed as art in this world.


If You Want Liberation, Throw Away the Labels You Have for Everything

When we apply a label such as "passive aggressive" to someone who bothers us, we cease to have direct contact with that person and instead meet them only through that idea, which prevents any kind of learning. We must work instead to allow the revelation of the nature that has been disturbed within us so we can see the fear that hides beneath it.


Drop the Unseen Dependency that's Dragging You Down in Life

One of the most destructive forms of spiritual sickness is the herd mentality and the web of unconscious energies that keep mankind operating within that scope. The return to spiritual health is found through seeing that no one who is dependent on the actions of others can ever be a true human being.


How to Recognize the Real Voice of the Master

Unconscious pain persists the way that it does in our lives because we don't know how to discern a true inner guide from a false one, and therefore are mastered by every negative thought and emotion that runs through us that describes to us why we feel the way we do.


The Corruption of Consciousness Through the Death of Attention

The energy of life is always washing over you... but when you don't know what to do with that energy, you become dependent on conditions outside of you to stimulate a sense of self, and then become fearful anytime those conditions change.